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  • BachieGaga 9
    BachieGaga 9 23 minutes ago

    Beefgasmic Wagyulicious good times. This guy is the Beef Master!

  • Alvin Naquin
    Alvin Naquin 31 minute ago

    Yes sir buddy

  • getter7seven
    getter7seven Hour ago

    Some of the mightiest looking burnt ends I've ever seen---definitely no such thing as a burnt end too big.

    • BachieGaga 9
      BachieGaga 9 22 minutes ago

      Second that. It's like bonsai trees. Can never be too much of a good little thing.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Hour ago


  • Eric Wiese
    Eric Wiese Hour ago

    Can’t beat beef ribs! My absolute favorite cut of meat. Good job!

  • David B
    David B Hour ago

    One of these days, hopefully before I die I will get to try some wagyu. Really looks so good.βœŒπŸ€ŸπŸ––

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Hour ago

      It's a nice treat! I think I'm going to buy another picanha soon :)

  • Shane Aghan
    Shane Aghan 2 hours ago

    Nice simple glaze definitely trying it but I don’t think we have Trader Joe’s in Australia

    • BachieGaga 9
      BachieGaga 9 17 minutes ago

      Trident brand works well. We use that around our way.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Hour ago

      I've seen other brands with similar sauces :)

  • Britt's BackYard BBQ n Grilln

    I was just today telling the wife that I'm getting a pork belly to make some poor man's burnt ends and you throw this up on the screen!!! Love burnt ends and love beef ribs and you give us both at the same time. Great looking cook Ry...

  • Pedro Ruiz Gutierrez

    That has to be spectacular!

  • Michael E. - 4MZ BBQ and Grill

    Those turned out amazing. Great bark and color. I imagine that they were very tasty. Awesome job!

  • Buford T. Justice
    Buford T. Justice 2 hours ago

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear aprons and NASA ball caps. Great video as always Ry! Those burnt ends looked incredible!

  • Andrew Towne
    Andrew Towne 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Archibald
    Daniel Archibald 2 hours ago

    Need a smell-o-vision App. Those look amazing. Wish I could smell them. Definitely kicks the see-food diet inπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  • Longs Quest
    Longs Quest 2 hours ago

    Man, I just knew you were going to make beef bacon then cook it on your new griddle; although the burnt ends did look good. As always, great video Ry.

  • FixStar Number 1
    FixStar Number 1 2 hours ago

    OKAY this is something that will be great for the Christmas holiday ... Sounds delicious....

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 2 hours ago

    I have some of that TJ's sauce. Came in a gift package.. Give that a change for something like this.

  • Toad 1973
    Toad 1973 2 hours ago

    Looks so good.

  • Kevin Nash's Kitchen

    Ha! Killer video Ry ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 hours ago

      They put 4 on this one? That's strange for a sub 10 minute video :)

    • Kevin Nash's Kitchen
      Kevin Nash's Kitchen 3 hours ago

      You deserved the watch time on the 4 short ads on this one bro πŸ‘

  • wd40 ducttape
    wd40 ducttape 3 hours ago

    Man that’s awesome

  • Eugene Gray
    Eugene Gray 3 hours ago

    Looks pretty good

  • Backyard Grill Sergeant

    I am SO trying these!!! AWESOME VIDEO RY!!! πŸ‘

  • Backyard Grill Sergeant


  • Jorge Montes
    Jorge Montes 3 hours ago

    Excelente contenido Ry! Saludos desde MΓ©xico

  • Gabriela Callender
    Gabriela Callender 3 hours ago

    Im making it this year but of treager smoker. I hope it comes out similar to yours.

  • Eric Forsythe
    Eric Forsythe 5 hours ago

    As always looks AMAZING. Would you do anything different when using the highland ? I have both , a Webber , and the ok j , but like using the highland more.

