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  • spongebob squarepants

    Haha I'm part of the four percent

  • yeuontan
    yeuontan 2 hours ago

    The way she said “HUH?!” HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Alim Kale
    Alim Kale 2 hours ago

    Do one with Noen :)

  • Georgia Hogan
    Georgia Hogan 2 hours ago

    Why is liza everywhere but not her channel

  • Steamy Stylish
    Steamy Stylish 2 hours ago

    Shes fit 😍

  • Jeada Griffith
    Jeada Griffith 3 hours ago

    I wish I could meet liza I freaking ❤❤❤❤❤ her and she's so inspiring to me and I always have dreams with her in it just imagining spending time with her

  • Arnav Vaidyanathan
    Arnav Vaidyanathan 3 hours ago

    0:42 a.. a.. 12 month old? U mean a year old? Right?

  • RaphaCool Johnson
    RaphaCool Johnson 3 hours ago


  • Mary Jed Ado
    Mary Jed Ado 3 hours ago

    I love you Lizaaaaa! I miss you! 😍❤

  • Saba Sadia
    Saba Sadia 3 hours ago

    *”i do love me some nuts”* lmaooo

  • Rush Mady
    Rush Mady 3 hours ago

    At the end of the video: Me: L WHERE ARE YOU!? ELEVEN? L?

  • Octopi GOD
    Octopi GOD 3 hours ago

    She looks like a 20 year old

  • lit chickens
    lit chickens 3 hours ago

    For the grave stone it should have been hey guys its liza comin at twoooo cause its my second life 😂

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 3 hours ago

    I just wanna kiss her 🥰😇😘

  • SlyghTly Tyghty
    SlyghTly Tyghty 3 hours ago

    Rudolph Maya Mr Robot

  • Sadem Sami
    Sadem Sami 3 hours ago

    Virgin Mary weared Hijab Moslems follow Mary

  • Anna Clement Fuglsang Svendsen 6B

    Am i the only one that thinks Suki doesnt deserve Ansel?😂😠🤨

  • hanum salsabillah
    hanum salsabillah 4 hours ago

    instantly in love with these dorks >.<

  • せいよう
    せいよう 4 hours ago

    日本語翻訳して欲しい… それか俺が本気で英語を勉強するか…?

  • Ellen Ferrao
    Ellen Ferrao 4 hours ago

    How do I take these surveys ?

  • Kemal Agj
    Kemal Agj 4 hours ago

    OMG. she is beautiful

  • Nora Graf
    Nora Graf 4 hours ago

    The Hairless cat I can't LMFAO😂😂😂

  • onedayisawyourface
    onedayisawyourface 4 hours ago


  • miss surprise
    miss surprise 4 hours ago

    “I used to be on this old show” SHES TALKING ABOUT DANCE MOMS!!

  • divya partha
    divya partha 4 hours ago

    My mom has trypophobia and she legit freaks out. Like it’s such a real fear. I don’t understand but I’ve seen a few people in my life react the same way as Liza or worse. Like it genuinely scares them.

  • Megan Casier
    Megan Casier 4 hours ago

    How she says ‘Beyowncayy’ (I was hoping for some ‘HOUSTON TEXAS BABY’ but okay)

  • Farah Hannout
    Farah Hannout 5 hours ago

    do one with the Merrell twins!

  • Eloise Collins
    Eloise Collins 5 hours ago

    when she held up the photo of Beyoncé I was waiting for the : HOUSTON TEXAS BABY!!!

  • Lord snakeyez
    Lord snakeyez 5 hours ago

    You guys should get kj apa and cole to do a haka or to say something in maori

  • Melody Belle
    Melody Belle 5 hours ago

    Love liza so much. She's the best friend i wish i had. I laugh so hard at her jokes. Shes so funny and smart.

  • Josh Imbrogno
    Josh Imbrogno 5 hours ago

    I took the survey, and I love her so much, the last thing she read for what fans think of her was mine, I’m literally crying right now I love Liza so much, I wish she was my best friend, love Liza forever.

