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  • SyllogiTv
    SyllogiTv Day ago

    YG’s music and artists are really important in K-Pop industry.

  • just for fun
    just for fun 3 days ago

    how much many did kbuzz lost when yt demonetized their channel ? lessons learned

  • h y p o c r i s p y

    I just came here to check on this trash channel who posts toxic videos on idols especially MMLD. It seems that time flies by so fast that i didn't even noticed that it's been 5 months since your channel got demonitized. Lmao seems like KARMA came for you, from 100k views from 17k-2k views lmao, this is what you get for being a petty hoe

    • leera mian
      leera mian 3 hours ago

      Lol, did you think to wonder there isn't even much of your group left so their isn't anything else worthwhile to report on about them here. Hahahaha 😊. Plenty of news outlets that do not monetize on their channel. 303K+ subscribers. This channel is still standing and one of the top sources for K-gossip. It ain't going anywhere soon. Their news format has also been updated to article posts in their community section, moron. That's where subscribers like myself go to read. And I prefer it like this because they can now post even more often then when they were making more complicated video news uploads and could not deliver the news as quickly as now. So thanks for the great feedback, the channel is thriving. Annyeong!

  • solar system
    solar system 6 days ago

    *i nearly forgot this account existed*

  • chaewon lee
    chaewon lee 6 days ago


  • Jeon Jungkookie
    Jeon Jungkookie 6 days ago


  • Lovely ITZY Lovely TXT


  • aa a
    aa a 7 days ago

    didnt this channel use to have bad bashful titles themselves and why did they delete all of their previous videos they made they had loads and peowll kept say your so hateful with the titles m

  • Magic Or Music
    Magic Or Music 7 days ago

    R.I.P sulli 😔

  • Ninja Mingyu
    Ninja Mingyu 10 days ago


  • Thanks for promoting BLACKPINK Hater

    Go.. Kill.. Your.. Self..☺

  • Itzy Thequeens
    Itzy Thequeens 18 days ago

    *Yo what happened to the old KBUZZ?*

  • Xiao Shen and Xiao Wang

    6 months later you are wrong

  • NicoLorz Gi
    NicoLorz Gi 26 days ago


  • 7 Melt
    7 Melt Month ago

    I think, to be successful in kpop, u need to have a company who knows how to promote your group. Just compare the numbers of views of loona and A.C.E with other boy/girlgroups.

  • 아난 디타アナンディタ

    In order be famous in Korea a kpop group should need to have good looks Many Koreans will not be interested in that k-pop group if they don't have 'the looks' even though them being super talented...and that's where plastic surgery comes to the scene It's a harsh reality

  • Capricorn Htet
    Capricorn Htet Month ago

    STFU Dude 😂 Billboard & MTV praised TWICELIGHTS in US Tour while one fucking local news reporter who obsesses with " Girls must be Badass " called them flop and U only mentioned about it! And DON’T FUCKING USE MINA’s PHOTOS at the Airport . U should respect her privacy ! OH! WAIT U are k-buzz, it’s not wonder why u use that photos!

  • J. Chang
    J. Chang Month ago

    1:55 SNSD was the nations girl group and they paved the way, however times go by and as now when SNSD members arent as active as other groups, newer grouos have risen and taken over. Now TWICE is considered the nations girl group and BLACKPINK has gone out to the USA and other international countries. So please keep up kbuzz :)

  • Jarosław Puchacki

    all these YG songs from last 2 years are garbage kek

  • SchizoKira
    SchizoKira Month ago

    Why? Tbh their visual not handsome enough, not in level SM JYP, even other companies. They're talented, yes of course! But every other artists have their own talent too... Being in YG doesn't make their talent more special than the other, it just Yang Hyunsuk taste. And YG made wrong choice by using 'bad boy' image, using sexy women in MV and vulgar lyrics, adult fan will be okay cuz thinking it's cool, but teenage girl who easy to be manipulated with 'oppa is innocent' mindset can't relate. The power of big fandom is when your popularity reach 11 yo kids, lol😂. Adult fan will buy album & concert & go to the fanmeet, but not all of them have time to hype their idols on socmed 24/7 and trolling like how immature ARMY did.

