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  • Will Ward
    Will Ward 14 minutes ago

    broo bloody love your content. please say the merch is available for your UK gang? looking dope as bro keep crushing it

  • Gary Jahman
    Gary Jahman 23 minutes ago

    It also depends on your needs. I saw a photographer with a beautiful Nikon d850 and a 70-200mm f2.8 and he was just making photo's of flowers. I asked him why? He just said that he enjoys it. So in the end, do whatever YOU want to do

  • Jonathan Hefley
    Jonathan Hefley 50 minutes ago

    Hey Evan, love your videos. You've helped inspire me to get out and shoot so much in the past year, and for that I thank you!!! Don't know if you're considering it, but I've been running on a Nikon Z7 for about four months now, and I've never been happier. The only two downsides I can think of are the single card slot and the lack of a full battery grip. If you can get past those, it's an absolutely amazing camera. (I especially enjoy your photos and videos in and around Tennessee. If you ever want someone to shoot with in Nashville, hit me up!!!)

  • John Platt
    John Platt Hour ago

    Sounds like, welcome to the Z family. I bought an xt-20 to take on vacation a few years ago, because of that experience, I switched my Nikon DSLR’s to the Z system. While lens options are not vast, the native lens options are top notch. And more are coming. Plus, I personally give pause to the limitless potential of the wide Z mount opening (more light please). I did trade in the xt-20 when I upgraded to the Z AND missed it’s size! I picked up a used Leica QP and I’m loving it’s compactness. Even smaller, simpler, and more pure than the xt-20. It’s just ‘no fuss’ for everyday life. Now, I’ll just need to figure out which gear to sell to pay for the Leica. With an Apple Watch for texts/calls/running and a compact full frame mirrorless camera. I’m set. I may never buy another iPhone.

  • my_obscure_epoch
    my_obscure_epoch 3 hours ago

    I usually love your videos, but honestly, I didn't make it half way though this one. I completely understand that you need diversity on the channel, but the selfish part of me just wants to see videos of you photographing people on the street.

  • Brandon Walter
    Brandon Walter 3 hours ago

    I think mirrorless still has some hiccups to get over. I think the biggest thing for me is that EVF. I love seeing what's in front of me through that actual glass, not through a screen. I know that the EVFs are getting better but I'm still not a fan. Before getting a D90 in 2009, I had a Panasonic FZ50. It had an EVF and I hated it. Now with my D800 I know what I'm seeing is more real than just eyeing a small screen. I may move to mirrorless one day but for now my D800 is my tool of choice.

  • Mind. Art. Creativity.

    I prefer Mirrorless over DSLR. I started with my sister's nikon beginner dslr and I never liked the experience. Then I went to Sony apsc and the a7SII (for video) and it was perfect although the a7SII is a bit tol small in my hands. Now I have the Fuji X-H1 with battery grip and it is perfect for my taste. Both in size and in weight it is comfortable to hold and I mostly have small prime lenses with it. For me, mirrorless is the future and DSLR are basically dead.

  • Nino Djuras
    Nino Djuras 5 hours ago

    For me there is no question, mirrorless everytime, even in film I use rangefinders. Small, portable and practical are my priorities 👍

  • lily hadd
    lily hadd 5 hours ago

    what camera strap are you using, i love it

  • hachewie
    hachewie 6 hours ago

    Nice objectivity mate. Great video.

  • michael brogan
    michael brogan 6 hours ago

    This was a bad one mate. You said nothing

  • Kheng Teoh
    Kheng Teoh 6 hours ago

    My d810 still going strong!

