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  • Victor Hart
    Victor Hart 2 hours ago

    I'm just an animal looking for a home and Share the same space for a minute or two And you love me till my heart stops Love me till I'm dead.....Same as it ever was Same as it ever was...

  • Victor Hart
    Victor Hart 3 hours ago

    oh what a FIGJAM, applause!!

  • Elizabeth Freer
    Elizabeth Freer 7 hours ago

    The topic of “education” is addressed beautifully here..it’ is indeed facts and studies but in truth education has a larger bandwidth..culture, parenting ,relationships ,experiences all contribute to the “whole of education”..

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 10 hours ago

    Good conversation with 2 very intellectual women. And very interesting. Love them both!

  • SJ
    SJ 20 hours ago

    They're guilty.

  • Jouan Julien
    Jouan Julien 21 hour ago

    Face authentic, fake honest guy.

  • Swedish American

    Why does the entire damn conversation have to be about race? It is not politically correct any longer to use the word Oriental because it is too generic but here we have intelligent educated people in 2019 talking as if Asian is a monolithic culture. Some of the comments were good but they just could not get away from this race issue. Discuss the art, discuss the story. Stop with the fucking obsession with race.

  • Anthony Patterson


  • Boogie man
    Boogie man Day ago

    centralpark5joggerattackers.com/videos/ These pieces of shit made millions for raping and beating some innocent women

  • Be Bold Network

    “Because Washington works for the wealthy and well-connected” ... this says everything about what Warren stands for. And this interviewer is an idiot.

  • Gary Srebmt
    Gary Srebmt Day ago

    FAKE NEWS Stephen Colbert

  • Gary Srebmt
    Gary Srebmt Day ago

    FAKE NEWS Stephen Colbert

  • nico laza
    nico laza 2 days ago

    The real person behind them ask is so boring... even the comedian.

  • Moe
    Moe 2 days ago

    Is it just me or is the host not really listening and just wants to go his written questions ASAP? Most of Stephen’s word-play, serious-faces jokes flew right over his head.

  • Johnson Lee
    Johnson Lee 2 days ago

    she doesn't sound 40 to me

  • gmk15
    gmk15 2 days ago

    such small men, the way angry liberal women like them. pathetic

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    I really had know idea about John and his reputation lets call it,I was playing tennis on my own not really watching matches in TV....but any casual conversation I'd have and I would mention that I teach tennis first thing they'd say what do u think of MacEnroe,who id say...JK,well I didn't see the matches and didn't know,my parent did I should of ask them....hold on ill be right back,gotta make a call....JK,know honest if I didn't see it for myself and the match and the scene I not one to believe what people say,and I don't play that way,I'm more like Borg and the majority of players...but its amazing how good your eye site is when u play tennis 6 or 7 hours a day so when some one makes a bad call u know pretty much u got screwed out of a good shot and a point the trouble is at points in the match that make or break a match or a player....

  • Daniel Delarosa
    Daniel Delarosa 3 days ago

    Its jus a higher form of our self I'm jus sayen we can achieve another way of life weed its helps me cope an jus put me totaly in a different way it's the key to see the other side it realy is a new way of conciounes different for all tho it's a gift for us I think we dnt need to run our self dwn we need to jus teach our kids rite from the start the stuff we teach kids it not all true but they can still go to school jus better education change the criteria teach them things they can use in life an to be better yeaeverything an I jus feel wats happening call it good intuition the ironical of Narnia its hopefully guna happen but I cant make u guys doin anything I was jus to give u the message u use it how u use it I hope u do the rite thing ur self I was the kick starter of it all watching my mother die an always being lied to so I had to change shit before to late I'm worn out I've wrked to ,uch I'm at my limit I'm not ai my self I jus made it as a gift for us to grow to gain our free dom I dnt even no how to live my self I never did any thing beside realy a message an do wat I did that's wat I was here for I'm jus tired no an feel u all are not wrken w me I theres no aliens its other pple on the other solar systems but we wont get there wout using the mental travel of dreams

