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VTX Web Build Update
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Ride Through Hocking Hills
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Remove Rust from Chrome
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AMA Vintage Days 2017
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Honda Shadow Bobber Update
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Shadow 750 Bobber Teardown
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Custom Radio Flyer Wagon
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Yamaha DT 100 Wheelie
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Black and Chrome VTX 1300
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2009 Road King on Air Ride
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VTX1300 Tank Removal
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VTX1300 Pair Valve Mod
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    LESTER LONG 2 days ago

    What diameter pipe did you use?

  • Travis Rc Adventures

    Awesome build brother!!

  • MotoMark
    MotoMark 7 days ago

    I have this bike color and everything spoke wheels and all mines an 1800 though

  • jeffrey orrell
    jeffrey orrell 17 days ago

    So where is the restart? Poor editing.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 14 days ago

      Restart? I think that we have all head these bikes run.

  • jimthvac100
    jimthvac100 28 days ago

    Skip to 3:00 Your welcome, unless you enjoy listening to unnecessary drevel.

  • Berserker Nick
    Berserker Nick Month ago

    What cable/line kit did you use for the ape hangers? I have a VTX 1800c and plan on upgrading to 14 inch ape hangers this winter

  • RobnDeb Deans
    RobnDeb Deans Month ago

    How many miles were on This bike when the new bearings were needed. My bike only has 12,000 miles and I have the front end wobble at 40-50 mph ? Thanks so much

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      That's about the time that I replaced the neck bearings on my bike.

  • Bunnyshooter 223
    Bunnyshooter 223 Month ago

    I cant believe thats a 750. I thought it was the 1312 from one of the trailers lol Sick. Those 750's got good dirty sound like i love.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      They definitely do sound awesome... especially with the right pipe on them.

  • Bunnyshooter 223
    Bunnyshooter 223 Month ago

    It looks like those 'Mexican' styled customized bikes. What is the name of that style? They look *gorgeous* almost want to shed a tear

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      It's called "cholo" style. I've done a few of them now and absolutely love them.

  • Scott Salmons
    Scott Salmons Month ago

    Beautiful bike! What I'd like to know, is where did you find extended cables? I'm trying to put bars on mine, and I can't find cables

  • Jeremy Foster
    Jeremy Foster Month ago

    The link is dead. Love ur videos and will be buying things from ur site. Just got a vtx 1300c and wanna do alot of changes on it. Is there a vid from u doing a detailed pair valve removal?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      Thanks for the heads up... Fixed the link!

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    NEVER heat a bearing past 250 F. Anything past that will damage it.

  • workingAmerican
    workingAmerican Month ago

    Will it fit in a cylinder head

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      Yep, I've ran it right through a spark plug hole, oil drain hole, even through handle bars to see where a wire was hanging up.

  • Josh Glenn
    Josh Glenn Month ago

    Anyone know what air intake that is?

  • Josh Glenn
    Josh Glenn Month ago

    Just did this mod to my bike, did a repair and full paint job to the tank after/during repair. Drained the tank and had it off for about 1 1/2 - 2 months. Got everything back together and my bike will not start. It cranked strong to begin with, but eventually died. Tried to jump it with my pick up and all it would do is tick. Trickle charge? Bad battery? Other issue? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      Do you have fuel in the bowl of the carb?

  • Cooley
    Cooley Month ago

    Do you have the type and a link to the lights and the way you made them.... Trailer lights looks good.

  • Keith Cevera
    Keith Cevera Month ago

    Do you have a link or part number to the jet kit?

  • jake callahan
    jake callahan Month ago

    will you post a video riding it? would love to hear that thing rolling down the pavement

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles Month ago

      There is a video on my channel of the test ride if you are interested. It's short, sweet, and you get the point.