  • Labradorhund
    Labradorhund 7 hours ago

    I used to carry around a Canon 6D and at least two L lenses. Now I have the Leica Q2 and a Sony A7II (depending on what I want to shoot) and I love the fact that they are smaller, lighter and less obvious. Couldn't be more happy that I saved on weight and space in my backpack. Was an expensive switch, though : )

  • Taipei Geek
    Taipei Geek 9 hours ago

    5:28 I don't agree with what you're saying regarding starting with mirrorless today because it's where everything is going. Nikon and Canon DSRLs are mature products, they are proven to be durable, ergonomic, long battery life, great sensors, lots of glass and a lot of choice for accessories. Due to being so long in the market there's a lot of cheap options and the used market is huge. So people who now start with photography need to know that mirrorless has a markup. The entry level DSLRs (most of which have a 24 mpx APSC sensor) are still cheaper than comparable entry level mirrorless. You can get extremely cheap used nifty fifties (sub 100 USD) for both Canon and Nikon, so you can start your photography journey with a 300 USD kit that has a great 24 mpxl sensor in it. Comparable mirrorless is easily double than that, if not more. There's always a price to pay for new technology, but I do not really see large advantages in mirrorless aside from video. In the pure entry level DSLRs are still better than mirrorless and in pure high-end DSLRs are also still ahead. Somewhere between 1000-3000 USD is where mirrorless actually competes today if you're a hybrid shooter and really value video. If you're just a stills shooter DSLRs are still cheaper and more durable. Don't fall for the industry hype now, Nikon and Canon know that so many pros will use DSLRs for decades, they'll not stop making them any time soon.

  • Calvin Hicks
    Calvin Hicks 10 hours ago

    I've been shooting with a Nikon all my life - first with film and now a basic DSLR. I like Nikon. Not saying others aren't better, but I really enjoy Nikon. When I finally can afford another tool, I'd like it to be a Hasselblad.

  • Adam Warner
    Adam Warner 10 hours ago

    If you're starting off, honestly just rent cameras and lenses before you buy and see what you like the most!

  • A Brief History of Two People in Love

    I can't stop staring at that amazing Nike shirt.

  • Bo Jolly
    Bo Jolly 12 hours ago

    People still use dslr? Lol

  • Ali K
    Ali K 13 hours ago

    Do you recommend A6400 for photography over 80D . ..?

  • Filip Stężewski
    Filip Stężewski 13 hours ago

    My first camera was a DSLR, I'm switching to a mirrorless but I'll miss the big bastard. Even the sheer weight and feel of a DSLR with a larger lens was reassuring and carrying it made even a bad day of photography better.

  • crazycuban6
    crazycuban6 13 hours ago

    Where do you get that leather strap?

  • Kepano 808
    Kepano 808 14 hours ago

    Funny, I had thought you already moved to mirrorless (i.e Fuji) but forgot that you had the ole Nikon (which you could go Z6/7 and use an adapter). That being said, I would go Sony for mirrorless.

  • dumkopf
    dumkopf 14 hours ago

    SLRs for me. Love the bulk. Don't mind mirrorless though. Although if the body basically has no grip you can forget it.

  • Jorge Padilla
    Jorge Padilla 14 hours ago

    Yes conveniently portable wins

  • mel kouas
    mel kouas 15 hours ago

    Do you shoot with your Leica a lot as well?

    • Teo Crawford
      Teo Crawford 6 hours ago

      Watch some of his behind the scene videos - he usually shoots with the Leica nowadays :)

  • cevrim
    cevrim 15 hours ago

    I bought a D810 last year because you had it. It was my first ff camera enjoyed it a lot but I really wanna carry my camera with me where ever I go and it's really hard to pick that beast of a camera up. I need something smaller. I was thinking the next xpro3 but that one is not full frame so I am not sure. what do you think your next work camera will be ? time to retire d810..

  • Paul Michael James
    Paul Michael James 15 hours ago

    Is the set with the tramway killer pic and the crazy set of atmospheric photos with the umbrella in the book?? Can't wait for it to arrive

  • French Fries
    French Fries 15 hours ago

    I agree with you about if someone have the option should go with mirrorless but the problem here is the price I mean for me now I can buy nikon d5600 which has amazing image quality and good reliable autofocus for 600$ tell me a mirrorless camera that has the same image quality for the same price ? You won't find any that's the problem

