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  • Marc Aliventi Aliventi
    Marc Aliventi Aliventi 2 minutes ago

    Dude, RUN

  • Mason Christian
    Mason Christian 56 minutes ago

    who cares if the peroxide kills the healthy bacteria? the point is to kill the infective bacteria, everything else will come back.

  • Mirjana Bozhinovska
    Mirjana Bozhinovska 2 hours ago

    We need Tony back too!

  • Michael Mccoy
    Michael Mccoy 2 hours ago

    Wow!!!! Racheal you have put on alot of weight..wow!!!

  • Richard Koffler
    Richard Koffler 3 hours ago

    As specialist, I believe Fopobiacne Secrets can be good way to get rid of your acne problem. Why not give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  • octavian mills
    octavian mills 3 hours ago

    My friends say I laugh like lana

  • ToyosiFawehinmi
    ToyosiFawehinmi 4 hours ago

    She is gorgeous

  • octavian mills
    octavian mills 4 hours ago

    I love both of you.

  • Letícia Saad
    Letícia Saad 4 hours ago

    He's like my favorite person in the world❤

  • TheRamrod100
    TheRamrod100 4 hours ago

    Rachel looks like the Great Pumpkin, she must have eaten all the pork chops and apple sauce. 😬

  • Winnie Gonda
    Winnie Gonda 4 hours ago

    Ireally love that girl so much

  • luis r
    luis r 4 hours ago

    Notice she doesn't have a belly. Different story if her belly was big

  • TehSaviorRemixer
    TehSaviorRemixer 5 hours ago

    Hi Rachael! It's Leah, all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, and this is my daughter, the amazing Amy. Hi! Welcome to Amazing Amy Cooking! My daughter was diagnosed with a speech impediment at a early age. I wanted to do something at home, that could help build her confidence, to help improve her speech, and so I came up with the idea of creating her very own cooking show. This is a simple recipe, it's gonna be delicious. She already loves to cook so it was just the perfect fit. The response and the love and support she's received thus far has just been overwhelming. Cake waffles! She has recently just launched her very own line of apple pies, called Amy Baby Apple Pies. You pour the apples in the pie crust. Her speech and her confidence has just tremendously improved. Put it in the oven for one hour. And so I'm just so grateful for that. (applause) Muah! Muah! Joining us via FaceTime is mom, Leah and Amazing Amy! Hi ladies! Hi! (applause) Amy you are truly amazing, can I come and be on your show one day? Yes! (laughing) I love that you use cooking to find your superpowers in the kitchen, 'cause that's the way I grew up too. It made me feel, I don't know, it made me feel better about myself to be able to make things and share them with people. What do you like about cooking? Starburst Slime, Cookie Monster Treats, and my famous apple pie, and it's the bomb! The bomb! (applause) Amazing. Amy, tell me, what has been the response from some of the other families that have seen your show? The response has just been so overwhelming. So many families have reached out to me, not just locally here in Cincinnati, but all over the world, telling me, "Hey, thank you so much, my kid now has a kid to listen to that sounds like them," or just giving me encouraging words just as a parent in itself. So the response has just been wonderful. So Amy, until I can get there in person, I'm gonna send a giant truck with all kinds of cool stuff on it, so you can cook up a storm! (applause) Yay! Woo! Yay! Yay! (laughing) And Amy, you have to check out Curtis's show, 'cause he's on Top Chef Junior. It's an awesome show with kids just like you! It's on Saturdays at six PM, you can watch it with Mom, it's on Universal Kids. Yes. Right? I betcha she'll be on your show one day. One day we hope to have you on as a contestant, Amy. We'd love to see you. Congratulations, little one. You truly are amazing. Bye Amy, bye Mom! Bye Leah! (light twinkling)

  • Laura S
    Laura S 5 hours ago

    She seems distracted and a bit impatient. like an alcoholic late for a shot of whiskey .

  • Mommy Bellydancer
    Mommy Bellydancer 5 hours ago

    Redo her hair, the ends are too blunt and the hair is just sloppy. The glitz is enough, the hot pink shoes are a temporary trend she won't get much use from and they compete with the dress. Pretty girl though.

  • Smurfette101
    Smurfette101 5 hours ago

    Graham has better taste in suits than ru paul

  • Jack Speight
    Jack Speight 6 hours ago

    The dill ruins it butt great job

  • Mommy Bellydancer
    Mommy Bellydancer 6 hours ago

    The clothes are not a good combo. I liked his longer hair better, but best of luck to him.

  • Karl Colt
    Karl Colt 7 hours ago

    LOL!!! How do you like your coffee??? Out of an "EMPTY" coffee mug!!!!!!!! SO!!! Cote de Pablo returns from the dead?? Hummmm!!! Must have all been a dream!!!!!!! Well the show is a load of bollocks anyway so why not????

