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  • sign543
    sign543 37 minutes ago

    I wish she’d stop saying 99%. Is she really qualified to make this pretty big claim? Maybe it’s just a large percentage of scripts she’s been hired to work on.

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 54 minutes ago


  • Sam Dawkins
    Sam Dawkins Hour ago

    to many fragile snowflakes here complaining that hes too negative. This is how it is in the real world, especially hollywood. Consider yrself lucky to be hearing this invaluable advice and try to learn from it

  • Prakarsh Gupta
    Prakarsh Gupta Hour ago

    this is the first time it happend. @4:34 i paused to write this comment. why am i finding this guy so unbearable?? like if i am not the only one

  • The Feel Button
    The Feel Button Hour ago

    The hardest part of making anything today is hacking through hyperbole for truth.

  • Cireeric360 Y
    Cireeric360 Y 3 hours ago

    Perfect ... Thank you for that.

  • Ms. Filmfeline
    Ms. Filmfeline 4 hours ago

    It's not exactly true about ideas. I sent a script pitch to Charmed when Holly was producing it. A book that writes itself and the characters have to do what shows up on the pages. Two months later or three it's on screen. A book that writes the story and characters do what is written. Chances of their writing team having the same exact idea I sent them right at that time were slim to none. I didn't make a huge deal out of it bc I write a new script once a month, but ideas CAN be taken, sir.

  • David Webb
    David Webb 5 hours ago

    Finished my first and half way through my second. It's a relief to know others struggle to sleep when the idea is buzzing. Sleeping a bit better now. Now annoyed at myself it took 44 years to do this. Great video!

  • TeaDrinker3000
    TeaDrinker3000 5 hours ago

    Everything from 11:00 onwards is pure gold

  • Jonathan Boyd
    Jonathan Boyd 5 hours ago

    Great Video Very well Articulated It's all pretty hard I guess it's Different at different levels on different shoots But I definitely relate to the Logistics ,time and things going wrong every day pretty much Just getting pieces of the puzzle together

  • Ranwolf73
    Ranwolf73 6 hours ago

    All day im asking myself am I doing this right? Then i get here and yes, yes i am. I think i need to stick with michael on this story. Getting character theory from multiple sources is confusing me. Lol Love the channel 😉👍

  • Jorik Dozy
    Jorik Dozy 9 hours ago

    amazing, keep it up

  • Eric Renquist
    Eric Renquist 9 hours ago

    Writer's these days are very lucky to have the internet. So much advice and wisdom at our finger tips.

  • Jonathan Fraser
    Jonathan Fraser 10 hours ago

    He meant to say this take is for you. You’re acting WITH a net. Great stuff though

  • ChadGlassify
    ChadGlassify 12 hours ago


  • Master Builder
    Master Builder 13 hours ago

    Paying Attention, Thank U

  • ThejayL0456
    ThejayL0456 14 hours ago

    what about working up from background?

  • Tony Lasiter
    Tony Lasiter 15 hours ago

    What are the specific "bullet points" the financiers were looking for?

  • MariWakocha
    MariWakocha 16 hours ago

    I've actually been thinking about this a lot because I'm writing a script and I don't know at what stage I'll be able to to send it to someone to be read. But I have to shoot it next fall so I assume it's gonna get down to time, as it usually does in my experience.

  • JaiVonte' Salmon
    JaiVonte' Salmon 16 hours ago

    An ounce of anything I want!? 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    COREY T. ROGERS 16 hours ago

    I would love to have a conversation with her omg.

    • Film Courage
      Film Courage 9 hours ago

      She's incredible. We put on a LIVE class with Pamela that was a lot of fun. Here is a link -

  • Closed Eye Visuals
    Closed Eye Visuals 20 hours ago

    Gregg Toland

  • Svetlana Negashova
    Svetlana Negashova 20 hours ago

    Such a brilliant insightful interview, is it a full version? would be happy to hear more whatever Jason has to say:) Thank you!

    • Film Courage
      Film Courage 9 hours ago

      Hi Svetlana, we've only published two videos with Jason thus far. Here is the other one -

  • Svetlana Negashova
    Svetlana Negashova 21 hour ago

    Such an inspiring video, thank you so much!

  • Михаил Бреннер

    Oh, I cried.

