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What if We Nuke a City?
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  • Denis Sijamic
    Denis Sijamic 3 minutes ago

    Great i'd hit me.

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 5 minutes ago

    No one: Literally no even a single soul World leaders: *don't mind me I am just gonna nuke you*

  • Sebster
    Sebster 7 minutes ago

    When will god add the mars dlc?

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 9 minutes ago


  • Inpyo Hong
    Inpyo Hong 9 minutes ago

    왜 이 영상은 한국어 자막이 추가되지 않나요?? ㅠㅠ

  • Terlin1466
    Terlin1466 12 minutes ago

    I love how you were just gonna talk about the city and after effect around the area not talk about nations yet you broke that rule at the end of your video. HYPOCRITE! I remember studying this in high school. So lets me continue where they refused to go just to make you truly understand 1 nuclear weapon can do. The wind carries this stuff you know that radioactive fallout so everything east or which ever direction the jet stream goes of said city would have to abandon their city and Higher and highers numbers of people with radiation poison form severe to mild will be found everywhere these people will have a horrible life and die slowly Suicide will be higher then it ever been in said areas. Mass migrations of people will flee to uneffect areas causing huge changes in society economy and in prices of simple things the unaffected will become the effected. Government of said areas will have to provide support in order to keep mass chaos from ensueing as crime will sky rock. Back to the city area and the unluck east of the city. Survivors will have a very painful existence be very ugly and most will die from soon to a few years after the event due cancer and so on. So 1 bomb will effect over 100,000,000 people easily. one hundred Million. This number could go up depending on location. Yes we got lots of said bombs some are so big they will triple that number easily and thats just the minimum.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 13 minutes ago

    I worry about survival 😔 Im hungry 😣

  • Warren Bainbridge
    Warren Bainbridge 22 minutes ago

    Looks like were getting the SS ishimura planet cracking space ship from dead space

  • Berto
    Berto 28 minutes ago

    Just hand that great filter to Goku. He will take care of it for us.

  • Ibraheem Ghafoor
    Ibraheem Ghafoor 29 minutes ago

    Me: gets a cut Immune system: _now this is an avengers level threat_

  • Devika Mishra
    Devika Mishra 30 minutes ago

    I stg the comments on this video are golden😂

  • Georgy UM
    Georgy UM 30 minutes ago

    One simple answer for me: *EVERY ONE WILL DIE*

  • Saumit Vaidya
    Saumit Vaidya 35 minutes ago

    The title should be ANTI VAX MOMS : The Origin

  • jager64xxx xxxpanzer
    jager64xxx xxxpanzer 36 minutes ago

    1:52 liveleak video: "some schizo drug addict ripping them selves open" incoming

  • sachin hajare
    sachin hajare 37 minutes ago

    Kabutos ?

  • sachin hajare
    sachin hajare 37 minutes ago

    Kabutos ?

  • kayserikay
    kayserikay 42 minutes ago

    BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto, and Syngenta like this video

  • 이선휴
    이선휴 47 minutes ago

    If nobody has a nuclear weapon, who can stop somone happen to have one?

  • Leo The Lion
    Leo The Lion 48 minutes ago

    what would happen if we detonated a nuclear warhead in outer space?

  • SBC서림지역뉴스
    SBC서림지역뉴스 49 minutes ago

    한국어자막은.. 어떡하죠..

  • Göktuğ Hamutcu
    Göktuğ Hamutcu 49 minutes ago

    Great video

  • Valcos Delord
    Valcos Delord 52 minutes ago

    I would love to be able to live Forever. the fear of death gone never aging. It would be a dream come true

  • Wizard Sarraç
    Wizard Sarraç 52 minutes ago

    İ love videos

  • KWS DiamondH7
    KWS DiamondH7 54 minutes ago

    *They know*

  • ebubekir özkan
    ebubekir özkan 59 minutes ago

    all they mentioned in the video are "randomness" and "chance " sooo scientific :) "it happens this way" but "by chance" ... why there is 2 gender? for the continuation of human being life? "randomness" and "chance" does not result / bring "cosmos" but chaos!

  • M Al DC
    M Al DC Hour ago

    "evolution" turns out to be such a genius designer, making complex nano technology perfectly fitting each living creature size, and the world they live in. To think that a creature spontaneously changed it's own DNA to something more perfect, genius and complex is absurd. Evolution is a belive in magic and super lucky chances! Nothing scientific about it. People forget the fact that you need two perfect female and male mutants to keep the line of a new "evolved" creatures kind living! Imagine the odds, let a true mathematician calculate that!! It's not what they tell you! One true adaptation and boom, you get new cleverly designed species by the miracle of luck.

