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What Do YOU Hear?
Views 43KYear ago
Views 90K2 years ago
8 Funny Trick Questions
Views 1.5M3 years ago
Views 1.3M4 years ago
IQ Test (Expert Edition)
Views 631K4 years ago
IQ Test (REAL)
Views 3.9M4 years ago
WHAT AM I? - Test
Views 906K4 years ago
IMBECILE TEST - 90% fail
Views 332K4 years ago
Are You a Psychopath?
Views 388K4 years ago
Are You Colorblind?
Views 2.4M4 years ago
7 Funny Trick Questions
Views 2.2M4 years ago
I Will Guess Your Name!
Views 39M4 years ago
How Strong Is Your Mind?
Views 3.3M4 years ago
Idiot Test - 5 Questions
Views 711K4 years ago
I Know Your Family!
Views 894K4 years ago
6 Funny Brainteasers
Views 1.2M4 years ago
What is your mental age?
Views 18M5 years ago
Views 1.1M5 years ago
The Christmas Test!
Views 140K5 years ago
Personality Test 3
Views 548K5 years ago
Idiot Test - 90% fail
Views 14M5 years ago
6 Funny Trick Questions
Views 6M5 years ago
Psycho Test 3 (REAL!)
Views 850K5 years ago
Personality Test 2
Views 900K5 years ago
IQ Test - 10 More Questions
Views 909K5 years ago
IQ Test - 10 Questions
Views 6M6 years ago
Psycho Test 2 (REAL!)
Views 1M6 years ago
Psycho Test (REAL!)
Views 1.8M6 years ago
Amazing Mind Trick!
Views 715K6 years ago
I Can Read Your Mind!
Views 1.4M6 years ago
30 Second IQ Test
Views 1.2M6 years ago
1 Minute Personality Test!
Views 3.1M7 years ago
I Will Read Your Mind!
Views 459K7 years ago
I will guess your age!
Views 6M7 years ago


  • EzyHQ
    EzyHQ 7 minutes ago

    Salt is pink you idiot

  • Abstractom1nal
    Abstractom1nal 45 minutes ago


  • Pieterjan Vandecasteele
    Pieterjan Vandecasteele 50 minutes ago

    age: 15 mental age: 29 - 55

  • HuRaIrA KiNg
    HuRaIrA KiNg 51 minute ago

    Bro it is 2020

  • HuRaIrA KiNg
    HuRaIrA KiNg 52 minutes ago

    Number was 3

  • Rakib Miah
    Rakib Miah Hour ago

    im 9 got 9 lets go

  • pandey ji
    pandey ji 2 hours ago

    Tumko gariyane Ka mn ker rha h bhn ke laude

  • Siddu Patil
    Siddu Patil 3 hours ago

    what do you meanty trio of triplets

  • cobyone kinobi
    cobyone kinobi 3 hours ago

    I got them all wright

  • SkyWrathYT
    SkyWrathYT 3 hours ago

    just how?

  • Sans
    Sans 6 hours ago

    The one with the puppy thats wrong its black and white

  • Sitaram Sharma
    Sitaram Sharma 6 hours ago

    My all questions are correct

  • 2 plus 2 is four minus 1 that's three

    I will guess your age:write 2020-the year you were born

  • Nripendra Bhakat
    Nripendra Bhakat 6 hours ago


  • Dodo The Gamer
    Dodo The Gamer 8 hours ago

    Nope I'm a boy not Jessica

  • Sanjana Sparkzz
    Sanjana Sparkzz 10 hours ago

    And for the odd one out, I thought the circle is the odd one out as the others having four sides except circle.

  • Sanjana Sparkzz
    Sanjana Sparkzz 10 hours ago

    Me: what should I choose Disney Land or New york?? *confused*

  • Claudiu Ivan
    Claudiu Ivan 12 hours ago


  • Ayesha Ali
    Ayesha Ali 12 hours ago

    I got wrong answer not 3 digit number I have 2 digit number please help

  • king roar gaming
    king roar gaming 15 hours ago

    Stage 5 I lost

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 16 hours ago

    Hmm 12 and 9 questions right, I did pause though so I'm dumb.

  • Rekha Pal1981
    Rekha Pal1981 18 hours ago


    HS_ PREDATOR 18 hours ago

    Ohh my god im still a 9 year old child......WTH...