  • Alexis Papageorgiou
    Alexis Papageorgiou 22 hours ago

    Isn't this the guy who told you that he works with bad scripts all the time and he fixes them while on filming stage?

  • Victor Seastrom
    Victor Seastrom 23 hours ago

    Great scripts seldom make great movies. I've been around long enough to see this happen again and again. I think that the problem is that great scripts leave very room for interpretation by the filmmakers. Good scripts can make great movies. I think for the most part the Academy gives the Best Picture to the wrong films. They are often given to dramas which are the easiest films to make. If you put together great actors and good script, you're a fool if you can make a good movie. The hardest films to pull off are #1 Comedy and #2 Horror. That's why there are so many bad examples.

  • Nothing is Real

    Why 22?

  • Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach

    Brilliant! This is what it's all about -- touching lives. And then taking it a step farther. You get the best people on your channel! Thank you, Karen and David! Keep shining.

  • ozayevable
    ozayevable Day ago

    When you hear the word "community" thrown around in a business, run to the opposite direction.

  • william pabon
    william pabon Day ago

    Wow! This interview really got to me, I’ve seen all your interviews and apply some of the techniques to my workflow, but this one interview made me think differently. I have tears in my eyes.

    • Film Courage
      Film Courage 23 hours ago

      Alex and his mission with FYI Films is one of the most inspiring topics we have covered in all of our years doing this. His interview with us has a different soul to it than most of our interviews. We're really glad we had a chance to sit down with him and to be in this spot to share his story.

  • Write Heroes
    Write Heroes Day ago

    I'm 60k into my current novel, and just outlined my last 25k words. The story goes way beyond my first predictions for the ending.



  • Ranwolf73
    Ranwolf73 Day ago

    Pure brainstorming has been my process for the last five months, partly because pacing around works best for me and keeping flow dynamic allows the good ideas to come forward to be refined and improved while the mediocre stuff is free to drift off and be forgotten. I did however come up with a basic outline first, otherwise the thought process has too much freedom to wander off in too many directions. I still run into writers block even though im not actually writing anything so far Lol I got stuck on what my protagonists resolution to his wound would be but i got there. I think writing gets over emphasised a bit, its essential to the process of course but brainstorming... 'Write about what you know' how do you know about a fiction universe that does not exist??? Brainstorming! 😄

  • Cincy.A.L.W
    Cincy.A.L.W Day ago

    This is another one of those "I hardly ever give out an A" professors.

  • Rose dust
    Rose dust Day ago

    I relate to her situation so much. Thanks for the video

  • Revatron Prime

    Film Courage is one of the best film channels on RU-clip. Keep it up

  • Dario Wirtha
    Dario Wirtha Day ago

    I was never satisfied with Blake Snyder's Save the Cat, which my screenwriting teacher endorsed. Glad i just used the library book. Now, this guy, I feel, knows what the F he's talking about

  • Write Heroes
    Write Heroes Day ago

    1) The story needs to test the protagonist's flaw. 2 The protagonist must make the story happen.


    Film Courage I love and rarely have a strongly different view, usually just need to see how the presenter is trying to apply the ***they are presenting. On this video I'm totally confused and not sure I understand anything she's taking about when discussing 'episodic/situational' vs 'a strory'. Forgive me, but it seems like she keeps switching the two back and fourth as one thing, then saying they are different.... or something liked that. I'm confused :-/

  • Frank Furt
    Frank Furt Day ago

    Wouldn't just saying thank you and almost being dismissive about it all come across as egotistical?

  • Queenofweaves
    Queenofweaves Day ago

    You can see and hear his passion for what he does. God bless you brotha 🥰

  • Dan B.
    Dan B. Day ago

    Great interview! Very inspirational how the chain of events stemmed from the activists at the church.

  • JA G
    JA G Day ago

    I get tired of movies because of the formula. Its a riddle I have already figured out. Not much is surprising.

  • Christopher Moonlight Productions

    I really admire this guy. His passion is genuine and he seems really down to earth.

  • Write Heroes
    Write Heroes Day ago

    You can always return to your first book after five years, and then improve it so it is publishable.

  • Kris B
    Kris B Day ago

    Everyone thinks their way of living is the right way when there is no single right way to live. As long as you're not hurting anyone else people should not judge you. Not everyone can or should be doctors, lawyers or engineers. The world would be a horribly boring place to live without artists and creative people.

