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  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore 2 hours ago

    If you’re making a video to help people get coins F2P you should have listed 3 good tracks for it.

  • Emma cockburn
    Emma cockburn 2 hours ago

    That hinozall quest is Hinozall Awoken

  • HMF 325
    HMF 325 2 hours ago

    Nooooo you killed a pandanoko :"(

  • Manuel Haisch
    Manuel Haisch 2 hours ago

    Wrong information in there! You can get 2 high end things from one category but only one highlight and one random high end

  • Hannes Hermansson
    Hannes Hermansson 2 hours ago

    how do you get your credit card work on the japanese eshop

  • daniel zeiger
    daniel zeiger 2 hours ago

    6114 0340 8152

    PIERRE 3 hours ago

    Cash grab game

  • Superbrady68
    Superbrady68 3 hours ago

    Thank you very much i got a arachnia and a shad. Venoct and a casanuva

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi 3 hours ago

    Everyone's recommending this for people who don't have a 3ds , but unless you know japanese or have a translator alongside you , then just don't buy this.

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi 3 hours ago

    I hope no one keeps asking for mr sandmeh.

  • Hawk Light
    Hawk Light 3 hours ago

    When he forgets so many times that cryonis exists

  • Sophia Metcalf
    Sophia Metcalf 3 hours ago

    Signs you're Whisper: Attached to a tablet, exaggerates often, dislikes being proven wrong, a bit irritating, slightly temperamental... That's me.

  • Chase !!!
    Chase !!! 3 hours ago

    What your favorite character from Mario kart tour

  • Chase !!!
    Chase !!! 4 hours ago

    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I don't think it's a great video

  • The Crimson wrath
    The Crimson wrath 4 hours ago

    How do you get the demo

    xXROYAL _ VIBESXx 4 hours ago

    Bro people still play this game?

  • Goobi Bellon
    Goobi Bellon 4 hours ago

    I'm a release date player and my first car was yellow taxi

  • Sten Dijk
    Sten Dijk 4 hours ago

    Idiot these people aren't real either

  • Collin Schols
    Collin Schols 4 hours ago

    By my is not working

  • The Gooder D
    The Gooder D 4 hours ago

    I have peachette 0:

  • Kyle Austin
    Kyle Austin 4 hours ago

    This is not maximize your odds! Is More like know your odd and what chances you can get

  • AccurateMemin
    AccurateMemin 5 hours ago

    Abdallah in Frenzy: Yes ok Im gonna use an item. Me: Which one, we have Coin, Coin, Coin Coin, and the luxuriously shiny... Coin.

  • superautomaticdeluxe

    I deleted MK tour, it's be a great game but all this extra crap takes away everything that made the SNES mario kart awesome. I'd much rather focus on skill and tactics in actual game play than obsess over whether or not I've got enough upgrades on whatever

  • daviddd
    daviddd 5 hours ago

    What drift type is he using?

  • Kingninja Sk
    Kingninja Sk 6 hours ago

    Can you plese play dragon quest 11x switch

  • Avion Taylor
    Avion Taylor 7 hours ago

    I got Metal Mario with my tutorial pull

  • Mystic Bros.
    Mystic Bros. 7 hours ago

    I feel bad for the poor sap who’s gonna get stuck in Abdallah’s league during the mario cup tourney...

  • Liz Valdivia
    Liz Valdivia 7 hours ago

    mine is 3841 - 1806 - 8121 pls anser

  • Alex van der Merwe
    Alex van der Merwe 9 hours ago

    I have rerolled the game numerous times and got Peach komo 1x, and Peachette 2x ( note that I didn't get them all in the same game save). So i got Komono and decided to reroll the game to get a different high-end and I keep getting Peachette now.

  • The Rats
    The Rats 9 hours ago


  • Elhiot
    Elhiot 9 hours ago

    Just here to know if I play the good way. And yes ! Just, don't use the auto item ^^

  • Jayron Hardmon
    Jayron Hardmon 10 hours ago

    Yo how is mans level 24 though???