  • sewuzy
    sewuzy 3 days ago

    *Andrew Yang HAS A BETTER PIPELINE of **_UBI Helicopter Money directly distributed to all adult US citizens, to EMPOWER and STIMULATE GROWTH and GREATNESS,_* and *_also_* includes Single Payer Medicare for All option. Warren's and Sanders' Wealth Taxes are *_Unworkable /1/ and Fake, Unlawful /2/_* in promising $275 B to $435 billion a year. *_In contrast,_** Yang's VAT to UBI Pipeline **_PROGRESSIVELY unlocks the wealth trapped by the 3%, transferring $800 billion a year from them to fuel liquidity for ordinary people._* Our nation's wealth is locked in a liquidity trap by our top 3% wealthy who enjoy sitting on their excess, being a dead weight anchor choking our money supply; while our bottom half of earners have negative net worth, are walled off from money, and have to hustle for dimes in despair and bitterness. *Our huge pool of limited income 172 million excess labor supply* (94 million jobless /3/, and 78 million underpaid and underemployed /4/, out of 254 million working age adults), *anchors our low demand-pull; which is why inflation is so low; and why low interest can't stimulate suppliers to push-grow our economy.* _Our wealth disparity means, the top 5% who controls 67% of America's wealth, sit on their excess cash, stifling liquidity, while the bottom 50% with negative net worth stagnate in the backwaters of our economy._ *Yang's 10% VAT will **_HUGELY move $800 billion a year of wealth transfer_** via UBI from the top 3% transferring liquidity to 94% of Americans to grow our economy.* *Yang's VAT-UBI Pipeline operates as:* *_A PROGRESSIVE net UBI benefit,_* *_AUTOMATICALLY tapering down, and_* *_reverses into an increasingly higher net VAT cost,_* *_on higher earners and the wealthy who spend more._* *ONLY those spending over $120K a year (THE TOP 3%) will pay more in VAT than they get in the $12K UBI-Freedom Dividend, **_and only they are the Net-Contributors into the UBI._* o Here, the VAT paid, - Is NOT used up by the government in its operations. - Is an INVESTMENT in the citizens and the future of our society. - Is IMMEDIATELY RETURNED by UBI to cash flow. *YANG'S "$2.5 Trillion Annual UBI HELICOPTER MONEY" goes out far and wide.* *_Yang's UBI of $1,000 a month is a Shareholder Right of Citizenship for each one over 18,_* and is Inflation adjusted. - *_$768,000_*_ is what an 18 year old man gets ($12K x +64 years of 82 year life expectancy)._ - *_$840,000_*_ is what an 18 year old woman gets ($12K x +70 years of 88 year life expectancy)._ - *_Yang's UBI is stacked on top of SS retirement income, VDI, and SSDI_* (but not SSI). *Yang's UBI will be available to 254 million Americans over 18.* • Over 100 M, 1 out of 3 Americans live in "near poverty." • Over 76 M, 30% of working age Americans did not pay any federal income tax, and no federal tax return need be filed if your Gross Income is under $12,000. • Over 43 M, 13.5% of Americans live below the poverty line, of $12,490. Automation will displace 30% to 50% of our jobs by 2025 to 2030, dislocating 50 to 80 M workers into job loss or lower income, lower skilled jobs and part time, temporary, and gig jobs. o The 10% VAT can reduce the UBI to $900 a month ($10,800 a year), but necessities such as food and medicine are EXEMPT from VAT. o There will be fewer homeless. Two, three, or four adults can meld $24K, $36K, $48K and share a home and look for work, without the dreadful fear that benefits will be cut off. • *An AVERAGE American's income of $31,000 is increased 38.7% to $43,000 by the Freedom Dividend.* en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_income_in_the_United_States • *Yang's UBI increases an AVERAGE household's income of $61,000 a year (with 2.6 people)* -- o _By 19% to $73K if one adult;_ o _By 39% to $85K if two adults;_ o _By 58% to $97K if three adults;_ o _By 78% to $109K if four adults._ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Household_income_in_the_United_States • *Benefits of UBI will go to --* o Millions raising their children (80 M households), spouses and singles (25% of US parents, 20 M, are unmarried). o Millions (20 M) enrolled in higher education. o Millions who stay at home caring for incapacitated loved ones and family members. o Millions of seniors and others who have difficulty with their physical skills, endurance and abilities, with limited or no resources to help them. o Millions who have psychiatric problems and limited or no resources to help them. • *UBI's TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS AT WORK.