  • Jimmy Hill
    Jimmy Hill 15 hours ago

    I don't really see how using a mirrorless camera is cheating anymore than using a DSLR, or even one of the many film SLR's sold over the years, that have 'program' mode or light meters in them. My Pentax SF1(1987) SLR even had TTL. If you're shooting in manual there really isn't any significant difference. If you're using flash, the difference in procedure is nonexistent. #RealprosshootKodakBrownies At this point it basically comes down to what fits your needs and wants. I went with Fuji(Yup, ride or die at this point😁) for the size/form factor and ergonomics/control layout. Sure, as someone who photographs people, the eye/face auto focus is certainly advantageous but not even in my top ten reasons for going mirrorless. I needed a kit that was small enough, including lighting gear, to lug around Manhattan while not looking like I am about to board a steam ship for a trans Atlantic crossing circa 1817.

  • ProjectGOM
    ProjectGOM 15 hours ago

    I’ve recently entered into the world of micro 4/3 and can say that I’m glad I did it. Because of my shooting style and lifestyle shooting mirrorless allows me to remain minimal and only have a 2 to 3 lens set up. As far as anyone that wants to get into photography for whatever reason. I would say to still invest in a DSLR because of the price. If we are all being honest here photography is not a cheap hobby or profession to get started in. Especially if you care a lot about the quality of your images and the performance of the technology.

  • SonnyChenova
    SonnyChenova 15 hours ago

    As a Nikon user yourself, are you going to purchase their new APS-C Z50?

  • Graeme Starrs
    Graeme Starrs 15 hours ago

    Just sold my Canon DSLR and got a Sony mirrorless, mostly because of the size. Wasn't motivated to take the DSLR around with me and travel with it but the mirrorless, for me and my needs, is so much better for that. Glad I did it and happy with my choice.

  • whatgenderami
    whatgenderami 15 hours ago

    i’m a DSLR guy. for me, it came down to two main things: cost and technique. i wanted something that i needed to spend more time learning, as learning technique was important to me. before purchasing a DSLR, i was taking photos on my smartphone (though i had a point-and-shoot, it was quite outdated and i never got into the habit of really taking it anywhere) and figured that it would help my craft to slow down, learn technique, and approach each shot more intentionally. i’m not in a financial spot where i can justify getting another camera body for the time being, (though definitely have a wishlist of lenses i want to try!!) that said though, i actually really love my current setup and have no issues with the size of my camera.

  • Yere Kristian
    Yere Kristian 16 hours ago

    I was using Canon 600D around 6 months, sold it, then bought Lumix G7, mindblown by the size and features, still using it until this day.

    • Yere Kristian
      Yere Kristian 15 hours ago

      @French Fries i kinda do both, so it's a huge upgrade for me, mirrorless cameras are really something

    • French Fries
      French Fries 15 hours ago

      I was going for it but image quality held me back. For video yeah it's great camera

  • Clinton Colasurdo
    Clinton Colasurdo 16 hours ago

    Interesting that you made the legacy Nikon lense example, however many lower end Nikon body's don't have an internal focus motor, meaning only the very most recent lenses will focus on them. In that same vein it would have been nice to hear that you can adapt many cheap quality legacy lenses to mirrorless. That was a major selling point for me, and it is nice to have access to budget friendly options.

  • Bryllo X
    Bryllo X 16 hours ago

    I ended up with the smallest dslr in the market (D3500) which has good grip and easy to pack. Mirrorless cameras within my budget feels small in my hands. Nice video Evan!

  • Shaun Hilton
    Shaun Hilton 16 hours ago

    2 nikon d4s for me would never never exchange for what is currently on offer from mirrorless 🤷‍♂️

  • Raphael Kruczkowski
    Raphael Kruczkowski 16 hours ago

    Another factor to this about is how good your vision is. I have sharp eyes and feel better with a mirror viewfinder and using manual focus without any peeking. When I tried the new Nikon mirrorless, the EVF just looked bad. My friend on the other had needs the assistance with his rangefinder when using manual focus.

