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Past meets future: AI in archaeology | Iris Kramer | TEDxSouthamptonUniversity
This talk describes the novel use of AI to detect hidden archaeological sites. With machine learning, the AI can quickly become an expert and find sites that human experts miss. This can inform sustainable land management and help to protect sites of historical importance globally.
Iris is the founder of ArchAI, a startup that is de-risking land development by automatically detecting geo-risks including archaeology. She built the company on the back of her PhD which focused on the use of deep learning for archaeological site discovery based on earth observation data. Her PhD followed undergraduate and masters degrees in Archaeology. Iris taught herself how to code and do machine learning....
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First Steps in the IT Industry | Emil Erofeevskiy | [email protected]
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The topic is about entering the IT industry with my developer experience as example. Also I touched other kind of IT professions as QA , management, human resources. It was about which platform you can use to promote yourself and which skills are needed to be improved for better performance. Engineer with more than 5 years of experience, engaged to develop Express24 and a lot of other different...
How Research Can Survive a War | Svetlana Gramatiuk | TEDxMedUniGrazWomen
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What happens if your biobank suddenly finds itself in the middle of a dangerous situation such as an earthquake or even a war zone? What can you do as medical staff if hospitals are destroyed? And how can you ensure that all the research results obtained so far are not lost? Dr. Svetlana Gramatiuk is president of the UAB (Ukraine Association of Biobanks), which she co-founded in 2017. She was a...
The blessings of not fitting in | Cornelia dal Sasso | TEDxMedUniGrazWomen
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Does you inner punk always show up whenever you need to fit in? When it comes to doing our own thing, most of us feel insecure and scared. What will others say? Will they be disappointed? Will they still stick to me? What will happen if I put a price tag on my talents? And what if, nobody is interested in what I have to offer? We have become so good at adapting and meeting the expectations of o...
What can we learn from turtles and their habitats? | Deyan Duhalov | TEDxVitosha
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An investment proposal of an industrial mining company meets the enthusiasm of a team of herpetologists - and for more than 12 years both turtles and production coexist and flourish. So, it is quite cool to be an environmental actor and do things no one has done before. The turtle whisperer Over 10,000 pictures of turtles, all different. They are in Deyan Duhalov’s portfolio. And before you dec...
DEI Training: No “One Size Fits All” | Jenn Lindsay | TEDxJohnCabotUniversity
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There are many debates about the one reason Diversity Equity and Inclusion training doesn’t work or the one right way to teach it-but there’s no “one size fits all” training. The world of diversity training should reflect our own diversity, as each of us are complex works in progress. Jenn Lindsay is a social scientist, documentary filmmaker, and musician whose works explore the challenges and ...
The public speaking lesson you never had | DK . | TEDxNelson
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Got an important presentation or pitch coming up and struggling to prepare? This will help: explore the three elements which make up a great talk plus a Jedi-mind trick that reframes those nerves once and for all. DK justadandak.com is a Creative Producer who 'crafts delicious learning experiences' online, in-studio or in-person. He spent nearly a decade as the TEDxWellington / TEDxWellingtonWo...
A Physician’s Journey into Entrepreneurship | Andrea Guerriero | TEDxJohnCabotUniversity
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Andrea shares how a physician can utilize an entrepreneurial spirit to bring innovative value to patients. Andrea Guerriero, M.D. Graduated at La Sapienza University, Rome. Physician, Healthcare Entrepreneur, Medical Advisor, Co-Founder of MedinAction, “your personal doctor everywhere”. He was named by Wired as one of the top 200 entrepreneurs under 35 for the Audi Innovation Award 2014. Andrea...
Is building community resilience an inside job, external, or both? | Lisa Lawrence | TEDxNelson
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Do you have what it takes to get yourself through unplanned events such as climate change events or if you came across a car accident? Lisa proposes radical personal action to instilling community resilience and what it would look like. If everyone within our community had the opportunity to undertake specialised learning, everyone would be equipped with crucial and lifesaving skills. Born in O...
Radical Transparency, an Antidote for Modern Slavery | Chris Rodley | TEDxNelson
Views 988 hours ago
