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Why do we run?
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Tokyo's hidden gem
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You didn't make the cut
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How to Japanese Hotel
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  • Leon Leon
    Leon Leon 26 minutes ago

    I really appreciate the mii theme music in the end

  • Jim Sullivan
    Jim Sullivan 46 minutes ago

    Yes, people do read your description. At least I did. I thought it was very well written!

  • Taurian Ferguson

    it's always incredible to find out someone was faking an american accent. It just sounded like a regular person talking. I don't even know what you'd change to sound more "American"

  • Maccy Bear
    Maccy Bear Hour ago

    Cringe. Just as much as the other cringe videos who are doing it for real.

  • por?pendejos!
    por?pendejos! Hour ago

    Right your so green and very concise when you fly to your destinations but hey,

  • Tanner Schrenk
    Tanner Schrenk 2 hours ago

    You are just amazing

  • Christopher Cope
    Christopher Cope 3 hours ago

    I always treated comments as the peanut gallery. If the creator happens to reply, it is the same as hearing an arbitrary comment coming from a crowd, and a reply isn't particularly directed at you. I learned a long time ago to not comment on anything about a ladies looks unless it is under the clear pretext of an actual friendship, and then only commenting positive on their intent, and not on my personal taste unless they specifically ask me.

    X SQUAD 3 hours ago

    Lol she wild

  • gearzone2611
    gearzone2611 3 hours ago

    The greatest part of you being a vlogger is you have your own driver.

  • SuperSrsrsrsr
    SuperSrsrsrsr 4 hours ago

    Eh? What did she say? Was too busy looking at her and missed what she was talking about.

  • あげみセレブリティ


  • Carlos Campuzano
    Carlos Campuzano 4 hours ago

    Love you creativity, keep it up!!!

  • Rock Solid Health
    Rock Solid Health 4 hours ago

    love this brilliant

  • Deimus' Clips
    Deimus' Clips 5 hours ago

    tl;dr : Butt

  • Alex Personal
    Alex Personal 5 hours ago

    Really loved this new twist 😆😆😆

  • Stefan Elmroth
    Stefan Elmroth 5 hours ago

    This is super interesting! Just have to mention that any orderly personality type, from any human on the planet, will strongly dislike you throwing your clothes all over the house. Not saying it's wrong to be free and own your living space, but that's a psychological fact haha! Love these talks, all the best :)

  • Suraj Quantum
    Suraj Quantum 5 hours ago

    Have a pint of saki and chill out

  • Chris
    Chris 6 hours ago

    Yeah no this comes off as "I'm such a fun person making fun of what I do but NOTICE ME AND PLEASE NOTICE MY BODY!!". Nice try!

  • Milomia
    Milomia 6 hours ago

    As a man I think you’re a very interesting RU-clip person. I like you because you’re authentic and honest. I don’t really care about your hair unless it is making you unhappy......that said it looks great in this video.

  • ibnu fajar
    ibnu fajar 6 hours ago

    Guessed I’m the only guy that didn’t notice you’ve changed the hair (reason why I got killed by my wife many many many times for not noticing). I keep finding myself here watching an honest video and that glue sticking tone of your voice when telling stories. So.... keep going!!!

  • David Holland
    David Holland 6 hours ago

    Blond suits you.

  • Rick T.
    Rick T. 6 hours ago

    Interesting topic. Something I am sure most You Tubers don’t tackle. And… I dare say some people won’t heed. The internet has created an a societal norm not seen in history. Anonymity. Nobody really has to take responsibility for their actions, especially what they say on blogs or comments to You Tube (YT) personalities. My guess is they really don’t care who the person is they just want to say something that might influence them or others. The internet has created people who like to upset the Apple cart as it were. Creating discourse where there shouldn’t be any. As to your question about meeting celebrities. In the years that I have been cognizant of famous people. I have inadvertently either physically or figuratively run into famous people. On all occasions I either didn’t realize who they where until after the “incident” or simply chose to ignore their presence until after “our run in” i.e. I got on an elevator with George Carlin. It was very hard not to swoon over him. I got on, said hi, turned an looked at the door with my wife next to me. I chose not to interact with him feeling that when he’s on stage he is that celebrity. Off stage he’s just a man who is famous or just a guy on the elevator. To this day I will have wondered if he appreciated me not bothering him with my trivial admiration of him. Hannah, your right of course. In my case, I admit, I like your personality and your endeavors. Should we ever meet? Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen. If we did I think you’d be just another George Carlin. Far be it from me or anyone else to interfere with what you do with your life.

