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Pit Boss Smoked Chuck Roast
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  • Tom's Test Kitchen
    Tom's Test Kitchen 57 minutes ago

    Chicken looks great Jeff. I have one of those Big Easy fryers, I need to use it more often. BTW, the restaurants do use food coloring to get that red color. You can buy natural food coloring that isn't red dye #40.

    • 52 minutes ago

      Thanks Tom. I didn't know there was natural food coloring. Hope all is well in Texas.

  • Capn Crunch
    Capn Crunch 3 hours ago

    Fun fact, washing your raw chicken actually increases your chances of getting food poisoning.

  • Ulrik Lange
    Ulrik Lange 10 hours ago

    This Guy sounds like Woody harelson πŸ˜‚

  • Alex
    Alex 10 hours ago

    I myself love smoking crab legs you should try Dungeness crab legs wild caught. In order for the Sauce to get into the crab , you should try what I've always tried and that's simply cracking the legs very lightly to allow that moisture to get in side of the crab legs. Good video brotherπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  • Jeff Stabell
    Jeff Stabell 12 hours ago

    Very nice recipe! I Tried last Saturday on my Pellet grill - wonderful results - tasted kinda like a spicy beef candy - could not stop eating them. Bravo!

  • handcannon
    handcannon 23 hours ago

    You were right, at 3:11 the chicken looks like what you might get if you fed a baby a bowl of spicy gumbo. It looked pretty darn good after it was done, though. Did it cost a lot to get all the uncommon/unusual ingredients for this recipe? Have a great week, Jeff.

    • handcannon
      handcannon 22 hours ago I wish I had been, but I haven't been out since July. I spruced up a couple treestands today, though. I'll be in one of them tomorrow at daylight. My Dad claims there are three bucks walking around his 40 (acres; no longer ounces) that are at least as big as that one I got last year.

    • 22 hours ago

      Hey Ken, It was not expensive. I picked the stuff up at Amazon for a few dollars and have plenty left. So, as long as you are making more in the future, quite reasonable. Doing any fishing?

  • kimojosh
    kimojosh 23 hours ago

    Fixing to do something similar tomorrow, thanks for sharing your recipe!

  • Victor Greystoke II

    Mmm, looks delicious! Nicely done, I need Foster beer and garlic bread!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  • Tom Horsman
    Tom Horsman Day ago

    The Big Easy is Awesome! Lookin good Jeff!

  • Jim Cole
    Jim Cole Day ago

    To get a rich smoke. I would preheat high temp to get the chips smoking and lower to 225. That first smack of smoke will make a difference.

  • The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr.

    I liked this chicken it looked great and marinade didn't seem too spicy. The Big Easy did a great job. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎.

  • The Gallery Backyard BBQ

    very nice cook. looked just about perfect.

  • foreverbatman
    foreverbatman Day ago

    As an Indian (in US) I am impressed by the marinade.....finally culmination of the Indian BBQ and American BBQ......restaurants use food color just color no taste. And it should be grill on lump charcoal authentically with some skin to be trimmed. Great recipe. Have it with mint chutney and squeeze lemon on it and also raw onions with sprinkled salt and pepper and squeezed lemon on onions.

    • foreverbatman
      foreverbatman Day ago Local guide helps.... if you went to southern part of India Kerala or Goa it is rare or almost non existensial since this is north Indian cuisine. Even jaipur rajasthan may not have it as most of the residents are vegeterian even though it is northwestern part of India. But neighboring Punjab state is one of the prime location to have tandoori.

    • Day ago

      Thanks Batman! I did a lot of research. Odd thing is that I've been to India twice and have not had Tandoori chicken. Lots of good food though.

  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll Day ago

    I'll admit, I cringed a little when you scored the bird. I trust your cooking though and knew it would come out excellent. I know nothing about Tandoori chicken. That just looks delicious!

  • David Reynolds

    You could probably do this very easily on the PBC. Just no wood in it. Would love to try this using split chickens with more surface area!! Great video with lots of ideas!!!!