Chris talks about how verifiable data, visual and digital transparency (Radical Transparency) can address issues of Modern Slavery. Using technology to connect the consumer and producer, will revolutionize human rights and social compliance in fisheries and food supply chains. Chris is the Founder and CEO of Snap Information Technologies Ltd (SnapIT) and chairman of Teem Fish Monitoring Inc. He...
The Paradox of Choice | Shakhlo Giyasova | [email protected]
Views 618 hours ago
Paradox of Choice explores exactly that. Learn about how decisions affect our daily lives and how you can make better, more informed choices every day. Human beings make thousands of decisions every single day, whether these are as small as figuring out what to make for dinner or harder decisions like choosing a car or apartment. Although most of the time these decisions come naturally, sometim...
From Hopeless to Happy Homeless | Shokhrukhbek Olimov | [email protected]
Views 768 hours ago
Have you ever thought that a homeless can be happier than you are? Or that the day when you lose everything can be more fulfilling than any other day of your life? I have, and not only. No matter how much success we achieve in life, our minds tend to find enough little things to get slightly ungrateful with. It tends to feel as if something is missing. Well, let me share my story of homelessnes...
Passion Over Lifelong Burnout | Azizbek Nizomov | [email protected]
Views 458 hours ago
Passion under microscope. We look at it’s biological tenets in 3 steps, comments from social scientists on its nature, systems most conducive to producing and rewarding it like Liberal Arts and Madrasah education, and some of the genius it granted the humanity. Finally, we let the numbers speak in the light of passion. Young curious learner for life. Based in Tashkent, I work on my projects on ...
Underserved University Communities Africa's New Frontier | Jesudamilare Adesegun-David | TEDxLAUTECH
Views 448 hours ago
Jesudamilare "JD" Adesegun-David is a Thought Alchemist and a Community Transformation Strategist. Ennovate Lab, a community he co-leads, is an Innovation Hub and a Startup Foundry committed to building resilient innovation ecosystems in underserved university communities and creating borderless innovative solutions for communities of all kinds. A graduate of Agronomy in 2011 and a Teach with A...
Becoming you: Pathway to a Successful Life | Rebecca Adeyeye | TEDxLAUTECH
Views 1248 hours ago
Dr Rebecca Oluwayemisi Adeyeye (www.yemisiadeyeye.com) is the cofounder and managing director of Lifefount Hospital a leading hospital in cancer care. Dr Rebecca Oluwayemisi Adeyeye ( www.yemisiadeyeye.com) is the cofounder and managing director of Lifefount Hospital a leading hospital in cancer care,Surgery and endoscopy. She is a fellow of institute of management consultants and the pioneer p...
To fly high, Takeoff! | Captain Tapesh Kumar | TEDxIIITBangalore
Views 738 hours ago
To fly high, Takeoff! | Captain Tapesh Kumar | TEDxIIITBangalore
Tech Innovation 2030 | Avirat Jain | TEDxPCTEBaddowal
Views 948 hours ago
Tech Innovation 2030 | Avirat Jain | TEDxPCTEBaddowal
Every Leader was First a Volunteer | Fawole Isreal | TEDxLAUTECH
Views 718 hours ago
Every Leader was First a Volunteer | Fawole Isreal | TEDxLAUTECH
The eclectic combination that will give us our sustainable future | Maria Zhekova | TEDxVitosha
Views 1008 hours ago
The eclectic combination that will give us our sustainable future | Maria Zhekova | TEDxVitosha
How can education and professors change the world? | Javier Gonzalez Nuñez | TEDxUniversityofJordan
Views 1328 hours ago
How can education and professors change the world? | Javier Gonzalez Nuñez | TEDxUniversityofJordan
INVISIBLE BUT INVINCIBLE | Mrs.Farzana Dohadwalla | [email protected]
Views 768 hours ago
INVISIBLE BUT INVINCIBLE | Mrs.Farzana Dohadwalla | [email protected]
التفكير خارج السرب | Ahmad Alasad | TEDxUniversityofJordan
Views 658 hours ago
التفكير خارج السرب | Ahmad Alasad | TEDxUniversityofJordan
BE YOURSELF | NEERAJA GANESH | [email protected]
Views 1288 hours ago
BE YOURSELF | NEERAJA GANESH | [email protected]
الطريق الى العلامة الكاملة | Aya Elyyan | TEDxUniversityofJordan
Views 698 hours ago
الطريق الى العلامة الكاملة | Aya Elyyan | TEDxUniversityofJordan
Occupational Therapy for the Homeless | Quinn Tyminski | TEDxStLouisWomen
Views 948 hours ago
Occupational Therapy for the Homeless | Quinn Tyminski | TEDxStLouisWomen
Vocal Women - Talk the Walk | Ms.Saraswathy Ramamoorthy | [email protected]
Views 558 hours ago
Vocal Women - Talk the Walk | Ms.Saraswathy Ramamoorthy | [email protected]
Do It Yourself | Shohjahon Kukiboyev | [email protected]
Views 668 hours ago
Do It Yourself | Shohjahon Kukiboyev | [email protected]
Will our intelligence kill us? | Bekzodbek Bakirov | [email protected]
Views 468 hours ago
Will our intelligence kill us? | Bekzodbek Bakirov | [email protected]
Are the sources of our desires legit? | Doniyor Erkinov | [email protected]
Views 208 hours ago
Are the sources of our desires legit? | Doniyor Erkinov | [email protected]
Attitude can be an answer to your endless failures | Sarvinoz Badriddinova | [email protected]
Views 2118 hours ago
Attitude can be an answer to your endless failures | Sarvinoz Badriddinova | [email protected]