  • Feeture Films
    Feeture Films Day ago

    Sometimes they can get away with adlibbing without changing the tone.

  • Feeture Films
    Feeture Films Day ago

    But some actors may adlib right?

  • Feeture Films
    Feeture Films Day ago

    21 days . Rough draft .

  • Ianuarius
    Ianuarius Day ago

    Boyhood!!! It took 12 years to make.

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza Day ago

    talking about the technical aspects of the movie. what about the post production???? what softwares are usd to post movieslike these????

  • Omid Films
    Omid Films Day ago

    It’s particularly hard if you have a narcissistic parent because they are secretly jealous of your ambitious dreams and want you to bring you down. Just try to block it out and surround yourself with people that believe in you.

  • Remek H. Fifer

    You see, I must write something and I cannot stand aside when I am listening to all these videos. Recently I said that I won't go to the cinemas for the newest Rambo, because this character Has always had his ethics for me and vengence was none of them. As much as I love Sly - nobody knows - as a kid I got into article struggle in local newspaper with one of local intellectualists, because he wrote kids WHO watch Rambo end up as drug addicts. People came to my house asking my parents to make me say sorry in public, because "I got manipulated", and I never said this "sorry". Just like then I know right now I am right. I AM sorry, but what happens right now to American cinematography is bad. New movies are just a mix of Shakespeare and Avengers and there is just a wrong approach in teaching people to write scripts. Let me explain. You're teaching amateurs sophism, like it's the newest revelation od life. "Don't get IT right, get IT written" - that's just so wrong, because on the other hand you're teaching that to win contest one Has to present more than anyone else in the business. Let's say 70% youngsters are fighting the wind-mills. Every real artist Has to have a real master piece - something Perfect that cannot be written, yet they write IT. Like 25 years of writing. What you should be saying to all these youngsters is. - Hey, you got your own little war, fight IT, really do, but keep the world of professionals out of it. We're not about that. Once you're over the advice is - publish that in the Internet for free, because you're fighting that little private war just to believe in Yourself as an artist and and we need artists WHO believe in themselves. As you finish, you'll see you can really feel like an artist and be a real professional, but please don't take US on that journey. Your journey as a real amateur. It's just that money and the real life likes proofs, and we can only trust you, when you physically have something and we can start trusting you, as someone WHO started to care about business. But your private war is something you should do only on your own and don't mix the both of those world's - we're not interested. That's what you should be teaching. I think.

    • gronagor
      gronagor 19 hours ago

      Wow. You're misunderstanding absolutely everything he said. Talk about going into a discussion with the intention of disagreeing.

  • Fictitious
    Fictitious Day ago

    I guess, I get how people get discouraged and down after getting rejection after rejection but for me it's like this: all the other doors closed. Except this one. Everything fell into place and got me to where I could practice my craft. It's part of my journey to grow and build and learn everything I can to become the person I was put into this world to be--- and even if I get rejected, or if I quit, I'll still be going back to the minimum wage or boring office job in the end to try to make ends meet. I'd rather practice my craft and hustle while I struggle. At least then I'm still doing what I'm meant to do and not walking away from Destiny.

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar Day ago

    Stunning Work, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link , if you like to :)

  • Andreas Persson

    So im looking for writing partners, is there a community i can join where i can meet like-minded? Love this channel. Thanks so much.

  • DarthYuYevon
    DarthYuYevon Day ago

    That was surprisingly insightful and respectful. Thanks for that video Film Courage. I like Rachel's attitude. She seems understanding and sound on this. As an artist and a parent, my suggestions for people with parents who don't want them to be artists is to have a clear evidence that you can make a sound living at being an artist, or at least while going down the artists path. My parents believed in me because they saw results. When I was a teen, I was already making money with my work because I enjoyed it. The money aspect wasn't even the goal, but I learned that I could make money doing it. My parents saw this which to them and myself was evidence that I can clearly go down this path. What you want to avoid doing is simply stating out of the blue that you want to be an artist, and have no plan or evidence to prove that you have the ability, and are truly serious about it. . A lot of people think that they are going to become something simply by saying that's what they want to be, and then poof, it happens, but this is not reality. Parents need to watch out for this, including the person with the dream of being it.

  • David
    David Day ago

    What a great interview! Several Ah ha moments on how to correctly think about manage time instead of work to eliminate unnecessary mental gymnastics stress and procrastination.

