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Grumly - Gym (1999, France)
Views 5132 months ago
GTE (2000's, Canada)
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Qoo - Diving (2004, China)
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Qoo - Cycling (2004, China)
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Qoo - Morning (2004, Japan)
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Qoo - Pear (2000's, Japan)
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Qoo - BBQ (1999, Japan)
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Qoo - Suntan (1999, Japan)
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  • Samee Amar
    Samee Amar 5 hours ago

    I can see the rain drops are on Alyssa Sutherland's legs. Because she looks very sexy.

  • yoted breade
    yoted breade 5 hours ago

    Are these real fuckin ads because this seems like a high tier meme

  • Perla Jara
    Perla Jara 6 hours ago

    Go mad for munchsters

  • ReusableNine0 !!
    ReusableNine0 !! 7 hours ago

    What if zoega tried this

  • Erik Westrheim
    Erik Westrheim 7 hours ago

    Massmurder coffe. Back in the days.

  • Senator Kennedy
    Senator Kennedy 12 hours ago

    Pre-Sesame Street, Jim Henson productions.

  • 超正義
    超正義 13 hours ago


  • ButtercupFan 01
    ButtercupFan 01 14 hours ago

    Now that you uploaded the best HQ version of this PIF, aren’t you gonna delete this upload, or what?

  • Ned
    Ned 16 hours ago

    this is one of the more fucked up things i've seen

  • Ned
    Ned 17 hours ago

    hell fuckin yeah i am

  • Ned
    Ned 19 hours ago

    what person in the age demographic of despicable me was gonna come by a car when this commercial came out

  • 9/30 Studios
    9/30 Studios 20 hours ago

    I feel so sorry for Wotkins. A different opinion can have people attacked unfairly. Btw, I feel like drinking hot chocolate because of this drink.

  • Petite Princesse Aria

    Is this where Joker stole his dance on the stairs from?

  • erik benavides araque
    erik benavides araque 22 hours ago

    Ohhh shit x0.25 speed

  • Hazel Lee
    Hazel Lee Day ago


  • Nukedude14
    Nukedude14 Day ago

    Shit. This is awful

  • The Blue Dolphin

    Want Wilkins Coffee HELL NO

  • The Blue Dolphin


  • The Blue Dolphin

    That's the how the old kirmet the frog looked like

  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman Day ago

    if it was aired in France in 2019, there would be a freaking civil war with those feminist fu cks

  • Monarch Sciences

    Why does he look and sound like kermit?

  • Spike Tank
    Spike Tank Day ago

    3:56 HowToBasic in a nutshell

  • Violet Light
    Violet Light Day ago

    This turkey is my spirit animal. It’s criminally agist, extensively creative, pandering to a deadly harmful pharmaceutical with irresistible heart and soul. It’s been with me in rapid decline into hospitalization and all along my path to recovery. It’s technology and creativity doing the craftiest good thing for all the wrong reasons. It’s the deepest love hate I’ve been force fed on the download. God bless our decline, a sign of the times.

  • spooky ghost
    spooky ghost Day ago

    Ok so what you do is say "this person doesn't drink willsons coffee" out loud at your enemy. Then the rest will follow naturally Drink wilikans coffee

  • Burley Ant
    Burley Ant Day ago

    I remember seeing this Hershey's Kisses commercial when I was a little kid😀😗🙂😊😍💓💖💗💝🎈🌟🌠

  • B.Nazif ARI
    B.Nazif ARI Day ago

    Neo nun kanalından geldim😂😂😂😂

  • Soinc
    Soinc Day ago


  • C. Renee Courtney

    This commercial makes me cringe every time I hear it... Slow turkey is not the opposite of Cold turkey! This commercial should say quit warm turkey... Or use a different cliche... Who writes this stuff, they should be fired!

  • Michael N.
    Michael N. Day ago

    0:02 who’s the woman?

  • Brendan Greene
    Brendan Greene 2 days ago

    I feel like Sam-I-Am would do this to Guy-Am-I over the green eggs and ham.

