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  • nolo 0987
    nolo 0987 2 hours ago

    Thats such a good work

  • Crqstal
    Crqstal 3 hours ago

    Me: Bought a new phone *put that in locked inventory* Him: bought gold iPhone *breaks it with Iphone*

  • Caleb Carson
    Caleb Carson 3 hours ago

    7:57 what exactly is being censored there and whats the point?

    • Mrs Artisan
      Mrs Artisan 2 hours ago

      Caleb Carson i think it was a dead rat or something like that

  • William Herrera
    William Herrera 4 hours ago

    Why didn't you take the failed paper cut test out lmao

  • xPastel Lightx
    xPastel Lightx 4 hours ago

    Now THATS a kAtAnA

  • Harman Saini
    Harman Saini 4 hours ago

    Agli video jab ayegi

  • Игорь Гога
    Игорь Гога 4 hours ago

    Its great !!! Does it means that every metal 👓 frame can be plated gold or silver ?

  • David Roth
    David Roth 4 hours ago

    At 0:29 chicken ?

  • Saige Schneider
    Saige Schneider 5 hours ago

    Can someone please explain to me why all the higher grit sandpaper is wet? I feel dumb

  • Swapnil Dabade
    Swapnil Dabade 5 hours ago

    I would love to see you riding this bike . Please restore it completely. Waiting for new version of the bike

  • Altona Falcon
    Altona Falcon 5 hours ago

    Looking forward to next part!!!

  • L U K E ___
    L U K E ___ 5 hours ago

    I put this song on the video(eternal youth), and it was better enjoyed :3

  • Cao Shuyi
    Cao Shuyi 5 hours ago


  • Magnum Lava
    Magnum Lava 5 hours ago

    i would love to do something like that with my friends that would be cool to do one day

  • Seba Gonza
    Seba Gonza 6 hours ago


  • Highborn Alkoto
    Highborn Alkoto 6 hours ago

    How much money is worth spending on an engine in this state, I would love to work on such a project!!!

  • Pedro Bernal
    Pedro Bernal 6 hours ago

    Finish the series!!!!

  • Radio Active
    Radio Active 6 hours ago


  • Drift
    Drift 7 hours ago

    keep it rusty it would deal double damage

  • ryan webb
    ryan webb 7 hours ago

    Imagine someone asks for a light and you pull out that thing

  • Connor Uchiha
    Connor Uchiha 7 hours ago

    Mmm tetanus

  • Vasily Pilaykin
    Vasily Pilaykin 7 hours ago

    You will need a lot of sandblasting, and welding

  • Elias Port
    Elias Port 7 hours ago


  • Husnul Qalbi
    Husnul Qalbi 7 hours ago

    Good job man😎

  • Lone_Wo1f
    Lone_Wo1f 8 hours ago

    WOW...I really don't understand those 1.4K of dislike! -_-

    CM. GREEN 8 hours ago

    Highly expected how u can complete this. Super interesting

  • Иван Иванов

    ...ты смотри мля,криво-косо,однако все работает! Раствор по лопался,это смущает,видимо,тупо цемент для этих дел,не подходит! Но в целом задумка класс!!! ...ведро жалко(((

  • Master Jedi
    Master Jedi 9 hours ago

    Where did the bike come from,did you get it from someone else or was it in with your storage? Thank You👍

  • Artur Грифер
    Artur Грифер 9 hours ago

    Блестящий топорик

  • Scye
    Scye 10 hours ago

    This is the visual representation of the phrase old but gold

  • samir jadav
    samir jadav 10 hours ago

    Please restore this bike

  • Beefed24
    Beefed24 10 hours ago

    hello teenager boy

  • iiKielxx
    iiKielxx 10 hours ago

    Steel Blade Lvl 5 dmg : 10 +1 health +2 stamina

  • Evelyne Theresia
    Evelyne Theresia 10 hours ago

    Can't wait for the restoration video~

  • Official Channel
    Official Channel 12 hours ago

    Vemaccio 20 hours ago

  • Monkey Ninja
    Monkey Ninja 13 hours ago

    He is a teenager boy

  • Meming Dirt Block
    Meming Dirt Block 13 hours ago

    How expensive was the gold?

  • IdongTV officialyoutube

    Are you confident of restoring...?this old motorcycle

  • John C
    John C 14 hours ago

    It was a good restoration until you put your 'stamp' on it.

  • Veradona Restoration
    Veradona Restoration 14 hours ago

    Nice job bro !!!

  • Sporty 13HTR
    Sporty 13HTR 14 hours ago


  • Mark Wolkove
    Mark Wolkove 15 hours ago

    You do some amazing work but, with all the effort you put into this project, why didn't you grind the blade down below that massive chip?

  • Jim  Scott
    Jim Scott 15 hours ago

    File This under W.B. (why bother)

  • fightFIRE withICE
    fightFIRE withICE 15 hours ago

    Nice work 👍

  • killabeezle
    killabeezle 16 hours ago

    This is gonna be fun watching the process of the restoration, where is he from?

  • Anthony Fiore
    Anthony Fiore 16 hours ago

    Cool video.

  • wakeskata
    wakeskata 16 hours ago

    Please finish the series, I would love to watch more like this!

  • Tom Darkstar
    Tom Darkstar 17 hours ago

    That was boring.

