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Lisa Page is no innocent
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Sondland's a mess
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Rep Nunes blasts the media
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Young Beto was a poet
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Biden says LYNCHINGS
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Fired up Lindsey
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What is a deposition
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Crazy impeachment process
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  • Celtic Fury
    Celtic Fury 6 hours ago

    One DAY after the Demoncrats squeaked their vote through, and their "case" is already falling apart at the seams...I LOVE IT lmfao!

  • Virginia DeMers
    Virginia DeMers 7 hours ago

    All manufactured! Al Gore..YUK. May he slither back into his hole and stay there.

  • Nick Rotellini
    Nick Rotellini 7 hours ago

    Dershie protected by fox, took time out of his busy kid porking schedule to bless us with this masterpiece. Bravo

  • david douglas
    david douglas 7 hours ago

    Al gore is a piece of shit

  • Too'`'\/
    Too'`'\/ 8 hours ago

    Googke search John brennen, cfr, council of foreign relations, geoengineering.

  • Wa ge
    Wa ge 8 hours ago


  • ekphotography
    ekphotography 8 hours ago

    Wow, Epstein’s little buddy is back?

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 7 hours ago

      @ekphotography Katie also mentions how Trump would talk about Epsteins mohel, how his penis looked like an egg. 🇮🇱 Keep Israel great. Real Patriots woke up long ago. Justice for katie. Impeach now, lets burn the whole shit down. 👌🏻

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 7 hours ago

      @ekphotography Yeah ok Trumptard. Keep your head buried in the sand.

    • ekphotography
      ekphotography 7 hours ago

      Too'`'\/ yeh, OK bozo.... keep trying and enjoy Trump until 2024...

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 8 hours ago

      BBuddie up with Trump now. Hahah. Look up justice for katie, she breaks down how Trump raped here. Btw, Trump flew on Epsteins Jet too.

  • Nathanal Whitaker
    Nathanal Whitaker 9 hours ago

    And all 24 demoshitz in the house that voted and bullied every American and the President, I want the dead for treason

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 8 hours ago

      Trump included, he's a traitor to America and the constitution.

  • grandmaismyname 159

    Now go back and read the IG report Maria Harf.

  • vanscoyoc
    vanscoyoc 2 days ago

    the Russians...lmao...the only person cheating in the 2016 election is Hillary Clinton and her cohorts looking to get rich off of her election by fraudulent means.

  • manuel favata
    manuel favata 2 days ago

    Sen Ghram pretty careful guy, must have the ammo.

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 3 days ago

    Exactly right! A criminal enterprise is a great place to start. Senator Graham has grown a pair. Can we infer the sub-source is Bruce Ohr?

  • charles oyibo
    charles oyibo 3 days ago

    Horowitz should check the dictionary definition of bias and see it spelled out on fbi actions e.g. mr. Clinesman alteration of document.

    • GW H
      GW H 3 days ago

      What happens to an IG appointed by Obama? Th Horowitz Report.

  • fractal_force
    fractal_force 3 days ago

    This all talk swamp scum is the reason why we have such a mess in our government.

  • Carl Smith
    Carl Smith 3 days ago

    BTW, that "Low Bar" to start an investigations was done by Peter Strzok on a Sunday. He came in when no one else was in the building and started an investigation on a Presidential Campaign.

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 3 days ago

      And watch while Peter faces no consequences, nor will Lisa, and it goes on as business as usual.

  • Too'`'\/
    Too'`'\/ 3 days ago

    Lindsey is the deep state, the swamp. Y'all Trumptards have been played again. 👌🏻

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 2 days ago

      @FaithwalkerTodd Here's his other great pick brett, siding with planned parenthood. It's 4 d chess, stick with the plan! Ahahahahahaha. Winning! _"Kavanaugh, Roberts side with liberal judges on Planned Parenthood case"_

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 2 days ago

      @FaithwalkerTodd Here's another one of those great supreme court justices, Neil, siding against Trump on Daca and immigration. STICK WITH THE PLAN! hahahahaha. _"The Supreme Court just made it a little bit harder to deport some so-called “bad hombres” - with an assist from Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch."_

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 2 days ago

      @FaithwalkerTodd Must be nice living in fairy tail land. Just like how Trump signed a executive order today supposedly for free speech on campus, but it actually stops free speech, thats 4 chess right. Just like Trump going along with red flag laws, taking away due process, thats 4 d chess right?

    • FaithwalkerTodd
      FaithwalkerTodd 2 days ago

      Too'`'\/ The supreme court can’t override the laws. The supreme court may have allowed it to go forward, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to fly. The law has already been passed that protect gun owners. The Supreme Court can’t override laws. And they haven’t claimed that this laws unconstitutional. Sounds to me like they’re just allowing it to go forward to that they can finally shut these people up once and for all. Obviously it’s not going to succeed.

