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  • lily pad
    lily pad 31 minute ago

    i already know he’s gonna be the new white boy of the month

  • JennyJim
    JennyJim Hour ago

    I thought the crying one was Laura lee 😂😂


    "When he said I go for whats inside on the outside". At least he didn't lie.

  • Morgan Thorpe
    Morgan Thorpe 6 hours ago

    Wait stop why did Gabi do Selena Gomez so well? 😂😂😂

  • Done With Your Crap
    Done With Your Crap 8 hours ago

    She's gorgeous!

  • Mundo Hamster
    Mundo Hamster 8 hours ago


  • Amanda Arian
    Amanda Arian 10 hours ago

    Funny thing is Swedish is my first language and he didn’t do the accent so well 😂 but he was still great on the show, also I think people might have focused more on his appearance that his accent

  • Kim T.
    Kim T. 10 hours ago

    Of corse hes called luke

  • Asli farah
    Asli farah 10 hours ago

    jojo siwa ahahahahahaahahahhahahhahahahaahah

  • Areeha Kashaf
    Areeha Kashaf 14 hours ago

    Lol she doesn’t know any only her show

  • Ceqmunk worldz
    Ceqmunk worldz 14 hours ago

    Our giant bunny so cute. Soobin. Love all of them .

  • Beyonce Carter
    Beyonce Carter 14 hours ago

    Nikki s makeup is so so soo much better

  • Ella Marelle
    Ella Marelle 14 hours ago

    ok hello

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans 15 hours ago

    Niki’s posture is so bad ! Im concerned.

  • Seba :D
    Seba :D 15 hours ago

    3:02 what the heck

  • Joonies Tiddies
    Joonies Tiddies 16 hours ago

    Sometimes I forget nikki and gabi are twins

  • Orobola Akinyosade
    Orobola Akinyosade 23 hours ago

    She doesn't remember seriously ?

  • Kalhi Puvitharan

    His eyes😍😍

  • Presley and Leah

    Why did Nikki low key sound like jojo

  • 127 Subliminals

    Who is he though? I just wanna cuddle him lol.

  • Bepis
    Bepis Day ago

    His swedish accent was so bad tho

    • Skyleigh Cardona
      Skyleigh Cardona 4 hours ago

      Not Swedish so I couldn't have nodiced even if I had time to. I was shipping y'all soooooooo hard.

    • Bepis
      Bepis 10 hours ago

      Some of my family is swedish, probs why I notice it so much

    • betel geuse
      betel geuse 13 hours ago

      ikr i watch pewdiepie a lot and this actor sounds nothing like a swede

    • Mila Moo
      Mila Moo 13 hours ago

      Bepis I don’t think anyone noticed 😂 I didn’t I was just shipping him and Jodi

  • sueanna2
    sueanna2 Day ago

    He is so beautiful from head to toe - i can't even. Does he know he is literally perfect physically? Like how do you deal w so much hotness on your face and hair and body. Does he ever get tired of his prettiness. Does he ever wonder whats it like to be ugly? Idk. He makes me question everything in this life.

  • Miss Douglas
    Miss Douglas Day ago

    Cole Labrandt? Is that you?

  • Emily G
    Emily G Day ago

    Hi J-14! Where can I find the music that you had in the background of this video?

  • ayra delosantos

    ok stop dreaming. bye fantasy haha

  • Empty
    Empty Day ago


  • Raelynn Huffaker

    Nikki has such unique observations of people. Like Taylor swifts breath thing, and Selena talking in her chest. Both are true, but things I’ve never thought about hard enough to put words to

  • Carrie Anna Mason

    Meg Donnelly is so beautiful and amazing I cant wait to see her in zombies 2

  • dfbvfgb
    dfbvfgb Day ago

    he's cute but this is so unbearably foolish and silly

  • Buttercup Butter

    Ha ha ha I love this can't wait to watch this tonight and hear this tonight too did tom Kenny said boo this is New this is funny I was feeling bad but now I'm not I thank this is make me feel better I also love to hear spongebob said oops I can't beileve that I find this last night

  • E E
    E E Day ago

    When he said school of rock instead of big time rush that broke my heart 💔😭

  • TributesAndUnique

    Disappointed he's not a real life Swede

  • divergentgurl 14

    he seems so cocky but oh well doesn't hurt to keep looking at him

  • Keke Grant
    Keke Grant Day ago

    I'm convinced that we need to Luke Eisner to read thirst comments 🤔☺😍🤰🏾

  • Joleah Hull
    Joleah Hull Day ago


  • Meke Kandanga
    Meke Kandanga Day ago

    People comment

  • Miti orlando bloom

    He is so handsome and I love his hair.