  • andyinabox
    andyinabox Month ago

    What do you do with the vinegar when you're done? I wonder about the toxicity of the vinegar post-stripping, but have no idea whether it's actually an issue. PS I've heard MUCH worse music in these how to videos on RU-clip, didn't bother me much (although I wouldn't miss it either)

  • Eric Downs
    Eric Downs 2 months ago

    What makes this sound so good? Did you do anything internally or is it those pipes?

  • James Koenig
    James Koenig 2 months ago

    oven cleaner is more effective. as you dont have to bake the bolt on an oven after stripping the zinc

  • Eric guillot
    Eric guillot 2 months ago

    I have a 2003 VTX 1800. I am enjoying watching the changes on this bike. I have been looking for a 6 or 6.5 gallon fuel tank for it. Cannot even find one looking through custom tanks any ideas?

    • MotoMark
      MotoMark 7 days ago

      I have a 02 1800 S why would you want to ad anything that would make it heavier than it already is ? I would want to take away some of it's weight especially when my wife's on back I'm 55 been riding since I was ten years old

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 2 months ago

    I bought this jack used but it looked new just dusty about a month ago. I look for quality and ease of function when buying tools and have been doing so for over 30 years. Good video.

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas 2 months ago


    JUAN WITHNATURE 2 months ago

    This video kinda sucks, and your mom is still dressing you funny !

  • Jack Denetdale
    Jack Denetdale 2 months ago

    Where did you get the extension kit for the clutch and brake line

    • Jack Denetdale
      Jack Denetdale 2 months ago

      Cool thanks, love the videos, they help out alot.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 2 months ago

      The cables came from Mean Cycles.

  • Aaron Linch
    Aaron Linch 2 months ago

    Wow she is beautiful!!

  • John Ince
    John Ince 2 months ago

    is the fatbob guard a straight out bolt on or do you have to modify

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 2 months ago

      I had to split the fatbob fender up the middle and take a section out to make it fit the fender rails. It was sort of tricky because you cannot change the rear section because of how that tail light mounts.

  • Drew Carrel
    Drew Carrel 2 months ago

    I want to know what kind of handle bars those are.. I want them

  • diego di nardo
    diego di nardo 2 months ago

    well player <3 REALLY NICE NICE NICE BIKE

  • Will TEN
    Will TEN 2 months ago

    I have been looking for intake thats not a spike

    • Will TEN
      Will TEN 2 months ago

      @Goheen Cycles have a link to it?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 2 months ago

      I love that cobra setup

  • Will TEN
    Will TEN 2 months ago

    I saw it on your website but the chrome switch isnt available. Will this be back in stock soon?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 2 months ago

      I’m hoping that I will have them back in stock in the next 2 weeks. If you would like an in stock notification, shoot us a message to goheencycles@gmail.com with your bike details.

  • Berto
    Berto 2 months ago

    Couldn't you have done the same thing with baking soda and 0000 steel wool?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 2 months ago

      Berto you can and I have in the past, but this product has a sealer in it to keep it rusting again

  • Terry Wooten
    Terry Wooten 2 months ago

    Can you show me how you mounted the rear fender. I'm in the process of bobbing a 750 Suzuki inline 4 ?

  • Stevie- TV
    Stevie- TV 2 months ago

    FUCKING SICK. nice work.

  • High Oktane Kustoms
    High Oktane Kustoms 2 months ago

    Great information. I've been using this method for a little while now. Thanks for sharing

  • StaticMode Media
    StaticMode Media 2 months ago

    Tires specs on front and rear please

  • Madera Studio
    Madera Studio 2 months ago

    Don’t need more than that. Well done. Looks good.

  • Rolando Rivera
    Rolando Rivera 2 months ago

    Would you build this exact same bike again but different color?

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 2 months ago

    Can you install this without re-jetting the carb?

  • Alfonso Reyes
    Alfonso Reyes 2 months ago

    hello friends of Goheen Cycles apologize, how much oil does each cylinder carry and what brand do you recommend?