  • R Fire
    R Fire Day ago

    Hi Jeff! That chicken looks amazing! Made me so hungry. By the way, where's your partner in crime, Tami? I hope she's okay. Thanks again for another great video!

    • Day ago

      She wasn't feeling well on this video, but she is good now. Thanks Fire!

  • onlychevys Williams

    Looks amazing Jeff!

  • Pickles BBQ
    Pickles BBQ Day ago

    Thats a great looking bird Jeff! The color and juiciness came out great. Won't be quite the same but I'll give this a go on my wsm at some point. Have a great week!

  • Wicked Life
    Wicked Life Day ago

    Another killer recipe!

  • Random Acts of Cooking

    OK, I can see it's time to dust off the SRG and give this a try. My spin would be to make a batch of bone in, skin on chicken thighs and legs. Thanks Jeff.

    • Day ago

      I think you'll get more flavor your way Mike, with both sides having the seasoning.

  • Papa C’s BBQ & Kitchen

    Great idea for a cook Jeff. I will have to add that to my list. Love my Big Easy SRG !

  • monte mcdearmon

    Could I put that in my masterbulit I don't have a big easy

    • V Man
      V Man Day ago Got it! Thank you!

    • Day ago

      @V Man Definitely 275. Use maple or a fruit wood.

    • V Man
      V Man Day ago Would you use any kind of wood and which one if so? Also, I am guessing this will go at the Masterbuilt max of 275 degrees?

    • Day ago

      @V Man You can do it the same way, but in the Masterbuilt the skin is not going to get crispy.

    • V Man
      V Man Day ago I had the same question myself. Any thoughts on how to do this on the Masterbuilt?

  • Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez

    Looks great but what happened with the dipping sauce? Did I miss something?

  • Jacob Salem
    Jacob Salem 4 days ago

    which type of wood chips are in the cooker for the salmon? thanks for the vid!

  • Ree Pino
    Ree Pino 4 days ago

    Way to get views lady πŸ™„πŸ€¨πŸ€£

  • F/A18A-D GURU
    F/A18A-D GURU 4 days ago

    great video looking fwd to the next one

  • Kort Kramer
    Kort Kramer 5 days ago

    Great recipe. Much like a recipe that I do. Thanks for sharing! Shout out to St. Augustine!

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 6 days ago

    Looked dam good my friend. Gotta ask. Did it taste like a brisket??

    • 5 days ago

      Good question, but it was not as beefy as brisket. Tasted more like pot roast with smoke.

  • Smoked Reb BBQ
    Smoked Reb BBQ 6 days ago

    Wow, I didn't believe you at first that this was a chuck roast. That picture looked too amazing!

  • Bacon Acres Farm
    Bacon Acres Farm 6 days ago

    I had a master built 40''. Lots of things went out and Sam's replaced the entire unit twice and then the control panel twice. Then the unit caught fire. I called the company who offered to sell me a new one. I bought a cookshack and never looked back. Nice vid!! very clear!!!!!

  • Ashley Humphries
    Ashley Humphries 7 days ago

    Looks good! How do you keep it from sticking?

    • 7 days ago

      The yogurt coating really helps. You can also wipe the grill grates with veggie or olive oil.

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 7 days ago

    I love they way ya'll cook and grill > I hope your son did damage his knee and gets all well My foot ball knee still gives me hell > i use bees stings for a Cortisone Injection! Save me $400 bucks a shot They give me 3> OMG a front came threw. its to cold for this time of year! 66 deg at 2:30 pm > But i'am loving it

    • 7 days ago

      He is doing much better. Thanks for the feedback Bee Bro! Stay warm.

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  • Jaxx Drinkwater
    Jaxx Drinkwater 7 days ago

    Jef, f man that smoke ring can't be real.. laughing.. freaking beautiful my friend.

  • The Root Boy Cooks !

    Down Sadie Down! Bad dog!! Oh well, chuck roast turned out great! Like that rub and sauce! Rock On Jeff!