    • Eric Forsythe
      Eric Forsythe 4 hours ago

      Thank you , wish you many more great cooks.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 5 hours ago

      Nothing really. It will just be more smoke flavor using wood as the fuel instead of charcoal, but that's a plus :)

  • Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel Sullivan 5 hours ago

    Is your pit bowl 14” or 18” thanks

  • WintersWolf
    WintersWolf 7 hours ago

    Waiting for my smoker to arrive, so decided to try my first ever batch in the oven. Thanks for the amazing video, turned out great - and for the price I would normally pay for a small handful of jerky I made enough to keep a small army happy!

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 10 hours ago

    Ry you are the best! Everything I have smoked after seeing your videos have turned out fantastic. Just curious, I know we smoke for internal temperature, but would you expect total smoke time to be between an hour to hour and hour and a half? Newbie smokers like me, here is a PSA, if I can smoke good meat after watching Ry, you can too. I had NEVER smoked anything before finding Ry on You Tube a couple of months ago and now I can smoke delicious ribs, pork loin, pork tenderloin, tri tip (man I just did this and it was out of this world good) turkey breast and I’m sure my chicken will turn out great also! I have saved another dozen videos for even more smoking projects, and all done just using indirect heat on my cheapo char griller GRILL which I paid less than $100. 😱

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 8 hours ago

      Thanks for the kind words. I would imagine it would be closer to 90 minutes to reach that 165 internal :)

  • Chef D
    Chef D 14 hours ago

    Thw face you made after tasting the dressing said a lot lol

  • Ben Swisher
    Ben Swisher 15 hours ago

    I am excited to try this.

  • Jeff Shannon
    Jeff Shannon 15 hours ago

    I'm so going to make this over the weekend! Great job RY!

  • Dave Pruett
    Dave Pruett 20 hours ago

    What an interesting and (for me, at least) unique recipe. My go-to dressing uses sage pork sausage with additional sage seasoning and more-or-less the same ingredients, but I love pork chorizo and the corn addition should be great. This is on my short list for Thanksgiving, and on my definite list to do sometime. But this is dressing, not stuffing, when cooked outside the bird. 😑 (Just messing with you. Call it what you want.)

  • Andrew Ha
    Andrew Ha 20 hours ago

    Its like an extra delicious salad

  • JB’s BBQ & Guns
    JB’s BBQ & Guns 22 hours ago

    Good stuff bro!! That bird looked amazing! Nice color on it looked very moist! I’m gonna try to hand at one next week. Hopefully it goes well

  • Loyalty Team Grilling
    Loyalty Team Grilling 23 hours ago

    Love your video. They are really helpful and detail and simple. #bbqlife

  • Martin Breaux
    Martin Breaux Day ago

    Just watched video n my son already has the meat in the marinade... I'll let y'all know how it tastes. Awesome idea! Thanks manπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Day ago

      Hope you enjoy it! I'm making another batch this week :)

  • twotoneranger
    twotoneranger Day ago

    Should have gotten a rec tec grill, the smoker you have is to much work

  • Grandulas Perty

    Very nice video, thanks! On a different but related note: watching you slice that loin with a very strange knife, I wondered if you could do a video about your utensils and the practicalities of cooking/bbqing? Not so much the technology stuff (I have a 6-gauge bluetooth thermometer linked to NASA, able to make random quotes from Dr. Phil - but am certainly not a better cook for that! LOL), but rather knives, gloves, racks, pans, how to organise the workspace, how to get the timing right (your videos are clearly professionally shot and edited and all seems so easy!), when I cook I'm often running all over the place, can't find the right sequence or the space or the timing... I hope this is not too dumb, but I'm normally re-heating takeout, actual cooking is sort of a challenge for me! LOL Or a series of side mini videos or just a final remark when you think of one of those aspects while filming, doesn't have to be a full-length feature...

  • Jared Copeland

    Made this last night, DANG it is good. I used peach preservers and cooked it at a little higher temp due to time constraints but it came out tender and juicy. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Keith Bennett
    Keith Bennett Day ago

    Not a lover of corn , what bean could I use as a substitute ?

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Day ago

      Pick your favorite. Bacon loves anything. Personally I'd go with pinto or black :)

  • Jacklyn n dad
    Jacklyn n dad Day ago

    Hey! Ry....that pork Loin looks absolutely delicious that fruity glaze and a savory rub great flavors come together thanks for sharing your recipe fantastic content as always. Have a wonderful week.

