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    LİPTON TR 42 minutes ago

    khazix very good isn't guys?

  • Soitowo
    Soitowo Hour ago

    Sett: everyone wants a piece of me I am right here *him literally taking a picture of his mother*

  • tayleań
    tayleań Hour ago


  • Windy Wavez
    Windy Wavez 2 hours ago

    Jax with GN drive

  • Jou Xz
    Jou Xz 2 hours ago

    wuahahaha wuahahahahaaa wuaahahahaaha

  • Yogi Wirandy
    Yogi Wirandy 3 hours ago

    Where is kaiju?

  • Clever Thirdy
    Clever Thirdy 3 hours ago

    Look at Crabgot he's fucking huge at his splash art.

  • tigreselvagem
    tigreselvagem 4 hours ago

    eu vou comprar um dessas duas mais as duas sao tao lindas q eu ainda nao decidi

  • - Hystoria13
    - Hystoria13 5 hours ago

    RIOT why make these disguisting skins? (Mecha, project)???

  • Sezostris
    Sezostris 5 hours ago

    I want to see Braum one day with such massive, ironclad body. Would fit him perfectly.

  • Sasuke Uchiha [Adult Version]

    Sometimes I think they rate the making of their skins more important than the actual gameplay.

  • A - Charmes
    A - Charmes 7 hours ago

    when i saw that little baby dragon come out of jax's egg , *I FELT SAD* . the other sad thing is *HE CLOSED THE EGG AFTER SEEING IT TRYING TO COME OUT* . WAIT. Jax is in a gigantic suit right? then this means.... *ACCORDING TO MY CALCULATIONS, WHEN JAX GET OUT OF THAT SUIT, HE WILL BE SMALL. FOR EXAMPLE, THIS IS THE SUIT. (obviusly i made it myself.) ( ) / l \ / l \ /\ / \ / \ AND THIS, IS JAX. . - Yeh thats him. AND THE EGG'S HEIGHT WOULD BE LIKE THIS. (compared to the avalon.the avalon is the suit by the way.) l l LETS COMPARE IT. l . (jax) l (egg's size, compared to the avalon.) KINDA BIG RIGHT? AND WE THOUGHT THAT JAX IS GOING TO EAT A LITTLE BABY DRAGON. OR IS IT LITTLE? YEAH ITS A BABY DRAGON SO ITS SUPPOSED TO BE LITTLE. BUT JAX IN HIS LORE IS SAID TO BE A MASSIVE WARRIOR. (the dot sized jax was compared to the avalon.) JAX IS A TALL AND MASSIVE WARRIOR, SO THE EGG MUST BE A LITTLE LARGER THAN HIM. (probably a meter long.) BUT MECHA KINGDOMS JAX IS A DIFFERENT JAX. JAX HIMSELF IS INSIDE OF ANOTHER JAX, DEFENDING THREE KINGDOMS, AND TRASHTALKING GAREN. (i mean, isn't it obvious?) BUT AS I SAID EARLIER, THIS JAX IS SO SMALL COMPARED TO A TINY LITTLE BABY DRAGON EGG! LIKE A DOT COMPARED TO TWO LINES CONNECTED! IN HIS RECALL ANIMATION, YOU CAN SEE A CASTLE OR A VILLAGE. (yeh you judge, obviously the hill made it larger) AND YOU CAN ESTIMATE THAT MINI JAX CAN ENTER THAT CASTLE/VILLAGE HOUSE. BUT LETS COMPARE IT TO THE DRAGON EGG HEIGHT. l (hill l height, l l compared to l (D.E. height) l the avalon.) SO ITS CLEAR THAT IT TAKES 2 BABY DRAGON EGGS TO MATCH THE HEIGHT OF THE HILL IN JAX'S RECALL ANIMATION. THERE ARE TWO THOUGHTS HERE. 1ST: The egg is extremely big. 2ND: JAX IS SUPER DUPER ULTIMATELY EXTREMELY SMALL! (which i think is right.) *this is for entertainment purposes only. but jax still eats dragons.* *pls like this comment for a little appreciation. this took me half an hour to complete.*

  • Jhin the virtuoso
    Jhin the virtuoso 7 hours ago

    Inspiration for my next performance.

  • Fanso Nate
    Fanso Nate 12 hours ago


  • Agent Y
    Agent Y 13 hours ago

    5:14 LUL

  • Fun Beach
    Fun Beach 14 hours ago

    I like how the Lunar Empress goes super saiyan when ulting.