  • Soumitro Joy
    Soumitro Joy Hour ago

    Beyond amazing

  • David Luteijn
    David Luteijn Hour ago

    I get the point, and it’s great to raise awareness about it, but who is gonna make a country like China or North-Korea give up their nuclear weapons? Ans you really think it’s a good idea to have those countries as the sole owners of nukes, like they wouldn’t exploit that

  • Faizi Shah
    Faizi Shah Hour ago

    What if we Nuke India (Pee Suckers)

  • I Wanna Bang Bridgette West

    I hope Japan gets it again. 🤣👌

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe Hour ago

    Jesus what is wrong with humanity just chill instead of making each other suffer

  • PVPBait PVPBait
    PVPBait PVPBait Hour ago

    No human being has ever overdose from Marijuana. They overdose from Cocaine, Opioid painkillers and Heroin. Oh and Alcohol. Those are the drugs we should be focusing on. Should of mentioned that part.

  • Connor
    Connor Hour ago

    It’s great we’ve treated the banks so well when they keep fucking us over

  • Sol Berione
    Sol Berione Hour ago

    Cross-civilization interactions are gay and *that is gay*

  • Klamath 2046
    Klamath 2046 Hour ago

    I have questions about my sex life now

  • NFS_killa077
    NFS_killa077 Hour ago

    I love your videos ❤️❤️

  • Macey Watkins
    Macey Watkins Hour ago

    "Have we finally done a video that didn't depress people" No, man that was deep

  • Rafay Playz
    Rafay Playz Hour ago

    9.96 Million subs boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Gabriel the gamer's Hub

    Teacher: *what will you do in 20 years?* Kid:

  • Edward K.
    Edward K. Hour ago

    Or maybe it is difficult to evolve to an intelligent life. We are even the only intelligen beings on this planet

  • BCrafty121
    BCrafty121 Hour ago

    The problem nuclear disarmament is that you don't get to make the other guy disarm. Just because NATO gets rid of their nukes doesn't mean Russia or Iran gets rid of theirs.

  • Spacegoat92
    Spacegoat92 Hour ago

    Good luck putting that genie back in the bottle...

  • Moises Pilapil
    Moises Pilapil Hour ago

    I live in philippines

  • - Allduckslikewater-

    We all know, how this is going to end. Someone will find some extinct species' technology, and we will have to fight giant mechanic squids , alongside with octopus girls, sterile frogs, lizard men and skinny frogs hating sterile frogs.

  • Ojas Bhagavath
    Ojas Bhagavath Hour ago

    The 7.4k people who've disliked the video, are Japanese.

  • falco830
    falco830 Hour ago

    12 year old on COD vs GRB: I’ll take your bitch ass to RUST one v one me scrub and I’ll 360 no scope you and your mom with my eyes closed and no perks

  • MNIJ T
    MNIJ T Hour ago

    Wait we had

  • C F
    C F Hour ago

    Now show this to Trump and Kim Jong Un

  • Binayak Rout
    Binayak Rout Hour ago

    Ebola seems not natural but lab made virus or artificial bio microbots ..whatever! Strangely todays people r much like those.

  • Abhinav Premkumar

    The thing that I was an egg 11 years ago

  • Emir Diego
    Emir Diego Hour ago

    Imma try to improve the og question by merging it with another What would happen if we used all the possible bombs in the world at the deepest point of the world

  • Lethe 898989
    Lethe 898989 Hour ago

    I’ve been lonely for almost my whole life. It began at the kindergarten with bullying. I became invisible. And I still am. Even though I’ve done this & that in my life, I don’t have friends. I have no one to text or call. No one to hang out with. I used to be the last option to some people until they eventually found better friends to hang out with. Or just ghosted me. Left. I envy those who have had a best friend or group of friends since they were little. When I see a bunch of girls downtown on a Saturday night going to bar, I wish I could be a part of that group. When I see people at the cafe chatting and laughing I wish I had someone who could grab a coffee with me and to talk about our days. When I’m going to movies/gigs/etc I wish I had company. I have no funny stories with someone about what dumb we did when we were young. No pictures. This void eats me alive. Every night I feel the tears that never come out. It brings suicidal thoughts with it and anxiety. God knows I’ve tried all I can to get over this. But I still am lonely and invisible. And it hurts. It really hurts. (Ps. Sorry for my poor English. It’s not my native language.)

  • ghetso girl
    ghetso girl Hour ago

    I went to the 1974 Worlds Fair in Spokane, Washington. The theme was trash and the mass consumerism of America. That was 45 years ago. I has just got worse. Oh, well. It will be someone elses problem after i die.