  • Tsaniya Intan
    Tsaniya Intan 5 hours ago


  • Turtle Queen
    Turtle Queen 5 hours ago


  • Colleen Caeiro
    Colleen Caeiro 6 hours ago

    In her video she said she was 13 when she had her first kiss😂😂💕

  • It’s Demri
    It’s Demri 6 hours ago

    Why is no one just appreciating her?

  • Chelsea Stevens
    Chelsea Stevens 6 hours ago

    This is why I love Liza 💜🖤💜💕♥️😍

  • Paradox_Platypus811
    Paradox_Platypus811 6 hours ago

    8:40 "im cheesy, crusty" 😂😂😂

  • clolton
    clolton 6 hours ago

    lotus boob birthed my tryptophobia

  • Nana Oye Owusu-Koranteng

    When the hairless cat picture came up, I remember when David surprised her with that :(

  • Tyler Marquis
    Tyler Marquis 6 hours ago


  • radioactive ood
    radioactive ood 6 hours ago

    Loving her hair

  • Sharon Sapkale
    Sharon Sapkale 6 hours ago

    Come you can better than that.. (The laugh)

  • Drew Veflin
    Drew Veflin 6 hours ago

    when his back cracked i barfed in my mouth i hate cracking bones

  • Esoteric Enigma
    Esoteric Enigma 7 hours ago

    Her doppelganger is legit Mya (a 90s R&B singer)

  • Twilene Palanca
    Twilene Palanca 7 hours ago

    Where can i take the survey? Please answer.

  • Rosaleah Ben
    Rosaleah Ben 7 hours ago

    Dove is so gorgeous lawd😍😘❤

  • Caitlin R
    Caitlin R 7 hours ago

    She looks like zendayaaaaaa

  • Honesty Phipps
    Honesty Phipps 7 hours ago

    You know you funny when the recording crew laughing in the background

  • Louise Marie
    Louise Marie 7 hours ago

    here after watching liza’s aaaaah i miss them together

  • Jepitoswu@gmail.com Jepi

    I try several times but I didn't get any results seriously

  • creativeusername_x
    creativeusername_x 7 hours ago

    They classed Amy Schumer as a comedian?

  • Tatiana Berghold
    Tatiana Berghold 8 hours ago

    Her bday is may 26?! That’s mine too! What a coincidence

  • Violet Warrior
    Violet Warrior 8 hours ago

    Omg this was soo funny 😂😂😂👌

  • Brittan Candela
    Brittan Candela 8 hours ago

    She kinda looks like Sabrina Carpenter here.

  • popcorn boi
    popcorn boi 8 hours ago

    Millie your actually hopper

  • Elaina Frommer
    Elaina Frommer 8 hours ago

    I about died when she saw the holes

  • Kai Doherty
    Kai Doherty 8 hours ago

    does anybody know how to vote for these things?

  • Ageless Amira
    Ageless Amira 8 hours ago

    Honestly Oprah looks like she can be Liza’s mom. Just saying

  • Nivaaz Dhillon
    Nivaaz Dhillon 8 hours ago

    I was the one that said spagetti

  • Isabel Martinez
    Isabel Martinez 8 hours ago


  • : o
    : o 8 hours ago

    Liza: most of them were 16 they can drive Me living in the UK: 😐

  • Cyber Gypsy
    Cyber Gypsy 8 hours ago

    dang they recc davids right after lizas on the screen 😂

  • Scandalous Tea
    Scandalous Tea 8 hours ago

    "That's probably it aye" I love his accent lol

  • Alexis Johnson
    Alexis Johnson 8 hours ago

    When he got asked about the partner he was literally explaining Liza Koshy

  • Grace Chavez
    Grace Chavez 8 hours ago

    They said banana bc in the video with David you said out of any fruit you would be a banana

  • Aman Berhano
    Aman Berhano 8 hours ago

    Like if the fox picture was creepy. 😰

  • adrianna durrett
    adrianna durrett 8 hours ago

    i know good and well i was not the only one that saw Jonah pick up a twizzler and a pretzel and eat them together

  • Alyanna Ramos
    Alyanna Ramos 8 hours ago

    highlights of this video: “can you make a basketball bounce off my butt?” “oh tina GET OFF” “i’m not crying, you are”

  • Lauren Strand
    Lauren Strand 9 hours ago

    How do u get to take the Surveys because I would really like to do them!!

