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Sonic R (Full Soundtrack)
Views 373 months ago
Ghen War (Full OST)
Views 434 months ago
DKC 3 GBA - Jungle Jitter
Views 545 months ago
Isabelle - chop suey
Views 1127 months ago
DKC 3 GBA - Treetop Tumble
Views 2037 months ago
Out Run
Views 469 months ago
Jetpac Refuelled Full OST
Views 2599 months ago
F-Zero Jazz Fusion Album
Views 8410 months ago
Comix Zone ost cover.
Views 25610 months ago
Sonic 3 ost cover.
Views 71811 months ago
The Red Room.
Views 582 years ago
Nintendo Gaycube
Views 3413 years ago


  • Kendrez Reed
    Kendrez Reed 11 hours ago


  • Alanor Vuylsteke
    Alanor Vuylsteke 3 days ago

    I've had this since Sonic CD came out on the Sega CD.... Spinball before that though. Gotta say , my favorite is a tie between Quartz Quadrant and Lava Powerhouse.

  • JSevion
    JSevion 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for this. Was really looking forward to hearing all of the remixes

  • Ethan Shuffler
    Ethan Shuffler 5 days ago

    I would’ve liked the video, but it’s at 69 and I am unable to change it

  • Brian C
    Brian C 6 days ago

    I like the song. What’s the title and artist?

  • Mr Awesome Face
    Mr Awesome Face 6 days ago

    Underrated stuff right here. Fantastic work!

  • SearchIndex
    SearchIndex 7 days ago


  • davey provalone
    davey provalone 13 days ago

    2:12:25 <3

  • Sonic CD Fan #123
    Sonic CD Fan #123 14 days ago

    1:00:48 What I Came For ;)

  • BenjaminCD
    BenjaminCD 16 days ago

    Thank you for this beautiful remix I remember of my childhood again

  • Blue Cat
    Blue Cat 17 days ago

    where's the mariya takeuchi - souvenir video? ;-;

  • Rdrpenguin Minecraft and More

    I actually own this album. I was lucky, it was one of the last few on Amazon. I listen to this version at school etc. Thank you so much for uploading!

  • Cloud Angel
    Cloud Angel 24 days ago

    When does Tropic Trials play?

    • tilibro
      tilibro 22 days ago

      In the ending cutscene and credits

  • xMoJox
    xMoJox 25 days ago


  • Leonel Lopez
    Leonel Lopez 25 days ago

    The name of instruments on the keyboards please🙏

  • Leonel Lopez
    Leonel Lopez 25 days ago

    The name of the instruments on the keyboards

  • Bouncy Glow's Music Room

    This is a wonderful collection of Sega Genesis-styled tracks! I'm certain you dedicated your time remixing the entire Sonic CD JP soundtrack. I hope to see your take on the Sonic CD US soundtrack in the future.

    • tilibro
      tilibro 23 days ago

      I already did that ru-clip.com/video/nZyiVmbFl6I/video.html

  • El Randum xd
    El Randum xd 26 days ago

    W h e r e i s d a f t p u n k b o i?

  • tilibro
    tilibro 27 days ago

    It's finally done ru-clip.com/video/huU_caycIHw/video.html

  • Антоша Усаченко

    Unused Track?

  • BiGby RAnG0
    BiGby RAnG0 29 days ago

    Next month blade runner will be in vogue and kind of trendy

  • xMoJox
    xMoJox Month ago

    God bless u for uploading this in such GREAT quality!!

  • Tony Barde
    Tony Barde Month ago

    8:13 Es Ist Oktoberfest Ja? Ja! Feier Weiter!

  • nicholascooney
    nicholascooney Month ago

    More like the Boss theme doesn't have a midi to go off of. I hope one day somebody does these tracks justice and bases them off the 2011 looped versions (or the Sonic BOOM album versions)

  • Sir AZ
    Sir AZ Month ago

    IDK How I'm supposed to feel about this,it's good to see so many Remixes but they all sound very muffled and I have Problems recognizing them


    this is stupid and i hate it

  • Christian Lorentz Perez

    Jesper Kyd is the only good composer, all of the tracks I've always loved, coicidentally is composed by him with a few exceptions like Eridium Blight Ambience.

  • Christian Lorentz Perez

    and where is volume one, please?

  • maltese 84
    maltese 84 Month ago

    I wish I never lost the PC version of Sonic 3D Blast that I got from Jack-in-the-box back in early 1999 along with Sonic & Knuckles Collection and Sonic and Knuckles toys so I could've played it by the time my mom first got our computer back in 2002. I would've heard the beautiful songs if I never lost the game and if I played it for the first time back then.