  • I Waifu Life
    I Waifu Life Hour ago

    Anyone else noticed the shiny luvdisc

  • Moises Pilapil
    Moises Pilapil Hour ago

    When you said let's explode the nuke in the amazon forest and the amazon forest is burning in real life

  • Cow Ragerzzz
    Cow Ragerzzz Hour ago

    4:52 Kurtzgesagt: “but a big brain is first and foremost a very expensive evolutionary investment” Not to Markiplier

  • Sam Sikora
    Sam Sikora Hour ago

    I feel like we live in a simulation and Kurzgesagt is testing us to see if we can pass the test

  • Diamond Guy
    Diamond Guy Hour ago

    Kurzgesagt will take take over school

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag Hour ago

    Nukes are so passé. LX-700K Liberator is the game.

  • falco830
    falco830 Hour ago

    Trading places with that ionized proton would give my life more meaning and less loneliness...

  • Oscar Hero - sun's love-handles and fake-DNA

    Here is an easy question for HIGH IQ people: Abiogenesis speculates that a soup of fluids will turn into a primate over a billion solar years. Darwinian evolution speculates that a fly will turn into hippo over a million solar year. Neo-Darwin speculates that DNA will mutate randomly assuming DNA is real (BTW: no evidence of it so far since 1962)! *Q: Which theory speculates that shuttlecocks and metallic aeroplanes will develop wings to FLAP and FLY?*

    • Cram Ogniras
      Cram Ogniras 17 minutes ago

      Really? Again with "fly into hippo" thing?

  • lau chengcin
    lau chengcin Hour ago

    I thought million ant was kill in Rick and Morty season 3

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag Hour ago

    Is this video a part of some social experiment or what?

  • Ryu Jin
    Ryu Jin Hour ago

    I love how cute the animation is

  • MrWhatcanido
    MrWhatcanido Hour ago

    We are LEGION.

  • Albert Westings
    Albert Westings Hour ago

    im both amazed and saddened at how many people didn't knpw that the Amazon Rain forest got fires... like for real what the fuck! hell this years fire wasn't even that bad especially compared to the 80, 90, and especially the 2000s and to add overall this was one of the lesser fires and honestly it's not all that bad. Just look to china, india and africa for a more telling example in comparison, too much people with little to no regulations or blatantly ignoring any just polluting an enormous amount every year.

  • stoppable UN
    stoppable UN Hour ago

    So after nuclear war,nature will be back?

  • • 18 years ago •

    *TSAR bomb : explodes* earth : scratches

  • Wa Wi
    Wa Wi Hour ago

    you should extend on this. Why the big crisises and what are we to change?

  • Rb Smith
    Rb Smith Hour ago

    Interesting but true. Lot of people in this big and tough world doesn’t care. Excuses and nothing in common too. Some have stopped contacting and moved. Divorced. Spouse and family members passed. And didn’t get along Anymore because of issues.

  • sergei yarovoi
    sergei yarovoi Hour ago

    Как говорил мой учитель ОБЖ - если вы увидели ядерный взрыв, то это последнее что вы увидели.

  • Alex Valin
    Alex Valin 2 hours ago

    why did I have to be born in 91, i wish i would be able to see martian cities and people thriving. Instead we get to deal with climate change :(

  • Oscar Hero - sun's love-handles and fake-DNA

    We know DNA is FAKE. Let's ASSUME DNA is real for the purpose of my question. Obviously, you believe COW has DNA in its milk and in its meat @ room temperature, right? Examples: A2 milk, normal milk. At what temperature will the COW's DNA STRUCTURE cease to exist (i.e. dissolve irreversibly) inside its milk and meat?

  • Jaimie Bailey
    Jaimie Bailey 2 hours ago

    Has much changed in regard to UBI in the 2 years since this video was made?

    • Fliyo MB
      Fliyo MB Hour ago

      A presidential candidate (Andrew Yang) is now running with it in his platform. And it's getting support and endorsement from politicians and economists.

  • Axel Gegout
    Axel Gegout 2 hours ago

    very nice video i really enjoy the concept of universal income, but all the drawings are really bad, they look like nazis'drawing for jewish people i'm jew and i'm desapointed about your video

    • Levi Ackerman
      Levi Ackerman 2 hours ago

      i agree with you, i'm very desapointed, those trash drawings make me feel bad T-T

  • Abhinav Talekar
    Abhinav Talekar 2 hours ago

    Hello there I am someone who likes your videos related to body ... Well can you explain about cytokine system in immune system

  • Abhinav Talekar
    Abhinav Talekar 2 hours ago

    Hello There

  • Ceviche 4 life
    Ceviche 4 life 2 hours ago

    Yeah I’ll be ready in a sec lemme just learn about wormholes

  • Tyrell tuala
    Tyrell tuala 2 hours ago

    take a girl add a deep voice atom creates a man

  • reiwj dsj
    reiwj dsj 2 hours ago

    If a man accidentally wants to eat hamburger at 3 am in the morning, it is not he wants to eat, but the control request of the matrix to ask him to eat.