  • archiei40x
    archiei40x 14 hours ago

    Honestly, the mecha skin are more transformers than PR. I mean the details in Aatrox, Sion and Malphite login screen was definitely PR but their execution was off compared to the current mecha kingdom lineups.

  • Phil Chester Torres
    Phil Chester Torres 15 hours ago

    The Color Is Just Difference and Effects

  • Аргонианин
    Аргонианин 15 hours ago

    why not a mecha kingdoms kayn who is half-jaeger half-kaiju? That would be a good reference to the film and nice skin too

  • Silent Shaco
    Silent Shaco 19 hours ago

    dreadnova is shait just coz u got in a chest or used gemstones to get it dont defend it ok itz shait

  • fanta olli
    fanta olli 19 hours ago

    These look like hot fucking garbage

  • Rury Garces Olivo
    Rury Garces Olivo 19 hours ago


  • Renaud Duflot
    Renaud Duflot 20 hours ago

    This is not pacific rim, but gundam :/

    • Xxibition
      Xxibition 19 hours ago

      Hmm for me it's the gurren lagan mecha not gundam ^^

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs 20 hours ago

    I always thought Aatrox and Malphite where the Jaegers from PR (mainly because they released somewhat at the same time period)

  • melih ege kurcan
    melih ege kurcan 21 hour ago

    where warwick

    • Zena Amari
      Zena Amari 8 hours ago

      warwick is of the Project line of skins not mecha

  • Thanks Son
    Thanks Son Day ago

    my wallet: Ah shit, here we go again.

  • Yiğit GÜMÜŞ

    I prefer normal skin to mecha skin. that is very awesome normal skin

  • Silenceris
    Silenceris Day ago

    The moment he yells out "Chaaaaarge" it feels like I'm watching a Warhammer 40k Space Marine fight Xenos.

  • the elemental gamer

    Where's mecha pyke?

  • Baldur Wachholz

    I heard that i darkstar mordekaiser will gome out and i am really existed for the new morde skin

  • Cpt. Killjoy
    Cpt. Killjoy Day ago

    Sounds like warhammer 40000 space marine/

  • Illumi Nation
    Illumi Nation Day ago

    Hoping for kaiju volibear and ornn

  • A U Z I I
    A U Z I I Day ago

    Project better

  • SM
    SM Day ago

    I want Illaoi in this

  • Bael Frost
    Bael Frost Day ago

    I believe those two skin lines were not on the same line base on lore. The mecha skins like mecha zero sion were related to kaiju (giant enemy crabgot) then the mecha Kingdoms is related to warring kingdoms.

  • Nguyen Pham
    Nguyen Pham Day ago

    in Asia, those skins are limited and only can get by lottery event :)), i wont sell it.... fuk garena

  • Fabriciø Lima

    hextec skins

  • しらいしく【CleanClouds】


    • Bom Bom
      Bom Bom 5 hours ago

      15:58 gipsy danger?

    • MTD
      MTD 21 hour ago

      the respawn animation is a reference to a scene from pacific rim

  • Jon Lee
    Jon Lee Day ago

    Awesome concept, poor implementation. They don't seem like piloted mechs at all. Need unique animations and models.

  • Pwang
    Pwang Day ago

    No matter what sick skins riot comes out with. Those old champs' movement just looks so old and awkward compare to Sett.

  • gi8rgi8
    gi8rgi8 Day ago

    i really dont like the head of the normal one, it seems he has a bald white head sigh i hope i get jax instead

  • Rikuxpain
    Rikuxpain Day ago

    Look at garens head, what is wrong with it?

  • Don't even try it

    I'm so disappointed in Garen's Mecha skin.. Bought it and thought, hell yes, another Garen skin to the collection.. Wish I could undo this -.-'

  • You'll never know lol

    They should make a cho gath kaiju skin a ultimate where cho gath can be different kinds of kaiju like the the one in pacific rim

  • Nordin Delosreyes

    and khazix is still a fucking bug... plz riot make him turn into a motorcycle or a helicopter...

