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  • Travelers_Memoire
    Travelers_Memoire 7 seconds ago

    Did they know you had a million plus subs? If they did I’d be scared to see how normal tourists are treated

  • Genkuro Shuriken
    Genkuro Shuriken 47 seconds ago

    *_Had I seen this earlier Christian, I would have also would have advised for you to have brought salt as part of the gift._*

  • Magdalena Alvarado
    Magdalena Alvarado Minute ago

    I speak Spanish and man!!! He also tried to blame you of stealing! Like wtf! What were you stealing? His fucking air?

  • JH Cycling
    JH Cycling Minute ago

    As far as from Easter Islands are from Finland I now know that there is a corrupt community which does everything on its power to stand by the lie. Lie, even if shown on video, can't be overturn.. but done even BIGGER lie! O'man these people are just out of their minds! Wouldn't never visit that perverted place and will share this video to warn others too.

  • zakunster1
    zakunster1 Minute ago

    Never go to Easter island

  • jason gurung
    jason gurung 3 minutes ago

    38 long documentary

  • James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson 3 minutes ago

    Wow! That’s disturbing...you were much more diplomatic than I would have been. I wonder how he would have treated you if you were not filming. Visiting Easter Island is or was on my bucket list but I think I’ll travel to the Galápagos Islands instead.

  • Anna Bartnik
    Anna Bartnik 4 minutes ago

    *outro:* Fan of the day: Felipe “I need your ticket”

  • Chikara Yoshida
    Chikara Yoshida 4 minutes ago

    This island knows nothing close of hospitality. Screw Easter Island, come to Samoa

  • Jeroen Stevens
    Jeroen Stevens 4 minutes ago

    I understand this was a horrible experience. But with your egos and weight as prominent travel bloggers, your requests to "make things go away" seem improper to me (except the need for an apology). You also explain why they escalate things now after you're making a big deal of it, their self-governance is on the line here. If you had kept your egos out of it, there wouldn't have been an actual problem now.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 5 minutes ago

    The plane! The plane!

  • Eric Gibaud
    Eric Gibaud 5 minutes ago

    I am sure that in your own country if you refuse to show your ticket when asked 20 times if they want (even if you've shown it already), you would also get in trouble, would you argue with a guard or a policeman in your country? probably not, even if you think he is wrong. Even if the guy is not right, getting into an argument was the last thing to do. With people who think they are the law, what you cannot do is what you did. It was as simple as saying "did she step on the stone? we are really sorry if she did, we did not realise it was part of the limit", it is this simple, you must be smarter than these homemade Rambos. I am not saying the guy was right, I am saying that arguing with this kind of person will make you lose always. And don't forget that this is not your country, people think and act different according to each country.... making him feel like he had no authority on you was the perfect way to behave as a foreigner who thinks he is superior to locals.... I am not from Chile and I have never been there, I am French but I left France 32 years ago, and I've lived in different countries.... don't forget you are a foreigner and as such you will be seen by many locals as a problem, being smarter and friendlier is the only way to go. Your behaviour only made it worse.

  • Alexander Cholmakjian
    Alexander Cholmakjian 5 minutes ago

    I will show this video and request a better park ranger.

  • AlexInLeicester
    AlexInLeicester 6 minutes ago

    Im now booking a trip to Easter Island just so I can snap Felipe in half

  • Nikita Clarke
    Nikita Clarke 6 minutes ago

    I can see alot of comments about people saying they won’t ever go to Easter Island/ Rapanui because of this ones man behaviour and actions. Not everyone is going to have effective communication skills and it is clear how SERIOUS this man takes his job/role and these rules as it holds a lot of cultural significance. However Felipe 100% was too aggressive and showed no respect and understanding towards you or ur gf. I will be visting Rapanui/Easter Island in 2022 with my Kapa Haka group to share our culture with all other first nation POLYNESIAN cultures, thus including the indigenous people of Rapanui/Easter Island and I can tell you now that the people I have met from Rapanui are soooo kind, caring and are filled with so much knowledge.

  • Eric Hoe
    Eric Hoe 7 minutes ago

    why not show him the tickets n let him see, if u were right,

  • Bulex
    Bulex 7 minutes ago

    There's a MAFIA in Easter Island....Remove from your bucket list, or else you will loose more money from these gang

  • chinna vemuri
    chinna vemuri 7 minutes ago

    U should visit south india😬

  • Jason Rupp
    Jason Rupp 8 minutes ago

    Hell no. Not going there!

