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  • PhantomEXO
    PhantomEXO 23 minutes ago

    Is it just the fucking same but bigger

  • Ali Abidalkareem
    Ali Abidalkareem 23 minutes ago

    Why cant companies produce elegant ,powerful, well balanced laptop like the macbook pro!?

  • David 2nice
    David 2nice 24 minutes ago

    Hmm starting to look like a flossy review 🤨

  • Fedir Kriviy
    Fedir Kriviy 25 minutes ago

    Why the Webcam video is freezing? 🤔

  • Cat
    Cat 25 minutes ago

    idk but i personally like the loud hmm

  • evv lau
    evv lau 25 minutes ago

    I wonder where did you order it? Send me the link

  • Mark Austin Bartolome
    Mark Austin Bartolome 26 minutes ago

    I suggest Huawei Nova Series.

  • Mark Austin Bartolome
    Mark Austin Bartolome 26 minutes ago

    I suggest Huawei Nova 5t

  • HTownGMC
    HTownGMC 27 minutes ago

    I’ll take one of your test laptops

  • S S
    S S 27 minutes ago

    👨‍💻 -Willy Du, 2019

    INHEODESIGN 28 minutes ago

    Loui paper is more eco than plastic is it’s good move by apple to reduce it in their packages.

  • Eric Bergevin
    Eric Bergevin 28 minutes ago

    Love the subtle little nod (or disappointment, however you feel about it) to Don Cherry at the beginning...

  • Henrique Baldin
    Henrique Baldin 28 minutes ago

    Here in Brazil this costs JUST 5K USD

  • Tristan Wolfe
    Tristan Wolfe 28 minutes ago

    Willy Du 1919

  • BUF
    BUF 29 minutes ago

    OMG Link bait SMH

  • TheFireySlime
    TheFireySlime 30 minutes ago

    I’m happy I’ve seen this video. I’ve been thinking of getting these during Black Friday

  • Mystic Chiley
    Mystic Chiley 30 minutes ago

    He's gunna go deaf wit that 100% volume

  • pepsi light
    pepsi light 31 minute ago

    "hmm can't afford that" Willy Du 2019

  • ClashWithEinstein
    ClashWithEinstein 31 minute ago

    👨🏽‍💻 -Willy du 2019

  • tipoomaster
    tipoomaster 31 minute ago

    "Will, do you care about the escape key?" Will: "I Du"

  • Alexis Herrera
    Alexis Herrera 32 minutes ago


  • Thabiso Nodangala
    Thabiso Nodangala 32 minutes ago

    WILLY Du likes it.

  • tipoomaster
    tipoomaster 33 minutes ago

    Lew Yesterday: I think I found my full time laptop Lew Later: Time to switch back to the Macbook?!

  • Quexn
    Quexn 34 minutes ago

    Wow that much money and the keys don’t glow 😱

  • MaxtheOwl oof
    MaxtheOwl oof 34 minutes ago

    Wait till the spoiled teen brings this up to school...

    DEXXO 34 minutes ago

    Respect to you Lu a never sah this Video, im totaly same Opinion the prices this days from Apple are unacetable you got so mutch more from Android as Same Quality and more Futures like memorry upgrade due micro Sd , still hadphone Jacks, more open Source and freeness on Android installl aps from everywhere and send APPS . I Dont wanna now how many people have made finacing problems only to got a new Iphone etc. Also the New Iphones now are so Ugly and Bulky and weight as hell now and the price absolutly not normal. Miss Apple time from Begin Good Small affordable Phones 3G, 5s , SE .

  • Yunhan W
    Yunhan W 35 minutes ago

    how you smuggled this phone to America?