  • Hans Johnson Studios


  • Imron Al ghazali
    Imron Al ghazali 7 hours ago

    Lumayan bagus

  • tian cheng Shi
    tian cheng Shi 8 hours ago

    You look like Japanese

  • Kwizt
    Kwizt 9 hours ago

    Kold left the chat.

  • por?pendejos!
    por?pendejos! 9 hours ago

    I love this video, because she is dead on with this video. It's funny asf

  • GeeStang
    GeeStang 11 hours ago

    😍 your good in your Japanese

  • Marsh Mello
    Marsh Mello 12 hours ago

    Here is the clip if you wanna skip 6:11

  • koya
    koya 14 hours ago


  • Raijin Thunder
    Raijin Thunder 15 hours ago

    travel in Philippines.

  • Raijin Thunder
    Raijin Thunder 15 hours ago

    your looking doesnt matter..

  • Kontoru -Kun
    Kontoru -Kun 15 hours ago

    Yang dari Indonesia Hadir ..😄😁

  • google play store
    google play store 15 hours ago

    ewwww,,, lesbians

  • Lendl Villanueva
    Lendl Villanueva 15 hours ago

    That’s literally Lostleblanc lol

  • Mark Hall
    Mark Hall 15 hours ago

    I've lived in the Philippines my whole life and yet I've never been to places like these. I'm missing out big time.

  • Ethelbert Beltran
    Ethelbert Beltran 16 hours ago

    So he just ask for gas alone and nothing else? how much?

  • peter vawter
    peter vawter 16 hours ago

    Man: check Hair opinion: woosh

  • Edelweiss C
    Edelweiss C 16 hours ago

    Oh. My. Goodness. This video was GLORIOUS!!! It’s so true it hurts!

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards 16 hours ago

    Very funny, I like

  • okawaii
    okawaii 16 hours ago

    Thank you Hannah. I just got tired of hearing people say Japan is weird or something. Japan is not weird at all. I think they have respects for anything and creativity thus there are lots of unique culture and diverse products. It's amazing!

  • Jim kenouryios
    Jim kenouryios 17 hours ago

    Gorgeous ,Japanese sweater . It made me become a subscriber . And you’re story or stories too lol .

  • Drew W
    Drew W 18 hours ago

    Simple, don't read the comments and this creation of this video is total reaction and acknowledgement to all those who commenting on your hair. Really if people are commenting on your hair and are mostly guys it's cause they are your biggest (creepy) fans. Also go back to making travel videos, you do a great job, don't care for these new types of videos of you helping to educate us viewers. Your channel you can do what you want, just my 2 cents. Also you do care cause you made this whole video on it - meta?

  • Zuhaab Temuri
    Zuhaab Temuri 18 hours ago

    Hey Hannah, great video! But do you have a list of the breakdown of 2500 Yen. I'm surprised because even though you you tried to be the most frugal, how did it still end up being 2500Y?!!

    • Currently Hannah
      Currently Hannah 8 hours ago

      All the prices are listed on the screen through out the video :)

  • pralhad shetye
    pralhad shetye 18 hours ago

    You are amazing !!

  • Andrew Hewitson
    Andrew Hewitson 19 hours ago


  • SlivPrikol. TV
    SlivPrikol. TV 20 hours ago

    Nice soska:)

  • Del Phi
    Del Phi 21 hour ago

    Not Suimasen (i do not smoke). Taihen moshiwake arimasen. At least this is 1 lass ups. Dohmo Arigatoh Gozaimas. Better. Daijobu - the way you explained is wrong. Please be careful what to post in public. We do not use the way you mentioned here. Not Dokodesuka? Say Dokoni Arimasuka? 7 11 ni wa doh yatte yukeba Tsukimasuka. ATM wo tsukaitaino desuga.Not credit card daijobu. No! Credit card wa Tsukae Masuka. Please study harder thanks.

  • Del Phi
    Del Phi 21 hour ago

    Obviously you just do not know the basic traditions of the country no matter how long you live there or how much of language you know. It will take time for you. Good luck.

