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  • Divusmagus
    Divusmagus 2 minutes ago

    Give it time with declining birthrate and stagnate economy most will realise that foreigners will be a necessary leaser base. Or they lose money. Its almost like money isnt worth less just cause its from from foreigners.

  • Minniemetal
    Minniemetal 19 minutes ago

    I would love to see more David Chart as a guest in your videos. Very helpful and informative guy just like you 😊

  • Shinigami117 S
    Shinigami117 S 22 minutes ago

    Houses in Japan are exposed to large winds, earthquakes, constant moisture. They simply become beat up and tattered like a car.

  • David
    David 25 minutes ago

    my shinto project was due the day before this video posted. very cool to see how much I learned from my research and also this video!

  • Kurt Christian Ocampo
    Kurt Christian Ocampo 55 minutes ago

    What a small world! I live here in Antipolo City with my family, and we constantly go to Metro Manila every now and then. Antipolo City probably the best pick if you would like to get your own house and swim around on resorts, which is scattered all around. But, oh well, you will never enjoy the traffic here. I swear.

  • Harry Huang
    Harry Huang 56 minutes ago

    I mean it's pretty good and all, but does anyone else the absolute lack of greenery?? Like so many Japanese streets just look downright depressing in my opinion because it's just so artificial, and there's no trees and grass anywhere, if there is, there's only a little bit. Also doesn't help that the overall architecture of buildings is so ugly and depressing and devoid of any style and colour. Just concrete squares. Looks like something out of the Soviet Union. Just a little remark. Anyone else get this??. I mean parts like 40:30 really do stand out to me since the overall layout and planning of this street actually looks VERY NICE, it feels modern, clean, and most of all, NATURAL. I got exhausted from the amount of concrete roads and bland colours in like 10 mins imagine living there, crazy depressing. I don't understand why the Japanese government doesn't plant more trees and create more greenery around the the roads and footpaths, it would honestly make life much less depressing and daily life much more soothing to get through.

  • SchizoKira
    SchizoKira Hour ago

    Japanese, they celebrate the birth of a child in Shinto's ceremony, married in Christian Church, died in Buddhist way.

  • icyliciousblue
    icyliciousblue Hour ago

    Listening while working looking at my PC and all I keep on hearing is "ginger", just me? Ok.

  • Citizenofthe9thdivision

    If only I could live in a socially cohesive, ethnically homogenous country. With a strong sense of nationalism and great socialist programmes. ❤

  • Miao Sun
    Miao Sun Hour ago

    seems a good grill machine, mine always got greasy, tho I know meat is super expensive in Japan

  • xuying zhang
    xuying zhang 2 hours ago

    80 hours work week 😕

  • Jo x
    Jo x 2 hours ago

    I loved this. Seeing a side of Philippines I never saw. I love how friendly these people are, community spirit, strong family bonds, abundant fruit and vegetables, positive attitudes. What a great place

  • Raiden TANG
    Raiden TANG 2 hours ago

    The food that I get in my school is from separate company’s and sometimes we get sushi but the others are pretty bad so I just pack home lunch.

  • strawberry_shortcake4life

    In my country, most OT are free. Companies wont pay you. Even if you work OT per hr would have no difference with the regular working hrs. Like per hr is US $1.25-3. Again, you'll be lucky to be paid with OT but very small amount. 😭😭😭

  • A
    A 2 hours ago

    Could the shinto traditions maybe be compared to for example celebrating Christmas in the west? A lot of people celebrate Christmas even if they're not Christian and it's just seen as a tradition.

  • Krieghandt
    Krieghandt 2 hours ago

    Another great video about Japan. Can't wait to see the next one. Any multi part videos this winter?

  • Иван MakintosH
    Иван MakintosH 2 hours ago

    Как так а время на жизнь??

  • ジル
    ジル 2 hours ago


  • Supriya Priya
    Supriya Priya 2 hours ago

    I love aiko and shin.they are cute.