  • Miabella Candelaria
    Miabella Candelaria 8 minutes ago

    Easter island is officially out of the list, thanks felipe

  • Sion Renyaan
    Sion Renyaan 9 minutes ago


  • Youssef Sefiani
    Youssef Sefiani 10 minutes ago

    Wow. You just get my most utterly, deep, strong respect. You kept you chill during all the confrontation with this awful, horrible guy. I admire you for that :-)

  • A. A
    A. A 10 minutes ago

    Don't know who will pay for Park Rangers salaries after the world watches this video and island lost big revenue. Apologize publicly to both of them.

  • zakunster1
    zakunster1 10 minutes ago

    Send this to Chile tourism and get this toss bag fired

  • Eric Hoe
    Eric Hoe 10 minutes ago

    Chilean government should do something on it, if not they lost more tourist to there

    TOSHYNEWS 10 minutes ago

    I would never go to that island. Good on you for handling this situation very professionaly👍

  • Derek Maldonado
    Derek Maldonado 11 minutes ago

    Fxxk Felipe acting like a drama queen , probably doesn't like foreigners! Man glad y'all made it out safe lol!

  • WDG Employment
    WDG Employment 11 minutes ago

    ru-clip.com/video/R-4rER7caEw/video.html Christian is the MASTER!!! . l would LOVE have you Join me on my one month Bangkok Thai Vlog ...l am very new to Vlogging l have just completed my first 16 Vlogs of Bangkok Thailand... My next Vlogs will be in Medellin , Columbia South America for 2 months...

  • Joseph Md
    Joseph Md 12 minutes ago

    LET’S give 1 STAR to Easter island on GOOGLE REVIEWS.

    ABIR MUKHERJEE 13 minutes ago


  • Tuxe735
    Tuxe735 13 minutes ago

    I am Tahitian, Easter Island is one of our neighboring countries. By the way Easter Island is only accessible by flights from Chile or Tahiti. Anyways that’s not the point of my comment. This man clearly doesn’t represent the people of Easter Island. This man is clearly a Chilean, not a Rapa Nui, even tho I know for sure not all Chileans are like that. We as Polynesians would NEVER treat tourists that bad. We respect tourists deeply. All I am asking from the comment section is to not hate on the whole country just because of someone’s mistake. I have went to Easter Island multiple times. I can tell you that there’s a lot of nice people there but just like in any countries, sometimes you can get unlucky by meeting fools on your way.

  • Nomadic Noel
    Nomadic Noel 13 minutes ago

    Shocking experience! I was there about 5 years ago and I have to say I had a great time - One of the best experiences of my life. I think you were very unlucky here and to everyone that has watched the video I wouldn't let this put you off from going. The line/barrier of rocks must be newish thing as these weren't there when I visited. Here's a video I made around 5 years ago going up close and personal to the moai statues. ru-clip.com/video/j_9T3kEQSgI/video.html

  • christian Gange
    christian Gange 14 minutes ago

    2019 watching this.. And im shook 150 pesos just for a bicycle ride?

  • Rafik Sarkissian
    Rafik Sarkissian 15 minutes ago

    Just deleted Easter Island off of my bucket list.. Rather spend my money somewhere else. Thanks for making this video and saving us the grief of running into the ugliness you unfortunately experienced.

  • carlijn kockelkorn
    carlijn kockelkorn 15 minutes ago

    Imagine what would have happend if you didn't film this all...

  • MrRab
    MrRab 15 minutes ago

    As a guy living overseas, I think every culture can do a better job of respecting other cultures rules. Appears to me this guy (not Filipe) was acting like an entitled American (I’m American) and thought he could do anything he wanted. Do a better job of respecting other people’s cultures. Tourism is already out-of-control. Don’t add to problem. Good Day...