    BREADCRUMBS 16 hours ago

    This was a nice segway video into your next "I switched to Sony" video. Lol. Im hipped

  • Dean Pettitt
    Dean Pettitt 17 hours ago

    Since moving from canon and getting my XT3 and XT20 I'm sold on mirrorless

  • David Senteno
    David Senteno 17 hours ago

    For me it's not a question of mirror or mirrorless it's cost. In think I'll wait two more years to invest in mirrorless. 🐼✌️🥂

  • Paul Michael James
    Paul Michael James 17 hours ago

    Can you put all the photos that scrolled at the beginning of the video in your stories or blog ? They are popping!! I realise they are spread out on your feed but Instagram takes away the beauty of photos with it's low res and compression and your photos look at their best on RU-clip and on your site. Hasselblad pics being a prime example. On your site, you can clearly see how great that medium format magic is. Those photos are lit and I want to look at them more and enjoy them (I'm a special edition buyer of your book so you know I love your sh*t!). Granted I could slow down the speed of this video to slow mo and enjoy them that way lol.

  • Ted Nghiem
    Ted Nghiem 17 hours ago

    Honestly, with people going with mirrorless, they are selling off their DSLRs , for the most part, I think people should really consider getting the DSLRs to start off with cause you can buy them used. Save some money while still getting a good kit.

    • David Senteno
      David Senteno 17 hours ago

      Ted Nghiem I agree. If your on a budget or just starting out a photography business the cost of good used DSLR is worth it. 🐼🧟‍♂️

  • Desert Mav
    Desert Mav 17 hours ago

    Near as I can tell mirrorless is slowly taking over...? I still use the heck out of my workhorse Canon 70D for real estate/interiors, but I also LOVE my A7rii(which I use for most everything else).

  • Caleb Zahm
    Caleb Zahm 17 hours ago

    DSLR all day for me. I treat my gear as a tool and mirrorless just isn’t as tough.

    • Daniel Spaniel
      Daniel Spaniel 3 hours ago

      They Caged Non Dslr by there very nature are less sturdy. All those intricate moving parts required to lift the flappy mirror. No thanks

    • They Caged Non
      They Caged Non 4 hours ago

      Such a random comment, what makes one camera less 'tough' than another? is it all those missing moving parts in the Mirrorless that makes it weaker?

    • Andy Into The Wild
      Andy Into The Wild 7 hours ago

      That's ultimately why I got a D810 earlier this year...I don't have the budget for a Z7 and no other mirrorless cameras are built as tough as the D810.

    • Daniel Spaniel
      Daniel Spaniel 16 hours ago


  • Capt Canada
    Capt Canada 17 hours ago

    Cough, film.

  • Hailey Grace
    Hailey Grace 17 hours ago

    Loved this video. Evan

  • roneytwinturbo
    roneytwinturbo 17 hours ago

    i like both my 5d mark ii and mark iii. I like heavy cameras and good grip, canon has the best grips in my opinion

  • Reignality
    Reignality 17 hours ago

    Really like these videos where you just sit down and speak your mind on photography trends and such. Legit just sold my D610 to move up to a D810. You can buy a used D810 on eBay with less than 50k on the shutter for around $1100 right now! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snag one while I need it. I’ll eventually move up to a Z 7 but only when my photography calls for it.

    • Reignality
      Reignality 16 hours ago

      @Raphael Kruczkowski Haven't gotten mine yet but a friend of mine let me use his when we were at the air show last month shooting the USAF Thunderbirds and F-35a Harrier Jet. I fell in love with it as soon as I fired off my first burst. The autofocus seems much faster to lock on and seems like it is better at tracking moving subjects as well. If things keep going the way they are now then I'm sure the D810 will come down in price even more when you are ready to upgrade.

    • Raphael Kruczkowski
      Raphael Kruczkowski 16 hours ago

      How do you compare the D810 to the D610? I still have my D610, enjoy it but am thinking of upgrading next year.

  • Ian C
    Ian C 17 hours ago

    Just baught an xt20 a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it but I did like the look of the DSLR viewfinder more while I was shopping.