  • Rose Dhillon
    Rose Dhillon 9 hours ago

    Her a bootfuil

  • Lauren W.
    Lauren W. 9 hours ago

    How are they 5yrs apart.

  • Isabella Powers
    Isabella Powers 9 hours ago

    How do u get to answer these questions

  • Kisha Velez
    Kisha Velez 9 hours ago

    Where do I take these surveys?!?!

  • Tara G
    Tara G 9 hours ago

    Do this for Lewis Capaldi

  • Tara G
    Tara G 9 hours ago

    How do I take these surveys.

  • czhni J
    czhni J 9 hours ago

    He is beauty he is grace

  • Nora Woodsome
    Nora Woodsome 9 hours ago

    okay but i lost it when she lifted up the rock picture

  • Eva Hjertenes
    Eva Hjertenes 9 hours ago

    Liza: I'm not crying u are Me: yea I know I'm crying

  • Son of Martha
    Son of Martha 9 hours ago

    “14 is normal for a first kiss” 18 year old me: Mwahah hm..

  • Kamea Atwood
    Kamea Atwood 9 hours ago

    I think I answered this quiz lol i loved this video though!

  • Beanies channel
    Beanies channel 9 hours ago

    As a high school student this touches me so much these people are my age and the people who died are my age it hurts me so so much and it makes me so sick

  • Leslie Agreste
    Leslie Agreste 9 hours ago

    Liza and I have the same fears

  • Leslie Agreste
    Leslie Agreste 9 hours ago

    “That was my outro on RU-clip” WASS????

  • Crystal Navarro
    Crystal Navarro 9 hours ago

    Do Lilly Singh next!

  • adrian alvarez
    adrian alvarez 9 hours ago

    love her

  • dvmentedaudrxy
    dvmentedaudrxy 9 hours ago

    this has nothing to do with the video but my pinky finger is asleep and i can't feel it.

  • cOCo
    cOCo 9 hours ago

    I also have trypophobia too and right when I saw those little holes I screamed and panicked

  • Fiorella Denari
    Fiorella Denari 10 hours ago

    5:09 LOOK AT JONAH God I'm dead he can't be that cute

  • betty baires
    betty baires 10 hours ago

    The world can't keep up with her amazing personality.

  • Ally Oop
    Ally Oop 10 hours ago

    I totally understand the hairless cat one they give me the creeps

  • Ana Cabell
    Ana Cabell 10 hours ago

    Intro: *ICONIC*

  • Ana Cabell
    Ana Cabell 10 hours ago


  • Emily Fracassa
    Emily Fracassa 10 hours ago

    4:18 kJ’s face lol

  • gabby apodaca
    gabby apodaca 10 hours ago

    1:26 fax tho

  • Jayden Lee
    Jayden Lee 10 hours ago

    YO! I guessed fake plant before she said it. Do I get a cookie?

  • MaLhen Zuñiga
    MaLhen Zuñiga 10 hours ago

    All of them have a really nice voice! Unlike some other artists nowadys... ✌

  • Lily Hagen
    Lily Hagen 10 hours ago

    'That was my outro on RU-clip' WAS!? I am need of an explanation

  • Nerdy Human
    Nerdy Human 10 hours ago

    I still remember 8 year old me singing “Can’t blame a girl for trying”and censoring myself because if I said stupid or dumb it was the end of the world 😂

  • nesha kale
    nesha kale 10 hours ago

    My Tax Card

  • nesha kale
    nesha kale 10 hours ago

    My Tax Card 🤣