  • Misaka Mikoto
    Misaka Mikoto Day ago

    why they wasted resources on a VU he did look nice

  • KOD ADI: WarWick
    KOD ADI: WarWick 2 days ago

    Why they did true damage when they dont do true damage Dude Cho Gath makes true damage not Yasuo

  • Ali
    Ali 2 days ago


  • Shadowwolf 13
    Shadowwolf 13 2 days ago

    Can I ask something? Why Kha'Zix doesn't transform into a Vehicle? Maybe a Chopper

    • Black Heart
      Black Heart 15 hours ago

      Cause Mecha Kha’Zix is an old skin, so that’s why it’s not similar to his other Mecha brethren

    • Noel Uylengco
      Noel Uylengco 2 days ago

      Shadowwolf 13 exactly, right?

    TREAL 2 days ago

    just realizes this is literally pacific rim

    • lez zhin
      lez zhin Day ago

      @SalmonToastie check out the prehistoric skin line. They are good vs those mechs but they are few

    • SalmonToastie
      SalmonToastie Day ago

      The old ones are more transformer like.

    • Shadowwolf 13
      Shadowwolf 13 2 days ago

      Actually we need more Kaijus, we only have Urgot

  • LiferView
    LiferView 2 days ago

    why mecha kingdoms look like its meant for a 7 year old?

  • Marc Allen
    Marc Allen 2 days ago

    Where is battle boss?

  • Norc VI
    Norc VI 2 days ago

    Sion train is the best thing to ever happen to sion

  • Flykry
    Flykry 2 days ago

    That respawning jax animation didn’t show to me when I resaown with jax

  • aldrin john wee
    aldrin john wee 2 days ago

    Blade skin

  • Nguyễn Duy
    Nguyễn Duy 2 days ago

    Giống kiểu tengen toppa gurren lagann vl

    I NIGHTCORE 2 days ago

    Riot actually has dinosaur skins so basically that's what their enemies would be

    • Greyson
      Greyson 2 days ago

      That's the Prehistoric skinline, and that is connected to the Beast hunter skinline. So the MK skins aren't supposed to battle with dinosaurs, because it's a different era.

  • Ann Marie Calachan
    Ann Marie Calachan 2 days ago

    666th comment

  • Leo Guo
    Leo Guo 2 days ago

    Even the skinline is better than Pacific Rim the movie

  • Yasuo Solo
    Yasuo Solo 2 days ago

    Garena not sell the aurelion sol skin :(

  • DairyGecko 485
    DairyGecko 485 2 days ago

    Sion is just so good

  • Hakpin Gaming
    Hakpin Gaming 2 days ago

    For me that Zombie CRTL+1 one is the best

  • Aldo Ayala
    Aldo Ayala 2 days ago

    Sion is the best

  • DJZed Master of Music

    Cue the pacific rim theme!

  • N o i c e
    N o i c e 2 days ago

    Wow this is a cool game i hope it gets popular soon

      MAZEVLAD 18 hours ago

      Wow this is a cool comment i hope it gets likes soon

    • Damaso Macaranas
      Damaso Macaranas Day ago

      No that is the famous game in asia

    • Ink 1nTle
      Ink 1nTle Day ago


    • PraiseCthulhu
      PraiseCthulhu Day ago

      Yeah it doesn’t get any attention and that makes me sad :(

  • TReXcuRRy
    TReXcuRRy 2 days ago

    Gold staff better. Mecha ridiculously bulky...

  • Epic Sans ElBro
    Epic Sans ElBro 2 days ago

    I liked the last one more

  • 이강
    이강 2 days ago

    한국인 손

  • Marduk 144p
    Marduk 144p 2 days ago

    Sand has more visible hitbox on Q

  • Peter Paul Brillantes

    My zed skin ranking: Galaxy Slayer Shockblade No Skin Project Championship Death Sworn SKT Let me know what your ranking is

  • Harambe
    Harambe 2 days ago

    Lunar is way better freljord is just blue chroma for default

  • Dusan Savic
    Dusan Savic 2 days ago

    Aatrox=Optimus Prime

  • N E L S 0 N
    N E L S 0 N 2 days ago

    Too good to be true

  • Szymon Majerowicz
    Szymon Majerowicz 2 days ago

    Jax: Awesome skin, he needed that Draven: Not so good model but animations are decent and he needed a skin Sett: Ok i guess Leona: She has PROJECT but this one is still better, she needed a skin tought Garen: Riot WTF?! 1. Garen has ready Steel Legion skin 2. God King and Demacia Vice are much better 3. E is just recolored from God King 4. Garen has A LOT OF GOOD SKINS that change all animations 5. Nobody asked for it 6. Prestige version sucks as always, tought i love indicator on E that look like "missing" ping

  • Mordekaiser
    Mordekaiser 2 days ago


  • DanielXesque Biribiri


  • Nhat Khai Ho Tran
    Nhat Khai Ho Tran 3 days ago

    classic is still cooler than the skin

  • honed hero
    honed hero 3 days ago

    only thing thats worth getting for this skin is the dance.