  • Jayron Hardmon
    Jayron Hardmon 10 hours ago

    We not gonna talk about how mans did all the challenges already

  • Jayron Hardmon
    Jayron Hardmon 10 hours ago

    Somebody link this to dashie

  • Diego Dominguez Zueco
    Diego Dominguez Zueco 11 hours ago

    I'm free to play and I got the yellow taxi and pauline the first day

  • JBrod61CPA
    JBrod61CPA 11 hours ago

    I like it...

  • Kihyun owns my A S S
    Kihyun owns my A S S 11 hours ago

    The problem is that you can onlx get 300 coins a day? I think, because theres a message every time I pass 300 coins/day

  • Bobby Gilmore
    Bobby Gilmore 11 hours ago

    Just pulled the gold glider with my last five rubies while watching your video! Keep making what the people want brotha! Your content is GOLD indeed :)

  • astovia
    astovia 11 hours ago

    So.... basically Mario Kart is trash.

  • desiree
    desiree 11 hours ago

    I need friend codes!!!

  • desiree
    desiree 11 hours ago

    I think buying the coins with rubies is the way to go you can buy more than opposed to the pipes for 5 rubies

  • Anna Austin
    Anna Austin 12 hours ago

    Can you do 4 Rubeus J vs ultra Rubeus j please

  • Jairo Martinez
    Jairo Martinez 12 hours ago

    Yoo thank you so much for the tips! I was able to get Pauline AND Musician Mario by spending my free rubies (I waited for each banner for each of the respective characters to reset or start fresh so I could get them) 😆

  • JBrod61CPA
    JBrod61CPA 12 hours ago

    Well said here.

  • Jorge Ordóñez
    Jorge Ordóñez 12 hours ago

    You lacking a way, some tracks shoot your character at high speed like the candy track or yoshi's track. If the blue shell hits you while at it, it won't damage you. Also there's a way I'm not fully aware. Cause I saw the blue shell coming but it got destroyed in the way. I'm guessing a bomb or other player using the star or some other item was able to destroy it while it's on it's way to hit ya. The bomb would be really cool cause you do get it while on first place.

  • Weeb Runner
    Weeb Runner 13 hours ago

    The drifting sucks

  • Joshua Baruch
    Joshua Baruch 13 hours ago

    Honestly unless you're spending piles of money on this game then it's unlikely you'll ever be in the situation you'd use the reset button.

    • AbdallahSmash026
      AbdallahSmash026 5 hours ago

      Not at all. If you pull the Spotlight character within your first pull, it's highly recommend that you reset so you can get another one.

  • Csdragon13
    Csdragon13 13 hours ago

    dashie needs this lol

  • Hunter Rose
    Hunter Rose 13 hours ago

    I got a bad wagon, taxi and the fare flier and my first pipe...

  • stewpit edu
    stewpit edu 13 hours ago

    Mario kart mobile 🖕🖕🖕

  • VtX_PartyXP
    VtX_PartyXP 13 hours ago

    I finally mastered manual but how the heck does he get on the mountain in kalamari desert in the beginning??

  • cyril van krey
    cyril van krey 13 hours ago

    200 cc is good for to keep your combo high with 150 cc you might lose your combo because your to slow and with the 2 weeks for free for the gold pass they are making people addicted to the 200 cc

  • Bendy The Devil
    Bendy The Devil 13 hours ago

    Number one that's what I always do in mario kart

  • Laizey
    Laizey 13 hours ago

    I have 30,060 points and the person in 2nd place has 20,459 points so I’m chillin

  • CrazyMario 20389
    CrazyMario 20389 13 hours ago

    I just got kimono peach today at 9 pm and i also got the spotlight cart

  • Danny Ortiz
    Danny Ortiz 14 hours ago

    So wait what does it mean when the pipe is gold? Does that just confirm that you're going to pull something good?

  • TFNetwork
    TFNetwork 14 hours ago

    4210 6996 8035

  • Vism33 33msiV
    Vism33 33msiV 14 hours ago

    Are you using a Pixel XL?