  • SchizoKira
    SchizoKira Month ago

    I find him beautiful and cute, his babyface makes him look like 15 years old boy, even high schooler looks older than him and he even prettier than half girls population in this world😂, but it's kinda disturbing for adult women and men for obsessing over this looks, because they may lowkey pedophile... Not different with men who obsessing over teenage girl who dressed in highschool uniform.

  • Aeen samp
    Aeen samp Month ago

    Bitch it is necessary to put sperm pic in thymbnail

  • Ryu Hayabusa
    Ryu Hayabusa Month ago

    The formula to become a successful Idol are there attitude just like BTS they are so humble they are so Natural not a Fakers thats why they are the only Kpop I look up to the only favorite kpop....

    • Oksana
      Oksana Month ago

      I agree that likable personality and attitude is very important, but it's not always critical to success: Kaney West, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez they all have their fans that love them (I don't say they are bed people, I don't know them, just that they are not exactly projecting humble and natural). And if you speak about Idols only, most of them are humble or convincingly play humble in my opinion. As for being natural and sincere, I agree with you, I think it's what a lot of them lack. I too feel like they are overproduced and lack authenticity.

  • blackpink queen
    blackpink queen Month ago

    BLACKPINK are the QUEENS ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥

  • Ivan Aleatory
    Ivan Aleatory Month ago

    there is only one formula : sell your soul join illuminati. coz whatever talent and beauty factor you have. you won't make it to go to the top in this industry if don't follow them.

  • jennie blackpink jennie

    Blackpink bts♡

  • himari riku
    himari riku Month ago


  • _momo_
    _momo_ Month ago

    Stream Fear Stan seventeen

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    Visual doesn't matter in the least.

  • Indian OnceArmy
    Indian OnceArmy Month ago

    Twice and BTS is the perfect example for their success because of hardworking and popular hits and their numbers of reality shows. 💗💜

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago

    I think Visuals, stage presence, vocal range, dance ability, promotion are very important!

  • Gerardo Mora
    Gerardo Mora Month ago

    Since yeah all groups are based on visuals, I never occurred to em to be an important factor either, I believe it can either be two things: Smart Advertising, such as you mentioned in Blackpink and BTS (I was unable to understand why Blackpink is so popular if they visuals are average (great is average) and their songs too( average = average). But yeah, I realized is promotion and advertising, that's the reason. I believe some groups stand out when they hit the spot in many factors at the same time, visuals, nice songs, charming personalities..like it happened with SNDS or now Twice.

  • himari riku
    himari riku Month ago


  • Undramatic Non BS Fan

    In my perspective, present day kpop popularity for 4th-gen debut groups is divided into 40% *Visuals* (A) 20% *Music released* (B) 20% *Charisma/Attractiveness/Talent of personalities* (C) 15% *Marketing/Agency they come from* (D) 5% *Luck* (E) The above is not set in stone as the % may vary slightly for groups, but my overall observation of new groups this year and their relative popularity was collectively decided by these factors. Initially the most important things even before debut to get worldwide popular depends on *(A) and (D)* factors. How good their visuals are and how good is their company in pushing them as the next big-thing!

