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  • Half_ounce 187
    Half_ounce 187 2 months ago

    Me lo pelan estos weyes

  • RSI Brabbit0626
    RSI Brabbit0626 Year ago

    We are The warriors. We should get respect

  • AsTrO
    AsTrO Year ago

    Nice vid. ~Andrew (aka: Boston's Friend)

  • ellipse BossAPod

    hello thegreatdanny is my dad

    • AsTrO
      AsTrO 2 months ago

      lol hehe :)

  • Old Grey Man
    Old Grey Man Year ago


  • bruh chickennugget
    bruh chickennugget 2 years ago

    why do you have a RU-clipr picture your not a girl and your name is not chilly

  • just daniel
    just daniel 2 years ago

    Shorty is the best trainer in Bakersfield..period. He teaches individual skills that the other local clubs ignore or just don't know all together. If you want weekend getaways, hotels and fake promises of "getting scouted"..go somewhere else..if you want full ride scholarships and skills to play in any system, Shorty is the man.

  • vincent vadachino
    vincent vadachino 3 years ago

    u think its funny to abuse other peopkr like that? if i were the ref id have thrown everyone out

  • SlinkierZero
    SlinkierZero 3 years ago

    I made that goal and I am very happy/thankful you made these videos of our team that year.

  • joel cruz
    joel cruz 4 years ago

    They call me messi

  • joel cruz
    joel cruz 4 years ago

    I will be the new soccer player of arvin high and I promise to god that I will make VHS and other school cry

  • Fabian Martinez
    Fabian Martinez 4 years ago

    Is this the amigos swap meet indoor soccer I want to know becuz Timor I have my first game

  • xOUT GAMeR
    xOUT GAMeR 5 years ago

    Why to be nice to the children bc they saw u video taping this sucky video in part of this team and u suck

  • shawn little
    shawn little 5 years ago

    this coach sucks! get this midget away from coaching... :)

  • Stroodle MyDoodle
    Stroodle MyDoodle 6 years ago

    i was the goalie

  • abstracttrack01
    abstracttrack01 6 years ago

    #15 on the white team is good

  • Nery P
    Nery P 6 years ago

    My little brother plays for this team...and their amazing soccer players!! They get to go to Hawaii in June. Nicely done boys :)

  • Hiest Ofoma
    Hiest Ofoma 6 years ago

    Playing dis team on saturday

  • will zelayandia
    will zelayandia 7 years ago

    shorty team sucks dick

  • DelMorenoRecords
    DelMorenoRecords 7 years ago

    Are you gonna post the soccer games??

  • William Guynes
    William Guynes 7 years ago

    Silly cameraman. If you're going to correct the AR, at least learn the Law. It's "second last opponent"

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 7 years ago

    Haha fantastic. I'm watching Microsoft make imbeciles of themselves once again, on my MacBook Pro.

  • Jared Parks
    Jared Parks 7 years ago

    number 10 is a beast

  • sabryna martinez
    sabryna martinez 7 years ago

    Go mader coyotes!!

  • Elizabeth n
    Elizabeth n 7 years ago

    my daughter plays for platinum fc but we now play for another club

  • alberto mtz
    alberto mtz 7 years ago

    Yeah! Il give to you in a private message!! Or thru facebook!!

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 7 years ago

    give me your number and i'll have him call you.

  • alberto mtz
    alberto mtz 7 years ago

    I need shortys cell phone #!! pls someone!! Aver Si alguie save el num del shorty kiero ver Si puede entrenar a mis kids!! Aver Donde entrena o Donde lo puedo localizar!!? Gracias

  • Chrisrivas23 Chrisrivas23

    I played really bad in this game:( -Chris R.

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 7 years ago

    college age.

  • DelMorenoRecords
    DelMorenoRecords 8 years ago

    Kevoo fuxks up at 33:18

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 8 years ago

    if you rewatch the video, the referee has his hand up indicating an indirect free kick. The free kick was awarded from an infraction, not a foul. It was a cleats up, dangerous play infraction called, hence an indirect free kick. But it was still a GOALASO!

  • DelMorenoRecords
    DelMorenoRecords 8 years ago

    Why didn't they count the miramonte goal

  • ychavez76
    ychavez76 8 years ago

    megusta el nivel de juego de esta edad en mis tiempos apenas y ibamos aprendiendo

  • DelMorenoRecords
    DelMorenoRecords 8 years ago

    Look at sqweiner Half field goal !

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 8 years ago

    nope. feel free to watch the full length video and prove me wrong.

  • DelMorenoRecords
    DelMorenoRecords 8 years ago

    I thought they made a half field goal?

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 8 years ago

    High school boys...14-17

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 8 years ago

    already uploaded.

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 8 years ago

    just like the title says, High school boys...

  • Bawsa
    Bawsa 8 years ago


  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 8 years ago

    because my camcorder ran out of batteries (it was my 3rd match of the day) and we left...

  • LilSuperJay
    LilSuperJay 8 years ago

    Robbie Keane's going to be a great player for LA Galaxy..especially with Mr Beckham's ability to pick out players!

  • mrsk morales
    mrsk morales 9 years ago

    OMGSH the Picher is Kyle!!

  • browncowsoftware
    browncowsoftware 9 years ago

    Tyler, you far exceeded my expectations...Great job. Proud of you!