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  • _unicornplayz_ ally_
    _unicornplayz_ ally_ 8 minutes ago

    Butterflies are poisonous

  • _unicornplayz_ ally_
    _unicornplayz_ ally_ 9 minutes ago

    Butterfly is poisonous

  • courtly jester Love
    courtly jester Love 20 minutes ago

    ok do not hate me I was just kidding ok forgive me

  • itzrachel 1218
    itzrachel 1218 20 minutes ago

    wHy U sO oBbSeSeD WiTh CaTs NoOoOoOoOt DoGs😭🐕🐩

  • Joxin Gacha
    Joxin Gacha 26 minutes ago

    Are these pre recorded videos? I saw Max's gaming channel video and he just got out of the hospital....get better soon Max!

  • Preppy Princess
    Preppy Princess 30 minutes ago

    We use the term "buttload" in America where I'm from

  • Heloise Phillips-Smith
    Heloise Phillips-Smith 34 minutes ago

    I got 8

  • izabela webley
    izabela webley 48 minutes ago

    wait mostly i hear laurel but some times hear laury like a mix but i did not hear yanny and im younger than 10 so whats wrong with me

  • Ellie Lineker
    Ellie Lineker 53 minutes ago

    I just watch the new Spider-Man it’s literally the best film ever and I don’t even like Spider-Man

  • genadoss
    genadoss 57 minutes ago

    4:37 😍

  • izabela webley
    izabela webley 57 minutes ago

    but is supper young lie younger than 12 and i hear lurl

  • Sofie Babaniotis

    Heyyyyy I like how wengie has done most of these pranks

    SKY RANGA Hour ago


  • Kinny Ford
    Kinny Ford Hour ago


  • Thushara Sajjad
    Thushara Sajjad Hour ago

    Why does everyone keep on saying Purple Unicorn as a daughter, and not a purple unicorn as a son *Don’t you dare say because purple is a “girl” color*

  • Thushara Sajjad
    Thushara Sajjad Hour ago

    Let’s just say this: U came out of the closet as Bi but ur dad doesn’t know. Ur crush that’s the same gender as u, asked u out. U said yes, and told ur dad ur going out with ur friend for dinner who’s the same gender. Ur dad says “yes” bc he thinks ur straight and the person is just a friend. *Best way to go out when ur Bi and have an overprotective dad XD* (This is not meant to insult ppl who’s a part of LGBTQ+, I’m just trying to say something “unique” 🏳️‍🌈)

  • Nicole’s Playing

    I hope Max gets better #sadness

  • Crazy kids world

    # team classic chocolate m and ms

  • Benice Miguelino


  • Faiq Malik
    Faiq Malik 2 hours ago

    I am in hufflepuff

  • Sarya Jalal
    Sarya Jalal 2 hours ago


  • Sarya Jalal
    Sarya Jalal 2 hours ago

    I heard YANNY on the level of the 1

  • gingeybr
    gingeybr 2 hours ago

    Hey you cool people you now😆😆😆😆😆😆😡

    • gingeybr
      gingeybr 2 hours ago

      That wasn't me it was my friend 😂😂😂😂

  • gingeybr
    gingeybr 2 hours ago

    I love you guys so much!!!!!! ❤️

  • Sarya Jalal
    Sarya Jalal 2 hours ago

    and I'm 9

  • Zoey Villanueva
    Zoey Villanueva 2 hours ago

    👒 ☺ 👚 👡👡itosilola

  • Sarya Jalal
    Sarya Jalal 2 hours ago

    I heard YANNY

  • Zoey Villanueva
    Zoey Villanueva 2 hours ago

  • Havannah Wild
    Havannah Wild 2 hours ago

    With the twin brother question, I actually thought it was because the guy was wearing a name tag which had the name of someone that the person had heard of but not seen before.

  • Freya S
    Freya S 2 hours ago

    Yeah. When I was at Marina Bay Sands I was petrified!!