  • Tom
    Tom 3 hours ago

    One of the worst ted talks ever. Don't be wasteful with your money, yeah no kidding.

  • Brandi Ross
    Brandi Ross 3 hours ago

    Amazing work Sofie, such an inspiring accomplishment 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✨

  • Serenity Reigns 22
    Serenity Reigns 22 3 hours ago

    Awesome message King!!!

  • Shelley Curreen
    Shelley Curreen 3 hours ago

    Diversity is a good thing in societys. It is a struggle academically for dyslexia. Largely it is the teaching that and the pressure to perform and conform to the education system that causes problems.

  • Grigoris Grigoris
    Grigoris Grigoris 3 hours ago

    Επειδή ο άνδρας απο την φυση του ως συνήθως έχει μυϊκή δύναμη, αυτο δεν σημαινει οτι έχει το δικαιωμα να την χρησιμοποιει σε βάρος μιας γυναίκας. Γενικα η βια είναι ενεργεια που προέρχεται απο κακους, βίαιους και βαρβαρους τύπους. Άνδρας που δέρνει γυναίκα ειναι άνανδρος.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 3 hours ago

    Watch it till the end. Very powerful.

  • Αννα Μαρια Μαρκογιαννακη

    Είναι ένα βίντεο που πρέπει να το δουν μερικοί, μερικοί. Ίσως εξελιχθούν σαν άνθρωποι.

  • Bagpiper Bruce
    Bagpiper Bruce 3 hours ago

    is this guy for real?

  • Raph The Poet
    Raph The Poet 3 hours ago


  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 3 hours ago

    Anyone know of a legit video about what to eat and what not to eat?

  • Indigenous 3:16
    Indigenous 3:16 3 hours ago

    Our Tlingit-Haida people had some northern Japanese ancestry. We likely had military influence from that Japanese group as well. Our art is nearly a perfect clone of theirs.

  • Joanna Stoeva
    Joanna Stoeva 3 hours ago

    I like quality education

  • NE Bluefire
    NE Bluefire 3 hours ago


  • Louise Karger
    Louise Karger 3 hours ago

    So grateful to hear this reminder that love is here for us - like beauty we just need to open ourselves to it. Thanks so much!