  • Jeff Fanelli
    Jeff Fanelli Month ago

    Wow two memes in one how lucky. This is all about being a family man so appropriate

  • Entertained2036
    Entertained2036 Month ago

    Go home antiques and be a family man

  • IR͚O͚N͚BL͚A͚C͚K͚


  • Greenstorm
    Greenstorm 2 months ago

    The other guy even kinda looks like guile

    • iBlackula
      iBlackula 25 days ago

      This. THIS. is what I was looking for.

  • 03bgood
    03bgood 2 months ago

    30:15 sounds like Batman or Darkwing Duck.

  • Fabián Jiménez
    Fabián Jiménez 2 months ago

    Yep, Gobi's Valley is my favorite ❣

  • Ricky's adventures
    Ricky's adventures 2 months ago


  • Tickleson
    Tickleson 2 months ago

    "Great, I'll grab my Line piece!"

  • Ziron of Time
    Ziron of Time 2 months ago

    0:36 shoryuken?

    • Nintendo Expert 42
      Nintendo Expert 42 23 days ago

      Nah, that was more like a grounded uppercut you get while ducking

  • tilibro
    tilibro 2 months ago

    OST for Claptastic Voyage DLC ru-clip.com/video/YD57P303C9I/video.html

  • thot patrol
    thot patrol 2 months ago

    shoutout my old page the same video of killer beans dancing different music

  • Dugroz Reports
    Dugroz Reports 2 months ago

    "The 3rd most beautiful gorge in the state"

  • lalalei2001
    lalalei2001 2 months ago

    Wow, this is amazing! Where did you find this CD?

  • Miguelverse Studios
    Miguelverse Studios 2 months ago


  • CoolMediaz
    CoolMediaz 2 months ago


  • E.G.G M.A.N
    E.G.G M.A.N 2 months ago

    link from the us invencibility theme

  • tilibro
    tilibro 2 months ago

    Here's a preview of Stardust Speedway soundcloud.com/daniel-tilbrook/stardust-speedway-genesis-remix

  • tilibro
    tilibro 2 months ago

    Might make a part 2 of this. Reply to me song suggestions.

  • 03bgood
    03bgood 2 months ago

    Can't find the music to this, anywhere else on RU-clip. Thanks a lot, fucking copyright motherfuckers! You bastards terminated BrawlBRSTMS3! You greedy money grubby shitheads need to knock this off, right now. LEAVE OUR VIDEO GAME MUSIC, ALONE!!

  • Sonic CD Fan #123
    Sonic CD Fan #123 3 months ago

    4:33 What U Came 4

  • Tickleson
    Tickleson 3 months ago

    Thank you for adding the credits in the description, saves the hassle of looking it up myself.

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor 3 months ago

    im so glad someone made this, best thing on youtube

  • Retro Gaming Central
    Retro Gaming Central 3 months ago

    Amazing remixes my friend,i am working on a game called Sonic Crusade and i wonder can i use them,i will give you all the credit you deserve!

  • James Gallagher
    James Gallagher 3 months ago


  • Mariocise Music
    Mariocise Music 3 months ago


  • Franniel Martinez
    Franniel Martinez 3 months ago


  • Metal Militia
    Metal Militia 3 months ago


  • Metal Militia
    Metal Militia 3 months ago


  • Gene Starwind
    Gene Starwind 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for this bizarre promo! I couldn't have been looking for it at a more perfect time!

    • tilibro
      tilibro 3 months ago

      No problem! And thanks for the sub too, I appreciate it.

  • viperkills4912
    viperkills4912 3 months ago

    I've listened to this like seven thousand times and I love it every time, not once have I been tired by it

  • Sawsk [UF!MemeSans]
    Sawsk [UF!MemeSans] 3 months ago

    Damn it, if only I could find the genesis version of the US Boss.

  • The Amazing Gamer111
    The Amazing Gamer111 3 months ago

    Sorry Yooka-Laylee. Banjo’s back and he’s in Smash now. You two are no longer relevant...

  • tilibro
    tilibro 3 months ago

    To all the people wondering if I'm ever gonna do the Japanese OST, I'm currently up to Wacky Workbench and it's variations, so don't worry, it's coming.

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger 17 days ago

      Can you please do the boss of the US version?

    • Jakeb Lancaster
      Jakeb Lancaster 29 days ago

      Once you’re done with the Japanese version, can you do the Sonic CD songs individually? I like listening to Collision Chaos B mix and yours has got some good rhythm, but it needs some improvements.

  • tabletuno uno
    tabletuno uno 4 months ago

    Banji and Kazuuie

  • Darkwing Duke
    Darkwing Duke 4 months ago

    You got a download for this?

  • iDalooly
    iDalooly 4 months ago

    Someone NEEDSSSSS to make a song inspired by this game!!!! Like just imagine a rapper getting all like “grabbed by the ghoulies” that would be sick!