  • Lycan Visuals
    Lycan Visuals Day ago

    My parents support me, they just want me to have a plan B through Z 😂

  • Pinaki Bhattacharyya

    This is great. The kind of advice I needed from my Thesis advisor.

  • alfalej
    alfalej Day ago

    Let's say the interviewer was not on a good day, going from interviewer to student on exam.

  • billiebillie
    billiebillie Day ago

    This woman knows her stuff! I'm not even an actress but her advice can be applied in business and life in general. This is someone I'd love to be around all the time just to soak up her wisdom. Very very wise woman!

  • Juan TooCool
    Juan TooCool 2 days ago

    I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to be a top actor and won’t stop till it happens.

    • Juan TooCool
      Juan TooCool Day ago

      Thank you! I really Appreciate and needed that

    • Film Courage
      Film Courage Day ago

      We are cheering for you Juan! Keep learning, growing and doing all you can.

  • Sylvester Sanchez
    Sylvester Sanchez 2 days ago

    She remind me of Emma stone.

  • Slynell1
    Slynell1 2 days ago

    Yep. I've quit my job to write full time. I still have my Saturday job but now use the time in the week writing at the library. I've already seen improvements in my writing and the production has increased. I won't stop till I get there... Then I'll work harder

  • 1BeautifulSongstress

    People are so siloed in their opinions and actions. They sadly cannot be happy for you because of the fear that has killed their dreams. So much that they cripple everyone around them. When you begin to go through that wobbly leg phase of thinking outside the box and you are trying to find your footing they simply cannot let you get out of what they have see you be. Even in life every person has a role to play. Their role is to crab you back to reality. I have always been a good storyteller. It’s what helped me to be a good liar when I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago. I was such a good liar because I saw it all unfold in my head and could answer all questions to answer for that lie. I don’t do that anymore because that relationship is long gone and I don’t really lie anymore. But in the meantime I would make up stories off the fly. Thank goodness children don’t stop trying to walk because they fall a couple of times. We should act Like children. Try try and try again and forget what people say. Their opinion is subjective and depends on where they are at that very moment.

  • Honna Shankara
    Honna Shankara 2 days ago

    I totally relate to her! Thanks ♥

  • Charles Harrison
    Charles Harrison 2 days ago

    Good interview.

  • jin choung
    jin choung 2 days ago

    come prepared then deviate as necessary.

  • Aaron Rivera
    Aaron Rivera 2 days ago

    In general, who cares what your parents think. You can't do anything great or meaningful worrying about the opinions of others.

  • Dorein Paul Emmanuel

    She’s so pretty. Perfect actress face.

  • Hidden America
    Hidden America 2 days ago

    The CHARACTERS and PLOT ... are the VEHICLES (meaning: method of delivery) of your story... to elicit EMOTIONS from the audience.

  • Shenga Films
    Shenga Films 2 days ago


  • Alejandro Cabrera
    Alejandro Cabrera 2 days ago

    It feels good to having avoided common mistakes since day one of writing. I did.

  • Seoul Ting
    Seoul Ting 2 days ago

    10:28 Judith Weston - "Directing Actors". Essential reading for any aspiring director.

  • SweaterSwagg
    SweaterSwagg 2 days ago

    She bad as hell 👀

  • HitechProductions
    HitechProductions 2 days ago

    Loved this!

  • meg
    meg 2 days ago

    1. I wish I had watched this video back when I was 20. Incredible topic and awesome upload FC. 2. Min 4:55 the solution to the world's problems, if people would just adopt that philosophy. I share in that philosophy, and think most artists do. There is truly something special at the core of artists. The world needs us.

  • Ricky S
    Ricky S 2 days ago

    Comedy tell who we are, our truth, our vulnerabilities, never giving up hope; Drama tell who we want to be, our dream;