  • ATRS94
    ATRS94 18 hours ago

    For me i think mirrorless is the feature. DSLR dying slowly i think (even if there are still a lot of user) - . But i wonder how the Future looks like between the brands. Most of Sony`s latest Releases are ,,okey,, (to say it nicely) but not the ,,Sensation,, like the A7 or A6000 ,,back in the days,,. Canon is for me behind Sony with their Mirrorless Cams... Fuji becoming more and more relevant. I have so much ,,wishes,, for the future - a Dream would be an (updated) Sony A6400 with => easy to use (4k or 8k) OLED High Resolution Touchscreen (like Blackmagic PC), Android based System so you have the same gestures like on your Smartphone (or an good unique Software like the Blackmagic), an complete new Menü, and the same processing power like the Huawai Cameras use - more AI, little bit bigger & better Ergonomics, Dual Native ISO.... just some thoughts :- D - and at the end give a f#+k about opinions - have fun - even if its smartphone photography

  • Thomas COUDRAY
    Thomas COUDRAY 18 hours ago

    Speaking about size, Nikon & Canon FF mirrorless are a nonsense when you look at the lenses, which are heavier and bigger than the DSLR version... So choose carefully ;)

    • RS
      RS 9 hours ago

      True !!

    • dumkopf
      dumkopf 14 hours ago

      So is Sony. You have to go down in sensor size to lose size!

  • Richard Reed
    Richard Reed 18 hours ago

    I wish there was a DSLR with hybrid viewfinder. I started on Nikon DSLR (still own D800) but I’d certainly go mirrorless if I was starting from scratch.

  • Nick F
    Nick F 18 hours ago

    8:00 Size matters and I personally like the larger grips on DSLR. Feels more secure and comfortable in my hand. I think Sony even made the grips bigger on their new mirrorless(not sure though).

    • Mind. Art. Creativity.
      Mind. Art. Creativity. 4 hours ago

      Yes they made the grips bigger on the a7RIV and a9II. I use a fuji xh1 with batterygrip and it makes it really comfortable to hold. Although the XH1 is comfortable even without batterygrip. You can add the size for shooting and remove it for storing in a backpack.

    • Rohirrim Studios
      Rohirrim Studios 16 hours ago

      Grips can be bought for smaller mirror less cameras

  • Cochise Hart
    Cochise Hart 18 hours ago

    Hey brother. Nice vid. I'm a DSLR guy. Here in Utah I'm a landscape shooter. I just like the big work horses and good in the crazy weather. Plus I'm pretty old school 😂

    • Cochise Hart
      Cochise Hart 18 hours ago

      @Evan Ranft Lol.. yeah. I'm not anti mirrorless. But some things I'm not sold on yet. I have large hands and they are so small. And battery life. And weather sealing. So maybe I'll take a look in couple years ?

    • Evan Ranft
      Evan Ranft 18 hours ago

      I feel that! I’m always torn in the middle because for personal work I love the manual process/simplicity of photography, but then on the client side tech is very helpful! Still trying to find my happy balanced place 😂

  • Topher
    Topher 18 hours ago

    Thank you, for your thoughts on this subject.

  • Lenny Naz
    Lenny Naz 18 hours ago

    Just got a dslr ( Nikon d5600) a couple of months ago lol

  • Hobbies Turned Passion

    i just hope your channel does not become a gear review channel. im in here for the raw street photography experience and love to hear your thoughts behind the shot. i get it that once in a while gear is important - but please dont make it a gear review channel :)

    • NING NUO
      NING NUO 9 hours ago

      @Hobbies Turned Passion Gear reviews give more views, but those channels who start to focus on it in combination with hotlinks and sponsors tend to go down the train. The comment section becomes toxic, and photography itself is becoming less relevant. I hope this channel doesn't turn into that. There's so few channels who actually talk about learning photography. Evan is very relatable because he's not there yet, he's more like all of us, making mistakes, but not giving up. Hope and pray for this channel to keep this theme as its main and not go the gear route.