  • Red Lion Gamer
    Red Lion Gamer 21 hour ago

    WY score is 220, my mental age is 16-21 but I am 14only

  • Josh Cummings
    Josh Cummings 22 hours ago

    nope i said im a boy and it said im amy

  • landynn grace Arellano

    IM NOT AN IDIOT!!! WAIT- Awwwwwwwwwwweeeeee😔😟 Wait why do I wanna be one anyway???😶😶. 🤣😂

  • Moha Alu
    Moha Alu 23 hours ago

    my actual age:12 my mental age:9_16 i guess my mental age is my actual age

  • AIL Ⓥ
    AIL Ⓥ 23 hours ago

    Why didn't the drink-question have plain water as an option? Liquid calories are a bad idea!

  • Polornia Swordstones

    Me who got 8 correct: so, let me guess, 130? Video: No, how about 80. Me: That’s less than average tho! Video: and?

  • Hassan Omar
    Hassan Omar Day ago


  • Hassan Omar
    Hassan Omar Day ago

    No tahts not right i left with three and my name is hassa

  • NerdLifeToTheBone Y


  • Breanna Uhl
    Breanna Uhl Day ago

    Last on the last on:{

  • mash-hoor jonas

    My actual age 23 My mental age 23 YOLO

  • Anisha Yadav
    Anisha Yadav Day ago


  • Satish Chandra Bitra

    No it is not my age

  • Zunol
    Zunol Day ago

    Imagine failing this

  • mikmik princess

    14 mental age 55+ *LMAO*

  • WNC Yuba2
    WNC Yuba2 Day ago

    Wait guys i learned those at grade 4 (in japan) what r u jocking about , saying that 90% adults cant resolve it xdd

  • Bamboozled303 kittycool7

    I got past every stage without geting one wrong😎im a master at this!😎

  • Kayakwest Now
    Kayakwest Now Day ago

    If you don't turn the music off while watching this video you're an idiot

  • Kayakwest Now
    Kayakwest Now Day ago

    Ads will destroy RU-clip

  • zainab chaudhary

    It's true or not???

  • Kayakwest Now
    Kayakwest Now Day ago

    If you can listen to the music in this video, you have a very very low iq

  • Sujeet Kumar
    Sujeet Kumar Day ago

    Frcwcrwc3527rcw he va f BBC 43r

  • FrostBytę
    FrostBytę Day ago

    Omg it worked! I freaked out.

  • Divysnshu Patel


  • Suma Reddy
    Suma Reddy Day ago

    Wow my mental age is my actual age 16

  • mohd afzal
    mohd afzal Day ago

    I always watch the upload date of the video like this

  • Stefan Wons
    Stefan Wons Day ago

    Its still shock me just how lots of people have no clue about Rotogenflux Methods despite the fact that a lot of people improve their intelligence with it. Thanks to my mate who told me about this. I have my IQ score increased over 15 points.

  • John Duke
    John Duke Day ago

    Instructions unclear. Can't find a bat and ball for a $1.10 on amazon.

  • İģŋĩTȅɖ ǨǏƝĢ

    I ain't stupid mate😑

  • Will Levey
    Will Levey Day ago

    Does Rotogenflux Methods really work? I see a lot of people keep on talking about Rotogenflux Methods. But Im not sure if it is good enough to increase your IQ of 20 points.

  • Ernest Mallory

    What are some ways to increase your IQ score over 15 points? I read many superb opinions on the net about how exactly Rotogenflux Methods will help you increase your IQ of 20 points. Has any one tried this intelligence boost program?

  • Gamer_JacobYoshi

    iM nOt 61!1!!1 I’m 11 XD

  • Yann Tiersen
    Yann Tiersen Day ago

    290 pints 16-21 yeyy

  • Anakinr31
    Anakinr31 Day ago

    i knew about hentai at like 6 years old and i searched up pretty fucked up stuff like the deep web red rooms

  • cat
    cat Day ago

    Literally. Every. Single. One. Is. Copied. From. A. Single. Website.