* UBI Primes the Pump of the American Capitalist Engine! UBI helps displaced workers transition from the old economy to the new one and stimulate local economies. o Expensive, better off cities continue to draw people, _many who can't make a living wage there._ *FAR MORE hold themselves back, shackled by ties that bind,* such as underwater mortgages and family commitments; staying in less costly distressed communities that are suffering job loss from automation, outsourcing, offshoring and other forces. o Each jobless or job "impaired" person is someone who can't buy food. Or clothes. Or pay for a car, like gas and insurance. Or housing - they can't pay the current rent, so they leave their apartment, and there aren't enough people left to pay that same amount of rent for that apartment. o So the landlord lowers the rent - and loses money. Money they don't have to spend on repairs and maintenance of the apartment, so there is less work for the trades, meaning less raw materials will be needed, so less people to mine, harvest or produce those raw materials... Etc. o *UBI will be a god send and life saver not only for the jobless and job impaired, but also for local landlords, and for multitudes of suppliers of services and products.* UBI's trickle up economics will help stabilize the rental income erosion, allow people to make housing repairs, fix cars, recycle UBI money back into the market places of distressed areas, rejuvenate local civic activities, rebuild local businesses in services and goods. o As local consumers get healthier and stronger, so does local buying power, *_and America's capitalism grows healthier and stronger all the way back up the line._* o *Businesses will immediately see far more purchasing power **_from a far larger number of consumers directly and indirectly receiving the benefits of UBI._* o Andrew Yang says, *"In my opinion, you should not have to leave your home town or your state to make a good living; … **_AND if you want to,_** UBI will make it easier for you to move."* • *UBI will revitalize our economy.* The huge injection of widespread purchasing power will immediately and continuously power the pump. All the big Fat Cat businesses will reach into their offshore Piggy Banks, borrow more from the Fed, and invest more into all locales of our economy. • *UBI Dollar Benefits by ZIPCODE or COUNTY* givedirect.io/yang/?fbclid=IwAR1qRrbR6sOIlyMyLMUF0RlpyeyyQd0V-IS2kdtLqxQjkEAlGu5elhhDFyQ /1/ *Unworkable are the Wealth Taxes of Sanders* (1% to 8% of wealth for those earning over $32M to over $10B a year) *and Warren* (2% to 3% of household wealth over $50M to over $1B). *Wealth tax is easily avoided:* by hiding it, by manipulating ANNUAL assessment values, by cherry picking comparables, by aggressive valuation experts, by related party transfers with strawman, private partnerships, private companies, trusts, by manipulated loss transactions, by converting assets into untraceable assets, by transfers offshore and hiding wealth offshore. Large sums of money, attract hordes of incredibly smart lawyers, accountants, and island nations offering their services like flies to other deposits of excess. Wealth tax escapees will result in divorces to right size and citizenship exits to right fit. Ten of 14 countries quit their wealth tax as unworkable, even France. /2/ *Fake because Unlawful or Illegal:* Federal direct taxes are restricted by our constitution under Art 1, Sections 2, 8, and 9 clause 4. Federal Wealth Taxes (direct taxes) are barred unless it is a direct tax apportioned to states by census. _This means a smaller populated "wealthier" state, Connecticut, will pay less Wealth Tax than a larger populated less wealthy state, Alabama._ *This is why there has **_NEVER been a federal Wealth Tax as proposed._* Only states can enact direct taxes that are not apportioned by census, and they do so based on the value of both real property and personal property taxes. So any progressive, unapportioned direct federal tax on wealth, _even varied by income level,_ as planned by Bernie, are _NOT_ allowed by our constitution; _NOT_ by our conservative court; _NOT_ by our legislators. gspp.berkeley.edu/news/news-center/the-constitutionality-of-a-net-worth-tax /3/ Our 63% labor force participation rate means our 160 million labor force participants are 63% of a cohort of 254 M working age labor force (in population of 330 M), and *MEANS THAT 94 M WORKING AGE PEOPLE ARE JOBLESS.* Anyone who did not look for work in the last 4 weeks is reclassified from being unemployed in the active labor force into the inactive jobless "nonparticipant" group. /4/ Of the 160 M employed labor force participants, *78 M ARE EARNING NEAR OR BELOW POVERTY WAGES,* and are "hustling for dimes," working in the gig economy. www.marketwatch.com/story/if-the-economy-is-so-great-why-are-78-million-hustling-for-dimes-2018-06-01 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_in_the_United_States