    • Hobbies Turned Passion
      Hobbies Turned Passion 18 hours ago

      Evan Ranft got it.love your work

    • Evan Ranft
      Evan Ranft 18 hours ago

      Hobbies Turned Passion don’t worry it’s not! I kinda mention why I don’t like talking about this stuff too much at the beginning of the video! But this is just a super common question I get and I wanted to finally weigh in on it👊💯

  • Stephanie Ferrante
    Stephanie Ferrante 18 hours ago

    Hey. RU-clip finally notified me on a video. Have been missing videos.

    • Evan Ranft
      Evan Ranft 18 hours ago

      Happy you’re here for this one! 🙏

  • ScottDaThrilla
    ScottDaThrilla 18 hours ago

    I need a mirrorless

  • Jonathan Bowers
    Jonathan Bowers 18 hours ago

    Oh great timing I’m shopping for one ☝️

    • Evan Ranft
      Evan Ranft 18 hours ago

      Love to hear that! Thanks for watching!

  • John Ervin
    John Ervin 18 hours ago

    First like! Lol

  • Pablo Fabre
    Pablo Fabre 19 hours ago

    Great video!!

  • Aakash Arjoon
    Aakash Arjoon 20 hours ago

    Great video

  • N WWS
    N WWS Day ago

    I edit my picture on lightroom and then when I export to my phone the colour when wrong looks so different. Can anyone help me?

  • Trevor Weimer
    Trevor Weimer Day ago

    Evan. I get giddy when you mention running, something close to my heart...as is photography. So can I ask you if you know about Strava? It's a fitness data base and to sum it up quickly you can add your gear and the program will track your mileage in any pair of shoes you add. That's all I got. Keep running bro. There's nothing better for you.

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman

    My cellphone is better for landscape than my DSLR, because my cellphone has HDR and this makes it have more dynamic range using jpeg than my DSLR using RAW. My cellphone is a Galaxy S9+, and my DSLR is a Canon T6, and you could argue that it's quite a basic DSLR, but considering that it only takes pictures, nothing more, it's quite strange that in many situations I prefer the image that comes out from the cellphone. For the "real" camera to be worth it, you really have to spend a lot of money and buy a high end one.

  • dylan wallis
    dylan wallis Day ago

    This is great content! Not sure if you're aware, but color.adobe.com is a pretty sick site for color wheels!

  • legoman5010
    legoman5010 Day ago

    Great video!

  • Rodrigue Zahr
    Rodrigue Zahr Day ago

    To me old digits Leica translates to one M model only, the unparalleled M9

  • Android Player
    Android Player 2 days ago

    how you edit to get that blue shadows man?

  • a
    a 2 days ago

    Is it me or does something change in the video around 5:47 ? Like its desaturated or something 🤔

  • Stuart Atton
    Stuart Atton 2 days ago

    using white as a background kills my eyes !! very distracting !

  • Jonathan Adediji
    Jonathan Adediji 2 days ago

    color.adobe.com is a great website to play around with color theory (and even add it to swatches in Photoshop CC).

  • Jeremy Lauter
    Jeremy Lauter 2 days ago

    This was much needed thanks Evan!

  • Mr Mellow
    Mr Mellow 2 days ago

    ive got the canon 700D, it pretty decent but all i have is the kit lense and the 50mm 1.8, everytime i see a a picture opp. Evan would take i remember ive got a crop sensor and my sharpest lense increases the crop factor so i cant get the entire scene in one photo..... i know i know... gear doesn't make you good....but a full frame camera that produces better colours would most definitely have helped in those situations

  • Chanda Scott
    Chanda Scott 3 days ago

    For me various colors can definitely create nostalgia and put me in a memorable place. The Netflix series Stranger Things accomplished this using colors to pull back up fun childhood memories, and feelings growing up in the 80s. That’s one of the main reason I watched the show.. The brilliant use of colors to tell a story.

  • JC Street
    JC Street 3 days ago

    Dunno, are click bait titles worth clicking? 🤷‍♂️

  • TheDecree93
    TheDecree93 3 days ago

    I love your vids as a fellow Atlantian and photographer. Where did you get your tattoo done cause it awesome!?! Also I love your style and like does your hair naturally grey like that or who did that for you cause it’s dope af.

