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Orson Welles laughing
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Buster Keaton stunts
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Susan Strasberg, 1970
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  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 5 hours ago

    Jackie Chan is real hiro

  • Chef Love
    Chef Love 8 hours ago

    Marlon Brando HATED Lee. He said he never taught me anything but claims he did.

  • True Cynic
    True Cynic 11 hours ago

    Hitchcock was a genius comparable to every other genius identified

  • ChewyLacey
    ChewyLacey 11 hours ago

    how is this man alive

  • wreckim
    wreckim 16 hours ago

    What a mix of talent. I'm sure there are not many here who haven't seen it, but Marathon Man is a must see for any Hoffman fan. IMO, his best work. As a bonus, you get Olivier.

  • Largest Classifieds
    Largest Classifieds 17 hours ago

    Very rare to see an actor with such huge charisma. Salute.

  • Angela Altintas
    Angela Altintas 18 hours ago

    It is her and she will not go a away. It is her and her family, a modern day fatal attraction playing out for years. The only way she is able to do what she does is the endless and illegal surveillance.

  • Luka unonoveseicinque
    Luka unonoveseicinque 19 hours ago

    This scene is the highest peak of the entire Bond saga. Connery is at another level, he will be the one and only James Bond

  • Shasank Basnet
    Shasank Basnet 22 hours ago

    Stuntmens:-i need jackie fr this shot lmao!!

  • alvin wijaya
    alvin wijaya 22 hours ago

    Hmmmmm condom

  • Mya Hollandia
    Mya Hollandia 23 hours ago

    What a lovely man !!!!! Grear actor

  • Rin Wesley
    Rin Wesley 23 hours ago

    I grew up watching Hammer films as a kid and have always loved Peter Cushing. Hearing about his experience on Star Wars is so bittersweet knowing how much he loved his late wife Helen, and how he basically considered his life to be over when she died in 1971.

  • Favours Papa
    Favours Papa Day ago

    I don't know how long it will take,but I wanna be just like him...in 2016,I did a stunt,that might have slightly landed me to the grave or in an ICU,for not less than 3months,ok this is the story,I was shooting a low budget crime movie in NAIROBI KENYA,so I mounted on a huge horse,which I hired,ready to do a gallop at a public park(UHURU PARK),when I kicked the horse for a trot,it quickly started on a slow canter,when I signalled canter,it picked a gallop, still i was confident of myself.Little did I know that due to the previous night pouring,the ground was moist, n terribly moist under the trees,so you can imagine at a breakneck speed,she actually sunk his hooves in the mud!,under a tree,God is great,i almost got my head smashed by the tree,but instead thrown 3meters infront of her.🇰🇪🇰🇪.....I didn't win ,I survived,the movie is WEPESI WA ALFAJIRI part 3 on the second last scene.I wish to get more,anywhere in the world.A stunt man is always a stunt man,no matter what.

  • Србомбоница

    Непревазиђен цар

  • irish1
    irish1 Day ago

    These people were only actors. It's the true soldiers who had a say. It's like the actors who never risked their life's there words mean more. What the fuck did Wayne know about war. Other than a toy gun in a movie and being a false hero

  • G Man
    G Man Day ago

    Stolen Valour!!

  • youejtube
    youejtube Day ago

    Eartha Kitt (a close friend of James Dean) also had a bad feeling about that car and refused to get in it.

  • Jaycob Heufel
    Jaycob Heufel Day ago

    Get him to do at least one star wars film... please.. he would make jar jar look awesome

  • Mohan Saini
    Mohan Saini Day ago

    Jackie chain is the hard working all time

  • Maya A. Morella

    And they did take over not just Hollywood they took the whole West you were so right John 🤓😅😂

  • Lis Skelsey
    Lis Skelsey Day ago


  • Gidgit VonLaRue
    Gidgit VonLaRue 2 days ago

    Wonderful! Thank you Eyes On Cinema. We will be podcasting this soon x

  • Rafikul Ahamed
    Rafikul Ahamed 3 days ago

    He is a real action hero, he don't use Stan man..

  • Communism With Giggles

    Does this mean Wookie is actually Standard English?

  • ConsciousThought
    ConsciousThought 3 days ago

    Without any shadow of a doubt, it's obvious that being thrown in a jail cell at the age of 5 is a traumatic event that more than likely had an affect on every decision he made from then on in his life. You don't forget things like that. It creates wonder, sadness, mystery, abandonment, confusion, etc. Very sad. I see why he made the works of art that he did. His darkness I can relate to.

  • Mahesh Kumar HM
    Mahesh Kumar HM 3 days ago

    Omg legend

  • Randy Acuna
    Randy Acuna 3 days ago

    Peter brings class to any movie !

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. 3 days ago

    The Grim Reaper must fucking hate this guy

  • Main Man
    Main Man 4 days ago

    Uh...Alec warned James Dean ! 🤔

  • Saw Yune
    Saw Yune 4 days ago

    Sorry JC...😅

  • Virginia Connor
    Virginia Connor 4 days ago

    Sad that many are gone now, including Leonard, De, Jimmy, Grace, Mark, and others.

