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  • Not Here
    Not Here Hour ago

    Let's add a robot that talks about and hints at sexuality.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago

    She should have asked for a maternity test!!??!?!;Dddd

  • Aequitas Vox
    Aequitas Vox Hour ago

    Think they meant Bridget Bishop. She didn’t have red hair. This was a witch trials thing in great Britain and Connecticut. It’s sad that puritans thought in similar ways. Truly sad for those in history who were convicted. Whoever my dark humor side thinks it’s hilarious.

  • susanne anique
    susanne anique Hour ago

    That make-up

  • Michael Christopher Iroth

    Indonesia is ginger free... But we do see witches here once a while... witch doctors especially. They're still active here...

  • Project N
    Project N Hour ago

    "Reserve for sterling"

  • Amy Park
    Amy Park Hour ago

    This is why everyone hates moral philosophy professors

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma Hour ago

    Yaa I know her she turned Stacy into mewoth

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago


  • CC Galaxy Wolf 🤓
    CC Galaxy Wolf 🤓 2 hours ago

    lol "im the lastcolor in the box you see and the color i am IS THIS!?!?!??! skin color hello darkness my old friend"

  • Samay Bansal
    Samay Bansal 2 hours ago

    which game was that blocks with face🤔

  • Venom King
    Venom King 2 hours ago

    2:52 Kidney exploded.

  • Karra Koch
    Karra Koch 2 hours ago

    Hey... I haven't seen it yet either..... but now I think I truly have seen it!

  • Smoothie
    Smoothie 2 hours ago

    Where can we buy his glasses?

  • Cheyenne Manring :3
    Cheyenne Manring :3 2 hours ago

    I see more meaning in this than a funny video this is why we need to stop global warming, Earth is already feeling the effects of it. Not saying that it will actually be this crazy, obviously, but it will get worse over time if we don't stop.

  • MIU
    MIU 2 hours ago


  • Jimmy Olsen
    Jimmy Olsen 2 hours ago


  • madmettlepants74
    madmettlepants74 3 hours ago

    Why does the main boss sound like megamind?

  • Kevin Mnlg12
    Kevin Mnlg12 3 hours ago

    GOD BLESS THESE COMMENTATORS!!! They have great sense of humor!!!!

  • daniel stevenson
    daniel stevenson 3 hours ago

    Mika English "say the name of your crush, hold your breath, and then tell this same thing to five other people!"

  • dmkccR2ventureMade
    dmkccR2ventureMade 3 hours ago


  • Nitin Ramesh
    Nitin Ramesh 3 hours ago


  • whakabuti
    whakabuti 3 hours ago

    I don't know what's more offensive. A black man playing an Indian or the fact that he's wearing an East Asian costume. 😂

  • Su Aier
    Su Aier 3 hours ago

    No matter how many times I watch this, its still so funny... Esp the commentators 😂

  • I can’t change my profile Photo

    Wait but rosita wasn’t at the prison

  • I can’t change my profile Photo

    I can’t figure out who james it playing

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 3 hours ago

    I recognize you

  • InsaneDynamics
    InsaneDynamics 3 hours ago

    As a Mt. Biker I loved this sketch.

  • Rachel Ann
    Rachel Ann 3 hours ago

    Is this part of only child syndrome?

  • Danielle Haymore
    Danielle Haymore 3 hours ago

    One of the best!!

  • Amsyar Malek
    Amsyar Malek 3 hours ago

    I really need to know the title of the background music. It’s so epic!

  • Barkergirl 905
    Barkergirl 905 3 hours ago

    Mallory is seriously rocking that vest!

  • Jishnu Chatterjee
    Jishnu Chatterjee 3 hours ago

    Jason Gray? More like Jason Pink...... Hi five my palms people!

