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  • meril a
    meril a 27 minutes ago

    when it comes to being compact, what i want to see most is how it fits in the hands and in the pockets. Zooming into how the cameras look doesn't help me see that it's compact, it looks like all other big cameras

  • Hafid Don
    Hafid Don 27 minutes ago

    This is one of the best high quality and cheap Q8C TVs

  • D_K_T_G
    D_K_T_G 37 minutes ago

    What about the Xiaomi Mi 9 le the Xiaomi Mi 9t pro

  • riswan asif
    riswan asif 38 minutes ago

    Nothing looks better than Samsung UN65KS8500.

  • Jomana
    Jomana 41 minute ago

    I think the Samsung Q8C it the best

  • Server Support
    Server Support 42 minutes ago

    The word 'budget' clearly doesn't mean the same thing to all people. In my view the best budget smartphone on the market currently is the Samsung Galaxy A10.

  • Fenoy Galvin
    Fenoy Galvin 46 minutes ago

    Samsung UN65KS8500 is the 5th Samsung flat-screen TV I have purchased over the past 10 years; they are all still working great. The curved screen 65" 4K Ultra is the best yet. Clarity, great blacks, good color saturation. I highly recommend it.

  • Aryan Srivastav
    Aryan Srivastav 55 minutes ago

    Curved TVs is best in TV's after watching this video I impressed by your explanation I mostly like the Samsung UN55KS9500 it's 4k hd resolution is great thank you so much for it. 👍👍

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith Hour ago

    Well it is hard to go wrong with any of these Samsung TVs.

  • Sukh Devi
    Sukh Devi Hour ago

    really a good choice to choose from......i really like LG 55EA9800

  • NNN
    NNN Hour ago

    I would like to have one like Samsung UN65KS8500 Model! Looks amazing good.

    RED-TECH- PRO Hour ago

    Exellent !!! Very helpful review video about Best Curved Tvs , i like this collection of Tv . Thanks for sharing us .

  • Kent Adams
    Kent Adams Hour ago

    What a great video, i like the Samsung UN55JU6700 is a 55-inch LCD Ultra HD TV with a native resolution of 3840x2160 (2160p). ... This TV has four HDMI inputs, and one component-video input which also doubles as a composite-video input. It also has three USB ports, which may be used to play media--photos, videos, and music--stored on a flash drive.

  • Javi Santiso
    Javi Santiso 2 hours ago

    It is a great help for one of my friends. He needs a curved TV

  • Gacha Blue
    Gacha Blue 2 hours ago

    I'm watching Galaxy Tab A 2019 10.1 1080P

  • Red kheed
    Red kheed 2 hours ago

    this are one of the best tvs i have seen in 2019, i hope i can order one at a cheap price

  • bikram sonar
    bikram sonar 2 hours ago

    very good collections shortlisted in this video. good suggestion to watch before purchasing any of them

  • Nicolas Irurita
    Nicolas Irurita 2 hours ago

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  • pedro perez
    pedro perez 2 hours ago

    Samsung UN55JU6700 is the best for me

  • Henry Santagor
    Henry Santagor 2 hours ago

    My bias tends to lean on Samsung TVs since I've been using them for like forever. Its no surprise they have dominated this list and i'm honestly not sure i have a favorite here since they are all looking so sharp.

  • Felix Alejandro
    Felix Alejandro 2 hours ago

    Samsung Q8C fits my needs and budget, has beautiful design.

  • Rahul Rajendren
    Rahul Rajendren 2 hours ago

    I am also using Samsung UN55KS9500. I am very satisfied on this. Everyone can buy this without any doubt.

  • Mohamad Nasmeer
    Mohamad Nasmeer 2 hours ago

    Can I use these roundters in sri Lanka because we use SIM card routes

    SeN SKULL 3 hours ago

    Curved TV

  • 10BestOnes
    10BestOnes 3 hours ago

    ► Links to the curved tvs we listed in this video: ► 5. Samsung UN55JU6700 - amzn.to/2VZZUuL ► 4. Samsung UN55KS9500 - amzn.to/32AXHsb ► 3. Samsung UN55KU6500 - amzn.to/2Bx4RC5 ► 2. Samsung Q8C - amzn.to/33T5l1h ► 1. Samsung UN65KS8500 - amzn.to/2P3mMbk ► More: 10bestones.com/best-curved-tvs/