  • NerdHerddd
    NerdHerddd Month ago

    Jennie got me into Kpop, I have been blessed

  • Tatsumi Yin
    Tatsumi Yin Month ago


  • Tatun Sk
    Tatun Sk Month ago

    2:45 both of them

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Month ago

    Btw 0:22 V is so handsome

    • Kim Taehyung
      Kim Taehyung Month ago

      @Alisha Mishka who cares about them We all know *V is really handsome* but haters can't accept it Just say _haters gonna hate_

    • Alisha Mishka
      Alisha Mishka Month ago

      But when I said the antis came all over me like seriously 😂😂😂😂🤷‍♀️

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Month ago

    Army please go stream BS&T it's so close to reach 500m and ma ke BTS as first kpop group in history to have 8 mv over 500m

  • Happy girl
    Happy girl Month ago

    Formula for the best group = BTS universal legends, kings and legends 👏👏👏👏👏👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💜💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Hannah Mya
    Hannah Mya Month ago


  • Hannah Mya
    Hannah Mya Month ago

    Secret formula is luck

  • Rajasri Cheripally

    The success of a k-pop group involves not getting into any scandals which is what BTS did until now. But now that Jungkook's dating rumour spreading, I feel this will bring backlash from k-army and will definitely decrease their popularity there or atleast Jungkook's popularity there. Until 2018, they were only popular internationally but later they grew their popularity in Korea. Something like this will short-live their Korean popularity. Later, even I-army will forget them once they get into army. Finally, BTS will part their own ways and live regular lives while dating or getting married as their peak of their careers are over. So creating a successful group for a long run is impossible as the k-pop industry enforces unrealistic expectations on idols which causes them stress, leading them to leave their celebrity lives for a peaceful life.

    • I stan BTS
      I stan BTS Month ago

      Rajasri Cheripally I don’t stan bigbang or any group i just said as an example.And dating is not a big deal maybe to some koreans and bighit denied the rumor so im sure k armys are calm now.

    • Rajasri Cheripally
      Rajasri Cheripally Month ago

      @I stan BTS And pls don't come at me and say I'm a Bigbang hater. Because I'm not and hope the best for the other 4 members. I was just stating my opinion all this time.

    • Rajasri Cheripally
      Rajasri Cheripally Month ago

      @I stan BTS Ok I get your point. This video is talking about the formula to become a successful group. Bigbang was already successful before their scandals. But I was talking about being successful in a long run(I know Bigbang were successful for a long time compared to other groups). Yes, Bigbang is still popular, but do you think they will have amount of success from their upcoming comeback after one member left due to a disgusting scandal? Literally people in Korea are boycotting YG groups, so don't you think they won't boycott them. They are still popular but very much hated.

    • I stan BTS
      I stan BTS Month ago

      Lol bigbang has more scandal that is worst than dating issue and from what i heard they are still popular,so stop with your bullshit.

    • Jungkook's Tights
      Jungkook's Tights Month ago

      @Rajasri Cheripally okay, yeah maybe but we're here to support him

  • Alexis Borgogoi
    Alexis Borgogoi Month ago

    The real deal is at first you were *zero* but now you are a *hero* of millions of people

  • Crist C
    Crist C Month ago

    I think for a successful group depends on how their company willing to promote them. Promoting them from the start and leave then them hanging, doesn't help the group success.

  • Plummy Bangtan Tastic

    I think the thing that makes a group popular is making them seem more human aka showing us the ups and downs and not just their perfection but the flaws

  • bangtan soneyodan

    The main reason for a group to be succesful is: 1.to never ever give up on themselves, 2. the bonding of the group 3. every members hardwork 4. to produce their own music 5. to promote their music correctly, 6. to give their best performance to their fans even if they are tired 7. to be humble even if they are world famous 8. and last but not the least always give their first credit to their fans because if their fans did not supported them then they would never be able to reach over there 🙂

    • Oksana
      Oksana Month ago

      There is no formula to a miracle))) I don't think if you do everything that BTS did it will automatically put you on top. Those are all good advices but they guarantee nothing. Couple years ago everyone wonted to be BigBang, did everything they did, and all they accomplished is that there are a bunch of BigBang's wannabes, now, everyone wants to be BTS... No one needs another something, since it can never be the original. Also, some companies follow their formula so religiously all their groups look and sound exactly the same, it is sed and uninspiring. I think a group needs to find it's own way, what makes them special and unique, not some formula.