    • 7 days ago

      Thanks Sal. That boy has been on crutches for 6 weeks now, but is getting better.

  • Tom Horsman
    Tom Horsman 8 days ago

    Looks awesome Jeff! That’s an awesome Smoke Ring!

    • 8 days ago

      I was pleasantly surprised by that smoke ring with the pellet grill.

  • handcannon
    handcannon 8 days ago

    That looked like a killer chuck roast, Jeff. Lots of cooking like that should have your son good as new in no time. What kind of vehicle does Sadie drive, anyway?

    • 8 days ago

      Thanks Ken. 80 lb freight train and as fast as lightening 😁.

  • steve congrove
    steve congrove 8 days ago

    I have a hard time concentrating on this recipe. You are beautiful πŸ˜‰

  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson 8 days ago

    don't you usually cook your meat to rare/med rare, or is it just specific cuts of meat?

    • 8 days ago

      Hi Ryan. I cook steaks to rare and medium rare, but not pot roast (aka chuck roast).

  • The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr.

    Beautiful Smoked Chuck Roast, love the color and smoke ring. Definitely would be great for sandwiches. Hope your son feels better soon, although if you keep cooking like this, for him, he might not be in a hurry. LoL 😎. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎.

    • 8 days ago

      Thanks Grumpy. He is in physical therapy now and down to 1 instead of 2 crutches, so getting better.

  • My Joy Of Cooking
    My Joy Of Cooking 8 days ago

    Very nice roast.

  • Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez

    Now that looked really good. What a smoke ring πŸ‘I know those sammiches were awesome

  • Papa C’s BBQ & Kitchen

    Dang that was juicy and a killer smoke ring!

  • Pickles BBQ
    Pickles BBQ 8 days ago

    Chuck is one of my go-to cuts. It's inexpensive and cooked right so good. Awesome smoke ring on it Jeff and juicy as anything! A sandwich sounds perfect. Hope his leg heals up soon and y'all have a great week!

    • 8 days ago

      He is progressing. Been about 5 weeks on crutches now. Doc said he'd never seen a knee with that much fluid. Much better now that he is taking PT. Thanks Charley!

  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll 8 days ago

    Man I'm hungry and Florida is just too far to go. Can you send me a care package? lol

    • 8 days ago

      I'll be out your way in a couple of weeks, just drop it from the plane.

  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll 8 days ago

    My dog has almost taken me out more than once lol. They get all wound up and who knows what's gonna happen

  • Random Acts of Cooking

    Great looking smoked roast Jeff. I just picked up a meat slicer and this would make some great sandwiches.

    • Kevin Noll
      Kevin Noll 8 days ago πŸ€” I like that idea 🀣

    • 8 days ago

      @Kevin Noll The clean up might get old for me. I've read others that say the same thing. I need one I can just pressure wash 🀣.

    • Kevin Noll
      Kevin Noll 8 days ago I've got one of the big cabelas brand slicers. It works great, but it's a lot of work cleaning up after. Gotta tear it completely apart. Just wish there was an easier method.

    • Random Acts of Cooking
      Random Acts of Cooking 8 days ago Actually I picked up a Rival 1042W Electric Food Slicer (older model) at a garage sale for $5. Works but I have to clean it up and sterilize it. I got it because it folds up for storage and since it will only be used sporadically this seemed the better slicer for me.

    • 8 days ago

      I've been working at meat slicers. Which one did you get and how do you like it?

    BBQ PIT DOG 8 days ago

    WOW! What a smoke ring Jeff! You do this to me every time... now I have to go to Publix!! Delicious video bud!

    • 8 days ago

      Thanks Rob. When Publix runs a sale I always get 2 or 3 and stick them in the freezer.

  • Brandon Hoelcle
    Brandon Hoelcle 8 days ago

    Is it possible to use this recipe for ground meat? I am planning to use a jerky gun. Would I mix the marinade in with the ground (using venison) and then remove excess marinade before adding to the jerky gun?

