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  • Mark
    Mark 2 hours ago

    Album SZN ?????

  • Oscar from Wii Sports

    I don’t like his voice bro

  • sierra stokes
    sierra stokes 2 hours ago

    celebrities: (do something that any normal person does) people: omg how could you not love this man!

  • datssiah TM
    datssiah TM 3 hours ago

    "and a sock" - lil Uzi vert

  • King Of Awesomenezz
    King Of Awesomenezz 3 hours ago

    One thing I can’t live without- Eternal Atale

  • RuthmaJozile1
    RuthmaJozile1 3 hours ago

    3:28 that part.

  • Damian Donarski
    Damian Donarski 3 hours ago

    we must protect this man, 3:30 sums it up as the reason why

  • Michael Granberry
    Michael Granberry 3 hours ago

    This man smart women’s deodorant last longer LIKE

  • SkaterFreak
    SkaterFreak 3 hours ago

    Which watch is it on his arm in this Video ?

  • Lil’ Miss Imperfect

    He forgot to mention his purse and skirts.

  • Yushy
    Yushy 3 hours ago

    Questo per dirvi che i rapper che tanto acclamate in italia vengono visti all'estero come delle merdine pretenziose copie delle copie.

  • BakedAllYearTv
    BakedAllYearTv 3 hours ago


  • Keros Elgoog
    Keros Elgoog 3 hours ago

    love u K.R.

  • justine
    justine 3 hours ago

    top 10 things i cant live without: 1)lil uzi 2)lil uzi 3)lil uzi 4)lil uzi 5)lil uzi 6)lil uzi 7)lil uzi 8)lil uzi 9)lil uzi 10)this video

  • Mason Neisen
    Mason Neisen 3 hours ago


  • Silke
    Silke 3 hours ago

    4:42 as a video producer, I felt that in my core

    HILLBILLYVILLE 3 hours ago

    This is nonsense! All I need is my bong and a pack of chew, and I'm good. These rappers nowadays are getting soft.

  • Jackson Scully
    Jackson Scully 3 hours ago

    The 11th thing he can't live without is not releasing EA

  • nome e cognome
    nome e cognome 3 hours ago

    10 things The Weeknd can't live without

  • Mutua Mukeku
    Mutua Mukeku 3 hours ago

    Why this mans normal voice still sound auto tuned 😂😂

  • Seth Brickman
    Seth Brickman 3 hours ago

    He forgot to mention his booster seat

  • -xYUNG- THRASHx-
    -xYUNG- THRASHx- 3 hours ago

    His nana gave him a chain after she died.smh

  • Dj Stanford
    Dj Stanford 3 hours ago

  • Supreme Timmy
    Supreme Timmy 3 hours ago


  • Like Twins A&A
    Like Twins A&A 3 hours ago

  • shindean
    shindean 3 hours ago

    I wonder if he'll snitch🤔

  • Like Twins A&A
    Like Twins A&A 3 hours ago

    ** Like

    BENJALAZER 3 hours ago

    I love this guy sm😭

  • sadboifamous
    sadboifamous 3 hours ago

    how can you not love this man

  • nick sinicropi
    nick sinicropi 3 hours ago

    "I don't consider myself a jeweler" is literally a jeweler

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 3 hours ago

    Stand on my money now I’m 6’6

  • Gunpowder Hoes
    Gunpowder Hoes 3 hours ago

    .....try it

  • I b
    I b 3 hours ago

    3 Legendary.

  • zaffoi
    zaffoi 3 hours ago

    But did he pay for the scholarship

  • Andrijana S.
    Andrijana S. 3 hours ago

    Bazzi is the most beautiful human being periodt

  • Big Rig Fix
    Big Rig Fix 3 hours ago

    Is this a commercial.

  • Members Only Hip Hop

    Literally eat the same muffins as him, that’s cool

  • Richard Ariz
    Richard Ariz 3 hours ago

    He can’t go nowhere with out his free loading friends 😂

  • Francis Bright
    Francis Bright 3 hours ago

    I use arm & hammer too it's the best and makes my mouth feel the cleanest

  • chadpainter1k
    chadpainter1k 3 hours ago

    woman’s deodorant i love it

  • anthony
    anthony 3 hours ago

    i like how he’s the only one gq actually came to

  • Adi
    Adi 3 hours ago

    This was uploaded exactly a year ago.

  • cember crump
    cember crump 3 hours ago

    That is the best lip balm my favorite

  • Demaurié Webster
    Demaurié Webster 3 hours ago

    Thought he got his eye balls tinted at first 🤣 Asian eyes

  • Joseph Gee
    Joseph Gee 3 hours ago

    Was that really women's deodorant he pulled out?