  • Tamara Opificius-Benwell

    I did

  • Tamara Opificius-Benwell

    I hear yanny

  • Benice Miguelino
    Benice Miguelino 2 hours ago

    Iñigo is a filipino! Im a filipino,he lives in our country he's also famouz dont get mad max

  • Portia Mannan
    Portia Mannan 3 hours ago


  • TheHowlingWolf
    TheHowlingWolf 3 hours ago

    My hair is naturally middle parted 🤷‍♀️

  • Cadence Clemente
    Cadence Clemente 3 hours ago

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you guys soooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Brian Woolford
    Brian Woolford 3 hours ago

    👀 👃🏻 👅

  • Ari Mato
    Ari Mato 3 hours ago

    Corm dogs are delicious

  • Tiffamy Lee
    Tiffamy Lee 3 hours ago

    Why does everyone only care anout likes ?

  • Rosy Royan
    Rosy Royan 3 hours ago

    really max you told you were sick

  • Jettett07
    Jettett07 3 hours ago

    “what is the greatest strait of love then to pull the others pants’ down?”

  • Winter Davi
    Winter Davi 4 hours ago

    I think for 6:34 it's a grandfather who is the father of the son's father. And then the son. The grandfather is one father. The son's father is the other. Then the father is the son of the grandfather.while the son is the son of the father. That was extremely hard.

  • gamer girl 21
    gamer girl 21 4 hours ago

    I live neer zip world and my family whent down the main zip line

  • Nicolo Toledo
    Nicolo Toledo 4 hours ago


  • Havannah Wild
    Havannah Wild 4 hours ago

    My guess with the sitting question is that he was sitting in a grave or a very deep hole.

    HAPPY TV 4 hours ago

    I’m A purple unicorn

    HAPPY TV 4 hours ago

    You are the best

  • Frank Flores
    Frank Flores 4 hours ago

    Can u give me a shout out pls🎉

  • Havannah Wild
    Havannah Wild 4 hours ago

    YAY, NZ's on the globe in the apartment theft one! Also Wengie, I think the box thing in the corner is apart of a staircase. And yeah, I personally think you should only get half a point of you get the answer right but don't know why. I like that rule but don't know why since I normally always just know the actual answer to things but not the why.

  • Olivia Connors
    Olivia Connors 4 hours ago

    and im seven hours late my notification hours are ridiculous...

  • Rylee Dysart
    Rylee Dysart 5 hours ago

    Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase hakuna matata ain’t no passing graze it means no worries for the rest of your days it’s our problem free philosophy hakuna matata this is how the song goes

  • Alix Lebrecht
    Alix Lebrecht 5 hours ago

    Its more common for us to have electric coffee pots than tee pots.

  • Meriliis Hallisk
    Meriliis Hallisk 5 hours ago

    I got 19 out of 20

  • Denia Ortiz
    Denia Ortiz 5 hours ago

    I'm 8 I here yanny mixed withe Laurel

  • koobish
    koobish 5 hours ago

    Twilight fan here too!!!!!!!!

  • Srur Vek
    Srur Vek 5 hours ago

    We don't have formal or prom in our school.... I don't think it's a thing in India... Not in school at least...


    my friend sings havana like this:Banana oh na na they almost cost 1 dollar oh na na that's why i don't eat banana banana oh na na! Me:bruh XD

  • Dwija Patel
    Dwija Patel 6 hours ago

    you should react to this channel: my story animated and the video: my family is storming area 51 and forcing me to participate, that stories WILD

  • Moonlit Paper Birb
    Moonlit Paper Birb 6 hours ago

    How come you don’t post on learnicorns anymore? No one has brought it up in two years. That’s probably why no one really knows about it. Do you guys know about it? Just me? Ok.

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell 6 hours ago

    Pyro? Um no 😂

  • Female Sans
    Female Sans 6 hours ago

    I knew them all

  • Kelly ZOU
    Kelly ZOU 6 hours ago

    If there was a past life for everyone... WHY IS THE POPULATION OF HUMANS GROWING?!