  • Kelsomatic
    Kelsomatic 3 hours ago

    I feel like you and David have a really good rhythm! Loved this. I've been carrying around a 5 yen coin in my wallet for about a decade now that I grabbed off eBay as a teenager. I was beginning to be interested in Japanese culture, love coins with holes in them, and heard they were good luck! I think when I finally go to Japan I'll offer it at a Jinja and get a new coin to carry with me. Now I'm pretty excited to visit a Jinja knowing I already have my offering, haha

  • Linh Phạm Phương

    Asian kid Breakfast: rice Lunch: rice Dinner: rice Snack: rice cake

  • engzami pachuau
    engzami pachuau 3 hours ago

    I am just wondering why the Canadian hubby wants to settle in Japan..His country is beautiful and peaceful..

  • kam shaft
    kam shaft 3 hours ago


  • Daniel K
    Daniel K 3 hours ago

    Potato jet rolls in @ 17:07

  • Louie The plumber
    Louie The plumber 3 hours ago

    I just had lucky charms , garbage & I know it

  • Bosses Crusher
    Bosses Crusher 3 hours ago

    May be healthy but def not appealing for me at all.

  • DaUnstabledSeal
    DaUnstabledSeal 3 hours ago

    안녕! 나는 밥을 좋아해요! Hello! I like food

  • Reeze Vlog
    Reeze Vlog 3 hours ago

    Only In Japan....🇯🇵🎌

  • bloodaxe
    bloodaxe 4 hours ago

    Really similar to what you do in Hindu temples

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 4 hours ago

    How is when people have some type of illness such as diabetes? Is it covered by insurance?

  • Steven Dragoo
    Steven Dragoo 4 hours ago

    Go to the provinces to see what the rest of the Philippines is like...

  • Caleb Kennedy
    Caleb Kennedy 4 hours ago

    Sasebo doesn't know how to follow escalator rules lol

  • Angelina Roberts
    Angelina Roberts 4 hours ago

    And here’s me who can’t even hold chopsticks without dropping them 10 times


    Did you notice your views are not that many for this video. Do you know why??? Because you didn't make fun or criticize other countries!

  • W D
    W D 5 hours ago

    Same thing in America. It is almost impossible for a foreigner without a credit history in America to rent a house/apartment.

    • possessedllama
      possessedllama 20 minutes ago

      I'm not sure I see the similarity there, I'm afraid. Even if you're established in Japan, have a full time job, have credit cards, etc. it doesn't matter because your name isn't Japanese.

  • rhasa u
    rhasa u 5 hours ago

    This reminds me to Noragami 😅


    try to visit the branch office of he jehovah's witnesses there in japan. hers the map: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society 4-7-1 Nakashinden EBINA CITY KANAGAWA-PREF 243-0496 JAPAN +81 46-233-0005

  • Aislinn Lopez
    Aislinn Lopez 5 hours ago

    That dumb you can't do nothing

  • TheMedraut
    TheMedraut 5 hours ago

    Love this vid...good job!

  • AMochi OwO
    AMochi OwO 5 hours ago

    Breakfast: Tea Lunch: Tea Dinner: Tea Dessert: Air and water just a flavorless as my soul. *goes to look in the mirror* DAMMMM I AM JUST 3 POUNDS. (in a bad way)

  • AMochi OwO
    AMochi OwO 5 hours ago

    In America we have a thing that we eat for breakfast. They are called EGOS. 🥞

  • Zara Sipagan
    Zara Sipagan 6 hours ago

    Pretty accurate depiction of life in the Philippines for the majority of its people

  • dlwlsrb10
    dlwlsrb10 6 hours ago

    Lol all the ingredients are radiated as f

  • Ko0liad Wolf
    Ko0liad Wolf 6 hours ago


  • warren elkins
    warren elkins 6 hours ago

    I know that some jinja have multiple torii are you supposed to bow at each one?

  • 藤原Fujiwara
    藤原Fujiwara 6 hours ago

    7:55 reminds me of Mr Bean! Great Video as always!

    • 藤原Fujiwara
      藤原Fujiwara 3 hours ago

      @David Chart now that you meantion it, you might be right! Happy Thanksgiving from Canada David! 😊

    • David Chart
      David Chart 3 hours ago

      I think I preferred the "Giles from Buffy" comparison... But, er, I can see what you mean. Need to work on my bowing style.