  • Mr. PoopyButthole
    Mr. PoopyButthole 14 hours ago

    When this game says 1day remaining it really is two days you’ll see tomorrow it will say however many hours remaining

    • Flygono
      Flygono 4 hours ago

      I wish it would say "_ days __ hours left"

    • FrankieFreak
      FrankieFreak 8 hours ago

      Mr. PoopyButthole yeah it‘s like so frustrating 😂

  • Pulse Digital
    Pulse Digital 14 hours ago

    Yeet or be yot......and we chose to Yeet

  • Angel Acosta
    Angel Acosta 14 hours ago

    Didn't seem like Yamper was liked as much lol

  • Austin Acholonu
    Austin Acholonu 14 hours ago

    Abdallah I don't know if you know this but on the rocket start you can get the optimal boost by holding from 2 to 1 and then right when the game starts you let go and can get a really far boost

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 14 hours ago

    I've honestly spent my coins on characters I like , I feel like it's better to just have more of the roster than having more of the karts and gliders

    • BL_Kamaji
      BL_Kamaji 8 hours ago

      There is def a balance but I think the biggest thing is gliders 1st, characters 2nd, karts 3rd

  • Brittney
    Brittney 14 hours ago

    i pulled the kabuki dasher, peach kimono, peachette, dry bowser, and the full flight glider :o

  • Lucas Wold
    Lucas Wold 14 hours ago

    I’m fine I got Larry so I don’t need any other character

  • Álvaro Mata
    Álvaro Mata 14 hours ago

    This guy hitting almost 30k and I can't even get 20k because I only have the good driver, cart and glider for kalimari desert and even then I can barely get 8k there cause I can't for the live of me get a frenzy, I'm 2nd place with a little over 100 points behind 1st 😤😤😤

  • Lileasy757
    Lileasy757 15 hours ago

    Damnit I bought it at target

  • Destinee
    Destinee 15 hours ago

    I got Pauline with one of my free pulls like 15 minutes after I first started lmao

  • Pulse Digital
    Pulse Digital 15 hours ago

    Abdallah I hope you know I wake up every single day anticipating the streams. They light up my day a lot thank you!

  • SomePerson47
    SomePerson47 15 hours ago

    PLEASE EXPLAIN! Why are there sometimes score of 22,000 on my game, but on your game, the guy in 2nd place has 23,000?!

    • SomePerson47
      SomePerson47 2 hours ago

      Cool bro, but how are they organized?

    • AbdallahSmash026
      AbdallahSmash026 5 hours ago

      There are different grouped leader boards, not one giant one.

  • Veronica Ibarra
    Veronica Ibarra 15 hours ago

    I need draggi and insomni I have lie-in heart and eterna friend code: 2681-5256-5237

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 15 hours ago

    The reason you can’t keep the combos going on Tokyo Blur is because you are using bottom shelf gliders. The ultra-rare bar glider is best for that track for you because it doubles the time you have to keep a combo going than all the other glider

    • AbdallahSmash026
      AbdallahSmash026 4 hours ago

      How do you honestly think I don't know this... 🧐

    • Adrian Hernandez
      Adrian Hernandez 15 hours ago

      Higher shelf is way more important than base points and skill level. ALWAYS CHOOSE HIGHER SHELF STUFF FOR HIGHEST POINTS POSSIBLE. ok bye

  • kalid Desentina
    kalid Desentina 16 hours ago

    there is a whole day left tho like 28 more hours as of this time.

  • Kelsey Gordon
    Kelsey Gordon 16 hours ago

    5 rubies and I pulled peachette

  • PK Jose
    PK Jose 16 hours ago

    That was absolutely amazing!

  • Francesco Spina
    Francesco Spina 16 hours ago

    Know how luigi isn’t it the game? I have a theory! On Halloween with the release of Luigi’s mansion 3, as one of Those really rare pulls, you could get luigi with the poltergust 3000! What do you guys think?

    • Mystic Bros.
      Mystic Bros. 7 hours ago

      Dude Man I think the next tour is gonna take a break from “around the world” and go for a full on Luigi’s mansion theme, featuring Luigi, Waluigi, and flipping E Gadd/King Boo as new gold characters, with Gooigi and King Boo/E Gadd as the spotlight. New tracks? Likely Luigi’s mansion, Waluigi pinball, a few misc. tracks, and maybe a Luigi’s mansion 3 track.