  • sean swift
    sean swift 3 hours ago

    And believe me when he went to prison he wasn't just visiting

  • Duna F
    Duna F 3 hours ago

    The Janitor is the feminist we don’t deserve

  • Abhimanyu Sharma
    Abhimanyu Sharma 3 hours ago

    right behing whitney's head

  • Abhimanyu Sharma
    Abhimanyu Sharma 3 hours ago


  • Celebrity Waffle
    Celebrity Waffle 4 hours ago

    That music really sets the mood.

  • Cra-Z-Craft
    Cra-Z-Craft 4 hours ago


  • swanglade37
    swanglade37 4 hours ago

    How does this get better every time I watch it???????

  • delaneymarie
    delaneymarie 4 hours ago

    I was super distracted and only half listening and all I heard was 'sTeP oN iTs FaCe'

  • Brian Mo
    Brian Mo 4 hours ago

    My ap psychology showed us this video... for some reason

  • Brian Mo
    Brian Mo 4 hours ago

    My ap psychology showed us this video... for some reason

  • Zachary Middleton
    Zachary Middleton 4 hours ago

    It would've been even funnier if when Stacey said "you haven't showered in 4 weeks?" Matt should've said "yes weeks..." implying that he hasn't showered for 4 monhs

  • Danny Blaylock
    Danny Blaylock 4 hours ago

    This made me kinda mad because some of my favorite Greek gods were there but really kinda stupid like Artemis she the flipping goddesses of the hunt and the moon ,but some weren't even there I know Hera would have stayed with zeus and so would Athena and the rest of Zeus's children

  • Stephani Crandall
    Stephani Crandall 4 hours ago

    Wow James you did such a great job with this. Holy cow the dancing part. 😂😂😂

  • Large Soda
    Large Soda 4 hours ago

    I wanna see Dalton Endgame

  • Margaret Gucker
    Margaret Gucker 4 hours ago

    My dad died and this is the only thing that makes me laugh

  • Nate Christensen
    Nate Christensen 4 hours ago

    Who's watching this sketch this Halloween?

  • Nate Christensen
    Nate Christensen 4 hours ago

    Who's watching these Halloween sketches this Halloween?

  • hatchettwit
    hatchettwit 4 hours ago

    Think I'd save the chick from the first episode of Goblin Slayer. Though, I wonder if she'd be as bad off as the one that survived.

  • Anne G
    Anne G 4 hours ago

    I love this! Such an accurate comparison!

  • Jacob Kreifels
    Jacob Kreifels 4 hours ago

    IGN in a nutshell

  • Guardian Sharks
    Guardian Sharks 4 hours ago

    1:39 Stacy eating a twinki in the backround😂😂😂

  • InsaneDynamics
    InsaneDynamics 4 hours ago

    I love his screeching!!!! EHHHHHEHEWWW OOOOOHHHHHW

  • Riley Nash
    Riley Nash 4 hours ago

    Actually.... China has stolen 200,000,000,000 a year in trade from us with unfair trade agreements a year... yet no one but Trump has the balls to fix it.

  • chosen undead
    chosen undead 5 hours ago


  • - XxKäwäíīKøãłâxX -

    Why is no one mentioning pink???

  • summer breeze
    summer breeze 5 hours ago

    I love the Kyle character lol

  • The Marching Morons
    The Marching Morons 5 hours ago

    The new green deal in a nutshell.

  • wolfleader pack
    wolfleader pack 5 hours ago

    Here's how you beat captain literal *ahem* "Did you hear that Captain Literal literally died?"

  • Derrick Le
    Derrick Le 5 hours ago

    How many times a person was offended by this 1 man 👇🏻

  • Sequentialed
    Sequentialed 5 hours ago

    *literally global warming in a nutshell*

  • Nestor Fernandez
    Nestor Fernandez 5 hours ago

    My favorite coler is blue and black

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano 5 hours ago

    "To the end of foreva!" gonna use that

  • Sariah Johnson
    Sariah Johnson 5 hours ago

    The soulmate principle....I see you, fellow Latter-Day Saints!