  • Jenny Rose
    Jenny Rose 2 days ago

    This has always been one of my FAVORITE commercials of all time! I've quoted it so many times over the years & shockingly there are many that don't remember it at all.

  • CASE - NES On the Internet

    I love how Kermit keeps getting jore Violent and pissed off everytime

  • Brazen Spy
    Brazen Spy 2 days ago

    Honey, I -shrunk- ate the kids

  • Stylezztoxic
    Stylezztoxic 2 days ago

    Cory hasn't uploaded yet.... 2008-2019- CoryxKenshin

  • rat boi
    rat boi 2 days ago

    I dont get any of this

  • Zapperlink Gaming
    Zapperlink Gaming 2 days ago

    Favorite Advertisement Song Do u guys like it too

  • TheBackyardifan2004 XGummy Bear And Friends

    0:08 Sounds Like Red Said Hulu Or Did He Say Holu

  • TheBackyardifan2004 XGummy Bear And Friends

    0:10 Yellow Sounded Like A Monster In Polish

  • DankLaxr Animations

    this is frightening, and the laugh track doesn't help either.

  • Nicholas Bongiorno
    Nicholas Bongiorno 2 days ago


  • Jordan Sinjlawi
    Jordan Sinjlawi 2 days ago

    The commercial was animated at Film Roman in Burbank, CA Sound was designed by Travis Powers Animation overseas by AKOM and Rough Draft Directed by: David Silverman Animation finished date: August 26, 2001

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 2 days ago

    (C) 2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 2 days ago

    (C) 2016 Compare The Market

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 2 days ago

    (C) 2016 Compare The Market

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 2 days ago

    (C) 2016 Compare The Market

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 2 days ago

    (C) 2016 Mars, Inc.

  • Nurbalqis Kawaii and collab

    My favourite part is 0:30 cause is from memes

  • Joshuatheplotagoner2012and jason Con

    At 1:03 this bass just break my headphones

  • Brian's Edition
    Brian's Edition 2 days ago

    This is a prank right? She’s okay?

  • Max Talks
    Max Talks 2 days ago

    psychiatrist: evil kermit isn't real he cant hurt you evil kermit: 10:43

  • Urban Soul
    Urban Soul 2 days ago

    This turkey has received his turkey pardon and has received his reparations!! You go jive turkey.

  • capsman09
    capsman09 2 days ago

    Anyone notice the girl with the football? Lucy?

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 3 days ago

    (C) 2003 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 3 days ago

    (C) 2003 Sprint

  • eac 123
    eac 123 3 days ago

    Greatest super bowl commercial ever!

  • Peppermint Patty
    Peppermint Patty 3 days ago

    25 years of rs

  • alrightTV
    alrightTV 3 days ago


  • Time Lord
    Time Lord 3 days ago

    First of all smoking cigarettets is probably better for you than these nazi brain dissolving drugs. I should sue them. I spend all day not thinking of a cigarette. Then this commercial comes on, anf suddenly im craving a cigarette. And find my self running to the store for a pack of American spirits.

  • Isaac Hotchkiss
    Isaac Hotchkiss 3 days ago


  • Darkwing Duke
    Darkwing Duke 3 days ago

    I think Wontkins says it best "You cant win"

  • Đemila Muhic
    Đemila Muhic 3 days ago


  • Đemila Muhic
    Đemila Muhic 3 days ago


  • Đemila Muhic
    Đemila Muhic 3 days ago


  • Terry Mcgee
    Terry Mcgee 3 days ago

    Drink the damn coffee, or proto-muppets will maim or murder you! Boy, advertising has changed in 60 years.

  • Samuel Pozos 3
    Samuel Pozos 3 3 days ago


  • Maryam Macmillan
    Maryam Macmillan 3 days ago


  • Janae Sanchez
    Janae Sanchez 3 days ago

    they are sick.