  • Humble Yet Wise
    Humble Yet Wise 7 hours ago

    A grown woman in a room with teddy bears on the wall living at home 🧐

  • Ferenc vad
    Ferenc vad 7 hours ago

    Who else is putting into search “undercover billionair” ?

  • Adenike OFI
    Adenike OFI 7 hours ago


  • swinbot
    swinbot 8 hours ago

    Someone please dub Rachael’s vocals in this clip over a porno right away.

  • Y H
    Y H 8 hours ago

    The first lady do not look 45 at all

  • Fadeg alami
    Fadeg alami 9 hours ago

    This is not different from hoarding.

  • lwgoinghome
    lwgoinghome 9 hours ago

    He's so pretty.

  • sodapop1295
    sodapop1295 9 hours ago

    I love her hair

  • Stefan Koki
    Stefan Koki 10 hours ago

    Did someone notice what is he doing at 1:51??? :) :)

  • MyLyfeNow
    MyLyfeNow 10 hours ago

    Omg this was beautiful..

  • Kate Sage
    Kate Sage 10 hours ago

    The people in the audience asking her questions looked like they were hired.

  • Claudia Davis
    Claudia Davis 12 hours ago

    dollar store tissues are too rough for my nose

  • Claudia Davis
    Claudia Davis 12 hours ago

    packing tape from a dollar store is awful and way thin.

  • Lil Danger6000
    Lil Danger6000 12 hours ago

    He slap you ya head gon spin around for 20 minutes straight.

  • Valerie Zavala
    Valerie Zavala 12 hours ago

    They fuckex them up lol

  • leonardo cornejo
    leonardo cornejo 12 hours ago

    Jajaja eso no es pozole, mejor ponle spam y ya jajaja

  • RJ Carter
    RJ Carter 12 hours ago

    I preferred the man bun to the pedestrian "cookie cutter" haircut...you ruined him.

  • Ethan Lowe
    Ethan Lowe 12 hours ago

    Why does she keep interrupting him? He’s trying to tell us the major keys

  • LittleSasquatch
    LittleSasquatch 13 hours ago

    When Paula came out, I let out a gasp! What a beautiful makeover!

  • Stephanie oconnor
    Stephanie oconnor 13 hours ago

    Looks like painted paneling. Nothing more. Too dark!!

  • jennys got a gun
    jennys got a gun 13 hours ago

    Her little personality shines like the sun and is just as warm! 🌞 everything makes her so happy so positive ❤️😊!!!!

  • M
    M 14 hours ago

    Ofc mentions the Obama's

  • commonsensebeliever
    commonsensebeliever 14 hours ago

    How about giving makeovers to disabled people who could never afford or perhaps even get to a fancy BIG CITY stylist??? Many of us become very isolated and have very few people in our lives through no fault of our own. We could use that little bit of pampering and lift in self-esteem with a great change in hairstyle/makeup. Would love to see a week of disabled folks( cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome, Chronic Pain sufferers, Paraplegics) getting makeovers!

  • Hannah Phillips
    Hannah Phillips 15 hours ago

    Rachel Ray is literally melting in front of him.❤️

  • TheScorpio Vampyre
    TheScorpio Vampyre 15 hours ago

    Gorgeous man. I’m in awe

  • Claudia Cazarez
    Claudia Cazarez 15 hours ago

    How did she made it through college if she can't even clean her room . Mommy did it for her

  • wanda Shivers
    wanda Shivers 16 hours ago

    Wow Kate is so freaking beautiful and loving. She's one of my favorite actresses

  • GetReal 4Real
    GetReal 4Real 16 hours ago

    I actually would have like him better bald.

  • J5
    J5 16 hours ago

    SHout out to the to the show and the lawyer !this was information yet entertaining. I hope she gets a lot of business from this

  • Michesgqlle Dobbiln89
    Michesgqlle Dobbiln89 16 hours ago

    Damn! Why hasn't anyone signed him up?

  • Brian Espino
    Brian Espino 16 hours ago

    That fat lady is annoying

  • Stinky Pete
    Stinky Pete 16 hours ago

    Dude picked no taste buds over color blind wtf

  • Jenisha Bidari
    Jenisha Bidari 17 hours ago

    Love u and god bless u love from nepal❣

  • Happy Dace
    Happy Dace 17 hours ago

    Looks like he's great at eating too .

  • nathan ramirez
    nathan ramirez 18 hours ago

    What you do is get a trashcan take it in her room and tell her is she don't clean it up its all getting thrown away....lazy girl

  • Mama Jenn
    Mama Jenn 18 hours ago

    Where’s the “after”? I had really wanted to see what ideas she had in mind to transform her workout gear😢

  • R ZA
    R ZA 18 hours ago


  • Gallo D'oro
    Gallo D'oro 20 hours ago


  • I luv Food
    I luv Food 20 hours ago

    Is this written recipe on your website??