    • bangtan soneyodan
      bangtan soneyodan Month ago

      @Undramatic Non BS Fan ya 4th generation grups are getting famous only because of media play

    • Undramatic Non BS Fan
      Undramatic Non BS Fan Month ago

      @bangtan soneyodan I know you're just listingBangtan's lifestory points but 4th gen groups necessarily don't get famous in that way. BTS's story is just an Extremely Unique case.

    • bangtan soneyodan
      bangtan soneyodan Month ago

      @ephemera ya and that's sad 😔

    • ephemera
      ephemera Month ago

      many groups have become successful solely from mediaplay so most of these aren’t really necessary if you’ve got money

  • TaeEevee TaeTzu
    TaeEevee TaeTzu Month ago


  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio Month ago

    Luck matters a lot which I don't have 😟😭

  • Jungkook's Tights

    HARD WORK AND DEDICATION IS THE ONLY FORMULA no one can change my mind

    • Jungkook's Tights
      Jungkook's Tights Month ago

      @as easy as ABC preach That's true, it hurts to see an idol turn into a criminal

    • as easy as ABC
      as easy as ABC Month ago

      P.s one of the main factor: *Sincerity*

    • Jungkook's Tights
      Jungkook's Tights Month ago

      @jeon bunny Of course, you're right, the company has its role to play into the artist's sucess, making them comfortable and treat them like humans

    • jeon bunny
      jeon bunny Month ago

      Yeah true that 💜and also the sincerity and dedication of the company too without corruption

  • Free the namtiddes 2k19

    The formula for a successful kpop group is to treat them like humans and not animals.

  • Pencil K-Pop
    Pencil K-Pop Month ago

    I don’t rly think there’s a formula like a visual + an all rounder + amazing dance routines + amazing vocals= BOOM 💥 FAMOUS Tbh often times people find the weirdest & strangest things cool & it becomes big... just like in case of MOMOLAND. “Jjang Koong Kwang” & “Wonderful Love” were sweet & catchy but typical pop songs but when they released “BBOOM BBOOM” with this weird, upbeat but catchy and addictive sound, they became popular & everybody was like “MOMOLAND and their song” & stuff like that. People love the weirdest things. Weird but interesting

    • Undramatic Non BS Fan
      Undramatic Non BS Fan Month ago

      *mhhhm .... Amazing Vocals ≠ Populairty (Too many examples) I mean i agree with other factors you've listed. I'd also say Catchy dance routines imitable by general public goes a long way to becoming viral.

  • Alisha Mishka
    Alisha Mishka Month ago

    V visual is undeniably perfect ☺️☺️💜💜💜💜😀😀😀

  • Alisha Mishka
    Alisha Mishka Month ago

    K-POP best visual V ☺️☺️💜💜💜💜😃

    • Oksana
      Oksana Month ago

      @Krystal But it is an opinion))) how an opinion can be true or false? It's not a fact) If I say, my table is 90 cm hight, that can be true or false, you can measure it with a ruler. When I think Adriana Lima is the most beautiful woman in the world, that is clearly an opinion.)))

    • Alisha Mishka
      Alisha Mishka Month ago

      They just can’t accept the truth

    • Kathyleen Dino
      Kathyleen Dino Month ago

      @Seokjinie99 I love you too💜😘 kpoppies are Barking

    • Kathyleen Dino
      Kathyleen Dino Month ago

      @Jungkook's Tights I know.. Lol

    • Seokjinie99
      Seokjinie99 Month ago

      @Kathyleen Dino 😂😂 I mean I have enough of them saying the same things everytime and to only us like at the end of the day we have the right to do what we want 😚.

  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio Month ago

    Any blinkarmy ? Ok I am only ......😅 Edit: I have to say this .....those who r only Army or Blink no problem .....😓

    • Jungkook's Tights
      Jungkook's Tights 19 days ago

      @sana's wife ou ça,?