  • StarTyger Nebulla
    StarTyger Nebulla 2 days ago

    I did it. MM-HMM-HMM. You were W R O N G

    PMSSINGER 2 days ago

    i got two wrong and five right

  • Khizar Zia
    Khizar Zia 2 days ago


  • Swati Tiwari
    Swati Tiwari 2 days ago

    My actual age - 16 My mental age -16-21

  • Khizar Zia
    Khizar Zia 2 days ago

    The total was 814 but i am 19

  • Danique Elfring
    Danique Elfring 2 days ago

    My age: 15 My mental age: 9-16

  • sier3940 sier3940
    sier3940 sier3940 2 days ago

    got it right its so obv

  • Jasmine Steele
    Jasmine Steele 2 days ago

    Umm how I get here idk I wanted 9th but it 5th will do

  • Payton Spence
    Payton Spence 2 days ago

    they don't drink milk they dispense milk out to the world and drink water from the grass STUPID!!!!!!

  • Nehals MUSIC
    Nehals MUSIC 2 days ago

    I have passed all levels it's not to tough I am ason of 8 years

  • ZeMemeLord MEMES
    ZeMemeLord MEMES 2 days ago


  • zana De Gang
    zana De Gang 2 days ago

    Im 14 and my mental age is 9-16

  • Kayla Pyne
    Kayla Pyne 2 days ago

    Yeah it got it correct 10. I did it again to see if it would work again and it did

  • Himaz Haneez
    Himaz Haneez 2 days ago

    I got everything correct

  • Johnashish Ashish
    Johnashish Ashish 2 days ago

    It is real

  • Khalifattar
    Khalifattar 2 days ago

    Oh no,I picked π when I was told to pick a number from 1 to 10

  • RR Cuber
    RR Cuber 2 days ago

    The first question was from grade 4th

  • Atiya Tousif
    Atiya Tousif 2 days ago



    My actual age = 16 Acc to this video = 9-16 Acc to chrome test = 28-30 Acc to another test = 21-22 I am literally confused 😂

  • rangoli kejriwalseth

    My total came 198 I chose no 2 It came 1 I am 11 It came 98

  • Derpy Flurp
    Derpy Flurp 2 days ago

    Stage 4

  • Shaik Baba
    Shaik Baba 2 days ago


  • Merc puktun
    Merc puktun 2 days ago

    I am introvert I have 500 plus friends I wish I was an extrovert

  • Rachel Schuit
    Rachel Schuit 2 days ago

    "9-16" I'm 12

  • Linda Lambert
    Linda Lambert 2 days ago

    🖕 😂

  • Guerra4 Wilding
    Guerra4 Wilding 2 days ago

    I’m 9 years old and I got 79 Like for 1 year younger 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • methat lovescats
    methat lovescats 2 days ago

    This person that created this video is an idiot!

  • Yumna El Tawati
    Yumna El Tawati 2 days ago

    I got 521 I did choose 5 but I'm not 21 I'm 10

  • dreadthedays says
    dreadthedays says 2 days ago

    My eyedropper says the pears are not the same color...... Idn.

  • rightfulboy17
    rightfulboy17 2 days ago

    Yeah my name is um...

  • Neville Jones
    Neville Jones 2 days ago

    Some silly questions here like the iPhone invention

  • Skylar Chan
    Skylar Chan 2 days ago


  • The wolf pack 4
    The wolf pack 4 2 days ago

    i picked 1 and got 113 and im 13 so you guessed it

  • Gruigi
    Gruigi 3 days ago


  • Rahafrahaf Alrahaf
    Rahafrahaf Alrahaf 3 days ago

    My age is 14 in the reallity but here its 16-21 oh amm i think it didnt make any diferent when i know that bro 😂

  • Jay_ 07
    Jay_ 07 3 days ago

    My actual age: 13-14 my mental age: 21-29 Me: Wait hold up--

  • Pedrohalves2010
    Pedrohalves2010 3 days ago

    Why would you waste a person 2 minutes life for a April fools prank?

  • Yoohyeon Miku
    Yoohyeon Miku 3 days ago

    What hard is on this??

    DYNAMIC YT 3 days ago

    But, my score is 440!?

  • fox meme
    fox meme 3 days ago

    I didn't yawn Yay

  • Dan Rwemera
    Dan Rwemera 3 days ago


  • Neutron
    Neutron 3 days ago

    Cant belive it im 7yrs n i was thinking 27yrs fuck this