  • rawjor
    rawjor 21 hour ago

    looking old

  • drmanakias _
    drmanakias _ 22 hours ago

    One of the best “travel” videos I ever watched :D I liked it sooo much instead of other travel video , with different voice over 😂 🔝

  • Andrew Irvine
    Andrew Irvine 22 hours ago

    This is great and I am sure it will be useful PLUS you are SO CUTE !

  • That Boxing Guy
    That Boxing Guy 23 hours ago

    OMG! This is hilarious!

  • Alexander
    Alexander Day ago

    Nah, not if u ugly

  • makemoneyrelax

    girl did you overdo those fillers?

  • AppleJacks
    AppleJacks Day ago

    Glad you know those dms were about to get destroyed

  • Hikaru Sorano
    Hikaru Sorano Day ago

    Yeah!!! You smashed it!! In your face influencers!!! Hahahaha

  • matthew clark
    matthew clark Day ago

    I love how much you change your hair! Honestly I think its boring when people keep the same hair their whole life, live your life! I like this look a lot, also at one point (in Japan) you had super short, like pixie almost 'boy-cut' length that looked really good too! But that all look great, do your thing girl!

  • Ardi Nakg
    Ardi Nakg Day ago

    Hannah if you go to malang you should attend kabupaten malang esspecially at karanganyar so much sound system in there , its the biggest carnival in east java that is east java people culture

  • Linas Vaičiukynas

    "Quit my job to travel the world as a beggar..." Look it up folks, so many travelers are stuck in Asia just begging for money because they spent everything and cant get home.. Some of those begging for money so they could keep on traveling... I mean if every poor Asian would beg for money in New York just to resume his travels, he would probably extradition from the country... There is a huge industry behind this "Dream selling", there are also viewers who dont really understand what they see in those videos, they only see travel/good life image, while the whole thing is actually hotel advertisements with paid people doing it :)

  • Hate Guts
    Hate Guts Day ago

    “you don't need a storyline to make your travel look epic.”

  • Angelo Torres
    Angelo Torres Day ago

    You are the most adorable 😍 very helpful

  • Kenny Carver
    Kenny Carver Day ago

    I just got back from Bali and I totally get it. Well done 😎

  • Osharegirl
    Osharegirl Day ago

    Omg I didn’t even realize you were speaking with an American accent at the beginning (even though I know you’re not American) until you mentioned it in the sit down part 😅😂

  • Jim Sullivan
    Jim Sullivan Day ago


  • Two Nomad Souls

    Haha love it

  • Two Nomad Souls

    Love Ur voice.... I suck at it 😓

  • HeyHerdy
    HeyHerdy Day ago

    Think about how many views you get on a video and how many comments there are that say rude shit about your looks. For instance, this video at this current moment. It has 11,237 and currently this video has 388 comments. If every single person who commented said something rude about your looks that would only be 0.0345%. And in my humble opinion, the women who say shit like "men think they're entitled to women's bodies", "most men are subtly taught they have the right to judge women on their appearance" (actually they do, it's called an opinion, not sayin its right, just saying it's an opinion)or anything having to do with men being raised to treat women like this are just as stupid as the guys making those comments. There's a group of feminists that think like this, about the same size as the guys, 0.0345%. Finally to end my point, most people are decent and nice, they treat others the way they wish to be treated. Additionally, the cavemen part of out brain that searches out problems in order to fix them see this 0.0345% as a threat and that's why youtubers can get to caught up in it. Do the arithmatic and you'll find there's a lot more than good. Even if it's a silent good, lots of people don't comment. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk

  • bagus prasetio

    stiffy lol

  • Muhammad ook
    Muhammad ook Day ago

    Not bad 😊😊

  • Bald Saudi Adventures

    My recommendation to you Hannah is to visit Saudi Arabia. It’s open for tourism now.

  • Cleo Tse
    Cleo Tse Day ago

    I used to study in Sydney a few years ago, and I agree with most of opinions in the video. Especially the part that someone you dont know say “how's it going” in the street and the crisp blue sky there. Totally good memories.

  • Your Once Friend


  • Alex Gutierrez

    Very funny and yet good points. Well done Hannah

  • Dandle
    Dandle Day ago

    Nice hair 😜. Great and interesting topic, thanks.

  • SanbuSanbu
    SanbuSanbu Day ago

    Rambalac found a way to do it

  • Hardianto Syukri

    Btw u look younger with that /i dont know (Blonde hair?) I dont really know abiut hair color. #justSayin

  • Agung Wisnoe Broto

    Hannah.....Thanks for Exploring The Wild Jungle of Sumatera. To inspire others to Keep the forest live naturally. See You Hannah.