  • zahoor shah
    zahoor shah 3 days ago

    Fuck you with this video

  • Eccentric Smithy
    Eccentric Smithy 3 days ago

    Auto white balance doesnt matter in raw either. No different then the color profiles. The white balance tool fixes it during post.

  • Hailey Grace
    Hailey Grace 3 days ago

    Colour is so fascinating. What someone thinks is blue could be totally different to what someone else sees as blue!

  • William Evans
    William Evans 3 days ago

    Great advice, given in a way that's easily understood by non-experts like me!

  • Sergio Luviano
    Sergio Luviano 3 days ago

    Thank you for the tips Evan! Really got a lot from this 🙏🙏

  • jörn mauersberger
    jörn mauersberger 3 days ago

    Sorry, you don't shoot with the body (that you are only talking about) but with the lenses! Leica is about lenses and the bodies deliver best results with Leica lenses. Therfore, if you are willing to invest in (expensive) Leica lenses it is worth having a M240 or other M camara.

  • Niko K.
    Niko K. 3 days ago

    Monochrome moooooob.

  • Jewel Bunch III
    Jewel Bunch III 3 days ago

    Thanks again for making a very inspiring & informational video on photography & how to edit your work as artist & photographer

  • Chase
    Chase 3 days ago

    Great video ! Love it when you do videos like this, never gets old. Keep up the great content 👍

  • trexinvert
    trexinvert 3 days ago

    Nice background colors(green, orange and purple), which are all secondary colors. Does that follow a certain formula?

  • The Secret
    The Secret 4 days ago

    This guy gives no sense tips about "high quality photos in Instagram" and has 6K! LOL

  • Random
    Random 4 days ago

    Ay Evan, could you maybe make a video about your lighting in your room? The LED setup? Thanks for doing what you do - big fan.

  • Cat Milton
    Cat Milton 4 days ago

    Thanks ever so! (And should you see the 'audio quality' criticism comment, I'm inclined to shrug - you're a photographer, not an audio specialist, and I personally follow you for one, not the other 😉 )

  • Mads Krabbe Fotografi

    Hi Evan. Been following your work since the start, and absolutely love your videos and your work - keep it up. You made this book with some beautiful photos - well designed and so on. I have a few questions regarding the book Why did you make the book? Who is the audience? Whats the idea behind the book? and so on. Im asking because i want to do one myself and would love to hear your version. Greets from Denmark IG: @mads_krabbe_fotografi

  • RS
    RS 4 days ago

    In your split toning window in the top right hand sight there is a little square (one above the shadows and one above the highlights), click that and you have so much more control over the hue and saturation. I was waiting for you to do that, but I wonder if you even know. And , you should really download Capture One, try it, and take it to the next level. It's LR on steroids. Only using "layer"s should be reason enough to change and there are so much more advantages. Interaction with PS (for local adjustment) from Capture One is seamless, back and forth so no problem there.

  • Ben Stephens
    Ben Stephens 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your color knowledge! This video was so fascinating! I’ve been developing my editing style over the past year or so and I feel like it’s coming together. This video might help me tie it all together! Also can’t wait for the photo book to come :) I’ve been so excited since I ordered it!

  • Sadhana Saha
    Sadhana Saha 4 days ago

    Do you have any presets of your own

  • Lucas Drumond
    Lucas Drumond 4 days ago

    One of your best videos for sure!

  • Sinister XD
    Sinister XD 4 days ago

    Color or Colour?

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig 4 days ago

    You should invest in a decent microphone for your voice overs. the change in sushi quality is noticable and doesn't help the flow of your videos.

    • Charlie I Travers
      Charlie I Travers 3 days ago

      Are you kidding? His voiceover mic (the RODE NT-USB) is miles better than theRODE Videomic he uses for the rest of his videos.

  • Baruch Cohen
    Baruch Cohen 4 days ago

    #frostedhairclickbaitweasel Ha ha...Just kidding man. I love your videos...