  • sewuzy
    sewuzy 3 days ago

    MMT == NO WAY. FLYS IN THE FJG OINTMENT For the US, *Green Amendment, Green New Deal;* *But Jettison that Awful Federal Job Guarantee and Unworkable MMT* To Sanders who promises FJG and all who endorse AOC's Green New Deal (GND) and its FJG promise (Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, etc.): o _What is the cost of the FJG that is promised by the GND, and_ o _How will the FJG be funded?_ Sanders and Warren funds various plans with Wealth Taxes of $275 B to $435 billion a year. Let's assume that Federal Wealth Taxes are constitutionally permitted direct taxes even though not apportioned by population (*they ARE PROHIBITED by Art.* *1, secs 2, 8, and 9 clause 4, so only states impose direct property taxes, and A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT WOULD BE NECESSARY).* gspp.berkeley.edu/news/news-center/the-constitutionality-of-a-net-worth-tax o These Wealth Taxes fall far short of paying for even a partial list of the promised benefits, not to say for the FJG component. *Sanders promises a full-scale federal job guarantee ("FJG").* berniesanders.com/issues/jobs-for-all/ o Sanders promises to spend: - $1.7 T to cancel all student debt; - $2.5 T to end homelessness; - $16 T over 16 years for Climate Change; - $30 T for Medicare For All; - NOT EVEN INCLUDING THE COST OF FJG below. *We need a GND, but AOC's GND, includes the FJG (Para 4.8),* and the goal of "guaranteeing a job with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to all people of the United States; …." cleantechnica.com/2019/02/08/heres-the-full-text-of-congress-green-new-deal-resolution-introduced-by-rep-alexandra-ocasio-cortez/ The GND includes $1.3T to upgrade 136 million housing units at $10 K each; and adds $2 to $3 T for carbon stabilization. www.city-journal.org/green-new-deal-ocasio-cortez-krugman o *AOC and Sanders rely on MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) to pay the GND and its FJG, and thinks it will cost $300 B to $1 T a year and more (at least $10 T through 2030 to 2050), and still require a marginal income tax rate of 60% to 70%. o *MMT economists of Sanders and AOC believe that their method of printing and spending money will result in no consequences from an expanding deficit, inflation, or recession.* A study says the GND will cost $75K per FJG household in the first year and will not fall below $37K in future years. The GND plans 20 million new jobs by 2030 for the GND economy. At $40.5K a year, that is about $811 B a year by 2030 of new or replacement jobs for those displaced from the fossil fuel economy. Our energy industry employs about 6.5 M, about 2.5 M in fossil fuel related jobs. o *The annual cost of the FJG for the jobless, and the under-employed and underpaid will be (calcs below):* - $2.3 T annually at ONE-THIRD participation or $23 T over 10 years. - $3.4 T annually at ONE-HALF participation or $34 T over 10 years. - $6.9 T annually at FULL participation or $69 T over 10 years. o How will such costs be funded? o Will there be $2 to $7 trillion of new annual spending and deficit increases? o How inflationary will an annual $2 to $7 trillion monetary injection be? Won't the price of everything go sky high? Will any new President be more successful in passing FJG legislation than Bernie Sanders the legislator of 29 years who authored and passed 4 Bills, not counting 2 to rename postal offices, and one to designate a Vermont Bicentennial Day, averaging about 7 years a Bill? How many in Congress, and the Federal Reserve, believe as does MMT, that Policy Makers do not have to pay for everything they want to do? Few. *HOW DOES MMT WORK?* MMT (_aka *'Magic Money Tree economics'*_ sets interest rates at 0% and does away with the FRB's monetary controls; inflation - deflation forces are expected to be 'self-buffered' by automatic resizing of the huge pool of tens of millions of FJG workforce in the direct or indirect employ of the US government. A growing economy will hire from the FJG pool; a slowing economy will shed workers into the FJG pool. When thousands of people are needed by industry, federal projects are kneecapped and mothballed; when thousands of people are laid off, they suddenly appear on federal payrolls doing nothing while projects are planned or restarted. *MMT SPECIFCALLY REQUIRES A FULL FJG organically resizable buffer to work.* However, if available money flow gets too out of balance with the supply of, or demand of products and services, fiscal controls step in. Excessive money supply can spur excessive demand for assets and services resulting in inflation, or can spur deflation from excessive production of assets and services. _If the economy _*_still_*_ gets overheated beyond the organic FJG buffer, tax increases on consumers and or suppliers drain the excess energy; if it _*_still_*_ gets too cold and stagnant, deficit fiscal spending warms it up._ A government deficit just means a private sector asset which can be put to work, or private income to be taxed away (but inconveniently in the U.S., not wealth taxed). *BUT* the Exec and Congress's crude blunt force sausage making tax and spend budgetary process is no place to deliver ongoing fiscal maintenance of the economy to optimally yield a mild surplus. For this, the FRB *MUST BE DELEGATED TAX AND SPEND POWERS TO REPLACE ITS MONETAR POWERS.* _Will Congress be willing?_ _In the next 4 years?_ MMT replaces monetary controls with fiscal controls. Arguably MMT has never been "correctly" tried, and it is unfair to point to the Weimar Republic, Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela as examples. Bernie and FJG Progressives promise that new huge government deficit spending for their programs, using untried and disparaged pie-in-the-sky ivory tower MMT will generate growth and tax revenue that will be fiscally and monetarily neutral, or even positive. Will fiscal conservatives and other legislators support FJG's MMT 'Modern Monetary Theory / Magic Money Tree' economics' spending burden, or will they rush to fight the Kool-Aid of the People's Temple? *Let's check the MATH.* *FULL PARTICIPATION COST OF FJG* Our 63% labor force participation rate means our 160 million labor force participants are 63% of a cohort of 254 million working age labor force (in population of 330 million), and means that _94 million working age people are actually jobless_ and will need FJG. Anyone who did not look for work in the last 4 weeks is reclassified from being unemployed in the active labor force into the inactive jobless group. This prettifies the 3.6% unemployment rate of our 160 M active labor force. o *So FJG will be needed by our jobless 94 million (37%) of working age people.* Indeed, over 76 million, 30% of working age Americans, did not pay any federal income tax, and no federal tax return need be filed if your Gross Income is under $12,000. www.marketwatch.com/story/do-i-need-to-file-my-taxes-2015-02-10 www.marketwatch.com/story/81-million-americans-wont-pay-any-federal-income-taxes-this-year-heres-why-2018-04-16 o *_IN ADDITION,_** FJG will ALSO be needed by 78 million (of the 160 million employed)* _who are actually "hustling for dimes," working in the gig economy earning near or below poverty wages._ www.marketwatch.com/story/if-the-economy-is-so-great-why-are-78-million-hustling-for-dimes-2018-06-01 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_in_the_United_States *NOTE BENE:* Our huge pool of limited income 172 million excess labor supply (94 million jobless and 78 million underpaid and underemployed out of 254 million working age adults), anchoring low demand pull, is why inflation is so low, and why low interest cannot stimulate suppliers to push grow our economy, in which the top 1% who controls 39% of America's wealth, prefers to sit on their excess cash, stifling liquidity, while the bottom 50% have negative net worth in their stagnant backwaters of our economy. A legal wealth transfer mechanism can help tremendously. This is why Yang's UBI funded by VAT primarily paid by the top 3% will provide the most effective liquidity to consumers and grow our economy. Only those spending over $120K a year (the top 3%) will pay more in VAT than they get in his $12K UBI. The FJG's base of $31,200 a year ($15 x 2080 hours a year) results in a wage cost of $40,560 when bumped up by 30% for 20% benefits, plus 10% program support costs, training, and administrative overhead. The FJG cost is $3.8 trillion a year to cover 94 million jobless working age adults ($40.5K x 94M). The FJG cost is $3.1 trillion a year to cover 78 million underemployed-underpaid workers hustling for dimes ($40.5K x 78M). o *The 'full' FJG cost is $6.9 trillion a year ($3.8T + $3.1T), and $69 T over 10 years* to cover 172 million jobless and underpaid-underemployed workers. o *The 'one-half' FJG cost is $3.45 trillion a year, and $34.5 T over 10 years,* optimistically 'needing' to cover 86 M, only HALF of the jobless and underpaid-underemployed workers who want to an FJG. o *The 'one-third' FJG cost is $2.3 trillion a year, and $23 T over 10 years,* REALLY optimistically 'only needing' to 57 M cover a THIRD of the jobless and underpaid-underemployed workers who want an FJG. Remember 38 million of the employed earn less than the poverty level of $12,600. Andrew Yang offers UBI instead of FJG, and UBI's benefit, costs and funding are transparently set out on Yang's website. www.yang2020.com/policies/ #YangBeatsTrump #TrumpFearsYang #Yang2020 #YangGang