  • Robbie Crawford

    I just want to reach into the tv and grab one of those big slices of the point

  • Robbie Crawford

    Thoroughly enjoyed your chill presentation, very pleasant to watch and thus absorb. So hungry now thanks for the awesome vid!!

  • GeeDeeBird
    GeeDeeBird Day ago

    Absolutely hate the "trimmed ribs" they're pushing on us these days. The processor trims out all of the meat and sells it as ground beef. Do yourself a favor. Ask your meat cutter to order the untrimmed ribs. They cost more, but they are absolutely worth it!

  • Josh Haywood09

    Your turkey looks amazing!! Ive got 2 questions. What did you pour your coals into in the bottom of your barrel then take out? That's looks genius. Second, did you drill hole in your barrel and put a grommet in to run you probe through? '

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Day ago

      I did a couple videos on those questions. Here's one about how I light the PBC: And here's one about installing that sensor port: :)

  • Ugly Drum Smokers Texas

    Everything looks fantastic. Watched several videos in the past and just subscribed. I have a question as to why you use such a large needle for injecting . In Competition BBQ the rule of thumb is 16 gauge needles., just curious

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Day ago

      I've never done comps, so that's just the injector I have :)

  • Buckeye Backyard BBQ

    that looks so fall and festive! another great holiday dish!!

  • Britt's BackYard BBQ n Grilln

    Great video my friend. I am about healthy now and I am ready to cooking more than 1 or 2 times a month. You are convincing me more and more to step out and try Glazes and different rubs. I can get to a point that I just use what I know works. Great video and amazing looking loin...

  • Bill B
    Bill B Day ago

    RY - I see the water pans at the smokestack side - doesn't that cause the steam to get sucked out instead of re-integrated into the meat? Seems you'd want the pan closer to the fire box (at the far end?) to create steam throughout the chamber.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Day ago

      If it's near the firebox it boils away extremely fast. Enough stays in the chamber help a bit, which is usually all I want :)

  • Unknown Caller

    After all this time and all these videos i watch, i still think yours are among, if not the best. Cheers for the brilliant content.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry Day ago

      Thanks so much! I really enjoy making these videos :)

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall 2 days ago

    Tried this out. Great jerky. I substituted Chipotle sauce for liquid smoke and added 1 tsp of Montreal steak spice. It turned out perfect. Thanks.

  • bonek350
    bonek350 2 days ago

    Thanks for the recipe! I made some last night and its pretty good. The flavor is good but it's missing a little something. I might add some cumin and let it marinade longer. It was in for 2 hours this time.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      Yeah make it your own. Play around with the flavors :)

  • Jim Scharba
    Jim Scharba 2 days ago

    awesome recipe thanx Ry...

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 2 days ago

    Hey Ry, another great video. Just curious why did you not marinade dry rub on meat overnight like you did for pork loin or at least I thought you did? The pork loin was AMAZING by the way!

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      You can definitely do that. With Tri Tip I've found it really accepts flavors in a short time. Longer will work better :)

  • Aaron White
    Aaron White 2 days ago

    Love your videos, just curious does your wife ever rag on you while you make your videos?

  • Steve S.
    Steve S. 2 days ago


  • Rich Shackelford
    Rich Shackelford 2 days ago

    Looks delicious Ry

  • Brent Ryan
    Brent Ryan 2 days ago

    I'm all over this one for thanksgiving. Going to go cherry preserves though. Love your channel keep up the tasty work!

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      I've done this with cherry and it's fantastic :)

  • hytec_ hillbilly
    hytec_ hillbilly 2 days ago

    Excellent video sir as usual. Definitely gonna do this for Thanksgiving this year! Thanks again!