  • Charise Bejarano
    Charise Bejarano 5 hours ago

    the first ever studio C sketch I saw....

  • Sariah Johnson
    Sariah Johnson 5 hours ago

    I actually like this. It doesn't feel all weird like I thought it would be, and I'm excited to take a look at the upcoming content!

  • Sariah Johnson
    Sariah Johnson 5 hours ago

    But can we all agree our Tom Holland Look-alike is really cute!

  • OK
    OK 5 hours ago

    Jedidiah is my favorite character no doubt! I could listen to him talk for hours.

  • D.E. Sarcarean
    D.E. Sarcarean 5 hours ago

    Matt Meese is a real standout here, very good comedic actor.

  • Texas Badger
    Texas Badger 5 hours ago

    I'm DEAD he nailed ALL of them 😂😂😂😂

  • Sariah Johnson
    Sariah Johnson 5 hours ago

    Im....okay with this...

  • Lonely Gamer in Space

    It's pretty good. But a bit too long imo.

  • unanimouslyanonymous

    LOVED it!

  • morgan phelps
    morgan phelps 5 hours ago

    This entire channel is just a knockoff of SNL for 5 year olds.

  • Benjamin Hackett
    Benjamin Hackett 5 hours ago

    I completely feel for Beethoven in this.

  • sushi 13
    sushi 13 5 hours ago

    “I gave you my fruit snacks” “But Prince Jaydon gave me his gogurt” Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir

    We don't actually know you, that's why we ask!

  • K Mac
    K Mac 5 hours ago

    The beginning... Of the end

  • Sanjay Rana
    Sanjay Rana 5 hours ago

    All hail studio C. All hail studio C. All hail studio C. All hail studio C.

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon 6 hours ago

    Seriously, why are older generations so opposed to eating eggs later in the day? My mom was really opposed to it, something about messing your stomach up.

  • S Novy
    S Novy 6 hours ago

    *Karens have entered the chat*

  • Eleanor x
    Eleanor x 6 hours ago

    Absolutely loved!

  • wake up costa!
    wake up costa! 6 hours ago

    Why are all of them the same person. What happened to the other members😂

  • Wooly Bottom
    Wooly Bottom 6 hours ago

    How long was that cannon siting there

  • Rakib Hasan
    Rakib Hasan 6 hours ago

    This happens a lot

  • EtaMuTau
    EtaMuTau 6 hours ago

    lol the karens of the world

  • Zairem Renthlei
    Zairem Renthlei 6 hours ago

    "i hope i go deaf" ... i feel you Ludwig...

  • Alexis Lund
    Alexis Lund 6 hours ago

    Bring this baaaack

  • A_Little_ Sophiesticated

    Moral of the story: it doesn’t matter how big or small your proposal is: as long as you have a giant diamond to go with it. XD

  • Thermal Ghost
    Thermal Ghost 6 hours ago

    Hey nurses does the heavy lifting in a hospital, long hours, checking on patients. They do a lot OK?!

  • Sachin Nayanar
    Sachin Nayanar 6 hours ago

    season 50

  • Olivia Nesbit
    Olivia Nesbit 6 hours ago

    Delivery Ice Cream

  • voldemort riddle
    voldemort riddle 6 hours ago

    so depressed that the og cast moved on :(

  • Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir

    Oooh, the Shakespearean styled insults!!! Never have I heard it spoken so many times in a video before!

  • voldemort riddle
    voldemort riddle 6 hours ago

    dang i'm not used to the new cast yet

  • Erick Gilbert Poa
    Erick Gilbert Poa 6 hours ago

    Me: "BRO,CHOOSE D FOR GOD SAKE" Me after seeing the ending: *checks google*

  • Yachi Limbago
    Yachi Limbago 6 hours ago

    "Look at him begging for mercy when it's mercy whilo should be begging for him.

  • CDNSydMC
    CDNSydMC 6 hours ago

    I liked the one where she looked like Hitler.