  • Louisville Lady
    Louisville Lady 3 days ago

    Watch the confessions.. the story is different

  • Louisville Lady
    Louisville Lady 3 days ago

    These weren’t innocent little kids... tell the whole story

  • ian clarke
    ian clarke 3 days ago

    Two lovely fellows, I wish someone of their calibre would give back their knighthoods in protest of the establishments treatment of Assange and the covering up of the Epstein criminality.

  • Mark Zylstra
    Mark Zylstra 3 days ago

    Trump 2020!!

  • Mark Keeton
    Mark Keeton 3 days ago

    Fuck Colbert in his lying Ass!!

  • Mauricio Zamora Villalobos

    Funny that she says she’s not that swedish but all that sort of humbleness About how she’s not that good is very swedish after all

  • heymisterderp
    heymisterderp 3 days ago

    Oppressing Palestinians is Anti-Semitism. Bari Weiss of course couldn't define Semitism outside of her Jewish optics because she doesn't even know the definition of the word.

  • Jim Cochrane
    Jim Cochrane 3 days ago

    I'd like to meet you. Just discovered you today.

  • Mike McIntyre
    Mike McIntyre 4 days ago

    Patriot Act is entertaining and very informative. Hasan Minhaj is an actual blessing to civilization. His parents did a good job.

  • Tony Velazquez
    Tony Velazquez 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for korey they prison really fucked that kid!!!my heart ❤️ goes out to him

  • MrJBleedge
    MrJBleedge 4 days ago

    When you need to monetize all the shit and so you divide this interview in 901 parts.

  • bertjesklotepino
    bertjesklotepino 4 days ago

    indeed. Who does. Who actually does believe her? You must seriously have your head up your ass to believe that kind of nonsense when her opponent got the treatment he got. Like violence, put in jail, discredited, labeled, etc etc etc etc. And the one she is after isnt the only one who got treated that way. There are dozens and maybe even hundreds of them. Like there are not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 INDEPENDENT reports. 1 you can find on reddit, quarantained. Eventhough that was one of the books/reports that was asked for..... The other 3? 2 are ofcourse discredited and the author put in jail. The other is discredited and the author also discredited, ridiculed, and made sure he wouldnt get much of any kind of jobs, basically his life and career ruïned. But ey. They Must be right, people like Deborah. After all, when they pay millions...... basically buying out the courtsystem and such................. Yeah, they must be right. The fact this is the only subject in history which has laws protecting it, and the fact people have been put in jail for expressing their opinion (no violence, nothing, just expressing their opinion or publishing it)...... THAT says enough. THAT is where the mistake was made. BECAUSE, Truth doesnt need such protection. We dont have freespeech laws to protect the nonsense we hear every day....... the popular nonsense...... We have it for the opposite reasons. To protect controversial unpopular speech. You may disagree with such people who speak like that. BUT, one has to use arguments to show he or she is right. Putting the opponent in jail, spending MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to make it happen.......... It all goes to show who the real denier is.

    • bertjesklotepino
      bertjesklotepino 4 days ago

      She, this weak person, doesnt even dare debate David Irving. I mean....... Demonizing the person.......... Talking about him in all kinds of ways.............. And yet she doesnt even dare have any conversation with him. EVERYBODY CAN SEE that David isnt the one who thinks like that. Its Deborah. What does that say? How stupid must one be to actually trust such filth? Filth, yes. Sorry, but there are no other words for it. ANY NORMAL HUMANBEING would have had a discussion with the opponent. Here she has never had any. Why not? Only excuses, which are ofcourse believed by lots of people. And so they protect such filth. Pathetic, seriously.

  • Sandra
    Sandra 4 days ago

    The New York Times SUCKS - FUCK YOU PEOPLE for smearing Congresswoman and Major Tulsi Gabbard. She is running for President and you put out a smear hit piece. She is the one that can save America. NEVER AGAIN WILL I READ YOUR SHITTY PUBLICATION. Shame on you!!!!

  • Sandra
    Sandra 4 days ago

    The New York Times SUCKS - FUCK YOU PEOPLE for smearing Congresswoman and Major Tulsi Gabbard. She is running for President and you put out a smear hit piece. She is the one that can save America. NEVER AGAIN WILL I READ YOUR SHITTY PUBLICATION. Shame on you!!!!