  • Life Where I'm From
    Life Where I'm From 6 hours ago

    If you all enjoyed this video, another RU-clipr did an animated version which is really cute

  • Shelly Chawla
    Shelly Chawla 6 hours ago

    I don’t know why I am watching Christmas in Halloween season🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • kobzster06
    kobzster06 6 hours ago

    Hey, 6:54, it's Kyde and Eric, I love those guys. Totally underrated J-vloggers and they do a wonderful job of visiting out of the way gems in Japan.

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 6 hours ago

    he sounds like Lindybeige!!!!

  • TitanSurge
    TitanSurge 6 hours ago

    Looks cleaner than the indian foods lmao

  • Noel Samson
    Noel Samson 6 hours ago


  • ElementEvil
    ElementEvil 6 hours ago

    TLDR: Bad for investment

  • Dead Memes
    Dead Memes 6 hours ago

    Wow the girl grew ALOT how old is she

  • Brian S/ブライアン

    Excellent ✨

  • Kate McKay
    Kate McKay 7 hours ago

    With the "random british guy" it feels like I'm watching old school BBC. With a better edit.

  • zadoww
    zadoww 7 hours ago

    Those marks only protect other people from your mouth spray, they don't actually filter out anything, or stop you breathing in airborne toxins.

  • hikkipedia
    hikkipedia 7 hours ago

    That was fascinating! Thanks for the video!

  • Hartley John Garcia
    Hartley John Garcia 7 hours ago

    it's far different compared to Japan, #1 lacking in the Philippines is discipline

  • Dakila Lozano
    Dakila Lozano 7 hours ago

    as an atheist, i usually just tell people that i believe in the goodness of each and everyone

  • duolingo bird
    duolingo bird 7 hours ago

    How old are they now

  • Lisa Swetz
    Lisa Swetz 7 hours ago

    You are making great videos. I can't believe you don't make documentaries for Japanese television. Is it because you don't speak the language fluently? I can't figure it out. You are a natural documentary film maker. Keep up the good work, I have a feeling you are going to do very well for yourself.

  • ken wasabi
    ken wasabi 7 hours ago

    nyantta? :O this family likes anime a lot. i love em

  • Zekram Belserion
    Zekram Belserion 7 hours ago

    3:42 He's kinda being rude?? :/

  • •一人reap
    •一人reap 7 hours ago

    Never in my entire life have I seen a Japanese kid. (Male of course)

  • Ron Hutchcraft
    Ron Hutchcraft 7 hours ago

    Worthless Video, completely worthles.

  • Librarian1st Library

    This has got to be the dumbest video I have ever seen, as an American in a Christian Country I could care less how they do things in Japan a completely secular culture and Society. Boring thumbs down, oh and one more thing, you Can walk wherever on whatever side you want too.

  • Tony
    Tony 8 hours ago

    Absolutely fascinating. David was a great guest too! Thanks for the video!

  • keithtko
    keithtko 8 hours ago

    I wish he don’t bend his knees when bowing.

  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin 8 hours ago

    The floating head phenomena is something not only on Japanese TV, it's also in Eastern literature in general. You always have a chorus, just like the Greek plays, which cue you into how you should behave or what the "crowd" thinks while watching/reading the current scene.

  • ken wasabi
    ken wasabi 8 hours ago

    so they are the entrance to ginger. says the brit guy. now i know

  • Janet Esperat
    Janet Esperat 8 hours ago

    the dis advantage is stress full of payments.. need to work hard.. for d payments of bills.. specially taxes..

  • drrop
    drrop 8 hours ago

    Im a muslim ,my son wants to travel to japan ,and i ve to accompany him .my concern is halal food.can you make video for muslims food places who want to travel japan ?thanks

  • mike dubovs
    mike dubovs 8 hours ago

    I got an idea.. Build an apartment complex for foreigners only.. Expats etc no Japanese allowed. And let the fun begin

  • Dinosore
    Dinosore 8 hours ago

    Thank you for so much good content! + the videography is so pretty 😊😊😊😊

  • けんぷんTV
    けんぷんTV 9 hours ago

    I saw childhood wonderful school !子供らしさが見えました素晴らしい学校 !

  • Oktaiva
    Oktaiva 9 hours ago

    I wasn't prepared to see how much the kids have grown.