  • Mushroom Balloon
    Mushroom Balloon 4 months ago


  • Lord fartamor
    Lord fartamor 4 months ago

    huh, no dislikes eh?

  • eliborio camacho
    eliborio camacho 4 months ago

    The only good thing about this game was its amazing soundtrack

  • Jormunguandr
    Jormunguandr 4 months ago


  • Chrono
    Chrono 4 months ago

    Good job man lovin’ it

  • Juan Esteban Mora Salamanca

    It's beautiful but...... Where is my banjo :'''v

    • Calin Baenen
      Calin Baenen 2 months ago

      Sorry, Juan but our Banjo is in another game! (Smash Ultimate | SWITCH)

    • xXLRayXBayXxL
      xXLRayXBayXxL 3 months ago


  • meta527II
    meta527II 5 months ago

    Finally! A playlist of the full soundtrack!

  • Theme Park Nerdo
    Theme Park Nerdo 5 months ago

    I like your rendition of Frosty Frolics, so catchy and nostalgic!

  • Tank god
    Tank god 5 months ago

    I feel like you didn't make Wacky Workbench Bad Future Sound evil enough. Other than that great job

  • Aryan Blaauw
    Aryan Blaauw 5 months ago

    #29 was used in the Anarki map

  • Grava Stelo
    Grava Stelo 5 months ago

    Good job

  • 徐章晟
    徐章晟 5 months ago


  • Reesie the Jester
    Reesie the Jester 5 months ago

    I used this MIDI for Jungle Jitter in my video for the DKC3 GBA soundtrack! But did it differently.

  • Diego Alejandro Millán Sialer

    E4L7 Warehaus 2:26:07

  • Ignacio Cortorreal
    Ignacio Cortorreal 5 months ago

    HIvory Towers: Interior , To the Top

  • tilibro
    tilibro 6 months ago

    Thanks for 20k views!

  • Uɴɪǫᴜᴇ
    Uɴɪǫᴜᴇ 6 months ago

    Can you separate all of them into they're individual themes? I like the sewer theme😭 5:40

  • Magnet Bomber 2104
    Magnet Bomber 2104 6 months ago

    Very Good! 😀

  • Somari The Adventurer Jam 6

    I Wanted Boss Theme in This!

  • William Rivera
    William Rivera 6 months ago

    Nice music translations

  • ContraZombie4
    ContraZombie4 6 months ago

    What the fuck happened to the "Challenge Theme"? That's my favorite track!

  • LvlGenesis
    LvlGenesis 6 months ago

    Probably one of the most underrated songs in the franchise! Thanks for covering it!

  • Reesie the Jester
    Reesie the Jester 7 months ago

    I made my version of this, too!

  • bob steave
    bob steave 7 months ago

    pm mega for files? on the lowdown?

  • ꧁Calypso 2nd ꧂
    ꧁Calypso 2nd ꧂ 7 months ago

    What about the game over

  • ok
    ok 7 months ago

    Do japan!

    • tilibro
      tilibro 6 months ago

      Been working on them for a while.

  • Reesie the Jester
    Reesie the Jester 7 months ago

    Is there a MIDI for Bonus Time anywhere I could use?

  • L2Nuku
    L2Nuku 7 months ago

    ah nevermind, i found out that there was a stand-alone music CD of this together with the music of Batman Returns, so yea quite different

  • Ui
    Ui 7 months ago


  • L2Nuku
    L2Nuku 8 months ago

    Hi, i was wondering where did you get the last 4 tracks from? They're not present as CD tracks so i assume somewhere ingame?

  • RyGuyGaming
    RyGuyGaming 8 months ago

    Gosh dang the Kartos songs are so good. It makes those sections so much better for me.

  • Magnet Bomber 2104
    Magnet Bomber 2104 8 months ago

    Very Awesome!

  • Noah Palomares
    Noah Palomares 8 months ago

    I jack off to this shit

  • 03bgood
    03bgood 8 months ago

    The second half of Windy Hill is missing, along with the tornado one.

    • maltese 84
      maltese 84 16 days ago

      What about Egg Viper? Isn't that missing too? I don't see it in the description.

    • 03bgood
      03bgood 8 months ago

      @tilibro Oh okay, but why was the Windy Hill one missing its second half of its music?

    • tilibro
      tilibro 8 months ago

      "The Air" already is a remix of a Genesis track ("Green Grove Act 1" in Sonic 3D Blast), so I didn't bother. As for "Tornado" it sounded really awful when remade with YM2612 instruments.

  • Reesie the Jester
    Reesie the Jester 8 months ago

    I'm in love with this! This is spectacular! The songs sound so different from the final versions!