  • 13 gallows
    13 gallows 4 days ago


  • phombuspucker
    phombuspucker 5 days ago

    I love that ladybird is bigger than any Noah Baumbach film.

  • tom k
    tom k 5 days ago

    Thx AJ

  • Brent Randel
    Brent Randel 5 days ago

    easy street talkie talk

  • Steve Guna
    Steve Guna 5 days ago

    Great live performance. I highly recommend to watch the show. Still a Great show even without Ben Platt.

  • Nadine Fernandez
    Nadine Fernandez 5 days ago

    May Korey continue to heal he is a real one salute to my man Korey Wise u see his last name comes with power believe that

  • David John Thistle
    David John Thistle 5 days ago

    The background homework is always more than what people understand or believe. To understand the homework for the result is enlightening.

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 5 days ago

    Intelligent man, the kind you actually listen to. His weight is a serious issue. He is close to the size when he cannot walk on his own accord anymore.

  • Madison kim
    Madison kim 6 days ago

    Omg his voice sounds just like the soundtrack he is amazing

  • fosterchild4523
    fosterchild4523 6 days ago

    This guy said it himself, he is an actor/comedian. So, why do so many "journalists" give him quasi-serious interviews asking him about serious topics? Why should I care what this guy thinks; he doesn't know anything. Isn't it ironic that the left hates the fact that we have a reality T.V. President yet they seek advice and opinions from reality T.V. personalities with opposing views? I hate to break it to you but they are all idiots. Neither side knows Jack.

  • epd0126
    epd0126 6 days ago

    i love john grisham books and when his audio books are read by michael beck there is simply nothing better

  • Joey Owens
    Joey Owens 6 days ago

    The Belle of BlueGrass Can Do Anything.

  • H Kay
    H Kay 6 days ago

    REM UM

  • Phenom Enol
    Phenom Enol 6 days ago

    I am now 100% confident and sure that Stills, Nash & Young were the real talent ( unbelievable talent) and this obnoxious POS was a good friend who they let tag along for the ride.

    • Phenom Enol
      Phenom Enol 3 days ago

      @Michael Anthony - a little know fact is during the late 60's, the two people that helped co - write Crosby's songs were their accountant's nephew, Morrey Leibowitz & a very young, pre amboy dukes Ted Nugent. it's true.

    • Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony 4 days ago

      his songs were some of the best---the great music speaks for itself--including how active he continues to be---Nash and Crosby were best friends so years---up until recently--shit happens

  • Ole Guacamole
    Ole Guacamole 6 days ago

    I loved it when Wes Anderson turned out to be Matt Damon's mom in Ocean's Twelve.

  • California Dreaming

    Liberals make me sleepy. Pick it up already.

  • Ubiquitous Seymone
    Ubiquitous Seymone 7 days ago

    I think we need to be more specific, in the identifiers, we choose to use. It is not people of color, its specifically - black people, who have these concerns and fears. The Asian, Latino communities - and the likes, are not facing these issues.

  • bogdan mijailovic
    bogdan mijailovic 7 days ago

    Stephen is genius!!lol!!

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 7 days ago

    who could have given this a thumbs DOWN ? weird

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 7 days ago

    Jon is so cool

  • Jimmy Kruse
    Jimmy Kruse 8 days ago

    It amazes me on how we prop up the terrible people addicted to drugs with no loyalty or respect to their friends and loved ones. Simply because they can play music and are famous. Pathetic. Encourage your kids to be better than these "icons".

  • J Wayne
    J Wayne 8 days ago

    SETH is the one of worst cast members and never has a character that the writers wrote for him, because he HAS NO TALENT ! This one of the shows that they need to tell the audience to laugh and clap... or it the standard recording.

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 8 days ago

    The DNA collected at the crime scene at the time of the crime pointed to one individual perpetrator. The DNA did not matched any of the five and the NYPD knew that. That was enough to tell the NYPD that they did not have the real rapist and that he was still out there. All forensic evidence exonerated these five boys; at that point in time Linda Fairstein should have made a decision to stop the NYPD from brutal psychological interrogation of these young boys.....but she did not feel the need to muzzle her dogs.... and they continued.......The real perp, Reyes, many years later, without any coercion of any kind, except for his own guilty conscious and watching another man serving time for the crime that he committed; came forward and confessed to the rape. There was an investigation and the Reyes's DNA matched the DNA at the crime scene and he stated himself that he acted alone. The NYPD were not convinced, so Reyes confessed to more unsolved rapes and murders that he had committed. which was validated by his DNA found in each unsolved rape and murder. This was a divine act of justice, exposing the injustices of our justice system. Without Reyes's confession the prosecution of the Central Park Five would have been just another day at the office for the NY prosecutors and business as usual for America. One must ask.... How many other? The answer is easy to calculate; just take an empirical look at the industrial prison complex. You must understand that sending black men to prison pays dividends and can get you elected to the highest office.

  • jmisc
    jmisc 8 days ago

    the interviewer is not doing a good job. If SC is going to be interviewed this long, let's give him a good interviewer.

  • Melanie McCann
    Melanie McCann 8 days ago

    This was fun! It's great that he's so down to Earth & comfortable in his own skin.