    • Andres Martinez
      Andres Martinez Hour ago

      I keep the Samsung UN55KS9500 is really amazing I will buy

  • Inadover
    Inadover 3 hours ago

    Ultrawide monitors: shows a 16:9 monitor

  • sonjey123
    sonjey123 4 hours ago

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  • scuffer1
    scuffer1 4 hours ago


  • julius Bangquillo
    julius Bangquillo 4 hours ago

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  • FerndalePlayz
    FerndalePlayz 6 hours ago

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    FerndalePlayz 6 hours ago

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  • mohammed sidat
    mohammed sidat 6 hours ago

    Mr Coffee Cafe Barista, I love the BREWING method of it and from the reviews and looks of it the ESPRESSOs look really good and taste just as great as well

  • Nathan Jr
    Nathan Jr 6 hours ago

    Which is the cheapest

  • x master
    x master 6 hours ago

    What video editing software do you use that the question everyone is wondering right now

  • Dominic Notarte
    Dominic Notarte 7 hours ago

    Keep up the good work mate! Keyword: Monitor

  • SuprememOverlordPizzaMaster

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  • Johnny Aingel
    Johnny Aingel 8 hours ago


  • klumzyrice
    klumzyrice 9 hours ago

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  • Alexander Im
    Alexander Im 9 hours ago

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  • Francis_ Sy
    Francis_ Sy 9 hours ago

    Where’s aorus ad27qd? 😔

  • GUNZ
    GUNZ 10 hours ago

    This video was sponsored by arlo dont buy that shit camera

  • Jose Alejandro Sauz
    Jose Alejandro Sauz 11 hours ago

    This dude don’t even do any research anymore. They just go to the most popular or biggest price tags. Let me just go drop a couple grand on a budget tv.

  • Marcus Ogawa
    Marcus Ogawa 11 hours ago

    I have the Psw505, which I actually have a video of on my channel and I love the thing

  • Ion Games
    Ion Games 12 hours ago

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  • uwu xyz
    uwu xyz 12 hours ago


  • Joseph Hale
    Joseph Hale 13 hours ago

    The skullcandy crusher is not very good for bass! This is coming from a music producer that makes bass heavy beats. It’s good for the price though

  • centurian Aman
    centurian Aman 14 hours ago


  • gil serrano
    gil serrano 14 hours ago

    So much bots

  • David Villarreal
    David Villarreal 15 hours ago

    i've had the t2s for almost 2 year and they are great, the screws on both sides of the headphones connecting to the headband are broken and are being held with super glue and im pretty sure the head band inside the padding is broken but they still work great. I love them

  • Fatmah Almatrooshi
    Fatmah Almatrooshi 15 hours ago

    Well...as a Philip's user I would say its the worst in cleaning!... It's not about the removable parts.. The upper once where the smill sticks and every time I want to use it comes no matter how hard I tried to clean or how many times I watched best ways to clean Philip's air fryers!

  • Darth Raz
    Darth Raz 15 hours ago

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  • Pvsa Morgan
    Pvsa Morgan 16 hours ago

    Hi, thanks for the video. Do Amazfit Bip or Ticwatch E allow users to use photos as the watchface?

  • Calvin Brumfield
    Calvin Brumfield 17 hours ago

    Great video

  • زياد سامي
    زياد سامي 17 hours ago


  • Multifandom Trash
    Multifandom Trash 17 hours ago

    Is the s10 plus better of note 10 plus?

  • Wavvy Chris
    Wavvy Chris 18 hours ago


  • alexx folf fox
    alexx folf fox 18 hours ago

    Found in this video

  • Jonathan Mondol
    Jonathan Mondol 18 hours ago

    Secret word: mid-range A70

  • RJW14
    RJW14 18 hours ago

    i thought you'd feel the gaps behind the click buttons, but amazingly you hardly notice them

  • ッLivi
    ッLivi 18 hours ago

    Dont get Mac if u wanna use for gaming bc they r insanley trash on gaming

  • antoine farah
    antoine farah 19 hours ago

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  • Eashrak Zubair
    Eashrak Zubair 20 hours ago


  • Karl P
    Karl P 20 hours ago

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  • Nichijō fan
    Nichijō fan 20 hours ago


  • danejerustv
    danejerustv 20 hours ago


  • Abu Bakr Saeed
    Abu Bakr Saeed 21 hour ago

    Nice video! Hidden word: Monitor

  • Diegosaurio
    Diegosaurio 21 hour ago

    I´m looking for a tablet mainly for entertainment, youtube, movies, maybe some games, and daily navigation....any suggestion?