  • Dojik Shark
    Dojik Shark 3 days ago

    Is this propaganda.

    BSSRAP GAMING 3 days ago

    Man like mr webster

  • Frederik the Wolfman

    0:37 BANG! And the dirt is gone!

  • Damon Cassada
    Damon Cassada 3 days ago

    See, even birds put up bird feeders

  • Toasty toons cartoons!

    How is this real.

  • TheHelpfulBoi
    TheHelpfulBoi 3 days ago

    Meet Kermit's deranged coffee addicted cousin, Wilkins.

  • Big O
    Big O 3 days ago

    Kermit didn't look so good

  • D Wetick
    D Wetick 3 days ago

    Even in 1985, the old Soviet empire was creaking...This commercial put the final nail in the coffin.

  • Locke Jawe
    Locke Jawe 3 days ago

    Wilkins: Do you want some Wilkin's Coffee? Wontkins: No. Wilkins: *So you have chosen...death.*

  • Oscar World!
    Oscar World! 3 days ago

    No. Will Studd.

  • jakarta gamer
    jakarta gamer 3 days ago

    1:04 times when before *bleep* sounds

  • DHX Media FTW WildBrain FTL

    These BBFC ratings are: U PG 12A 12 15 18 R18 and UC

  • jude star
    jude star 3 days ago


  • Amr Krsk 2000
    Amr Krsk 2000 3 days ago

    2002 год.

  • OutSynced
    OutSynced 3 days ago

    Why do I find these so funny

  • Criticizing and Irony User

    ʢ ͡⎚ѽ ͡⎚ʡ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) NOT BAD AT ALL ITS A NORMAL KIDS SHOW.

  • EnderTron 360
    EnderTron 360 4 days ago

    drink Wilkins Coffee or burn in the deepest crevice of hell

  • Urban Soul
    Urban Soul 4 days ago

    Man this turkey is living his best turkey ass life!!! He's got a got damn swimming pool!!! I don't even have a swimming pool, all I have is a deck and a wooded area behind my house, and who in the hell gave him a loan for a house??? I would like to know what bank he went to and who was the loan officer that gave him a loan to get that big house?? I want to how many bedrooms, and bathrooms he has? What's the square footage of that house?? I have a ton of questions. Lol. Did you see that big ass yard? He's got more lawn care tools than I do!!! Did you see his beautiful garden, and then who went into the store and got his cigarettes for him?? How old is this jive turkey ass dude???? I want to know who went and got the cigarettes?????? Did he go in there to make the purchase?? Perhaps he has a maid huh. Lawd he is living his best turkey life. I wonder where he works?? I want to know who in the Samuel Jackson hired a turkey??? Is he dating & what is his name??? I'm jealous...

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 4 days ago

    (C) 2017 Mars, Inc.

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 4 days ago

    (C) 2002 Mars, Inc.

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas 4 days ago

    (C) 2003 Mars, Inc.

  • Duvmasta
    Duvmasta 4 days ago

    I love the art style!

  • Duvmasta
    Duvmasta 4 days ago


  • Douglas B
    Douglas B 4 days ago

    "Do you drink wilkens coffee." "No I don't drink coffee." "What a shame." *pulls out cannon* "Not today." *pulls out uno reverse card* Moral: nothing triumphs the reverse card

  • Duvmasta
    Duvmasta 4 days ago

    She got a thicc butt

  • Duvmasta
    Duvmasta 4 days ago

    So she’s like Jem but she sells car insurance

  • Duvmasta
    Duvmasta 4 days ago

    This must be their longest ad

  • Red Floyd
    Red Floyd 4 days ago

    is that kermit

  • Lone Wolf95
    Lone Wolf95 4 days ago

    *oooh I can't believe it*

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 4 days ago

    Christ 🤦‍♂️

  • Casper Pålsson
    Casper Pålsson 4 days ago

    Who has the real voice of this furby?

  • Nicolas Otaku
    Nicolas Otaku 4 days ago

    bruh moment