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 8 days ago

    ..."You're trying to get to the last chapter, without reading the first page." - #iHATEthatSHIT

  • mir 124
    mir 124 8 days ago

    She is so cute, isnt she? She could just there on her tiny ass all day long and i would watch it anyway.

  • Daniel Wallis
    Daniel Wallis 8 days ago

    remember late night shows when they were comedic and fun to sit down and watch? and not just 30min-1 hr every single night of ORANGE MAN BAD.

  • Judah Isvaran
    Judah Isvaran 8 days ago

    Two of fashion’s best 💫

  • Jack Hema
    Jack Hema 9 days ago

    Just so kkkoooll

  • Alessio Sutera
    Alessio Sutera 9 days ago

    wow, PENELOPE CRUZ actriz espagnola naturalized american she films of the espagnol and american

  • Amy P
    Amy P 9 days ago

    What a wonderful man and actor he was. A very rare combination of that down to earth, kindness and generosity and sense of humor he had. He wasn't like many Hollywood types who had egos bigger than their mansions. It isn't right what happened to him. We and the world were robbed of a wonderful person and talent. RIP Alan. You are very much missed by all of us.

  • lisa macdougall
    lisa macdougall 10 days ago

    ian is so handsome thoses eyes

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle 10 days ago


  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle 10 days ago


  • bigernh1
    bigernh1 10 days ago

    As for the interviewer I dont care for her, this guy I like handles himself well. He is real and this woman is clueless

    • bigernh1
      bigernh1 10 days ago

      Sorry babe im signed on your account my views are mine and mine alone Jamie Vass

  • Storybellz Variety
    Storybellz Variety 10 days ago

    @PVPSYCHOS- Thank you for blocking one of my comments on your thread, just because you hate real answers. But, that's okay, cause I'll just post it outside of your thread, where YOU have no control. You're welcome! You are both right and wrong. You are correct that the people who came before Joan should get more credit than they do, and for them to be over-shadowed by Joan does her no favors, but in fact, has a way of robbing her accomplishments of integrity- which is sad, because she is accomplished in her own right too. If only people didn't feel the need to constantly inflate her achievements and just appreciate her actual place in Rock history, her whole career would start to seem more praise-worthy by both critics and non-critic alike. As for your assessment of her song catalog and writing contributions, as you admitted, Wiki pages are not always the best source of fact, and your findings concerning her music proves it. Joan has written quite a few songs on her own- without co-writers. And as for the ones with co-writers, they have been many more than 4. So, the idea that they could just be "courtesy credits" doesn't seem as likely, when you take the following into consideration: Songs written solely by Joan: * Fetish *I Love Playing with Fire *You Drive Me Wild *Love is Pain *You're Too Possessive *Don't Abuse Me *Fragile *My Buddy and Me *Wait for Me *Turn it Around *Reality Mentality *Take it or Leave It *Gotta Get Out Tonight *Don't Go Away *Takeover *C'mon AND as for all the rest of her songs (covers aside), SHE IS A CO-WRITER OF EACH AND EVERY SONG FROM THE BLACKHEARTS, EXCEPT FOR ONLY TWO that I know of! And while The Runaways' songs tended to be a mix of covers and those written by various members of the band (sometimes with or without other songwriters), even then, quite a few of Joan's solo writings come from this period. So, "courtesy credit"? Doubtful.

  • cosimocub
    cosimocub 10 days ago

    anyone know who Jim was referring to about the actor dispute?

  • Storybellz Variety
    Storybellz Variety 10 days ago

    @Andro mache - Thank you for blocking one of my comments on your comment thread, just because you hate to be proven wrong. Well, that's okay, cause I'll just post it here- outside of your thread, where YOU have no control. You're welcome! What I've said about Joan's appeal is not inaccurate at all, actually. You seem to think I am speaking only for the way I see her, when in actual fact, I am trying to answer your original question, which was regarding why the public at large gives her so much praise. Who Joan is as a person was not your question. Your question was regarding her public- which involves how THEY see her. There is a difference. So, please stop confusing the two when it's convenient for you. Hence, you don't seem to realize that I wasn't describing how I personally see her, but how the world at large does, because that was the basis of your question! You say she's not tough and doesn't have a tough image either, so you thereby assume that I'm making it up. But, I'm not. You want proof that that's how people see her? Well, just look at who some of her most famous fans are, and look at the company she keeps, i.e. law enforcement (including cops), the military, bikers, Mike Tyson, the former president of the NY chapter of Hell's Angel's, Chuck Zito, UFC Heavyweat champ fighter, Rhonda Rousey, the head of the UFC, Dana White, fearless, controversial comic, Roseanne Barr, and others. That a tough enough crowd for ya?! And those are all fans and friends of Joan's! So, there ya go! If THEY think she's tough, then obviously, my assessment is NOT inaccurate, but rather absolutely correct. Period. Joan has always said she had a fighting spirit. She's also said that she is a softy and very easily hurt too. A person can be both, you know. So, just because she's one, doesn't mean she's not the other. That being said, yes, sometimes people can see things in themselves or in others that are far from true. But, your original question was not about who Joan is, but rather, why she is regarded so highly. And the answer is, like I said- because of how she is seen as a tough, warrior type woman. Now you may wonder why, why is she seen like that? Well, it's not just about her clothes (as you seem to think), and it's not just about her pose... it's about her soul. How do we know her soul, you may ask? Well, simple: her lyrics and her musical sound. She reveals that toughness, that rawness, that defiance that I speak of in her songs all the time, and people obviously pick up on it. As I said before, look no further than "Don't Surrender", "A Love Like Mine", "As I Am", "Bad Reputation" and others, to know what I mean. Combine all of those soul-baring songs with her clothes and pose too, and you have the essence of "tough" that I spoke of originally, which has been the key to her acclaim and why she is so beloved. You may not see her that way, but whether you do or don't doesn't change the fact that that's how the world at large sees her, and THAT's the answer to your question. Simple as that. Case closed!