  • Saika Asashi
    Saika Asashi 2 hours ago

    I don't think I'm risking to catch any Autism by having vaccines, considering I'm already diagnostiqued with Asperger Syndrome ahah.

  • ParaXposeR
    ParaXposeR 2 hours ago

    I'm Loner too, but I don't waste time thinking about what people think about me or How they are enjoying in their lives. I focus on my Work. - Work while they Party - Learn while they Sleep - Execute your plans while they Think about it - Live Like they Dream

  • BassOutcast
    BassOutcast 2 hours ago

    I find it unfair that we as a species don't have access to information that might be critical to these types of discussions, such as classified information, the Vatican archives, etc. It's not a tinfoil hat conspiracy, I just have too many questions...

  • AlmightyArceus
    AlmightyArceus 2 hours ago

    Let's make a video game where the goal is to build a Dyson sphere

  • Jesse Hugo
    Jesse Hugo 2 hours ago

    Me standing on 21.001km not being touched

  • Shiv Prakash Tripathi

    Proud to be veg

  • Łukasz Rybkowski
    Łukasz Rybkowski 2 hours ago

    4 words: Fully Automated Luxury Socialism.

  • Jinhendrix Sore
    Jinhendrix Sore 2 hours ago

    I think it's kinda cool how life on Earth will just restart after a nuclear bomb for a thousand years It feels like the plot of Adventure Time lol

  • Dakota McMillan
    Dakota McMillan 2 hours ago

    RU-clip Andrew Yang :)

  • mrhappyghost
    mrhappyghost 2 hours ago

    This video is about if future post humans making simulations, but what if the creatures running the simulation made our galaxy up and struggles we face, like conflict and the need for food don't exist. Then they dont need all the right balances to evolve that much as it could be completely different. Now your brain has been melted, tour welcome👍

  • Abdulraheem
    Abdulraheem 2 hours ago

    Hello me all of u me i love u

  • falco830
    falco830 2 hours ago

    Although I have been vaccinated, I’m still hesitant about the Chicken Pox vaccination. Because I had chicken pox when I was young, and thus I didn’t need the vaccination when they came out with it, but my brothers had their vaccination and missed out on the brutal fevers that chicken pox threw at me... however they seemed to end up with more health problems like asthma and allergies, where as I don’t have any of those and am immune to those allergies. I’m not so sure if stopping all tough sicknesses from affecting your children is the go to solution. But definitely vaccinate for the obvious deadly diseases.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 56 minutes ago

      @lilani beaud'arc It certainly does. My mom is asthmatic and suffers with hayfever (both of which she passed to me). Neither her parents nor her brother has the slightest problem with either. Moreover, it was my mom in childhood who got virtually everything (as this was in the 1930's, long before the big vaccination programs), and almost always got it badly. When she had chickenpox she got convulsions from the fever and it left permanent scars. It's far too easy to imagine causative links between unconnected events; humans are very good at recognising patterns, but often see them where there is no actual pattern at all. Children very often show the first signs of allergies *after* the age they receive vaccines. This was true even before vaccines. Also worth noting that my lifelong asthma was probably made worse by the fact that I got whooping cough - I was too young to have the vaccination, and one of the kids in the neighbourhood wasn't vaccinated, and spread it around. You're not "immune" to an allergy. An allergy is simply your immune system mistaking something harmless as something harmful and attacking it. I am allergic to grass pollen, which is harmless, but my immune system regards it as a dangerous invaders, and reacts by trying to expel it with sneezing, runny nose, watering eyes and so on. I'm also allergic to shellfish, and if I eat that I get the same symptoms as you'd get from food poisoning.

    • lilani beaud'arc
      lilani beaud'arc Hour ago

      i think your brother is just alergic. it happens, sometimes.

  • Jasmin vom Walde
    Jasmin vom Walde 2 hours ago

    Dropping the bomb(s) was the worst thing humanity ever did. I so hope we will never again see this happen.

  • Rich Baro
    Rich Baro 2 hours ago

    Can you do a Venus one?

  • Himanshu Kataria
    Himanshu Kataria 2 hours ago

    This video is out 10000 years before what the hell

  • FizzyLake 3771
    FizzyLake 3771 2 hours ago

    4000 subs away from 10M!

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  • Muhammed Altaş
    Muhammed Altaş 2 hours ago

    Wow look at this! The animation that I made get nearly 10M views! Omg.

  • Give me 100,000 subscribers, I want a check mark

    When you give Kim a flint and steel....

  • Ken Weaver
    Ken Weaver 2 hours ago

    It's pretty naive to think humans will get rid of nukes.