    • Brandon Hoelcle
      Brandon Hoelcle 8 days ago Thank you for your reply, I'm going to give it a shot with another recipe first and maybe reserve yours for a venison roast that I'll slice.

    • 8 days ago

      I'm not sure. I tried making jerky with ground meat once and it didn't turn out well.

  • Ohio Marine
    Ohio Marine 8 days ago

    Best cooking video I have seen....Smokin' hot MILF! VERY NICE!

  • Patricia Santopietro

    OMG that looks so good! Just got a Big Easy and can't wait to try this.

  • anne menard
    anne menard 10 days ago

    how long does this last if I wanted to make for gifts thank you , annie

    • 10 days ago

      I honestly don't know. There is a government website on how to can and shelf life.

  • John Salmon
    John Salmon 11 days ago

    My family and I went to a Peruvian Chicken restaurant up here in North Carolina last Sunday, it was so good!

  • Carson Bechtel
    Carson Bechtel 11 days ago

    I love hot sauce and feel like i can eat some pretty hot stuff.... This stuff absolutely fucks you because of the hot pepper extract... Kinda wish it didn't have the extract in it, its a little hard to enjoy. Tastes like god damn pepper spray. A little goes a long way!

    • 10 days ago

      Yea, I don't care much for extract flavor, but it is definitely hot. Works in chili and stews nicely.

  • Elliott J
    Elliott J 11 days ago

    So it seems I need to smoke chicken for 1 hour at 225 and then finish it in the oven at 375. Does this sound right.

    • 11 days ago

      You've got a couple of options: a) try the baking powder dry brine method as I show in this video, or b) you can crank up the temp during the last 30 minutes as you suggested. Sometimes the chicken itself plays a part in how crispy the skin gets.

  • british people yellow teeth

    dude you cut the fat??? tf do you buy ribeye then??

    • 10 days ago

      I definitely don't buy them for fat. I buy them because I like ribeyes.

  • John Salmon
    John Salmon 12 days ago

    The tuna looks great!

    • 12 days ago

      Thank you John. This was awesome. Can't wait to make it again with a sharp knife 😁.

  • John Salmon
    John Salmon 12 days ago

    Luv your channel!

  • Soren Winslow
    Soren Winslow 12 days ago

    Where do you find the beer can kit?

    • 12 days ago

      You can buy them at the large sporting goods stores and Amazon.

  • My Joy Of Cooking
    My Joy Of Cooking 12 days ago

    Great pulled pork recipe.

  • Elliott J
    Elliott J 12 days ago

    This was my first time smoking a whole chicken and the skin was very rubbery. I smoked it at 275 on the second rack from the top. What did I do wrong

    • 12 days ago

      You won't get crispy skin at 275. If you are using something g other than Masterbuilt, you can crank up the temp a bit the last half hour.

  • Two Kids
    Two Kids 13 days ago

    Wings are good but I’m a breast guy

  • Patrick Cruse
    Patrick Cruse 13 days ago

    The only issue I have with that same model smoker! It doesn’t hold the temp. Other then that, I love it.

    BBQ PIT DOG 14 days ago

    That picnic was beautiful when unwrapped Jeff! Thank goodness you checked the smoker when the flare up occurred.....that could have bee bad. I know Louis at R Shack BBQ had issues with his pellet smoker jamming pellets, etc. You all may have come across a serious issue....especially when cooking on your porch. Great video though. Be safe and take care bud!

  • Dave Dion
    Dave Dion 14 days ago

    What was your smoker temp?

    • 13 days ago

      Likely 225 (older video). I tend to do 275 these days with no water pan.

  • Random Acts of Cooking

    Regardless of the issues, you still got a great bunch of pulled pork.

  • monte mcdearmon
    monte mcdearmon 14 days ago

    Look good been there when smoker not working right

  • Smoked Reb BBQ
    Smoked Reb BBQ 14 days ago

    I love those kind of BBQ stories. You're not always going to have an easy cool and things happen but the true pitmaster can rise up and still get the cook done. ;) That pork looked killer!