  • Jorge Gatica
    Jorge Gatica 2 months ago

    Would this fit onto my 2001 Yamaha 650 Vstar?

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 2 months ago

    I'm building a bobber out of the same model and was wondering where I could find some handlebars like those. Any clues?

  • Sterling Bell
    Sterling Bell 3 months ago

    Just started look at bikes and that is a good looking one. Fat daddy 50 spoke wheels would set this thing off.

  • Rigo Olea
    Rigo Olea 3 months ago

    What size are your tires

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 3 months ago

      Rigo Olea I cannot remember the exact size because I sold the bike but I know they were stock size replacements, just white wall.

  • Vern Peters
    Vern Peters 3 months ago

    Great bike. Where are the forward controls from?

    • Vern Peters
      Vern Peters 3 months ago

      Goheen Cycles thanks for the reply. Aloha from Hawaii!

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 3 months ago

      Vern Peters those are actually the stock controls.

  • VIralBurrito
    VIralBurrito 3 months ago

    Did you make that metal plate under the seat?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 3 months ago

      VIralBurrito yep, I also made the bracket that the seat was mounted to so there would be a straight line from the tank to the seat.

  • elpuerkko puto
    elpuerkko puto 3 months ago

    Esta bien chingona esa moto me gusto mucho ese manillar

  • Scott Ireland
    Scott Ireland 3 months ago

    That's a good looking VTX, but I would have gone ahead and fiberglassed up some bags. The rear fender looks incomplete and naked on the sides. Other than that, it's a sick looking bike!

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas 3 months ago

    What are you mumbling about? I can't understand a single word. The drab music doesn't help.

    • Dhruv Gangele
      Dhruv Gangele 13 days ago

      I don't know what you are complaining about it's not very hard to hear him. No one else has this problem

  • Arto Kiiskinen
    Arto Kiiskinen 3 months ago

    Why are your ears ringing? Good hearing protection?

  • DABPanda
    DABPanda 3 months ago

    Nothing really insane about it. But the bike is clean. Good work man, keep it up.

  • Darla
    Darla 3 months ago

    I couldn't get through this video with your annoying music. Moving on.

  • Vicente Koroneos
    Vicente Koroneos 4 months ago

    Your bike came out awesome I have a question if you could please answer for me it's driving me crazy did you put the rubbers from your shocks in the hard tell struts or did you just bolt them up

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 4 months ago

      I just bolted them up the way they came.

  • Afroo
    Afroo 4 months ago

    Appreciate your time

  • Fabrizio Ferrieri
    Fabrizio Ferrieri 4 months ago

    Couple things.. First of all, you’ve done an outstanding job. Did you just change the muffler tip to get The sound you’re getting now out of that exhaust ?? Did you modify the carbs (jets) ? Thanks

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 4 months ago

      I cut the factory muffler off and welded on those turnout tips. It's best to install a stage 2 jet kit to get the best performance and prevent a lean condition as well. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

  • VadimFilin
    VadimFilin 4 months ago

    what type of previous ape hanger?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 4 months ago

      Not sure. I know that they had a 10" rise, but they were not marked.

  • Hilly Craft
    Hilly Craft 4 months ago

    Hello, what exhaust is that?

  • Frank Borris
    Frank Borris 4 months ago

    Just a few comments: You repeatedly refer to the fuel needle as a jet. You don't provide the thickness and other dimensions of the two washers.

    • 59vaughn
      59vaughn 18 days ago

      Jason Lucas more fuel....now add nitrous.....🤔😬😜

    • Blaine Curran
      Blaine Curran Month ago

      @Jason Lucas This guy forgot more than you will ever know!!!

    • Jason Lucas
      Jason Lucas 3 months ago

      best to ignore this guy, this mod increases fuel consumption. bike will have same 0-60 and same top speed as stock.