    • Rodriguez Castillo
      Rodriguez Castillo 21 day ago

      @Jungkook's Tights ok we get it you're not a blink

    • sana's wife
      sana's wife 22 days ago

      @minelle CLC & kpop Elle avait fait un commentaire sexiste mais c'est pas ici.

    • minelle CLC & kpop
      minelle CLC & kpop 22 days ago

      @sana's wife attend attend attend c quoi le rapport avec le sexisme ? ???

    • crepe cake
      crepe cake Month ago

      *aNy bLiNk oR ArMY heRE?* this is why you guys are considered toxic by the outside community lmfao, imagine doing this on another unrelated video

  • U4 Studio
    U4 Studio Month ago

    😐 it is not easy to become *Idol* but easy to become *potato* 😌☺

  • sweet potato
    sweet potato Month ago

    is there really a 'formula' ?

  • •Twae• Twae•

    This has nothing to do with the video but is it true the no pants girl who was following around jungkook is auditioning for bighit 🤣

    • Jungkook's Tights
      Jungkook's Tights Month ago

      @lightinthedarkness no even if she was, bighit won't let her

    • lightinthedarkness
      lightinthedarkness Month ago

      You know what would be even crazier?! If she's actually talented.

    • Seokjinie99
      Seokjinie99 Month ago

      @Krystal I know what you mean but I think what you don't see is that the fandom didn't change people just started to talk about what they really wanted to say more that all, all the things that we do and say now we wanted to do that before,. Army couldn't talk before when people were oppressing us, we we're a small fandom and the other especially one was shitting on us daily but we couldn't talk or else it was gonna end badly for the boys and us. That all its just that we decided to stop shutting our mouth when something happens. But I get that some people do go overboard but it the same in any fandom so I really don't understand why we are supposed to be rge worst when the things we have done will never equal the among of shit they did and are putting us through.

    • Jungkook's Tights
      Jungkook's Tights Month ago

      @Krystal hum honey that's logical, if a group get more famous, the fan base will grow, so number of toxic chicks will grow too Just like any fandom

    • Krystal
      Krystal Month ago

      @Seokjinie99 am so sorry I know the way I said it wasn't good but I didn't meant anything bad I know not all armys are toxic but you need to accept that the armys who are new are really toxic they know nothing about bts they just stan them for fame and trust me I'm sn army since 2015 I'm not lying our fandom was better in past just my opinion I mean one of my friend is army she knows like nothing about bts and she say that am a fake fan when she don't even know who yoongi is and there is no member called yoongi in bts and she is fan since 2017 sksksksk LOL

  • Avia
    Avia Month ago


    BONJRRUUU Month ago

    stan CLC

  • Stay Ahgase
    Stay Ahgase Month ago

    Go stream feel special teaser

    • Krystal
      Krystal Month ago

      I was about to go there

  • trisha Lee
    trisha Lee Month ago

    Sana all, i think if i'm in korea i've been already an idol

  • HyunA and E'DAWN are made for each other

    There are so many factors to why a group can be famous but very few actually get famous. This is the harsh reality 😅😭

    • Undramatic Non BS Fan
      Undramatic Non BS Fan Month ago

      Exactly! All can be hard-working but in the end they need the Viral factor to act in their favour just like Momoland's Boom Boom and Everglow's Bon Bon Chocolat

  • minelle CLC & kpop

    Stan CLC.

  • Adilles Gurang
    Adilles Gurang Month ago

    stream feel special

  • HyunA and E'DAWN are made for each other

    I know this sounds a bit weird but sometimes luck is also a factor to whether the group becomes famous or not

    • Morris Myles Ly
      Morris Myles Ly 10 days ago

      Actually in every road to success you need luck. Take Pristin for example. These girls are talented asf yet they were very unlucky in their kpop careers. Take Jinhyuk of PDX for example. Guy was talented asf but wasn't lucky enough to be placed in the lineup by the vote-rigging directors of the show even if everybody loved him

    • 7 Melt
      7 Melt Month ago

      @MiSO is my religion it is, u see, exid was a group more than 5 members, but some of the members decided to leave as they couldnt see how exid is going to succeed, during this time a fan posted a video of hani on youtube and that very video brought attention to exid, so exid is now where they are, and those members who left? They formed a group but not many heard of them....