  • jade03
    jade03 16 minutes ago

    Wow! I DO NOT think this should stay this way. This is CLEARLY a dangerous place to go! This need to be brought up to the attention of international authorities. There needs to be a travel advisory for ANYONE that is thinking to go to this place!! This is a DANGER! Please report this to American Canadian European etc tourism authorities for the safety of innocent travelers planning to go there! I was ILL looking at the footage. You were in incredible danger bec that man or the people there could have attacked you or WORSE! I hope the Chilean authorities do something to reassure everyone. I would NEVER set a foot there. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Devon Wayne
    Devon Wayne 17 minutes ago

    Pause at 11:46 - He just wanted to immasculate you in front of your beautiful girlfriend. Look at his jack ass smirk

  • Soy Michael
    Soy Michael 17 minutes ago

    Wow Chile!!

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen 18 minutes ago

    Power tripper. Must have been a loser all his life.

  • Tosh Dave Productions
    Tosh Dave Productions 19 minutes ago

    Wonder if anyone other tourist had the same experience. If there are, this will help build a case against the park rangers. I'm definitely not going there after seeing this video if that's how they treat tourist

  • Jeanne Meyer
    Jeanne Meyer 19 minutes ago


  • Snowboard Na Siedmiu
    Snowboard Na Siedmiu 19 minutes ago

    He wants money from you obviously....

  • NPC69
    NPC69 19 minutes ago

    You showed a level of restraint that I doubt I’d be able to show....

  • Jerwin Virtudez
    Jerwin Virtudez 20 minutes ago

    Go back to the Philippines and relax :)

  • davet11
    davet11 21 minute ago

    You would both have been arrested for this if this had been in the US It becomes a criminal offense if you fail to identify following a civil code violation. It was criminal way before you started fighting with him with the gate which may well have inured him. He should have immediately called the police - iit would have been the sheriff's department if this had been a park ranger in the US. Almost as obnoxious as the Chinese ....way to go brainbox shoving the camera in his face. That's definitely going to calm the situation. You're both idiots. When you buy a ticket you are agreeing to comply with the rules and those rules include following the directions of a park ranger. Contract law. Civil codes. And you made it criminal.

  • Jeanne Meyer
    Jeanne Meyer 22 minutes ago

    You should counter sue !

  • chesterfeild7
    chesterfeild7 22 minutes ago

    Stepping on stones.... Like stepping on a tombstone? Typical white privilege who shows no respect for native lands and culture. If Rapa Nui which is the real name of the island and not it's colonizer name of Easter Island. You didn't make any research on the specific place or people. You didn't have a guide with you. It's your opinion that you did nothing wrong and blame an entire community for being against you... Why? Why would they be so upset with you? I hope you do get sued and have to take responsibility for your actions. The world is a big place. That should be treated with care and respect. If you don't understand.

    • Sang Brian
      Sang Brian 4 minutes ago

      Do you even listen to yourself? You're just utterly crazy and ridiculous... Sober up and stop being naive.

    TOSHYNEWS 22 minutes ago

    Sack that guy, psychopath

  • Constanza Rojo
    Constanza Rojo 22 minutes ago

    Oh my freaking God. I’m Chilean and this is sooo embarrassing for me and my country. The residents of the island are known for being extremely rude, exaggerated and aggressive. I’m so sorry that this is your experience in such a beautiful place. Please don’t believe that the rest of the country is like this, we would love to have u guys all over the territory!

  • FitFun
    FitFun 23 minutes ago

    Agent Smith

  • Joseph Md
    Joseph Md 24 minutes ago

    Please share this video and let’s get NATIONAL ATTANTION. Very cringe worthy to watch and will never ever visit this island.

  • marimar andres
    marimar andres 25 minutes ago

    Can't wait to go here. 😭😊

  • Edi Riyanto
    Edi Riyanto 25 minutes ago

    That was awesome.. Glad you share it bro..

  • Lorenz Tucay
    Lorenz Tucay 25 minutes ago

    If there's a zombie land, there's also Slander land 😂 chile will become a big joke because of felipe 😂

  • Myke Evans
    Myke Evans 27 minutes ago

    You man proved how an educated and wise man overpowers even the strongest aggressor. Shame on Felipe and his ill-mannered fellows.

  • Buffalo Global Adventures

    My self and my tour companies will be cancelling all tours to this corrupt community. This is a disgrace and to risky to take people spending alot of money to get there. We will just watch the videos and pictures. Doesnt take much to mess destinations reputation. Refer to What Pablo Escobar did to Colombia and Medellin. Its only now 20+ years later finally turning a corner. Thanks for the heads up

  • Devon Wayne
    Devon Wayne 28 minutes ago

    I was wondering what you've been up to. JEESH

  • vanity hermin
    vanity hermin 28 minutes ago

    One of the best in script writing.