  • Need Tek
    Need Tek 6 hours ago


  • Naomi LeBeau
    Naomi LeBeau 6 hours ago


    SARA GALLEGOS 7 hours ago

    Yanny 6

  • Angela Warrior
    Angela Warrior 7 hours ago

    snoppy for the win

  • Ally Nguyen
    Ally Nguyen 7 hours ago

    1:28 ooooh max said a bad worddddddd

  • Sam Valle
    Sam Valle 7 hours ago

    I got 4 points

  • SapphirePuppy
    SapphirePuppy 7 hours ago

    Can I be the Purple Unicworn? TwT

  • Rebecca Hoopingarner

    I hate blue cheese

  • Unipanda Animates
    Unipanda Animates 7 hours ago


  • Itz_miss Gacha
    Itz_miss Gacha 7 hours ago


  • Itz_miss Gacha
    Itz_miss Gacha 7 hours ago

    I feel better

  • Kandy The Kat
    Kandy The Kat 7 hours ago

    I got 6/10, I'm a mastermind >:3

  • Rand0m
    Rand0m 7 hours ago

    I'm here because of 123moive's ads.

  • Zyaria Wright
    Zyaria Wright 7 hours ago

    I got 4 right

  • 《Gachagram by Sarah》

    Wow the cgi is so cool Those people are so amazing at that.

  • Sylveon so cute!!
    Sylveon so cute!! 7 hours ago


  • Lalaina Teaney
    Lalaina Teaney 7 hours ago

    How you feeling max

  • Life of Jasmine
    Life of Jasmine 7 hours ago

    Fun fact: Yes, that is Taylor Lautner. I believe the situation was, Kristen Stewart wouldn't do it unless it was taylor in the suit, if that information is correct. Also, I think you can find that in the behind the scenes on the dvd.

  • Holly Ann
    Holly Ann 7 hours ago

    My brother once asked for a sports car and pool table for Christmas so my parents bought him a model car and a tiny miniature pool table

  • SaraSong2653
    SaraSong2653 7 hours ago

    Who else was suprised when a star wars movie wasnt in this?

  • Toaster Tae
    Toaster Tae 8 hours ago

    Spider man spider man does whatever spider can

  • Candice Faunce
    Candice Faunce 8 hours ago

    Two of my brothers are dead I miss them

  • zoebigmac01
    zoebigmac01 8 hours ago

    Ya your not a family friendly channel anymore

  • Maddie Lina
    Maddie Lina 8 hours ago

    I'm American and we own an electric kettle, we only use it for tea I love tea I love America I hate America

  • Kitty_likes_to_draw :3

    Hi max and wengie!!!i hope u feel better max!!! <3

  • Zoey Villanueva
    Zoey Villanueva 8 hours ago


  • Kandy The Kat
    Kandy The Kat 8 hours ago

    When you said electric kettle I was so confused xD We boil out water over a stove. So many of these things I didn't know people DIDN'T have much of outside the US

  • Pandas In Peace
    Pandas In Peace 8 hours ago

    “Americans eat blue cheese” AWW HECK NO WE HATE IT

  • The Dabbing Sea Turtles

    *Ahem Wengie you a insulting me I am Slitherin and you called us evil! But I understand,

  • Lonely Linda :3
    Lonely Linda :3 8 hours ago


  • Starrypelt Of ThunderClan

    me watching this vid with feet issues

  • Ella Korkus
    Ella Korkus 8 hours ago

    Thousandth like💖 ly guys

  • Anna Bell Hamner
    Anna Bell Hamner 8 hours ago

    When my mom was little she would slide down the stairs in a box and same with her other three siblings

  • Dawn Rosales
    Dawn Rosales 8 hours ago

    Why is wengies onesie glitching a bit

  • D J’s Channel
    D J’s Channel 8 hours ago

    oof I am late. But LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  • Rena K
    Rena K 8 hours ago

    was this before or after max went to the hospital? ples help

  • Pawsome Puppycorn
    Pawsome Puppycorn 8 hours ago

    My dog started freaking out one night around my grandfather, fifteen minutes later he had a heart attack, if my dog wasn’t there he would have died, but luckily it’s been almost a year and is happy and living a healthy life style 2 this day

  • Savvy Slay
    Savvy Slay 8 hours ago

    I really under stand the 9 3/4 one but I think I might know from universal