  • Ikmal Raiza
    Ikmal Raiza 4 days ago

    I thouhgt he is immortal sometime

  • Jacopo Dondi
    Jacopo Dondi 4 days ago

    The austere beautiful city

  • Jeff Stone
    Jeff Stone 4 days ago

    "Can I just add here, if I may, that there is a California champagne by Paul Masson inspired by French excellence? It's fermented in the bottle, and like the best champagnes it is vintage dated. Sorry; I am trying to finish _Don Quixote_ and I am knee deep in bills. I think they may be repossessing my cigars tonight if I don't come up with the 800 pounds I owe Daryl Zanuck."

  • kamuelalee
    kamuelalee 4 days ago

    Perfect ending to a perfect film!

  • Roberts.inc
    Roberts.inc 5 days ago

    how the fuck is this man still alive

  • CometCourse
    CometCourse 5 days ago

    that's very generous, he's actually a terrible director

  • Jackster Jackster
    Jackster Jackster 5 days ago

    Is it possible to see the complete movies that include all the parts that were cut or were all of the cuttings lost forever?

  • Wade Raney
    Wade Raney 5 days ago

    L&H were the best entertainment 😊

  • Elsa Mandzhieva
    Elsa Mandzhieva 5 days ago

    Tom Skerritt is so charming.

  • K
    K 5 days ago

    How are those people from hell giving thumb down to such daring stunt.

  • Neo Rider91
    Neo Rider91 5 days ago


  • Small Fry
    Small Fry 5 days ago

    It's awesome to hear him directly talk about the movie. Lately a million conspiracy theories come along with The Shining movie and what he ment etc.

  • Rozen Elizalde
    Rozen Elizalde 5 days ago

    A true action star.. Salute for you jackie chan you gave us memorable movies you did..

  • Alessandro Cagliari

    Uomini meravigliosi ....

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 6 days ago


  • JanoschNr1
    JanoschNr1 6 days ago

    How every real action movie would play out in real live

  • Ana Nilce Alcantara

    Será que ela ainda é viva?

  • Mike Lewis
    Mike Lewis 6 days ago

    Imagine the memories he has though most people have that one crazy crazy thing they did he has hundreds

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 6 days ago

    To this day I'm somewhat baffled by Hearst's reaction to Kane. If you hadn't seen Citizen Kane but you knew that Hearst was extremely upset by the picture, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Kane was a monstrous human, devoid of scruple. But he really wasn't.

  • Анна Сидорова


  • Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr

    Stan and Ollie... Simply the best. They did it their way and stood on the shoulders of no one. (See the movie, with John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan - Fantastic!) - - - ("Do you still miss him?" Grade F for the interviewer. )

    • Fazzamania
      Fazzamania 4 days ago

      Gods2ndFavoriteBassPlyr fantastic movie. Haven’t laughed so hard since i was a kid.

    GOLDENFLY WARRIOR 7 days ago


  • Le chat Clic
    Le chat Clic 7 days ago

    Nous mettre des vidéos on comprend pas l’anglais

    GOLDENFLY WARRIOR 7 days ago

    Sue Lyon was a great actress and he was perfect in the role as Dolores "Lolita" Haze When she was 14 years old, she was cast in the role of Dolores "Lolita" Haze in Stanley Kubrick's film Lolita (1962). And then she proved herself again typecasted as a seductive teenager in John Huston's The Night of the Iguana (1964). She was great at playing the overtly flirtatious teenager yet she is an ACTRESS !! ru-clip.com/video/NOLtXhPYxoM/video.html

  • cup of noodles
    cup of noodles 7 days ago

    Holy hell I just realized that because I'm alone without any friends and have room to be weird and do what I want

  • Eric Neely
    Eric Neely 7 days ago

    Obi-Wan: I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. Ironically enough, I'm sure this wasn't far from the truth when James Dean died. He was such a brilliant actor and person. He is still sorely missed. Some people leave a mark on this earth and he was one of them.

  • Michael Mahoney
    Michael Mahoney 7 days ago

    Magical film and soundtrack. Too bad the Americans didn't like it .

  • Ed Poe
    Ed Poe 7 days ago

    Quite apart from a scene set in Poughkeepsie, I can't understand why the film was ever x-rated

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards 7 days ago

    George c Scott ?! I don’t think so. Hackman? Keep going. Newman? BINGO! We have a winner. He is the embodiment of hip and cool in this movie. The other 2 would have been so out of place in the flick

  • jamie lenon
    jamie lenon 7 days ago

    you guys know what's more painful? seeing jackie chan grow older and older.

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon 8 days ago

    Vinnie dont put too much onions in that sauce

  • grey
    grey 8 days ago

    She sound like et with a deep voice.

  • ztoxtube
    ztoxtube 8 days ago

    My grandma is from Italy and I have been at this exact same meal many times. Warms my heart.

  • Steven Koehler
    Steven Koehler 9 days ago

    He actually broke his neck when the waterspout knocked him onto the train track.