  • ivannaattention
    ivannaattention 4 months ago

    A year later and I hope you answer but I don't expect you too. Can I just melt the zinc off the steel? Zincs melting point is like 700 degrees and steel is obviously way higher but I'm sure you know that. So what's wrong with just melting it off in a forge?

    • Javier Valenzuela
      Javier Valenzuela 9 days ago

      The fumes from this is also deadly though, and invisible. Only plus is how slow or is making you're not exposed to large amounts of fumes all at once.

    • ivannaattention
      ivannaattention 4 months ago

      @Goheen Cycles Goheen Cycles you are the man! For some reason there isn't any videos or subreddits or anything on this subject. It's just all about the danger of the fumes and how to weld on it if you have to and how to get it off with acid or vinegar, which is important but no videos on how to melt it off. But anyways I'm so shocked you thank you so much man. I think I will use a big weed burner for big galvanized things that I can't dip in vinegar very well and your method for small things. But seriously thanks a bunch.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 4 months ago

      You can definitely melt it off in a forge, but what about the people like myself that don’t have one? I used to take a torch to it as well in the past, but the smoke that comes rolling off is deadly.

  • Bik3rboy666
    Bik3rboy666 4 months ago

    Where can I buy the air filter replacement in red, the one on my bike is gray.

  • Jason O'Neal
    Jason O'Neal 4 months ago

    I'm getting some light, white smoke from somewhere. Any idea what it is from? It seems to be coming from left of the intake under the gas tank. I not removed the pair valve. I've been afraid to ride so I don't have any other info. PLEASE HELP.

  • caleb robinson
    caleb robinson 4 months ago

    Any issues with that inner pipe rattling around?

    • Famous
      Famous 4 months ago

      @Goheen Cycles I'm not sure what you mean. I'm referring to the 1" pipes inside the 2" pipes where you had cut the muffler off. If you don't tac them to the 2" with a piece of steel or aluminum, they vibrate loose and disconnect from the heads. We used a piece where we cut it off to tac inside.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 4 months ago

      @Famous Just as a heads up, the pipes are welded together in the back, just not attached to the bike at the bottom.

    • Famous
      Famous 4 months ago

      That was my concern as well. I've seen the inner break loose and hang out banging around. Guy had to throw away the pipes and buy new ones after all. Seen someone else tac their inner with cut pieces from cut off exhaust. His is still going great.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 4 months ago

      caleb robinson nope

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 5 months ago

    Where did you buy your wheels?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 5 months ago

      @Mark Smith Those are the factory wheels that came with the wagon.

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith 5 months ago

      @Goheen Cycles .... Where do you buy the factory wheels then or are they Radio Flyer wheels for wagons?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 5 months ago

      They are the factory wheels that I just painted.

  • RanGer498
    RanGer498 5 months ago

    Can you do a review on the newer unit

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 5 months ago

      I actually already have most of the footage done, just need to tweak a few things and then I'm going to release it.

  • Griffin Herbst
    Griffin Herbst 5 months ago

    Is it just the pipes performance wise? Did you use a jet kit?

  • rk
    rk 5 months ago

    Anytime i put in gear it stop.06 vtx

  • Jorge Granado
    Jorge Granado 5 months ago


  • Jorge Granado
    Jorge Granado 5 months ago


  • patrickyork10py
    patrickyork10py 5 months ago

    Hell yea! Awesome bike! That sound of the VTX1300 is awesome!

  • Shawn Bradley
    Shawn Bradley 5 months ago

    Did you weld in stops in case of a compressor failure while riding? Or does the tire touch the rear fender when aired out?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 5 months ago

      It can actually ride down the road aired out without running, it would just be a really rough ride.

  • Zatoichiable
    Zatoichiable 5 months ago

    white and chrome perfect match...

  • Kristian Corallo
    Kristian Corallo 6 months ago

    Where can I get or who do I have to pay for this rear fender???