  • Dexter Phillips
    Dexter Phillips 3 days ago

    Funny is that the original concept didn't have those giant things on his back. Idk why riot changed it.

    • Gold Experience
      Gold Experience Day ago

      Dexter Phillips yes, in the concept art are so much better design than this fake malphite

  • Steamed Carbs
    Steamed Carbs 3 days ago

    Classic Sett literally uses Hamon

  • Jamal Sonicova
    Jamal Sonicova 3 days ago

    does it just look like that or has elderwood a way bigger E???????

  • Seal Gair
    Seal Gair 3 days ago

    Esas cosas no son mechas, perfectamente pueden ser skins roboticas o armadura completa con la de jaycer pero hay dios con sion ya dudaba pero de perdidonla rengar estubidn, le dan mechas a los aspectos vestiales o moustrosos cuando perfectamente pudieron ser los kaijus

  • Eric Chan
    Eric Chan 3 days ago

    Snsd vs g i-dle

  • LoneSoldier29
    LoneSoldier29 3 days ago

    No Darius?

  • Y O O N L
    Y O O N L 3 days ago

    I like the desing of lunar empress but i like more the effects of battle academia :( idk i love both skins

  • Dj meyer
    Dj meyer 3 days ago

    When she ult the enemy and team can't see the picture , im realllllly sad

  • Kara Miko
    Kara Miko 3 days ago

    Got both hihi

  • Oskar Torres
    Oskar Torres 3 days ago

    why lord mordekaiser doesnt have more effects so saaad

  • Khai Tonthat
    Khai Tonthat 3 days ago

    They needs release some kaiju monster skins cause basically only urgot has it

    • Reindeer Games
      Reindeer Games 16 hours ago

      Yuumi could be a parasite

    • Jasper Edwards
      Jasper Edwards Day ago

      @Fluffy Destroyer yummi is extremely scary. Shes the alien mastermind behind the kaiji attacks

    • Fluffy Destroyer
      Fluffy Destroyer Day ago

      @Ricvif maybe yuumi would be in a battle ship, and is an alien?

    • Fluffy Destroyer
      Fluffy Destroyer Day ago

      @Ricvif yuumi???

    • Ricvif
      Ricvif Day ago

      Kaiju monster skins possible: Cho'gat, rek'sai, renekton, yuumi

  • Dayumay CH
    Dayumay CH 3 days ago

    does anyone know how to get the sett peacekeeper chroma ?

    • Steamed Carbs
      Steamed Carbs 3 days ago

      It's probably going to be craftable with tokens once an event comes out.

  • Sơn Nam
    Sơn Nam 3 days ago

    Why not both :D

  • Mordekaiser
    Mordekaiser 4 days ago

    It would be cool if kingof thr clubs or lord morde would summon a throne, sit on it (or destroy it because he destroyed ome throne in hes lore) and recall. Or for dragon knight he calls a dragon and rides it.

  • Twigglee Nest
    Twigglee Nest 4 days ago

    Everyone knows good Lee players use Muay Thai skin

  • spider in a cage
    spider in a cage 4 days ago

    when will urf be released ?

  • George Banin
    George Banin 4 days ago

    is it me aww oracle udyr AA was faster

  • g maqui
    g maqui 4 days ago

    All of splash arts of 2019 skins please and oh also the champs

  • Kasionick
    Kasionick 4 days ago

    High noon Darius 👌♥️

  • Rikura Sempai
    Rikura Sempai 4 days ago

    Chico eres todo un guerrero :"V

  • Alexandre Bezerra
    Alexandre Bezerra 4 days ago

    Report Kha'Zix don't turn a vehicle

    • monika
      monika 2 days ago

      Khazix is the first LoL mecha skin so is a old skin im hoping them to remake it

    • Neo GEMN
      Neo GEMN 3 days ago


  • NinjaWolf48
    NinjaWolf48 4 days ago

    Riot just ripping off Smite at this point. Judgement Kayle artwork is just like Nemesis and the Kayle evolution is a direct copy of archon Thanatos