    • Otago-Sama
      Otago-Sama Month ago

      @Aeen samp Yes, that's what I said :D

    • Aeen samp
      Aeen samp Month ago

      @Otago-Sama hard work is not the only thing people should like their music and then they got recognized by them

  • seonyeontoes trash

    Wow finally first for the first time....

  • anju aggarwal
    anju aggarwal Month ago


  • 탄이
    탄이 Month ago

    More like without YG's scandals, will K-BUZZ be boring?

  • myxo
    myxo Month ago

    I wish nothing but the worst for the people that run this channel. I hate this channel so much.

  • Fadiya Gurxan
    Fadiya Gurxan Month ago

    I think that they got all they deserved and when it comes to media of bts and bp they were worldwide groups where everyone was watching them but twice mv was really good and deserved more but they're not on the same league with bts and bp when it comes to popularity so it kinda make sense and they had their cb with the same time as bp and bts so it kinda make sense

  • Fadiya Gurxan
    Fadiya Gurxan Month ago

    Believe me if i catch the bitch that wrote that false,he/she's dead,so piggy better watch your ways coz I'm coming even tho I'm not once but i love my queen dahyun👑🥰

  • Althea Estrada
    Althea Estrada Month ago

    Please don't blame everything on YG!

  • Crystal Wynn
    Crystal Wynn Month ago

    She is NOT hated.

  • Manoj Bandara
    Manoj Bandara Month ago

    don't think if jyp didn't change the twice concept they will be same like blackpink coz kpop has grown and needs songs that aren't only for korea it needs songs like fancy and other earcatching songs that can go with every market like yg and bighit does so if they keep their work from there, they will get the views,bb and other sites they're lacking now, but i don't think they're promising future right now, since the world knows blackpink as the biggest kgg rightnow let's just hope good for everyone Fighting kpop girlgroups i'll be rooting for u since i don't like kbg

  • Antonio Salinas
    Antonio Salinas Month ago

    In my opinion he has androgynous visual,same with Lisa from Blackpink😊

  • Jarrad Hajner
    Jarrad Hajner Month ago

    Why does it sound like you’re reading a script?

  • Lucy Sapam
    Lucy Sapam Month ago

    When your management is YG.... Anything downhill is possible.

  • Jeonghan’s judging face

    ok but like are they famous rappers adored by thousand? i👏🏻dont👏🏻think👏🏻so👏🏻. therefore jooheon is already doing better than them.

  • Honey Orchid11
    Honey Orchid11 2 months ago

    Human🙌🙌🙌 Earth is still on the road... No one can expect others might be success or not. It depends on time and how lucky you are. You also can't compare one to another based on ur level😶 So... If u think winner is success because of they are talented or their achievements, then think so💁 And if u think winner is still not success because of they're untalented or not having much achievements, then think so💁 For me, winner already won my ❤ since their debut n become one of my fav bgroup. Thanks to you (WINNER) n wish u a lot of luck in love n career🙆

  • U thought it was tea, but it's me DIO

    It's wrong to say that they aren't on top lol I feel like people don't realize how hard it is to some KPOP groups just to go to stages like MNET etc... Of course Winner can be as popular as BigBang, because they aren't BigBang lol Winner are really lucky to have debuted in the Big3 otherwise they could be as unknows as thousands of other groups

  • Se Jin Bae
    Se Jin Bae 2 months ago

    Umm so im korean, and in korea, winner is pretty much on top tier when it comes to their music. Like u will hear winner songs on the street just as much as other famous musicians such as bp, bts, iu, and so on. They are pretty famous in kr in my opinion

    • cold&calculating xxx
      cold&calculating xxx Month ago

      @Se Jin Bae it looks like the video seems to suggest they dont gave wider recognition, like international.. not sure some people thats the basis of somepnes popularity.. i think its actually better for groups to be popular domestic and if their songs are loved by the gen public bec that is essential in being relevant for a long time

  • Anna Kim
    Anna Kim 2 months ago

    All the group are talented if not they wouldn't be an idol. They all work hard but only the best will be on top. We call it survival.