  • Ray Lewis
    Ray Lewis 21 hour ago

    Sexy guys.

  • Ito Yum Yum
    Ito Yum Yum 22 hours ago

    and now i know "tank" his weakness 😂

  • Keith R
    Keith R Day ago

    Man this one expensive soup. Matter of fact soup period much more expensive than I thought. I've been on a soup rampage lately :P

  • Keith R
    Keith R Day ago

    Man I've had a crush on Rachael Ray since the 90's.... Everytime I think I'm past such a feeling, I watch her and NOPE! still there... Irony is I don't even look for women with same qualities. Hrm maybe I should.

  • Donatella Bellini

    Why do you choose these orribile dresses

  • beatitkidnow
    beatitkidnow Day ago

    He has a Beautiful wife!

  • Zia Tech
    Zia Tech Day ago

    Bunch of crap

  • JoMoe G.
    JoMoe G. Day ago

    I didnt care for the 1st episode but the 2nd and 3rd was hilarious..i love the show

  • Chris 5401
    Chris 5401 Day ago

    He still beutiful

  • Bruna Raissa
    Bruna Raissa Day ago

    Aqui no Brasil isso é resolvida fácil pelas mães com um chinelo voador multiuso

  • Em Cape
    Em Cape Day ago

    Search google for the real recipes of us Mexicans, gringos idiots! They have no idea what it is to prepare a Mexican meal!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    No Basalmic?

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    Funny how I still see Rachael as on Food Network. Jeans and long hair. Emulating Emeril.

  • Hunter Doucette

    Why'd they have to give the girl that feminist looking haircut 😑🤦🤦 It's pretty, yeah, but the only woman these days who really have that hair style are legit, brainwashed liberal feminazis😂😂 It's true though. Pretty hair style on her though, it's just too bad the only woman really having that hair style are crazy ladies 😂

  • Tammy C
    Tammy C Day ago

    Gosh, Rachel. Get enough sleep last night? You look and sound like you were going to just lie down on the table for a minute.

  • Florence J
    Florence J Day ago

    Bro I cried too.....

  • Amaequiaas Corner

    I wish this would air in the uk 😭

  • Terrance Kepner

    Her accent 😩🤭

  • hdz hdz
    hdz hdz Day ago

    My nana is pist off right now .. This is not pozole not even rachel ray way lol

  • ShyGabby
    ShyGabby Day ago

    When I make oatmeal cookies I don’t use raisins because I have a little allergic to raisins , inside my mouth feels funny when I eat them but it goes away when I stop eating them. But for some reason I’m okay with grapes.

  • Annette Koch
    Annette Koch Day ago

    Emeril is so missed. Give him his own show again.

  • Jackyblue67 Same

    Now the first 1 didn't look good at all but the second 1 does look lots better .


    Parabéns lindinha!!!


    Ela é muito fofa e expressiva. Tem excelente dicção. Gosto bastante dos postes. Percebo que ela é muito amada pelos pais.

  • Heartsmusic
    Heartsmusic Day ago

    Has anybody noticed that he follows the most evil racist trump supporters on twitter???. Why would he follow those people unless he agrees with them??🤔. He’s another Brian Littrell 🤮

  • Eduardo Jimenez


  • Erik Miles
    Erik Miles Day ago



    They are awesome, I live their show.

  • Uchhh
    Uchhh Day ago

    love them..i pray the show works...

  • Papillon Studio

    Yeah, watched a different video first with clearer instructions. The worst part is turning a new King size cover inside out

  • Mary Mariche
    Mary Mariche Day ago

    Que ASCO! Ni los puercos se comerían tal asquerosidad... "red pozole" jajajaja 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • turkish 27
    turkish 27 Day ago

    She is so cute l love you audrey... lm from turkey


    Her poor fiance looking slightly worried after all that ha lol

  • jenna val
    jenna val Day ago


  • ivan rovel
    ivan rovel Day ago

    Hahaha you're so stoopid

  • Jennifer Harless

    Love you Keke, you know your my girl always. Love your movies, music, fashion, and your Awsome personality.......

  • Heather Oliver

    Use a better bag. That’s a sandwich bag, get a freezer bag lol

  • Sherryl Keith
    Sherryl Keith Day ago

    Woodprix is nice for that.

  • Clarisa Perez
    Clarisa Perez Day ago

    Oh my God, the return of Ziva is the most awaited by fans of the Ncis series. For me she is one of the most beloved characters of all seasons, I hope she stays for many seasons. Greetings from Venezuela

  • Shyamali Sarma

    U think she overreacted a bit...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Shyamali Sarma

    Shin....Omg....amazing as always......😍😍😍😍😍.....my most fav slight of hand magician of all time!!!!

  • nigel Blaymires

    he's a TWAT