  • POC Skellington
    POC Skellington 6 months ago

    Honda vtwins sound crazy im impressed

  • Painter D
    Painter D 6 months ago

    Congratulations, you made that back fender even uglier than the stock fender. I didn't think that was possible. Let's see how much more you can do to make it look like a million other bikes out there. Make it a little lower so you can't go around a corner at all!! Talk about not having a clue.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      To each his own... Everyone has a style that you like and apparently this one isn't yours. Keep the shiny side up.

  • Painter D
    Painter D 6 months ago

    I would've changed the rear fender if anything. They are so dam ugly.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      Keep watching, it gets the chop treatment.

  • Painter D
    Painter D 6 months ago

    Save yourself the money and just get an LED headlight to replace the stock Halogen bulb instead. For about $35 you can order a pair of them off Amazon and they work great (and you'll have a spare!) Mine has a nice cut off line and is very bright for night riding. I also added a pair of LED bulbs for my driving lights too, so now I feel like an airplane landing! Nice and bright. I can see and be seen much better.

    • Painter D
      Painter D 6 months ago

      Just to be clear and not argue about it, my LED bulb throws a vividly SHARP cutoff line on the shop wall, at the recommended height the low beam is to be adjusted at. Some reflector light housings will not get this affect with an LED bulb alone, so no, the will not work with every reflector housing. I'm lucky enough to have one that does, or I wouldn't be having this conversation. I also had to experiment with three different LED bulbs to get my results, so I did do my homework. Mine sends a great pattern on low beam and DOES NOT blind oncoming traffic. I also have them in my 1993 F150 that has reflector housings and although they too have a sharp cutoff line on low beam, the high beam is scattered to some degree, so they are not as effective there ( I just use it to plow snow and haul wood anyway) So, there is a bulb design and a housing design that both come into play with using these LED bulbs. I was just stating that I get equal (or better) results for about one third the cost.

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      @Painter D Honestly, I'm not here for a pissing match either, but I have used them all. Halogen, HID, LED, and daymaker and for me the daymaker takes that cake in style, function, and cutoff. I do agree with you that there are huge differences in some of the LEDS and some should not be used in a Halogen housing because they just "throw" light, but the cutoff on a daymaker is mush more pronounced. For me, daymaker is the way to go. I think that we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

    • Painter D
      Painter D 6 months ago

      Sorry but you're wrong about the cut off line. I notced as soon as I turned my new LED headlight bulb on, there is a nice sharp cut off line on the shop wall, and I'm NOT blinding oncoming traffic because I have it adjusted correctly. You see some of us know what they're doing and not going to fall for the over priced scams. Most people don't have a clue about LED bulbs, which one to buy, and how to adjust them properly. All LEDs are not the same and most are lead to believe the myth that they only work in projector housings, which is totally wrong. The cheaper versions are not made correctly and do not make a proper cut off line in a reflector housing, but if you do the research, there are good ones, for a little more, that work great. Since I found the right ones, I put a pair in my truck reflector housings as well, and what a big difference it made. Of course you will usually need to adjust the headlights after installation, like most people don't have a clue how to do. I never blind oncomming traffic (I hate that)

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      There is a big difference in an LED bulb and a daymaker. A bulb (in some cases may be brighter), but there is no true cutoff and you are blinding the people that are coming at you. I'll take the better daymaker any day of the week.

  • LilKing420s
    LilKing420s 6 months ago

    No comparison of before after? What's the point to install when we have no idea of the function of the light...? just saying

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      I was only asked to do a video on the install. I'm actually filming a new video on the adjustable daymaker bracket and will have a comparison video for it.

  • rillegoesmjoho
    rillegoesmjoho 6 months ago


  • GD Warrior
    GD Warrior 6 months ago

    hey brother is there a way to buy the adjustable bracket seperately. also the yamaha raider and little brother yamaha warrior 1700 have the same headlight ring and headlight lense part number, will this part fit?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      That's a good question. Reach out to Shawn at VTXDaymaker.com and he should be able to point you in the right direction.