    • D84
      D84 11 hours ago

      Baby Luigi, King Boo and Waluigi too

    • Dude Man
      Dude Man 14 hours ago

      Francesco Spina honestly could see that happening tbh

  • an_ab_
    an_ab_ 16 hours ago

    Never reset and got pauline musician mario and dry bowser?

  • Gd Timrem
    Gd Timrem 16 hours ago


  • DeeAnna Vazquez
    DeeAnna Vazquez 16 hours ago

    Is anyone having trouble where their EXP has just stopped? I’m on level 20, but my meter just stopped completely at 55.4% and I’ve played about 10-15 races and it still hasn’t budged. Like is anyone having this problem?

    • AbdallahSmash026
      AbdallahSmash026 4 hours ago

      It's not a problem. The game secretly caps how much player Level exp you get from each level.

  • Aussie Haze
    Aussie Haze 16 hours ago

    If you want to get the best out of your two weeks free gold start it on the ending day of the tour so you’ll get all the gold prizes along with what you’ll earn next tour!

  • LEAH Luostarinen
    LEAH Luostarinen 16 hours ago

    WOW! Your pretty good at mario kart tour so far nice job

    YO-KAIMASTER 282 16 hours ago

    34:59 illuminati confirmed (X files music playing)

  • BellyDrum Beasts
    BellyDrum Beasts 16 hours ago

    Abdallah what if you keep getting first and I keep getting first that we end up in the same room

  • Full Moon Editz
    Full Moon Editz 16 hours ago

    Anyone else wants Paratroopa, Birdo or Funky Kong to come back? Just me? K

  • FBI
    FBI 17 hours ago

    Why do I feel like the ranked cup is rigged because I'm first as well

    • FBI
      FBI 10 hours ago

      @SunEmber hmm I see

    • SunEmber
      SunEmber 10 hours ago

      there are different tiers

  • Full Moon Editz
    Full Moon Editz 17 hours ago

    My wallet is gonna be crying if Luigi makes it in the game

  • its a me memes
    its a me memes 17 hours ago

    Mom pick me up I'm scared

  • Lorena Salgado
    Lorena Salgado 17 hours ago

    Can you do a video to pass the last to cups it is hard to get 7 to 10 thousand points

  • pizza king geek
    pizza king geek 17 hours ago

    I im frensh

  • Full Moon Editz
    Full Moon Editz 17 hours ago

    Dashie should've listen to Abdallah before spending hundreds on trying to get the homie Yosh

  • 채영태
    채영태 17 hours ago

    i love watching u playi mario kart

  • Eduardo FVZ
    Eduardo FVZ 17 hours ago

    unbelievable, congratulations. you play very well. hugs from Brazil

  • Oh Yeah Yeah!
    Oh Yeah Yeah! 17 hours ago

    f2p... are you sure about that?

    • Jonytobi
      Jonytobi 11 hours ago

      100% Go watch the streams 👍

  • Caleb Crockett
    Caleb Crockett 17 hours ago

    Do you think you’ll rank the characters again? Or just the new characters since these cups aren’t as nice to last tours characters sometimes

  • BellyDrum Beasts
    BellyDrum Beasts 17 hours ago


  • Lina Cuartas-Ward
    Lina Cuartas-Ward 17 hours ago

    Whose watching in 2019

  • Lemmy X Pro /// Mankalor Fan

    You Have Such Good Stuff For Every Cup And I Don't...

  • Dirpy Cat Kitty Meow Meow

    Man I just love kat kradle's demise 😼 it took me so long and the laugh tee hee hee it's annoying 😾 and OHHHH show we play perhaps with your head it took me so loooong 😿

  • Bruh Itz Nahmir
    Bruh Itz Nahmir 17 hours ago

    The stream this morning was so amazing, I have snacks and everything while playing Mario and watching the stream😂👍🏼

    • Taco Tuesday
      Taco Tuesday 17 hours ago

      Bruh Itz Nahmir facts I love his streams

  • ErinKelly 18
    ErinKelly 18 17 hours ago

    I was at the stream this morning I had a blast!