  • maruice brunet
    maruice brunet 2 days ago

    This is my favorite thank you for sharing I just subscribed to your channel God bless you always

  • Mya Pinion
    Mya Pinion 2 days ago

    Very clear and precise. Your mum not only made a good job of her devilled eggs, she made a good job of you too. Nice guy. Your wife's a lucky lady and your mum can be very proud. πŸ˜ƒ

  • ezrabrooks12
    ezrabrooks12 2 days ago

    LOOK'D GOOD!!!!!

  • Penta Deuce
    Penta Deuce 2 days ago

    ... So I'm watching this just to get a run down of what I need to do before I cook the meat... It's been marinating in Teriyaki marinate for 17 hours.....

  • Gary Klingelsmith
    Gary Klingelsmith 2 days ago

    Why no water pan for moist smoke?

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      It's such a short time using pork loin there's little chance of it drying out :)

  • Vincent Ouwehand
    Vincent Ouwehand 2 days ago

    Okay, here we go. Not on a PBC (can't get that on this side of the ocean yet) but on a Weber 18" Some hickory, lots of glowing coals (lovely bonus for BBQ in the dark) and a nice piece of pork (just over 3 pounds) rubbed the way you showed. Let's see after today what i want to change for our Xmas dinner. I think your Bacornion will become a side, just not for today :)

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      Yeah I find myself eating Bacornion as a main dish sometimes :)

    • Vincent Ouwehand
      Vincent Ouwehand 2 days ago

      That rub/glaze combo is really nice. Just a small hint of heat, not overwhelming sweet, some spice and savory notes. Lovely. Now, i will have to pull off the pork about 2 or 3 degrees earlier then 145, i think it is the difference in cut and animal that makes this a bit dry at 145. I'll aim for 140-142 next time and see where that ends me up.

  • Kevin Nash's Kitchen

    πŸ‘πŸ˜‹ very nicely done.. Wish I could get a taste.. 5 Stars!

  • Kevin Nash's Kitchen

    I'm all in on this one baby! Home run! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Michael Simon
    Michael Simon 2 days ago

    My Thanksgiving lineup will be a 12 lb turkey on the Weber kettle, and a double smoked ham with maple bourbon glaze and pre-dinner snack bacon wrapped wings with a barbecue glaze. The double smoked ham was a big hit this last Easter ... thank you.

  • thesledge1969
    thesledge1969 2 days ago

    Thank u for sharing. I have 2 Oklahoma Joes highland and a webber kettle for my bbq comptitions . I'm a pro bbq Pitmaster with award winning kc style ribs . please keep up the great work

  • Curtis Fogleman
    Curtis Fogleman 2 days ago

    WEll done !! I'm definitely liking it!!😊

  • BachieGaga 9
    BachieGaga 9 2 days ago

    Bacornion. Goes great with Turducken.

  • Kyle Collins
    Kyle Collins 2 days ago


  • Dave Prewitt
    Dave Prewitt 2 days ago

    New subscriber here!! I’m doing this on Tuesday. How long do you let it rest?

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      I would let it rest wrapped in foil for an hour at least :)

  • Tokify -
    Tokify - 2 days ago

    I had no idea you could do this in the oven, this is going to be my new favourite snack

  • Bobby Chudoba
    Bobby Chudoba 2 days ago

    Beef Jerky has to be as lean as you can get it. Fat keeps moisture in while drying and also fat spoils and ruins the meat if your trying to keep your jerky for a while. Tip: The rack he is using is actually a cookie cooling rack which actually works perfectly in the oven. I picked one up at WallyWorld for like 4 bux and works perfectly.

  • reddo84
    reddo84 2 days ago

    thanks team. Great looking dish, and a great channel

  • Smoky Ribs BBQ
    Smoky Ribs BBQ 2 days ago

    Wow, that looked fantastic Ry! Time to go raid the refrigerator πŸ˜‹

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      A good old refrigerator raid is never a bad thing :)

  • Jared B
    Jared B 2 days ago

    Oh man, warmed up some leftovers tonight, made two (small) sandwiches and had a little bit leftover. Oh, that bark, that bark, that was so good tasting!