  • WoopChicken
    WoopChicken 36 minutes ago

    strongest typer in the world jeeez

  • Ronit Sharma
    Ronit Sharma 36 minutes ago

    4:30 For all you asmr fans 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nokoribii
    Nokoribii 36 minutes ago

    That’s pretty good for 50 dollars

  • Eugene Kuzmenko
    Eugene Kuzmenko 38 minutes ago

    those butterfly keyboards are freaking stupid, now all I wish for is that they put that keyboard into a MacBook air

  • Max
    Max 38 minutes ago


  • Max
    Max 38 minutes ago


  • PhilipB
    PhilipB 38 minutes ago

    Go to 10:23 and see the Will confirmation nod. NOW REPLAY .... hahahaha

  • Andre1
    Andre1 39 minutes ago

    Love how the webcam froze a couple of times...nice quality(end sarcasm)

  • clorox Bleach
    clorox Bleach 39 minutes ago

    Apple owns beats

  • antony v
    antony v 39 minutes ago

    But why??😄🤔

  • Conrad Jones
    Conrad Jones 40 minutes ago

    Stop posting videos, I'm trying to get some work done :)

  • T3CHGY007
    T3CHGY007 41 minute ago

    man i want willy doo's job!

  • John Eko
    John Eko 41 minute ago

    The audio quality is superb

  • VfrVctryz
    VfrVctryz 41 minute ago

    “Oooh, These are different.” -Willy Du, 2019

  • NaaffaX
    NaaffaX 42 minutes ago

    What are the risks of an explosion due to charge overload? Happens a lot due to faster charging.

  • Sabir
    Sabir 42 minutes ago

    When he said that’s a $2000 sound I FELT that

  • Der-Smarti
    Der-Smarti 43 minutes ago

    can i get one?

  • Laszlo Kaponya
    Laszlo Kaponya 43 minutes ago

    these tiny arrow keys are s**t, those should be standard-key-size. There is no excuse for any manufacturer to have them this tiny( Macbook) / mixed size (Surface), or anything alike. Especially above 13"... There is enough space...

  • Ahsan Zafar Channel
    Ahsan Zafar Channel 43 minutes ago

    forgetting the problems but i loved the butterfly keyboard and it was my best typing experience

  • Benedikt
    Benedikt 43 minutes ago

    0:45 LOU: that's a $2000 sound will. will: *shakes head* this guy is so annoying

  • Alejandro da Ponte
    Alejandro da Ponte 44 minutes ago

    Hey, really nice shows. Quick question(that maybe someone already asked before), i was wondering what you guys do with all the stuff you open?? do you sell some of that or you just keep everything???

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 45 minutes ago

    Willy Du 2020

  • frank zola
    frank zola 45 minutes ago

    Hook a broke guy like myself out with an old macbook.

  • Nikola Bukovina
    Nikola Bukovina 45 minutes ago

    Is that jack on 7:36 ????

  • starm snoter
    starm snoter 45 minutes ago

    I wish i could have one for make money but you have some and just stayyy :((

  • Hao Huang
    Hao Huang 47 minutes ago

    what's the model of that thinkpad?

  • demonpride1975
    demonpride1975 47 minutes ago

    so basically all they did was put the connectors for the switch inside the case, i don't think that really qualifies as innovation, as for the rest many home brews have come up that are similiar, the only difference is this one is liquid cooled.

  • Mellon Symphonic
    Mellon Symphonic 47 minutes ago

    Can it run crysis ?

  • h34p
    h34p 49 minutes ago

    Massive CPU-throttling incoming, watch out.

  • Praveen Nair
    Praveen Nair 49 minutes ago

    ThinkPad wins for me

  • HA Tém
    HA Tém 49 minutes ago

    I got a Lenovo IdeaPad 510 7th gen a bit old but functional nothing fancy but I like the keyboard on it and it is illuminated aswell no rpg just white but very satisfying

  • MIJ mango
    MIJ mango 49 minutes ago

    I got this laptop looks great. But I wish it was faster. and there are some lags!

  • Josh Aguirre
    Josh Aguirre 50 minutes ago

    I have a 2018 15" MBP and have never had any issues with the butterfly keyboard but I'm definitely glad they switched back to the scissor design due to how many issues others were having. Also the butterfly design is definitely more loud than it needs to be!

  • Conrad
    Conrad 50 minutes ago

    Review the Surface 3 laptop!