  • Denee Pikari
    Denee Pikari 2 days ago

    Thank you. 🙏🏻🔥🚀

  • Nora Marie
    Nora Marie 2 days ago

    I've spent probably close to 100-120 hours of my life since 2014 watching and rewatching True Detective. I don't think I speak for everyone when I say that season two just fell on the wrong audience. Standalone, it was genuinely a good watch and had it been a story in a separate franchise it would probably have been received better. Season one attracted a very particular type of people and with the neo-noir themes, it didn't feel like a typical crime show that was out at the time. By the time season two came around the people who had fallen in love with Rust and Marty expected the same type of series. I am guilty of this as well, but I knew that my best friend and I would never get the closure we wanted from season one. When season two came, a part of us wanted Heart and Soul back even though we knew we wouldn't get them. Season two was too soft compared to the first season. It didn't have the same aesthetics, the same character arcs or the same stakes. I think that's what struck the fanbase so hard. The fact that it practically went from hardcore BDSM to vanilla. Eight hours of pure and utter gut-wrenching bliss before I could never watch True Detective season 1 for the first time again. True Detective (and a book series called Heartsick by Chelsea Cain) will always be the reason I got into writing, and more recently into scriptwriting. That godforsaken show will always be the point in my teenage years where I realized I'd never be the same person ever again.

  • Gabriel Idusogie
    Gabriel Idusogie 2 days ago

    Her situation is basically mine

  • johnny walker
    johnny walker 2 days ago

    Why win them over? Who cares

    • V
      V 2 days ago

      Lol basically

  • Film Courage
    Film Courage 2 days ago

    What suggestions do you have for people with parents who don't want them to be artists?

    • Jesse
      Jesse Day ago

      @Johnny West it's alright. the people close to you in your life may be pushing you in a direction that doesn't feel right, remember you still have time. keep pursuing your interests, whatever they may be.

    • Johnny West
      Johnny West Day ago

      @Jesse I, I, tears coming-can't even write...

    • Jesse
      Jesse Day ago

      I always felt misunderstood and unsupported by my parents to live an artistic life so I wrote this advice to myself at 18, 10 years ago.. and it still rings true to me today: It's easy to forget who you are, where you came from, get caught up in life. Make sure it's real, it's what you want to make out of life. Don't forget your dreams

    • RoathRipper
      RoathRipper 2 days ago

      @meg i couldn't disagree more. takes a lifetime to master a craft. you can't work it as a side hustle later in life. you need to give your youth to your art.

    • Johnny West
      Johnny West 2 days ago

      @Andi Vega 😊

  • Mina Tavera
    Mina Tavera 2 days ago

    Thank you. ♥️

  • Davy Williams
    Davy Williams 2 days ago

    Excellent refresher course even for veteran actors.

  • JA G
    JA G 2 days ago

    What I have learned so far, is that outlines are a great roadmap... but, on my trip I usually take the road less traveled.

  • Steve Blundell
    Steve Blundell 2 days ago

    Film-makers can mostly be divided into those that truly believe they are film-makers but give up when it gets too tough and pointless and expensive and embarrassing to continue, and those that carry on going regardless but still fail anyway

  • rashune knight
    rashune knight 2 days ago

    Idc about money or fame I'm only in it for the entertainment

  • poor righteous
    poor righteous 2 days ago

    That’s why actors and actresses started taking more comic book jobs because of the story. Comprende

  • getparadox
    getparadox 2 days ago

    Good interview.

  • Chiranjit Dutta
    Chiranjit Dutta 3 days ago

    Amazing thnq sir boost pack for me

  • Feeture Films
    Feeture Films 3 days ago


  • Sunday Bamsa
    Sunday Bamsa 3 days ago

    I have a great movie idea that can be developed into a script and a great movie. Any ideas on who I can talk to?

  • BTW
    BTW 3 days ago

    My man

  • simonquoi
    simonquoi 3 days ago

    I must say that your channel is actually gold. I've been through filmschool, through youtube, through masterclasses, and your channel is the only way I can have honest answers to pragmatic questions other than talking directly with other directors. The intimacy you create, your guests and your own reflections makes it really usefull. Thanks a lot ! Keep it simple and alive. That's the reality of filmmaking. Cheers from Belgium

  • Jon Griffin
    Jon Griffin 3 days ago

    What an awesome video! I have a script that could be ready for financing and the information in this video is really helpful!!

  • J Lupus
    J Lupus 3 days ago

    NO. You need to guarantee income first. Otherwise, you’ll end up living in someone else’s house and spending other people’s money. Have a stable income, do art after work, and surround yourself with people who can help flesh it out and market it. High risk rarely brings high reward. Even if it’s popular, it won’t make you any less penniless.

  • Poppy Stils
    Poppy Stils 3 days ago

    Brilliant. Reminds me of a saying; the climax should be something that the audience didn't expect and yet they know it couldn't have ended any other way.