  • lednails
    lednails 9 days ago

    Some artists suffer for their art more than others.

  • Philippe Hunt
    Philippe Hunt 9 days ago

    Charles Foster Kane reflected Orson more than it did ever on Hearst. I think Orson never wanted to admit it.

  • Randy Rankin
    Randy Rankin 9 days ago

    they r my inspiration

  • Tim Farris
    Tim Farris 9 days ago

    God bless you stanny and babe an thank you for all the laughs ..

  • The Depth of Darkness

    i see why most of his films are in China - he would never get insured in the US or UK

  • The Depth of Darkness

    Unbreakable--Just Kidding -He picked up Chinese martial arts cinema after Bruce lee died and took it to new heights. Today he probably needs major pain killers because he has destroyed his back and knees over the years.

  • •Muddy •
    •Muddy • 9 days ago

    Hallo ik spreek een beetje nederland ik ben american. en ik oop en ik oop ske ske ske

  • Sandra Monaghan
    Sandra Monaghan 9 days ago

    Stan was voted the greatest comedian 2018 in UK fabulously funny man not forgetting ollie who was not English but the best comedy duo ever

  • Kit Bear
    Kit Bear 9 days ago

    WTF Ebert, are you nuts? Must have been an off day for him, He should have love long time.

  • Elburns
    Elburns 9 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till chewbacca starts talking

  • adrianna
    adrianna 9 days ago

    I really didnt know she was Dutch. Didnt think such a lovely person could be dutch XD

    KUKU GAMING 9 days ago

    2:11 That's close. 😱

    CLASSIC 9 days ago

    Annie referring to a box of pin badges. I guess these are all yours, impeach ''Eisenhower'', impeach ''Nixon'', impeach ''Lyndon Johnson'', impeach Ronald Reagan''. Nothing changes with lefties.

  • audrey ann
    audrey ann 9 days ago

    Definitely his greatest piece of work!

  • Toys 4 You JucariiPentruTine

    super actor

  • Poonam Rai
    Poonam Rai 10 days ago

    OMg u r too much hard working man....😲😲😲😲😲

  • khan salim
    khan salim 10 days ago

    Good men....sir oliver ready to take the beating just to please sir stan's daughter Absolute respect ...

  • RJ Siddharth
    RJ Siddharth 10 days ago

    real life superman!!!

  • David Hübert
    David Hübert 10 days ago

    Thats why today all the stunts are more savely

  • elnick1000
    elnick1000 10 days ago

    I have perhaps commented somewhere else that I feel lot of the stuff is staged, mainly because it is being filmed. Also with the interview here, in a way we have never seen Bronson, except perhaps with his interview with Dick Caveat, he was apparently trying to break out of his attitude that he did not really care. He was perhaps hooping that this film was going to be a great 'art' film. Don't know how the film did financially but critically not so well. If it had done the later, who knows what direction Bronson would have taken, as this role was not the norm form at the time. He mentioned on the Dick Caveat show that he grabbed this director on the last day of the shoot. With the Blue ray coming out, with Gessner doing the commentary, it will be fascinating to hear what he has to say. My favorite moment though with Bronson's confrontation here with Gessner is when he tells him that the director knows (Bronson) does not know the medical term. this should be a good lesson for everyone, that many times people try to intimidate people that they don't know a subject because they cannot give out some kind of terms. Bronson just suggests that it is common sense.

  • Wood Setton
    Wood Setton 10 days ago

    She really is a lovely woman. She has a wonderful speaking voice, is completely aware of her beauty and talent yet is not massively boastful of it and just captivates you with her wit and candour and good humour.

  • Arbaz Sayyed
    Arbaz Sayyed 10 days ago

    Jacky chain is great actor ..legend of action and real stunt

  • Bad Directions
    Bad Directions 10 days ago

    REALLY great interview. Thank you very much for making this. Cheers.

  • Nyxboi
    Nyxboi 10 days ago

    Boomers are up here actually complaining about High Noon, one of the greatest Westerns ever.

  • Alexey Haycock
    Alexey Haycock 10 days ago

    hard knock life music will work better

  • Yaa Ro
    Yaa Ro 10 days ago

    Which film he is talking about ? About the lighting?

  • Emin
    Emin 10 days ago

    1:25 Near death experience. What a man.


    he did midnight express in 79 , a year before the elephant man . that was a very convincing role also as the prisoner.

  • funkyalfonso
    funkyalfonso 11 days ago


  • Reongaro
    Reongaro 11 days ago


  • ŞøündCløuđ9
    ŞøündCløuđ9 11 days ago

    Im suprised his brain even functions

  • breasthound
    breasthound 11 days ago

    MMMMAAAHHH the communists.

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron 11 days ago

    He was always handsome. My first movie of him was The Hudsucker Proxy and he was pretty funny in that.

  • mahendra singh
    mahendra singh 11 days ago

    Legend Jackie Chan

  • Kevin S.Butler
    Kevin S.Butler 11 days ago

    With all due respect to Lois Hawes..that tour occurred during the summer of 1932.