  • joannaxo
    joannaxo 9 hours ago

    She's more organized than me and I'm in high school😫😂

  • Han She
    Han She 9 hours ago

    This is very insightful. Though you think a god wouldn't need money. Then again I don't know much about Noragami, I've only listened to the openings. But when I wrote one of three historical essays and 6 paragraphs I talked about Shintoism. The book I use mentioned the Izanagi and Amaterasu. And washing before going in an Onsen does make sense in how it's a form of Kami.

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard 9 hours ago

    The way Shinto is described in this video, ritual and practice are the gods that Shinto holds the highest worth, in other words what it worships.

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 7 hours ago

      No, the rituals are just the ways not to be rude to the kami.

  • Izmir Wan
    Izmir Wan 9 hours ago

    Great video, thank you.

  • अजिङ्क्य गोखले

    Do Japanese schools have corporal punishments? We had them in India when I was an elementary kid (not sure about now).

  • अजिङ्क्य गोखले

    1:04 obviously that's an universal rule in school. I did that a lot though.

  • marjun magnussen
    marjun magnussen 10 hours ago

    Why is he critisizing them??? And also im not allowed to even use a pan and im 12!

  • Anatidaephobic
    Anatidaephobic 11 hours ago

    Only a jinja, can call another jinja jinja

  • ZwipeAir
    ZwipeAir 11 hours ago

    Why is it not ok to wash your mouth direclty from the scoop, but to spit the water back in like he did is ok? Da heck

    • David Chart
      David Chart 10 hours ago

      I didn't spit the water back in; I spit it on the ground outside the basin. There's a problem with the camera angle that we didn't notice because we were there and knew what happened.

  • RG Hunter
    RG Hunter 11 hours ago

    why don't you make investigation or stories about skid row in your country.

  • Uriel Mendoza
    Uriel Mendoza 11 hours ago

    And here I lay my PHATass in bed , watching this video... why am I so lazy😫😥😪 . I do work, but clearly this man surpasses my work ethic.

  • Jasmine V
    Jasmine V 11 hours ago

    I love Japan’s practice. I believe in a similar practice. If I try and explain people are off put in America. Just respect each other.

  • Syuna
    Syuna 11 hours ago

    If this was in America kids would’ve shot up each other already 😂

  • teeth
    teeth 11 hours ago

    The steel pan scene in the beginning came from a country called Trinidad and Tobago

  • Cecillia Li
    Cecillia Li 11 hours ago

    Yuri on Ice!!! Katdu Yurri

  • Psych Olocke
    Psych Olocke 11 hours ago

    i thought i would already have a good image of shinto .... but your video and the excellent explanations gave me totally new view. thank you very much. I'm from Germany. to be precise the former GDR. I was raised without a religious background. I do celebrate the Christian major events, but not due to my believe in the relegion. They were and still are national holidays and are celebrated by "everyone". Now I'm in my 40's and think about the isolation me and my family experience in the city wherr we are surrounded by strangers. A social connection with people in the neighbourhood or near surrounding is missing. A religion or another kind of action/belive system/habit/.... would be nice to create such bondings. in a society of "me" there is no society... society develops because of people which think of themselfs as "we". But as i write this.... there are quite some groups or classes of people that do match these criteria. People with identical political views, people in clubs to perform a hobby or working colleagues. but i think or more precisely feel they are all leaking something ... I'm sorry i can't explain it very good.

  • Kering Quesada
    Kering Quesada 11 hours ago

    fantastic video

  • Naveed Mustafa
    Naveed Mustafa 11 hours ago

    You think you work hard and than you watch this.

  • Six
    Six 12 hours ago

    This was very interesting, thank you. Please thank David for us too.

  • Satch 'em
    Satch 'em 12 hours ago

    Meanhwile in India: random dude pees/ pooping by the corner of the road.

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔLazy Chan ツ

    *Chouji Has joined The Chat*

  • Maus Klick
    Maus Klick 12 hours ago

    This purification ritual seems awfully unhygienic... could one bring their own water instead?

    • kokofan50
      kokofan50 7 hours ago

      It’s constantly flowing water from a clean source (probably municipal or spring water), and the only thing that goes in the water is the ladle.

  • May rise Productions
    May rise Productions 12 hours ago

    Ups, I promise you not all British people are like this