  • Top Ranked
    Top Ranked 14 days ago

    Looks so good. Could you please do Piri Piri chicken ( Portuguese style) on the pit barrel ? Thank you

    • 8 days ago

      @Top Ranked You need salt for a brine. So you could consider skipping the brine. I am not familiar with Kosher chicken, but was just reading a bit about the process. You might want to skip the brine or only brine for a few hours.

    • Top Ranked
      Top Ranked 8 days ago quick question. I'm trying your Peruvian chicken recipe tomorrow. i bought a Empire Kosher chicken. The label says it has 12% sodium (290mg). the recipe calls for adding 2 tablespoons Kosher salt as a dry brine and 1.5 teaspoons Kosher salt as part of the marinate. Should I skip the salt in the brine and marinate? thanks a lot for your help!

    • Top Ranked
      Top Ranked 8 days ago thanks so much! I'm already making your peruvian chicken recipe tomorrow and can't wait for the Piri Piri chicken one. much love!

    • 9 days ago

      We filmed Piri Piri chicken on the PBC today. Should be posted in a few weeks.

    • 14 days ago

      Sounds like a fun cook. I'm in!

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander 15 days ago


  • Mike C
    Mike C 15 days ago

    That’s the beauty of charcoal/wood fire cooking, sometimes you have to roll with the unpredictability lol.

  • handcannon
    handcannon 15 days ago

    The pork looked good, but the flame-up episode should make people think twice about setting one of these too close to the house. I had never heard of this problem; I thought the pellets would just swell and stick in the hopper/jam the auger.

  • Rudy Sison
    Rudy Sison 15 days ago

    Looks tasty..I am going to do a indirect on my weber.

  • Rudy Sison
    Rudy Sison 15 days ago

    Looks yummy.. Where did you get that ring plate for you Weber?

    • 15 days ago

      Thanks Rudy. The company's name is Arteflame. Just go to their website.

  • Ineluctable Smith
    Ineluctable Smith 15 days ago

    The Treagers are terrible about flaming up. You need to clean out the burn cup and the screw that feeds the pellets. They do tell you how in the manual. I have a buddy that just tossed his after the second time. I do like hearing about different rubs and trying different things. Thanks for this.

    • 15 days ago

      Thanks for the update. I think you are the 4th person that commented that you had seen this issue. It's good to know that others have seen this also. I am cleaning the burn cup more regularly now.

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 15 days ago

    Don't CRY when you can't put the fire out

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 15 days ago

    Its squirrel season here Done got my limit 20 YUM YUM YUM

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 15 days ago

    Pull pork make good soft tacos i made some Diablo spicy chicken taco YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY oil add diced Onions, dice Anaheim pepper's, chicken with diablo hot sauce in a warm flour tortilla and i went to HEAVEN YUM So easy and simple > oops for got 1> WITH Guacamole: in it

  • milehighmaniac100
    milehighmaniac100 15 days ago

    I just had sv shrimp for the first time and was really impressed. Done perfectly from frozen made it easy, and I was really impressed by the broth that came with the shrimp. Perfect for rice!

  • Papa C’s BBQ & Kitchen

    Hey Jeff, pork looked good! Haven’t done one in my Pit Boss yet. That is why. Would never let my pellet grill run while I am asleep. Seen on many fires etc.

  • The Grumpy Ol' Gringo Sr.

    When you started the video, you said it was 100* , you were going to use the Pit Boss, I thought that would be a perfect smoker to use, you could sit in the house enjoying A/C, and a cold beverage. Man, were we fooled. LoL 😎. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎.

    • 15 days ago

      Yea it definitely was a different kind of experience. At least I got some good sammiches!

  • Pickles BBQ
    Pickles BBQ 15 days ago

    Nothing like a fun cook where things go awry hah. However you managed to save the day and the pork still looks good Jeff.

    • 15 days ago

      I need to get in the habit of checking the pellet burner more often.