  • Maaz Farooqi
    Maaz Farooqi 50 minutes ago


  • pandaslimme xoxoxoxo
    pandaslimme xoxoxoxo 51 minute ago

    I know I'm 5 hours late Don't remind me

  • Crazy_Doggo
    Crazy_Doggo 52 minutes ago

    I think I'm gonna die of jealousy

  • Thamer Al Pakistani
    Thamer Al Pakistani 53 minutes ago

    Do a Motorola razr

  • Tomas Chladek
    Tomas Chladek 54 minutes ago

    Best close-ups EVER!

  • nabil jemel
    nabil jemel 54 minutes ago

    I have a delll 17 inch monitor and I hate how reflective they are it is like looking into a mirror. I bought an M3 filter for 100 $ but still did not make it any better....

  • Mahrus Minal
    Mahrus Minal 55 minutes ago

    why was there randomly a pic of keylor navas on home screen 4:42

  • Andrew Hudson
    Andrew Hudson 55 minutes ago

    Lou.... The only guy who does a keyboard sound test 😂😂😂😂

  • Raimundo Castro
    Raimundo Castro 56 minutes ago

    Just came here to dislike, probably another drama video...

  • MrPiradoHD
    MrPiradoHD 56 minutes ago

    Fkin awesome how they are unable to say u which exact components it has. 2200$ and u cant know what i-7 it has, not even in especifications inside the llaptop. Is not that hard i think

  • Guidø_Insua
    Guidø_Insua 57 minutes ago

    the stedia video ?

  • malik benz
    malik benz 57 minutes ago

    man just donate your old laptops to people who can't afford it, DAME IT i hate being on budget

  • Yeah Nah
    Yeah Nah 58 minutes ago

    I have one principle: will only buy apple, no matter the price, when the actual apple comes full!

  • Aeonian H
    Aeonian H 58 minutes ago

    *But can It run minecraft?*

  • Matthew Schultz
    Matthew Schultz 58 minutes ago

    I want one now

  • legoana floyd
    legoana floyd 59 minutes ago

    we still waiting for the vid

  • Raunak Singh
    Raunak Singh 59 minutes ago

    Always showing apple products

  • Jayson Ramirez
    Jayson Ramirez Hour ago

    •ǝɯosǝʍɐ ʎɹǝʌ sı ʇɐɥʇ llǝʍ

  • Raunak Singh
    Raunak Singh Hour ago


  • Raunak Singh
    Raunak Singh Hour ago

    You can fuck your own mother and sister

  • Muhammad Arif
    Muhammad Arif Hour ago

    His richness speaks for him 🤣

    JAY SANTIAGO Hour ago

    Dude you is one confused mo fo!!

  • Raunak Singh
    Raunak Singh Hour ago

    Apple is paying

  • Raunak Singh
    Raunak Singh Hour ago

    Motherficker lew

  • Raunak Singh
    Raunak Singh Hour ago

    Why are you showing apple which don't have card reader

  • K Tech
    K Tech Hour ago

    Its 3 days past monday. Where is iiiiiit???????

  • Ultra
    Ultra Hour ago

    Answer: No price still too high

  • zimks
    zimks Hour ago

    Microsoft: hey can I copy your homework Apple: sure, just change it up a little bit Microsoft: done! Apple: Bro, WTF! 5:27

  • Dave4real
    Dave4real Hour ago

    *Mobile phones* : Android Vs IOS *Laptops* : Windows Vs MacBook Lol Apple is really killing them.

  • Karthik Sathian
    Karthik Sathian Hour ago

    Comments section so unoriginal

  • G009
    G009 Hour ago

    Once you go mac,...

  • Ignacio Martín Tatoh Arano

    Es una caja robusta.

  • Abdulaziz A
    Abdulaziz A Hour ago

    Apple only cares about it's bank account. Butterfly keyboards failed a lot and Apple had to replace a alot of people's laptop keyboards. It tried to fix it with multiple iterations and failed. Went back to the "New" Magic keyboard because it's reliable.

  • Fabio Speranza
    Fabio Speranza Hour ago

    0:36 your Italin its amazing 😂😂 (btw I’m Italian)

  • Nana MB
    Nana MB Hour ago

    same issue with my MB Pro keyboard and I am not happy. I will continue to use it for the next 2 years and just hope its doesnt fail completely