  • 52353coolguy
    52353coolguy 6 months ago

    I got a 2010 Honda Sabre do you know how to install on mine or wat kind of adapter may. Need and it’s fuel injected

  • Dedy Kurniawan Tanjung

    excus me, this honda shadow for sell? i am dedy from medan - north sumatera Indonesia. if i know how much? and how but for shipping ? one agant how pruecashing?

  • Rj Productions
    Rj Productions 6 months ago

    Nice what size bars do you have.

  • cuban King
    cuban King 6 months ago

    di u use same cables with that new handlebar ?

    • cuban King
      cuban King 6 months ago

      @Goheen Cycles THANKS I really appreciate ure help..

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      @cuban King No, I went with +2 if I remember right

    • cuban King
      cuban King 6 months ago

      @Goheen Cycles you used the same length ?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 6 months ago

      I replaced the cables with new cables from motion pro.

  • Painter D
    Painter D 7 months ago

    I know this is an old video, but I'm just kind of wondering who, if any, of you have simply just removed all the unwanted hoses and simply just plugged the stock pair valve caps instead of using the after market plates. I'm just going to close off the port where the hose goes on, which should do the same thing as those plates do, right?! Thanks!

  • Gavin mc cormack
    Gavin mc cormack 7 months ago

    Love it. What cables did you have to get?

  • James Hanford
    James Hanford 7 months ago

    Man that came out nice. Amazing work.

  • cuban King
    cuban King 7 months ago

    di u have any web where can I buy that rear fender and metal plate for the battery cover

  • cuban King
    cuban King 7 months ago

    where can i get that solo seat kit ( i need that metal plate ) and the rear fender ..

  • Nadia VB
    Nadia VB 7 months ago

    great job. what is the stretch and drop on that hardtail?

  • alberto tile
    alberto tile 7 months ago

    What size tires are you using?

  • weaponxII1
    weaponxII1 7 months ago

    Did you have to jet the carbs as well? I’m looking to do similar exhaust build. But should I rejet?

  • Kulet James
    Kulet James 7 months ago

    Nice build. I would like to know how much $$ invested to make the build not costing the bike?

    • Goheen Cycles
      Goheen Cycles 7 months ago

      That would really depend on how much you are able to do yourself vs having to pay to have done. Having someone build one off fenders isn't cheap.

  • Armando De la Fonte
    Armando De la Fonte 7 months ago

    I ride the 2004 vtx 1300c i have it looking very nice i love seeing these type of bikes all dressed up

  • Randy Hoffman
    Randy Hoffman 7 months ago

    Well there wen that low rider look now a stubby tale end

  • Redwood Penguin Club
    Redwood Penguin Club 7 months ago

    What kind of turn signal lights did you use?

  • Dennis Vu
    Dennis Vu 7 months ago

    Do you happen to have a link to the LED lights you used?

  • TheGonzo1970
    TheGonzo1970 7 months ago

    TAP the starter, and it fires up.. Imagine that. :D

  • Paul Konen
    Paul Konen 7 months ago

    I have a 08 nightster and the grill is loose.. can I find a smaller one or can I modify it

  • Patrick Ferguson
    Patrick Ferguson 7 months ago

    Hey man. I’m doing the same thing to my Honda. Is there anything You needed to do to the carburetor or other tuning or did you just cut the pipes

    • Bunnyshooter 223
      Bunnyshooter 223 Month ago

      If its Carbed it needs a rejet if Fi then it needs programming, afaik. If not, keep an eye on the plugs it may foul them

    • Tyler Preston
      Tyler Preston 5 months ago

      The cards need to be rejected

    • DigitalTripGames Dustin
      DigitalTripGames Dustin 5 months ago

      I need to know this as well. I want to cut them off. But do not know if it will throw the engine or anything of beat.