    "Rubber/Latex Gloves" for cooking, I get for free. Every year when my doctor checks my Prostate, I ask him if I can keep the gloves he used during my "check." Dang near NEW, only used once. They work great! LOL

  • Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez

    I'll tell you what. The last time I tried a long cook with my Pit Boss it flamed out and kept loading pellets in the fire pot. I had a big pile of pellets inside. For long cooks I use other cookers from now on. Your roast looked good though. Thanks for sharing your challenging cook.

  • onlychevys Williams
    onlychevys Williams 15 days ago

    I learned the hard way to clean out that little fire box every 3rd cook or so, I also live in south Florida with the humidity. I have not done pulled pork on mine yet so thanks for the heads up!

    • 15 days ago

      Yup, I'm going to start checking also. I didn't realize others had seen this problem.

  • Chief Hasben
    Chief Hasben 15 days ago

    It's Sadie the devil dog, I'm certain of it! Check her hiding spots and I think you'll find her tools that she uses to tamper with the fire while you're napping. Actually it looked like it turned out pretty tasty...even aside from Sadie's handiwork.

    • 15 days ago

      She's camping with us this weekend and actually being a pretty good dog! πŸ•

  • The Gallery Backyard BBQ

    tough cook with pretty good results.

  • Kevin Noll
    Kevin Noll 15 days ago

    Hit that πŸ‘before the video even started. Pulled pork and armadillo pepper. I know it's good!

    • 15 days ago

      Thanks Kevin. Maybe we need to make some pulled armadillo!

    • Kevin Noll
      Kevin Noll 15 days ago

      Even with the problems that happened, it still came out looking tasty. Adapt and overcome. Make it work

  • Luigi Buscemi
    Luigi Buscemi 15 days ago

    double yum..

  • Diere Spiegner
    Diere Spiegner 15 days ago

    Looks amazing!

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 15 days ago

    I made a soft taco or burrito that out of this world, all it consist of is dice onions, dice anaheim peppers, dice up spicy fried chicken, some diablo hot sauce and flour tortilla, OK take a 1/2 hand full of fried chicken. Take 1/2 hf onions, and 1/2 hf pepper and drizzle Diablo hot sauce on it , warm it up in the micro wave 3 min. Take a flour tortilla run it under water both sides, let it set to drain, while the grill warming up! Spray the grill with pam, put the tortilla on it warm up that side when it bubbles, flip it! then put the onions, peppers and chicken in it! with the Dialblo sauce on it. warm up that side until it makes bubbles . pull it off the grill roll it up and enjoy YUM

  • Brett Atwood
    Brett Atwood 15 days ago

    I love the reactions, that's exactly how I react when I try my food I cook up! Lol! Looks like yall had a blast! Awesome food recipes guys!

  • Brett Atwood
    Brett Atwood 15 days ago

    Yall are having a blast I love it! Its what cooking is all about! Thanks for the recipe! Just started watching yalls channel today and I love it! I'm excited to go back and look at all your recipes! Happy cooking!

  • jose Rodriguez
    jose Rodriguez 16 days ago

    But nothing beats a tender piece of elk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Jamacia Dog
    Jamacia Dog 16 days ago

    you are correct, soaking the wood chips , I find, serves no useful purpose. I use apple wood. It gives a mild, sweet smoke that isn't strong.

  • Roger Hayslett
    Roger Hayslett 16 days ago

    😁😁😁😁. Very good stuff! They're tougher than me by a long run! Tammy is bad ass!!, and maybe a little instigator 😈. I would need an ambulance.

  • R Fire
    R Fire 16 days ago

    Hi Tami, that was awesome! Poor Allison. Even though her mouth was on fire, she's still a good sport. By the way, I think she's very beautiful!

  • Bro MikeG
    Bro MikeG 16 days ago

    Wow so tender and yummy chicken recipe my friend thank you for sharing your blessings πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸ™

  • Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez

    Oh my... poor girl. LOL

  • Mac M
    Mac M 16 days ago

    Allison adds value to the channel.