  • Shelley Curreen
    Shelley Curreen 3 hours ago

    Dyslexia is a tricky thing. It runs in my family. My daughter has recently been diagnosed. It breaks my heart that she is going to have to work so hard to achieve what she needs to achieve. I have a bachelor of education. People ask me, how can you be dyslexic and be highly educated. I always tell people, a pass is a pass. It's hard for me. I struggle. I get marked down for basic errors, especially referencing. That has been the bane of my higher education experience. Another dyslexic parent said to his dyslexic kids...C get degrees. At the end of the day, what does it matter if you got 52% or 92%. You have the same knowledge, you do the same job. Just keep swimming.

  • Dan X
    Dan X 3 hours ago

    I'd like to thank the 98% convergent thinkers in th comment section for proving this talks thesis correct LOL

  • DrummingEnergy
    DrummingEnergy 3 hours ago

    Some people discover it as well at almost 40 :-)

  • Zeddy Bear
    Zeddy Bear 3 hours ago

    In ancient days, a timid person who had absolutely no courage to go hunt would eat grass and live his life like a peasant. Generations later, these people started calling themselves vegetarians.

  • Aussie—Greek
    Aussie—Greek 3 hours ago

    I’ve had chest pains probably from lifting all day i’m convinced it’s heart related.B/p normal,don’t smoke,cholesterol borderline high doctors not concerned.When I’m occupied it’s not there it’s been with me 3 weeks if it’s heart related I’d probably be dead.Why can’t we see that

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker 3 hours ago

    Terrible sound.. it's like trying to listen to a fourth grade play at the local school

  • Psychedelic Skeptic
    Psychedelic Skeptic 3 hours ago

    Good talk... But I did notice he conveniently left out the horrific things we do to farm animals. 😔

  • alex alex
    alex alex 3 hours ago

    ο τσιτσιπας εβρισε γιατι τις θεωρει κατωτερες παλι τις γυναικες πρεπει να μαθετε οι γυναίκες να αντιδρατε να μιλατε και φωναζετε οταν σας χτυπουν οι αντρες σας βιασουν η σας βριζουν και υποτιμουν να μην το ανεχεστε αντιδραστε μπειτε σε φεμινισιτκα κινηματα μιληστε κατα της πιεσης των αντρων έχετε δικαιωματα στην ζωη και στην κοινωνια μιληστε μην κανετε πισω αν σας πειραξουν η σας χτυπουν κλπ και αν δειτε να χτυπουν η να βριζουν γυναικα η να παρενωχλουν γυναικες διαφορες αντρες μιληστε καταγγειλτε το στην ατυνομια αντιδραστε μην το αφησετε ετσι ο φεμινισμος ειναι η μονη λυση για τα δικαιωματα σας που στην ελλαδα κακα τα ψεμματα δεν υπαρχουν μην κανετε πισω η πατριαρχεια σκοτωνει γναικες καθε μερα στην ελλαδα αντιδραστε υψωστε την γροθια σας στους αντρες εχετε δικη σας ζωη.

  • Romain Gerard
    Romain Gerard 3 hours ago

    Arraché de l'enfer qui pronne l'enfer...sale gourou

  • Tarik Yildirim
    Tarik Yildirim 3 hours ago

    İlker biraz çapsız ya kibir ve gurur fışkırıyor ama bunu maskelemek bunu tatmin etmenin tadını çıkarmanın en kolay rahat yolu

  • Abc Abcde
    Abc Abcde 3 hours ago

    aren't cows pigs and sheep also animals? thry are held hostage do they not matter? but the elephants tho????

  • Tobias Demetz
    Tobias Demetz 3 hours ago

    Isk but ted talks are all just talking around it :/

  • Máté Sinkó
    Máté Sinkó 3 hours ago

    Renewables is a learning curve. Decades. Dont like the fact it is presented as a failure, concluded. It is still evolving and learnings need to be taken and approach refined.. Havent mentioned solar electriciy excess being converted into hydrogene as a form of energy storage. No mention of storing nuclear waste either, into arctic ice which is melting. Lot of things missing from the picture he paints. "cant save the planet" is a premature statement. "We need to reset expectations on current model, and find solutions for further scaling" is a more fair title

  • GM M
    GM M 3 hours ago

    Warto zwrócić uwagę na to, jak dzieci uczą się mówić. Wszystkie dzieci na świecie rodzą się niemowami i opanowują swój język zanim pójdą do szkoły, czyli będąc jeszcze analfabetami.