  • Ryan Holyoak
    Ryan Holyoak 2 days ago

    Ry, have you ever considered doing a Turkey in the electric smoker? It seems like every time I smoke one, the meat turns out well but the skin is super rubbery.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 2 days ago

      I've done small ones in there before but I really prefer the results on other cookers with charcoal or wood :)

  • Fernando Pineda
    Fernando Pineda 2 days ago

    You had me at the glaze! Loved the music on this one

  • Rodney Barger
    Rodney Barger 3 days ago

    I have never had any luck cooking poultry at a low temperature. Was the turkey skin crispy or rubbery?

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 3 days ago

      Not crispy like crunchy, but also not rubbery. Easy to bite through :)

  • 64samsky
    64samsky 3 days ago


  • David B
    David B 3 days ago

    Pork "the other white meat" pork loin goes well with strong flavored fruit glazes. Mango and Peach is one I will have to try this winter. ✌

  • Dana D
    Dana D 3 days ago

    About how long did it take to hit 145 for you?

  • Steve S.
    Steve S. 3 days ago

    This is awesome and easy. Thank you! You earned a new subscriber here for sure!

  • Colin Butler
    Colin Butler 3 days ago

    Looked Delisious Ry... and Thanks again for the steady stream of educational videos. Appreciated !

  • BachieGaga 9
    BachieGaga 9 3 days ago

    That is a simple and beautiful dish Ry. Even with like a cherry and plum glaze that would be awesome. Mmmm

  • Smokin' Joe's Pit BBQ

    Wow, wow, wow! That crust you established on the loin topped with the glaze was absolutely beautiful. Good stuff buddy!πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Kathrine Kerns
    Kathrine Kerns 3 days ago

    Wonderful. I like to make a stuffed pork loin.. But, I will definitely be trying this. I have used apple chips to cook chicken many bv times.

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P 3 days ago

    Looks great, I'd like to try this recipe soon. Usually my roasts and loins jump up 5-10 degrees during the rest so I pull them off a little earlier.

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson 3 days ago

    Hi Ry, looks great. Was wondering if you sell insulated liners for the gloves also?

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 3 days ago

      I can't remember where I picked those up. It might have been on Amazon. I know there are several different kinds that go under the outer nitrile gloves.

  • MattsCreative
    MattsCreative 3 days ago

    135F is perfect cook has a tiny pink and way more juice

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 3 days ago

      145 is the recommended safe temp. Anything below that is a personal judgement call.

  • Jared Copeland
    Jared Copeland 3 days ago

    That looks freaking awesome!! Also what carving knife do you use?

    • Jared Copeland
      Jared Copeland 3 days ago

      @Cooking With Ry thank you! I usually read them but now I'm going through a few of your other videos.

    • Cooking With Ry
      Cooking With Ry 3 days ago

      Thanks! That's a Victorinox knife that's listed in the video description :)

  • FixStar Number 1
    FixStar Number 1 3 days ago

    That pork looks really good ... and a lot of juice ... I will have to try this ...

  • Carbon Iam
    Carbon Iam 3 days ago

    boy o boy what a great main course. That flavor profile is perfect. Nicely done. This one is a going is the must try folder.

    THEREALSHOWBBQ 3 days ago

    Coooking it no longer than 145 is definitely key if your not going to brine are inject. I agree on the seasoning combination. It doesn't have to be just for the holidays. We do traditional Thanksgiving meals throughout out the year. The glaze gives it that next level of goodness.

  • Luke
    Luke 3 days ago

    Ry O' Ry.......... every year I live for the day when my mom puts up her home made apricot jam (which I truly cherish), and right now I've got eight jars in the cabinet. I cant wait to try this recipe with one of them. Cheers my friend!

  • Earl Ayers
    Earl Ayers 3 days ago

    Great job. Good stuff!

  • Tony Banuelos
    Tony Banuelos 3 days ago

    Thank you sir I wiil make my basket your the manπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Cooking With Ry
    Cooking With Ry 3 days ago

    All my Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Holiday dishes in one playlist right here:

  • Earl Ayers
    Earl Ayers 3 days ago

    I’ll have to give that a try, looked really good.