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg Day ago

    Niki pulls up her shirt so many times in the video

  • Syabil Nawfal
    Syabil Nawfal Day ago

    "you are so hot You must be the reason of global warming" Edwin BAHHHHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Michelle Lavallee

    Was she abused?

  • Leah Wilton
    Leah Wilton Day ago

    yall are shady....

  • Shanice Tan
    Shanice Tan Day ago

    Wait he doesn't have an accent

  • Princess Jazmin Guzman

    How can you watch D2 but NOT D1

  • Georgi
    Georgi Day ago

    I had a dog named Milky cuz she was white as milk 😔😔 she’s gone it’s been two years now 😔

  • Georgi
    Georgi Day ago

    Can I get a date lol 🥰❤️

  • Gacha Ray Ray
    Gacha Ray Ray 2 days ago

    Is Niki autistic because she shakes her hands and acts weird

  • Maria X
    Maria X 2 days ago

    Well yk when he mentioned twilight I started to love him more

  • Débora Nobre
    Débora Nobre 2 days ago

    He’s sooooo hooot I can’t 🔥🥵✨😻

  • Milk&Kookies
    Milk&Kookies 2 days ago

    The rose petals I’m done. 🤣

  • i_am_a_person
    i_am_a_person 2 days ago

    i love niki and gabi but these were really bad😂♥️

  • Minyan Payton
    Minyan Payton 2 days ago

    where do you live put it in the coments please and my name is milan

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis 2 days ago

    Jump in was my movie

  • Hannah Hindel
    Hannah Hindel 2 days ago


  • Banyo
    Banyo 2 days ago

    As a tall girl, I remember specifically being in college Chem WITH 50% of the basketball team. It was a friggin' dream come true---I mean literally it was a buffet of a bunch of tall AF guys. By mid semester ALL of them had girlfriends who were like 5'4. For being tall you're ironically not seen, at least not in the dating world even by guys taller than you.

    • -ダンプ
      -ダンプ 18 hours ago

      Banyo yeah 😭 but girl you’re beautiful and if the right guy comes along he’ll appreciate you for you Also lol low key wish I could set you up with my brother bc my family loves tall people 😂😂

  • Mladen Ilievski
    Mladen Ilievski 2 days ago

    Nikki's chin is a distraction.

  • carmen
    carmen 2 days ago

    The dancing during the credits of *Tall Girl* was the best part of the movie.

  • Mimineko101
    Mimineko101 2 days ago


    • Mïa Bear
      Mïa Bear 7 hours ago

      Smh noo

    • Vladimir Putin
      Vladimir Putin Day ago

      He got a nose surgery so he could breed properly. I had the same a few years ago

    • carmen
      carmen 2 days ago

      I don't think that's what he meant. 🤔

  • Dani F
    Dani F 2 days ago

    I'm soo surprised they knew who cnco and why don't we are.

  • Isabelle Beauchamp
    Isabelle Beauchamp 2 days ago

    I thoight the crying one was Kim Kardashian w/ her ugly crying face lol

  • Isabel Ortega
    Isabel Ortega 2 days ago

    1:49 it seems to say "amigas chidas" in spanish

  • Girlhelp 101
    Girlhelp 101 2 days ago

    She always says “it’s Ariana “like i hate it 🙄

  • Baptiste Lay
    Baptiste Lay 2 days ago

    Love from France ❤️🇫🇷

  • trupti999
    trupti999 2 days ago

    He is gorgeous!!!!

  • Alyssa Cooper
    Alyssa Cooper 2 days ago

    i watched this all the time of the them expect her one show a

  • Pizza hooman
    Pizza hooman 2 days ago

    i wanna die. YES MOM IM SURE

  • Francé Esterhuyse
    Francé Esterhuyse 2 days ago

    He's so hot😂like i cant anymore🔥

  • Just another Human
    Just another Human 2 days ago

    Stone stone stone So cute

  • cupcake eater
    cupcake eater 2 days ago

    I can't unsee he and his sweeden accent he was so corny and funny.