  • Kamong Bear
    Kamong Bear 2 months ago

    I don't Stan winner but i like their songs.It okay people Don't like them.They are talented

    • Kamong Bear
      Kamong Bear 2 months ago

      @Eye Eye sorry😂

    • Eye Eye
      Eye Eye 2 months ago


  • Korean Vlogs
    Korean Vlogs 2 months ago

    What about Day6 ?

  • Div Army
    Div Army 2 months ago

    I don't care what others think about their popularity but for me they are talented, hardworking and a group for full of visual,vocals and talent who produce best music which i love to listen. And i will keep on supporting them forever💞💞listen to their music u won't regret😇😇

  • Bae Bae
    Bae Bae 2 months ago

    It's YG's fault... They focus on their group only if they make much money..

    • Joe Annias
      Joe Annias Month ago

      They get more cb's than BP even tho BP is very well known and succesful worldwide, so I don't understand

  • Flowers Monday
    Flowers Monday 2 months ago

    Winner will always be winners even if they are not popular as other groups you do not have to be popular in order to be famous. You just need to be who you are 💖 and that's what winner is doing, being themselves

  • Judy Kookie
    Judy Kookie 2 months ago

    YG duh And well also people

  • Jessica_lcyyy
    Jessica_lcyyy 2 months ago

    All winner’s songs are in quality... dear all pls don’t sleep on talent let’s make them shine🧡

  • Margaux Gadiane
    Margaux Gadiane 2 months ago


  • Celine GH
    Celine GH 2 months ago

    I love WINNER so much!!🤩😭🤩 They really deserve so so so so much!😭💕💕💕💕

  • Mayra Alejandra Pajuelo Marin


  • himari riku
    himari riku 2 months ago


  • african booty scratcher

    Yo I almost forgot about u kbuzz

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 2 months ago

    Unoriginality in music probably the top reason. Their music is not something unique and sounds like most of what is out now. They are money grabbers and go for what sells. Unlike bts that experiments with sounds and lyrics

  • ivy heart Kyo
    ivy heart Kyo 2 months ago

    Wowowo, Winner are talented group but why they still not on top well YG never promote them or never treat them in good ways😤usually YG idols that promote them like iKON,Dara and others too.Mino also become a model too ya know? They might not popular like BTS or BP but they already famous to me since all the song are catchy and have all types of music too since they work hard to wrote they own lyrics

  • Internal Clorox
    Internal Clorox 2 months ago

    The answer is YG. If he didn’t give them that hiatus, none of this would have happened.

    • Bangya Bangya Bangya
      Bangya Bangya Bangya 29 days ago

      @jiminnie's jam jammin' ahh okay. Thanks

    • jiminnie's jam jammin'
      jiminnie's jam jammin' 29 days ago

      @Bangya Bangya Bangya Its a meme created by a channel named Maximilianmus

    • Bangya Bangya Bangya
      Bangya Bangya Bangya Month ago

      @Flowers Monday idk who is the man of pfp but he's really popular

    • Flowers Monday
      Flowers Monday 2 months ago

      Is it just me or do I keep seeing your same profile picture on every comment section or under RU-clip videos. Is there something I'm missing out on. 😂😂😂

  • random randomer
    random randomer 2 months ago

    Their music doesn't appeal to the gp and their concepts aren't exactly unique

  • Kimbap Kidding
    Kimbap Kidding 2 months ago

    I support Winner and I’m guilty for sleeping on them.