  • Jarvoh
    Jarvoh 10 days ago

    Last time i loved a film as much as this one, was the 1st time I watched Goodfellas

  • Dora B1
    Dora B1 10 days ago

    I will not be going to support this movie. Cynthia Erivo Is a Nigerian who possibly descends from slave traders. Not only that but she has made disparaging remarks about black Americans. Not only that but the movie vilifies the main black male character and turn the white slave master into the savior that rescues Harriet at the end of the movie. This is so disrespectful to our lineage and we should not stand for this. They would never allow a descendent of Nazis to play some Jewish people in the diary of Anne Frank

    • Dan Henry
      Dan Henry Day ago

      @Joshua Tellington this programming you speak of I gather is what is being exposed by this character you speak of in the movie. That black heterosexual cis gendered men have been programmed since then. And the result of hundreds of years of programming is the toxic masculinity evidenced in society and in your small myopic mind rudeness disparaging a black woman on this feed which by the way exposed your programming by the white male patriarchy. What you really need to ask yourself is why was The Moses archetype for enslaved Africans in North American a woman and not a man. Look to your open hostility toward this black woman in this feed. Your very assault on her is the result of your programming and the result of the post traumatic enslaved people disorder that is the foundation on which your toxic masculinity is based. The man you speak of in the movie is the emasculated weakened black male archetype that has been programmed by society to believe that restoration of his power that was taken from him by white supremacy can only be restored if he tears down the black woman that is actually standing in for his societal role in culture and community. She must for her family to survive because weak men refuse to step out of their emasculated reframing of the world to see this diabolical plan of continued disunity since 1619. You are participating in this system because your analysis of the movie and hostility towards this black woman says you are insufficient and cant see above and over the visible into the truths unseen doing as your master wants you to do and you dont even know it, R.Kelly. Make up your mind to either really wake up or just remain asleep. You cant go though life fronting like you woke and you half sleep and aint.

    • Joshua Tellington
      Joshua Tellington 2 days ago

      @Charmy M! She is Diala. In the Osu caste system Diala people LITERALLY sold slaves. It's heavily documented. Get your opinions out of the way of facts before you look dumb.

    • Joshua Tellington
      Joshua Tellington 2 days ago

      @Charmy M! How do you answer for a black man playing the main antagonist named BIGGER LONG who is obsessed turning in Harriet to afford white whores. Let me make it plain. BIGGER LONG (🍆🍆) is obsessed with white women. Do you get it yet? Btw, I haven't seen the movie and clearly understand the subconscious programming in the film better than you. You were probably too busy getting programmed to notice 🤦🏾‍♂️.

    • Charmy M!
      Charmy M! 2 days ago

      I really wish you would see the movie, if you’re going to make such damning statements that are absolutely false. There were SEVERAL strong black men portrayed in the movie, some fictional and others real. Secondly, her slave owner was hardly redeemed in this movie. He did not “save” Harriet. I do not know about the the actress Cynthia, but to say she is a descendent of African slave traders is completely mean spirited and not based on any researched facts.

    • Joshua Tellington
      Joshua Tellington 6 days ago

      Thank you for helping spread our resistance sis. #ADOS

  • kotov dot in
    kotov dot in 10 days ago

    Jim, when you visit places, such as St. P a week before the world knew you were making Paterson, do you think a million decisions? What was the closest in your life to a million decisions in actual two hours?

  • tara ss
    tara ss 11 days ago

    Marina abramovic is that teenager who couldn't get over the phase in their life where self harm, misery, pain, trauma was equated to a creative mind because at a young age one is not able to suppress the most animalistic instincts and sensationalism associated to almost sadistic acts attracts them. It takes evolution, strength to suppress the animal within to bring out the human which happens throughout one's life but looks like marina never evolved or got over that phase infact that very phase escalated into something extreme which is reflected in her "art" where she doesn't just romanticize the experimentation with inflicting injury onto herself but takes it to another limit and also lets other people inflict injury and then calls it the baring of the psychology of the society. A lot of people like marina dont evolve and aren't truly able to teach abd train themselves to not enjoy certain pathetic things and she encountered such people in rythm 0. A true evolved adult even in the most favourable situation wouldn't hurt someone because it just doesnt pleasure them, infact its just disgusting and immature to them. Also, there are very few who never fully evolve and its obvious from the fact that most people did not try to harm her but there were some including her own self who did, they were the less evolved ones, the most impressionable too who tend to slip into darkness of all kinds.

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  • Queen of Andriaglatus

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