  • Kathy Ramos
    Kathy Ramos 28 minutes ago

    After 2 min . Sir, i need the ticket😂. Loco de mierda esa.sued them back . Eventually they will gave up .

  • M28J pendeho
    M28J pendeho 29 minutes ago

    Thers a management corruption like felipe and day want to keep to the people or touris.i think day want a money.

  • Sendmetimes
    Sendmetimes 30 minutes ago

    My gosh we were planning to travel to Easter island also, we gonna change out plans and go visit somewhere else, doesn't look like the Chile Government cares to do anything about your incident

  • Lissandra Freljord
    Lissandra Freljord 30 minutes ago

    I think he just hates Peruvians. Chileans and Peruvians don't like each other, so your gf was targeted.

  • Divya S Math
    Divya S Math 30 minutes ago

    Never thought travel can bring such bad experiences. Love and support u guys always ❤❤❤❤❤ Felipe😠😠👊👊👊

  • Viringa Perros
    Viringa Perros 32 minutes ago

    this is not the first worst experience in this place..... #islaDePascua #chile

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh 32 minutes ago

    It shows the attitude of the whole island and how the Chilean government have lost there control over them. Very insecure place for the tourist to go... Unless you are from Discovery.

  • Gyuri B
    Gyuri B 32 minutes ago

    This video should go viral Chris!

  • Blanca Velasquez
    Blanca Velasquez 32 minutes ago

    I don’t know sounds like a cult to me...

  • Janani Kesamneni
    Janani Kesamneni 32 minutes ago

    You must receive justice for this stupid act... or else there would be many more Felipe's destroying our travels!! Try contacting the tourism department in your country, you can expect action from them!!!

  • Ken Tan
    Ken Tan 32 minutes ago

    Not going to Easter Island in this lifetime!

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson 33 minutes ago

    This is insane

  • Omer Pascasio
    Omer Pascasio 35 minutes ago

    First of if he is claiming that it was Cathy who stepped into the line, why he is so much after you? It was so obvious that he is just after on something$$. This incidence is way so scary!

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams 35 minutes ago

    I’d be willing to bet the case gets dropped because it becomes prohibitively expensive to continue with a baseless claim.

  • Beldar de Franco
    Beldar de Franco 35 minutes ago

    Tear his fucking head off

  • Crystal Nauer
    Crystal Nauer 36 minutes ago

    If you had given him the ticket he would've won. Well done

  • Gyuri B
    Gyuri B 36 minutes ago

    Exactly when some people have power with no brain! What a joke!

  • Diana Hilas
    Diana Hilas 36 minutes ago

    wow, well done Philippines! I want to visit Boracay!

  • Eat Trade Travel
    Eat Trade Travel 36 minutes ago

    OFFICIALLY Taking Easter Island off the bucket list! Thanks for the warning, Felipe!!

  • Martina Green
    Martina Green 37 minutes ago

    I've been to Easter Island as well. I had a positive experience because I was in a big group but we did have a few moments where I thought wow how hostile. The natives don't really enjoy tourists coming to the island, which I understand in the sense that a few bigger hotels have been built and we all know how entitled SOME tourists are. We tried going to this little beach and there was a car parked already. The minute we step out they say, leave, if you see a car you keep driving this is Anakena rule. Mind you theres like five beaches on this island so I really doubt there is a one man at a beach at a time rule. The owner of where we stayed also broke in to our cabin and stole 100 euros from my wallet...and it was blatantly them because of the fact they entered through the main door with a key. I understand not being pleased with loads of tourists coming in, but there is a cap on how many people are allowed in. On top of this, if it weren't for tourism this island would be empty forcing all natives to move to mainland and then probably purchased by some big corporation to make luxury hotels lets be honest...Also for those thinking of going. It's a great experience to visit, that being said I wouldnt go out of my way to visit it.

  • Tommy Tran
    Tommy Tran 37 minutes ago

    Hope he gets fired...