  • 乇尺乙ㄖ几乙
    乇尺乙ㄖ几乙 3 hours ago

    Honorable mention: His “Yah”

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star 3 hours ago

    _"No, you'll have to turn this opportunity yes!"_

  • Jazmine Osbourne
    Jazmine Osbourne 3 hours ago

    I died when he passed the camera guy the little bites 💀💀💀😂😂😂

  • Maxime Carignan
    Maxime Carignan 3 hours ago

    What about homies

  • James Barret
    James Barret 3 hours ago

    Uzi a goat

  • SeaTheGod Gold
    SeaTheGod Gold 3 hours ago


  • DaRk_DaddyStiles
    DaRk_DaddyStiles 3 hours ago

    Soul calibur was the best

  • Kesean Kerr
    Kesean Kerr 3 hours ago


  • Clayton Kartes
    Clayton Kartes 3 hours ago

    Bruh then muffins are fire so are the blue berry fam

  • Mk_ ron
    Mk_ ron 3 hours ago

    When your teacher explains something then he ask you what did you understand Them 0:46

  • Alan Salguero
    Alan Salguero 3 hours ago

    How i wish this dudes was my barber

  • Siriaz
    Siriaz 3 hours ago

    AnuelAA join the chat

  • XXL IndigoBuffaloJr
    XXL IndigoBuffaloJr 3 hours ago

    Been waiting for this

  • Lori
    Lori 3 hours ago

    he madd cute

  • Josh Crispy
    Josh Crispy 3 hours ago

    Black e boy

  • amourpc
    amourpc 3 hours ago

    My love🥺💛

  • Jayce Neptune
    Jayce Neptune 3 hours ago

    He look like one of the popular juniors in high school talking to his classmates that keep turning around to talk to him there.

  • piink unicorn
    piink unicorn 3 hours ago


  • PoopConsumer UwU
    PoopConsumer UwU 3 hours ago

    Never thought it’d happen

  • Techno gaming
    Techno gaming 3 hours ago

    Only thing I need eternal Atake wtf Uzi

  • Kristen Price
    Kristen Price 3 hours ago

    Umm.... Chance by CHANEL is a women's perfume, not a cologne. And women's deodorant? Weird. 😂😂😂 I guess it goes with his purses? 💁

  • N
    N 3 hours ago

    Real gangsta rap artist

  • Emma Akpan
    Emma Akpan 3 hours ago

    This is the fifth time I’ve watched this.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 3 hours ago

    Mans brought out jump force and god of War back to back. So much respect gained. I high key wanna play jump force now

  • Paul Brady
    Paul Brady 3 hours ago

    Now these are real, respectable essentials. Not flashy..just fact. Salute!👊🏽

  • Young Villain
    Young Villain 3 hours ago

    How do we let people this stupid become so wealthy

  • Gang Shit
    Gang Shit 3 hours ago

    Lil uzi literally copied like 3 of your things 😂😂( don’t get mad people I’m joking hahaha)

  • DakotaN
    DakotaN 3 hours ago

    What are the odds he goes bankrupt...high...

  • Emi Aparaschivei
    Emi Aparaschivei 3 hours ago

    He is so simple and cool at the same time..

  • The Legend
    The Legend 3 hours ago


  • nahdeem wavyy
    nahdeem wavyy 3 hours ago

    that the first time I heard what he actually sounds like

  • wolfie sun
    wolfie sun 3 hours ago

    my cat died today :'(

  • Ramata diop
    Ramata diop 3 hours ago

    2,4 million de vues en 1 jour wow

  • A Deep Fried Rat 🐀

    3:28 Uzi knew how to respond to that dumbass question

  • Jesse .P
    Jesse .P 3 hours ago

    I finna try that toothpaste, powder and baking soda, aight.

  • Kyle Prather
    Kyle Prather 3 hours ago

    Bic is more like an android the crack lights are more of an iphone

  • yuhyurr
    yuhyurr 3 hours ago

    isn’t that woman’s deodorant?

  • zack alexander
    zack alexander 3 hours ago

    Join my discord!

  • Moist Ravioli
    Moist Ravioli 3 hours ago

    Uzi’s bag is almost taller than him

  • Ajax
    Ajax 3 hours ago

    What a weird little man

    KIIING LOUIE XXII 3 hours ago

    3:30 When you ask the new shy kid at school if he wants his lunch 🤣💀 But knowing he didn’t wanna give it up 🤣💀😭

  • Zoya Khan
    Zoya Khan 3 hours ago

    4:08 is no one gonna talk about the fact that he has women’s deodorant? 🤪😂

  • Ean
    Ean 3 hours ago

    Did I just watch a ad

  • Gokuthegod 477
    Gokuthegod 477 3 hours ago

    I need 100 subscribers plz and thank you

  • Kaleb Taylor
    Kaleb Taylor 4 hours ago

    Everything he says is funny

  • oscar meyer weiner
    oscar meyer weiner 4 hours ago

    fetty wap on 2 songs w mir fontane look it up they go hard

  • Estevan Hernandez
    Estevan Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Okay then (love yu)

  • King Kardashian
    King Kardashian 4 hours ago

    I thought Young Thug was his blanket


    So is it human or reptile?

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 4 hours ago

    When Uzi was born they wrapped him up with a gucci blanket

  • Cecee Nzan
    Cecee Nzan 4 hours ago

    Would love to see Tom on Kingsman

  • Kayson
    Kayson 4 hours ago

    “I hope you’re alright up there..” that’s so sweet.

  • Elite Gator23
    Elite Gator23 4 hours ago

    Bro make more music uzi

  • Bro D
    Bro D 4 hours ago

    He uses girl perfume?

  • Feleicia Wynn
    Feleicia Wynn 4 hours ago

    I like his personality. He seems cool to talk to.