  • PZ75 TheBestFighter

    I wish I was at Springfield

  • Bonjour Gaming
    Bonjour Gaming 2 days ago


  • Smile4meMJ
    Smile4meMJ 2 days ago

    My new crush.

  • Nemubvumoni Mashau
    Nemubvumoni Mashau 2 days ago

    well most tall guys say they go for wats on the inside buh if u check their record its short girl without an inside

  • Jeevani
    Jeevani 2 days ago

    I don't know why people wear dresses they're not comfortable in or that they have to keep checking.

  • loml143
    loml143 2 days ago

    Smart interviewer, brought out the best in bts

  • Jill_chels
    Jill_chels 3 days ago

    He is just mesmerizing

  • Cecilia Grace
    Cecilia Grace 3 days ago

    the slowmo parts with the petals had me SCREAMING😂😭

  • Noordip Kaur
    Noordip Kaur 3 days ago

    I think I just blushed?

  • Gianox
    Gianox 3 days ago

    Niki was so shady...

  • Dancing Girly
    Dancing Girly 3 days ago

    I did not like how they did Jojo and Miranda cause it was kinda mean, but I love you guys and Miranda!! <3

  • cherryskies9876
    cherryskies9876 3 days ago

    He could be nice, but his style and expressions tells me he is a bit proud and knows he's hot..... Button your shirt.

    • Kalhi Puvitharan
      Kalhi Puvitharan 23 hours ago

      No I don’t think he’s arrogant as such. Look him up on insta, he gives out the right and meaningful message.

    • Candice Ross
      Candice Ross Day ago

      Definitely looks cocky AF but I'm ok with it

    • faerielights
      faerielights 3 days ago

      Yeah, I sorta got that vibe from him. Doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like him. A lot of guys are like that.

  • Army Ricia
    Army Ricia 3 days ago

    How you not know Icarly theme or your or Sam or cat

  • Jana J
    Jana J 3 days ago

    They’re making fun of all of them

  • M Bash
    M Bash 3 days ago

    Niki looks so pretty

  • checkmate
    checkmate 3 days ago

    my gosh he's beautiful

  • HalliwellSon
    HalliwellSon 3 days ago

    He’s stunning

  • Kimberly Rigsby
    Kimberly Rigsby 3 days ago

    They did Tana 💀💀

  • Akeem Ross
    Akeem Ross 3 days ago


  • Tuquynh Nx
    Tuquynh Nx 3 days ago

    I always have to imagine him as a girl and he also reminds me of summer mckeen a lot

  • Simie Nkomo
    Simie Nkomo 3 days ago

    Wait ... How is he so HANDSOME 😍

  • Sunshine moore
    Sunshine moore 3 days ago

    I love the dramatic action of rose petals falling in slow motion🤣😂🌹

  • Mairly Atana-Lindor

    I thought they were gonna kiss

  • Tanya Lanzar
    Tanya Lanzar 3 days ago

    Oh my gosh he is soooo dreamy. 10,000 ♥️s for you!

  • Grace Grace
    Grace Grace 3 days ago

    It's illegal to show too much . Pls button up.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 3 days ago

    Russian, он сказал Russian. Или мне показалось?

  • oummou zuria
    oummou zuria 3 days ago

    I’m so sorry at first i thought he was a girl 🤭

    • pokiebleh
      pokiebleh 2 days ago

      oummou zuria ur not the only one lol

  • Marianne Sarmiento
    Marianne Sarmiento 3 days ago

    He's too perfect

  • c_lantouris 101
    c_lantouris 101 3 days ago

    Our new cole sprouse of the generation 😂❤️

  • sanjana prabhakaran

    Why wasn’t Taylor’s more detailed??? 😭 She’s such a queen

  • Maya Madigan
    Maya Madigan 3 days ago

    Honestly he’s so sexc I just wish he buttoned up his shirt. Is that weird?

  • jimmy200570
    jimmy200570 3 days ago

    Rebecca and Camilla Rosso are so beautiful! I like them play Jessica and Janice in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.