  • Noor Alam
    Noor Alam Day ago

    Awesome videos Darling you're presenting us. Thank you to bits.

  • Bob Davis
    Bob Davis Day ago

    Hannah, thank you! I am a vegan about to go to Japan for the 26th trip and this may be the easiest foodwise thanks to my notes I just took.Great info! But about the Familymart hash browns and fries: Are you sure they are cooked in vegetable oil? Inany case the same oil the meat is cooked in, right?

  • Noor Alam
    Noor Alam Day ago

    Awesome videos Darling you're presenting us. Thank you to bits.

  • Noor Alam
    Noor Alam Day ago

    Awesome videos Darling you're presenting us. Thank you to bits.

  • Noor Alam
    Noor Alam Day ago

    Awesome videos Darling you're presenting us. Thank you to bits.

  • Christian Javier

    This needs more likes wtf

  • Steph Bee
    Steph Bee Day ago

    Very interesting video, I think the ideas you brought up made a lot of sense. For the record, I love your new hair !! Looks so good !! You do you !!

  • razorx999
    razorx999 Day ago

    There is a lot to this topic... But ultimately, the majority of people interact with a self-constructed model of another person. With only two interactions for that "relationship" allowable, (1) attempts to force that person to fit the model or more positively, (2) adapt the model to match what it is learned about person. People look to resolve needs for social interaction through fictionalized models that are invented in their mind. Then go looking for people to fit that model's behavior. Ideally... one is open to understanding a person in the moment and then there is no model necessary. The person is sufficient. A real connection. However, this also means skills with listening, caring about others, being non-judgmental, confidence in self identity, ... which isn't really en vogue and to be honest, fights against the general nature of humanity. What further complicates this situation, is that everyone has their own "public face" or model that is presented to others. In some sense, most relationships exist with interactions between identity models of persons rather than actual people behind the models. So as a later comment suggests that meeting a "star" in real life like Shawn Mendez, she proposed this "real life" encounter had some level of relationship validity... of course this is completely false. Public figures must have "public faces", it is career and personal protection. Fans are delusional to think otherwise, but yet... can't blame them since the "Stars" promote this false sense of a real relationship for commercial reasons. Just some thoughts.

  • hina k
    hina k Day ago

    Your Japanese sounds like a native Japanese speaker!

  • Mary Wales
    Mary Wales Day ago

    Thank you - great video - these tips were very helpful for our 3 day trip to Singapore : )

  • vandinni
    vandinni Day ago

    Started watching your channel in 2018, love it, it all about the journey, no matter where the content goes I find it interesting. A saying from where I'm from "do you ". Most important thing I want to find in a RU-clipr is the character and journey. Have fun keep going and be you.

  • Rage Studios
    Rage Studios Day ago

    very well done, subbed!

  • Alyssa saldana

    I love this video. Great job.

  • 中村隆行
    中村隆行 Day ago


  • Loxxy
    Loxxy Day ago

    dead meme but... Weird flex but ok.

  • MrDoubleTaker
    MrDoubleTaker Day ago

    Very funny. I sense an air of Roger Horton in this video. At least I wouldn't want to see his butt :)

  • redfish337
    redfish337 Day ago

    Well, you can cut a bit off on the train cost. Kameido to Shimokita is across town. The real cheapest tourist day would be to walk to Skytree.

  • roddy222
    roddy222 Day ago

    Thanks for the work in uploading content like this Hannah, I really did appreciate it.

  • Carolina Saavedra

    (*Uncomfortable self promo*) Hey guyssssss! Travel is my biggest passion and that's all I want to do in my life, professionally and otherwise I just started my travel account on instagram but I started from scratch so if you could give it a look and see if you like it, that would help me so much! My handle is @backpackersbrokecode ! #helpasister <3

  • Barbara Southard

    Thank you for your honest dive into para-social relationships. You tube has helped my 15 year old autistic daughter learn about relationships. Just remember there is an entire world of people out there its helping! even if it isnt a "true" relationship in the sense of the word.

  • Philip The Globetrotter Perre

    Lotally love your page and videos. Keep it up

  • Shi
    Shi 2 days ago

    GOOD. FOR. YOU. It's your life! What you do with YOUR body is nobody ELSE'S business. Enough said.