  • NoobKillahTV
    NoobKillahTV 21 hour ago

    Monitor :)

  • Tea Cup Tony
    Tea Cup Tony 22 hours ago

    I have the desk that’s #1 and honestly I’m looking for a new one hence why I looked up this video. The desk is alright but very small. Also after a few months it became very unstable and wobbles a lot. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re cheap like I was when I bought it.

  • Zaid.23
    Zaid.23 22 hours ago

    MSI Optix G24C is Great Monitor. I love it

  • jobbyt Everydayguy
    jobbyt Everydayguy 22 hours ago

    Monitor Pls! Im tires to play in my laptop 😥 haha Best of Luck to all

  • Nintentoad125
    Nintentoad125 22 hours ago

    Title: budget laptops! First laptop: _£600_

  • Muruganantham
    Muruganantham 22 hours ago

    Nothing looks better than Alienware AW3418DW gaming monitor.

  • Charlie
    Charlie 22 hours ago

    An phat computer

  • Mark Staggs
    Mark Staggs 22 hours ago

    I have every kind of guitar you can name to me Taylor's are the best of the best my guitars 2015 614ce 2018 814ce dlx v brace 2015 816ce 2015 914ce1980 martin d28 baby taylor like Martin's but I love my taylors

    • Mark Staggs
      Mark Staggs 11 hours ago

      @Daniel Hartman I had a 418e I wished I had kept it I traded it and went back to get it and dang someone bought it man it had a good sound to it

    • Daniel Hartman
      Daniel Hartman 12 hours ago

      Taylor 414 ce is my next acoustic. You just can't beat the sound of a Taylor guitar.

  • ECM East coast mafia
    ECM East coast mafia 22 hours ago

    Computer <3

  • Norberto Colon
    Norberto Colon 23 hours ago


  • Laila Zaizoun
    Laila Zaizoun 23 hours ago

    Alienware AW3418DW is the best monitor for me. I will share it with my friends

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  • Sk Dilbar
    Sk Dilbar 23 hours ago

    wow this is really amazing review on Best Gaming Monitors. Thanks for share.

  • Hafid Don
    Hafid Don 23 hours ago

    Excellent gaming screen I will buy one Your explanation is very useful Your experience is really great Thank you very much

  • Pío Aleteo
    Pío Aleteo 23 hours ago


  • Max
    Max 23 hours ago

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  • Rahul Kodungallur
    Rahul Kodungallur 23 hours ago

    MSI Optix G24C is my personal choice. MSI Optix G24C has good features and awesome quality. I suggest MSI Optix G24C.

  • Synergyst
    Synergyst 23 hours ago

    this is literally a paid ad...

  • chinnu kutty
    chinnu kutty 23 hours ago

    I would prefer PG278Q its just amazing and also value for money

  • K Likes
    K Likes 23 hours ago

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  • Kanaga Durga
    Kanaga Durga 23 hours ago

    The fifth one Curved monitor "MSI Optix G24C" is very compact with affordable cost. The third one LG - I am also using the same is working well but I changed my mind to buy the 1st one.

  • Ati Evans
    Ati Evans 23 hours ago

    Awesome video with nice information .Great post indeed. It works perfectly for me.I do like and enjoyed this cool video. Keep it up.

  • abdallah saben
    abdallah saben 23 hours ago

    i prefer MSI Optix G24C for his amazing design and the features it contains

  • Bady Dady
    Bady Dady 23 hours ago

    in my opinion, I prefer the Alienware, it give you the best rapport between price and quality, it should be in the first place



  • Jomana
    Jomana Day ago

    I Think the Alienware AW3418DW is the best

  • Julian Muñoz
    Julian Muñoz Day ago


  • pedro perez
    pedro perez Day ago

    MSI Optix G24C is the best for me

  • Fenoy Galvin
    Fenoy Galvin Day ago

    AOC 27G2 got a beautiful design, love the curve, the thin bezel is really nice too, and 144hz refresh is good and has low input lag. The picture quality is pretty good for the price too.

  • Marek Reda
    Marek Reda Day ago

    I choose MSI :)

  • engar pol
    engar pol Day ago

    I’ve always had LG gaming monitors and I think I’ll always take that brand. I am satisfied with the quality of Lg. Your video has helped me think a lot and see expert comments ...

  • Sukh Devi
    Sukh Devi Day ago

    please make video on best editing computer