  • gman 9276
    gman 9276 3 hours ago

    We are obsolete technology, unnecessary compared to what science can do without us.

  • Stephanie Leon
    Stephanie Leon 3 hours ago

    Damn I did not get all of those background noise ones correct haha. I have the WORST time hearing in loud noise environments!

  • armando castillo rodriguez

    Buenas tardes

  • Cristiano Justo
    Cristiano Justo 3 hours ago

    Sou pai de duas filhas, uma de um ano e outra de três. É muito legal, sem dúvidas. Mas não dá pra dizer que tua vida muda pra melhor, muito pelo contrário, tu perde tua liberdade, teu sossego, teu dinheiro, raramente transa, enfim, tua vida acaba. Então tem que pensar bem se a pessoa realmente quer, porque não é nada fácil.

  • Bonnie Millat
    Bonnie Millat 3 hours ago

    + d'humains comme Swann svp. Merci. 🖤💪🏼

  • John McEvoy
    John McEvoy 3 hours ago

    The smarter apes figured out a way to control the larger, stronger ones through psychological coercion.

  • Camilla Dillard
    Camilla Dillard 3 hours ago

    Wow! Let’s put these solutions into work!

  • amel mebarki
    amel mebarki 3 hours ago

    تهبل ماشاءالله عليها رسالة جاتني في وقتها يجعلهافي ميزان حسناتها

  • Rom Chaim
    Rom Chaim 3 hours ago

    It’s a nice thing to see a child saying this

  • Saravana Kumar
    Saravana Kumar 3 hours ago

    Great speech on to avoid attachment to results and focus on execution

  • Dave Bob
    Dave Bob 3 hours ago

    i thought that was jerma in the thumbnail

  • Gabriel S.
    Gabriel S. 3 hours ago

    Amazing Tophi 🔥🔥

    VELOCITOR 3 hours ago

    I gave up on Western feminism when they chose to ignore FGM and honor killings here in the West, while shrieking at the top of their lungs at anybody who dares give a negative review to the female "Ghostbusters" movie. Feminism in the West is broken.

  • Brent Wiggins
    Brent Wiggins 3 hours ago

    Intention plays a factor as well. Social media can be a useful tool or an entertaining toy. RU-clip can have a wealth of lectures and tutorials or endless prank and cat videos. Influencers can manipulate the message and medium they post to for profit rather than community. What goes on between your ears will decide. Focus and uninterrupted progress is better than immediate and debilitating distractions.

  • Michelle Matthews
    Michelle Matthews 3 hours ago

    Yes yes unconditionally love you x

  • Орхан Имамкулиев


  • Karyn Ruth White - Stand Up For Your Success

    Fantastic talk!!! Such an important message. Thank you for sharing from the heart and helping us to RESET our understanding around Mental Health, specifically Bipolar Disorder.

  • pete griff
    pete griff 4 hours ago

    Shame about the sound engineering

  • Amber Thornton Bell
    Amber Thornton Bell 4 hours ago

    I lost all 4 of my children during pregnancy. I lost Micah at 24weeks in February 2014. Alison was lost at 6weeks in May 2014 and twins Heidi and Noah at 8weeks in August 2015. Before my in-laws had my wife and her 4 younger siblings, they had over 18 miscarriages (they stopped counting at 18) and 1 stillborn daughter. My sister-in-law (my wife's sister) lost 5 babies during miscarriage. I have so many other family and friends who have lost children.

  • λnnaheim.
    λnnaheim. 4 hours ago

    Be yourself as long as you are not white.

  • Reid Ayres
    Reid Ayres 4 hours ago

    Eat bugs commie