  • Scott Hager
    Scott Hager 17 hours ago

    Great job!! And we FINALY got to see you! 👍👍👍

  • Diego Plus
    Diego Plus 17 hours ago

    Me gusta la parte donde se corta la mano :)

  • Ole Asbæk
    Ole Asbæk 17 hours ago

    Would love to see you get your hands deep in this restaurations

  • Werner Heisenberg
    Werner Heisenberg 17 hours ago

    Restore that forge

  • Topics with Jamez
    Topics with Jamez 18 hours ago

    dude please bring this beautiful bike. back to life! even if u gotta start a series about. rebuilding this bike please do! i would love to see this bike cruise down the road!

  • Norris Milstead
    Norris Milstead 19 hours ago

    Was this a old blow torch lighter from the 1930s? Its very cool but would like to have a bit of history with it..

  • Tushar Kashyap
    Tushar Kashyap 19 hours ago

    Was that bike running on gas?? I mean lpg or anything like that?

  • Gage The scooter Kid
    Gage The scooter Kid 19 hours ago

    Good job but is it just me or is the handle backwards?

  • Tushar Kashyap
    Tushar Kashyap 19 hours ago

    Bahot sahi project please pura jarur krna 🙏

  • german castro
    german castro 19 hours ago

    Sos un crack...

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller 19 hours ago

    love it can't wait to see more

  • José Manuel Aguascalientes

    Alguien de México nadie like yes open inglish

  • Blue Noah
    Blue Noah 19 hours ago

    Please continue the restoration, I'd love to see that bike on the road!

  • Stormtrooper
    Stormtrooper 19 hours ago

    How did you turn a Katana into a Sabre?

  • Manoel Marculino Neto
    Manoel Marculino Neto 20 hours ago

    12:50 Close your eyes. 😏😏😊😂

  • Alex
    Alex 20 hours ago

    Go ahead, you can do it and want to see it! 😉👍

  • Caua Gamers
    Caua Gamers 20 hours ago

    restore the forge

  • Ralph Habenicht
    Ralph Habenicht 21 hour ago

    Good luck ,I want to see u finish this project

  • Tim HVAC
    Tim HVAC 21 hour ago

    I can't wait to see what you do with this bike as you restore it

  • Nora Julie
    Nora Julie 21 hour ago

    Ohhhhh my god this thing is SO rough! I vote you take it apart completely and restore it, it could be a series of videos!!

  • tiko tuko
    tiko tuko 21 hour ago

    You must fire the gun 🔫 so we know that I ok 👍

  • toot tall
    toot tall 21 hour ago

    rewiring it is going to be the nightmare.

  • M Finley
    M Finley 21 hour ago

    Go for it, you can do it!!!!

  • Aquil Hall
    Aquil Hall 21 hour ago

    it looks like a tiny flute!

  • Kidawesome55
    Kidawesome55 22 hours ago

    I'm guessing this is just part 1 of what you are going to do to this bike.

  • michael artur
    michael artur 22 hours ago

    Please restore the whole thing😍

  • e brown
    e brown 22 hours ago

    How many members does this channel have? You look kinda new. I think I've seen about 5 different members.

  • ollieleeb
    ollieleeb 22 hours ago

    In the video it says it’s a 71 but the title says it’s a 94

  • DONALD cooper
    DONALD cooper 23 hours ago

    Yea the side brass plates messed the look up, but the brass butt plate was a great touch, and so was the foward hand grip

  • Matteo Cognetti
    Matteo Cognetti 23 hours ago

    Do moooore

  • Honey Tabby Little Cat

    Man u really like brass

  • Habib Mustafa
    Habib Mustafa 23 hours ago

    I like how he just says no ants where hurt in this video

  • Stuart Moser
    Stuart Moser Day ago

    Look at that piece of crap screwdriver you are restoring with. The lighter looks great but I was laughing at the screwdriver.

  • namadnoh
    namadnoh Day ago

    As someone with a similar bike (1969 Honda Dream) that needs restoration, I really hope you continue this project!

    SAJID MALIK Day ago

    Bike CNG pe tha?

  • Константин Дроздов

    обалденный тесак

  • YRU YouTube
    YRU YouTube Day ago

    When he had the tredmill thing for the blades handle it gave me so mcun anxiety It scared me so bsd

  • Виктория Лу


  • Vasily Nuzhdin

    ВАРВАР !

  • joed596
    joed596 Day ago

    You were well prepared with mask & gloves to clean that thing up . . . what a job! 😮 Definitely will be looking to see what you do with it next . . . Thanks & thumbs up for your great videos 👍

  • alex rosado
    alex rosado Day ago

    Anyone know y he put the handle on before shaping it

  • Samuel Foote
    Samuel Foote Day ago

    A cafe racer style would be cool!

  • Sam Boroda
    Sam Boroda Day ago

    Ну что за странная фишка забугорных блогеров делать видосы без музыки и озвучки???

  • Rosgan
    Rosgan Day ago

    well. This is very good. :)

  • Tarique Sultan

    i m waiting to see the next part

  • WWB
    WWB Day ago

    I'm a novice restorer. Check out my RU-clip . And tell me your opinion. I'll be happy

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox Day ago

    Yea I'm curious to see what you can do. Even if it doesnt go well, I still want to see.

  • Chaim Finkelstein

    *Can you restore my virginity ❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔*

  • Malleus Maleficarum

    5:47 Vespa, the most famous Italian scooter ;)

  • jose nava
    jose nava Day ago


  • Power Gaming Channel

    Restore it !!!

  • Joey Big Time
    Joey Big Time Day ago

    great project. i would LOVE to see this come to fruition.