  • dino turnbul
    dino turnbul 38 minutes ago

    Nobody go to Easter island EVER how could you . I could hardly watch this video. You are such a nice couple lovely travelers never an incident always thoughtful .I wouldn’t have had your patience that guy needs to be put in hospital I will never go to Easter island and will tell everyone not to go . Couruption wreaks countries .

  • Svein Berg
    Svein Berg 39 minutes ago

    facebook.com/felipe.tuki He looks like a thug. My trip to the island is canceled, wont put my foot on a corrupt place like this. Shame on them. Glad you posted this video Christian, no one should have to put up with this thuggish behavior.

  • Apple99er
    Apple99er 39 minutes ago

    Nice acting to rip some money from the rich visitors (they think)

  • Ryan
    Ryan 40 minutes ago

    Everyone saying they won't visit Rapanui ( also known as easter island) based off this incident is missing out. I been to Rapanui and visited Tongariki and it's amazing. Rule #1 respect the culture. You never step on the rocks. Being from Hawaii the rocks in Tongariki is very similar to a Heiau in Hawaii and no one is allowed to step on the rocks it's disrespectful. Very unfortunate incident.

  • Ren Mac
    Ren Mac 40 minutes ago

    easter island = halloween island now

  • Jee Ell
    Jee Ell 41 minute ago

    My whole reason for watching RU-clip travellers is to find places I'd like to visit based on their views and experiences, and for this I shall Never visit this island, nor will I encourage anyone I know to, not until they see and act accordingly to the evidence.

  • Stan Stewart
    Stan Stewart 41 minute ago

    Well it seems he is a bully. he thought she stepped over. but when he got there and realized he was wrong. he refused to admit it. so tried to bully his way around. Kudos for keeping your cool. There is a lot of STUPID EGO People IN THIS WORLD. what a way to harass Tourists. I guess they dont need the money. so dishonest crooks.

  • Cloudis
    Cloudis 41 minute ago

    Sucks this happened, Felipe was wrong how he acted and got in your face, he was aggressive and totally wrong. 100% In small islands and in places and countries different to our own cultures, we should be super mindful and respectful. Katy should not of stood on the rock that made the line around, we all dunno if it is sacred to them. You should not of asked for anything at all from them, the tourism guy Klaudio, this was a mistake on your part. You will not get an apology from an aggressive person or people. You should of got your stuff and yourselves and left the island straight away. Its a small island so they will stick together. Sucks this happened guys, hope to see more videos in the future.

  • Beatrice Arie
    Beatrice Arie 41 minute ago

    Hello journalists and news outlet, this is your job to put it out there. What is going on here?

  • Yesenia Garcia
    Yesenia Garcia 41 minute ago

    Everything he did was wrong and completely illegal. I hope he doesn't get his way. I'll never go there either. Also cant you sue him back for touching you too? He shoved you. Say he broke your shoulder too lmao

  • Bakbakan TV
    Bakbakan TV 42 minutes ago

    Easter island would have been 1 of the places i would want to visit. But that corruption thing wrecks it for me.

  • Madhura Gore
    Madhura Gore 42 minutes ago

    Christian we have your back man! You doing a great job! Don’t give up what you doin for such morons....

  • Andrew Carroll
    Andrew Carroll 42 minutes ago

    You just know she was way over the line

  • Edgar moreno
    Edgar moreno 43 minutes ago

    Dam I was actually looking at Easter Island videos and came across this video, was hoping one day to go visit but after watching this I changed my mind. What a jerk that Felipe and his thugs 😡.

  • Yiorkis
    Yiorkis 44 minutes ago

    You’ve done right by your followers, travels are not always positive, this type of behavior has to be called out 👏

  • Silverstone Serenity
    Silverstone Serenity 46 minutes ago

    Somebody needs to ban him of the Island

  • Anne Jegira
    Anne Jegira 46 minutes ago

    Gosh. Harrashment. Tourist should not go there.

  • Kvmilla
    Kvmilla 46 minutes ago

    The Oscar goes to Felipe for playing the role of the Scammer on the film Easter Island Tourists.

  • Michael Wayne
    Michael Wayne 47 minutes ago

    Only issues is you didn't secretly record yours and Claudio's conversation at the face to face meeting. always record EVERYTHING.

  • DomanaxTV
    DomanaxTV 47 minutes ago

    Wow its so shocking how an amazing site it monitored by such terrible people. If he does not lose his job i lost.