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 2 days ago

      @FaithwalkerTodd Its true what they say about Trump supporters being low IQ. Just like how when he says he nominated great supreme court justices, his supporters cheer, yet they sided against the 2nd Amendment, made it so you can sue gun makers.

  • Nathanal Whitaker
    Nathanal Whitaker 3 days ago

    Does gram forget this court is for foreiners? They used it to spy. Why didn't they go to the campaign?

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 3 days ago

      Why isn't Trump doing anything?

  • Brian Deluca
    Brian Deluca 4 days ago

    I love how everyone notice and booed the team and cheered a loud to our anthem.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • America🇺🇸First✌🏽❤️

    Karlan is a supremely ugly woman filled with HATE. This was her 15 minutes of fame and what did she contribute to the world but venom and spite? I’m not sure if she can ever have insight into her own self to improve her self, or venture into any form of humility: surely the square footage and quality of Karlan’s inner peace is an abyss of negative energy she has fallen into and can never recover from.

  • Michael Nicholson
    Michael Nicholson 4 days ago

    How disrespectful do people have to be to boo DURING the national anthem those people are the worst kinds of people

  • S. Regenye
    S. Regenye 5 days ago

    Between Pelosi's teeth chattering, Schiff's eyes popping out and little Jerry naddler passing out this is the squad to defeat capitalism and trump.... LOL

  • bartua
    bartua 6 days ago

    This old lady looks like she didn't shit that day.

  • anthony conte
    anthony conte 6 days ago

    She may be book smart but thats about it.

  • foulpotato
    foulpotato 7 days ago

    Haha Obama's endorsement don't mean shit.

  • Brutal Honesty
    Brutal Honesty 7 days ago

    Her district is a SHIT HOLE.

  • Too'`'\/
    Too'`'\/ 7 days ago

    Illegal crossing are up under Trump, no wall built, and he still wants them to come in by the millions every year legally. Thats winning folks.

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 7 days ago

    When Pelosi says "America" does she mean the criminals in America? The Democratic Party sees prison terms stretching out to infinity. That is why they have to stop this President.

  • Dallas Beus
    Dallas Beus 7 days ago

    Any Republican voting yea for bills like these are guaranteeing their early retirement and not because of disgruntled Americans. They best be switchin to the anti-American Democrat Party because that's where the illegals soon to be legals will be voting.

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 7 days ago

    Only a traitor or a fool would support this demonrat party.

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert 8 days ago

    Deep into late stage dementia, San Fran Nan has not only lost the ability to determine smart effective policy positions, she has also lost the ability to gauge how she and her party will look when they pursue foolish political impeachment with no supporting evidence. Trump hatred has poisoned the Democrat mind, probably permanently.

  • Cris LeRose
    Cris LeRose 8 days ago

    Nothing like scripting questions to old Drunk Nancy. Face is drooping time to hoist up the jowls again.

  • john swain
    john swain 8 days ago

    Communist old bag praying to CNN

  • chris mclaughlin
    chris mclaughlin 8 days ago

    It's hard to calculate what has kept Pelosi in office. Oh wait, corruption, extortion, money laundering, drug smuggling, human trafficking, intimidation of opposition and other things come to mind.

    • chris mclaughlin
      chris mclaughlin 6 days ago

      @tmv108 So, what do you think has kept Pelosi in office? Obama is no longer in office, although he hasn't acted like it.

    • tmv108
      tmv108 7 days ago

      That was obama friend.

  • Darrel Mcbride
    Darrel Mcbride 8 days ago

    It is hard to calculate the damage this Democratic house of representatives has done to this country.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill 8 days ago

    CNN is fake news

  • Vista C
    Vista C 8 days ago

    Evil !! Bitch !!

  • mike diamond
    mike diamond 8 days ago

    She's drunk on her own sick ideas

  • kwyjibo
    kwyjibo 8 days ago

    Does Ambassador Sondland donating $1M to 45's inauguration committee not count as disgusting?

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 8 days ago

      Super disgusting... but what else can you expect from Jews or a traitorous Jewish puppet like Trump???

  • Brutal Honesty
    Brutal Honesty 8 days ago

    Well, when someone has some information about ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING other than commenting on youtube, PLEASE give me the info. Because I don't know anyone and I don't have any connections to anything. *Disclaimer: I am not impying violence and I don't own a weapon*

  • D Fills
    D Fills 8 days ago

    Just think how corrupt this next generation of Lawyers are gonna be!!

  • Coloradogirl LovesMountains

    You vote for this psycho you won’t be able to afford going to anything.

  • FaithwalkerTodd
    FaithwalkerTodd 8 days ago

    She won’t last long in prison, they don’t serve baby meat there.

  • D Fills
    D Fills 8 days ago

    Can't wait to see her mugshot pics!

  • Hanna GG
    Hanna GG 8 days ago

    She just made the case for why CITIZENSHIP SHOULD NOT BE “on the table” @ 9:56. On why she shld be deported immediately.

  • Lavrov Yaboy
    Lavrov Yaboy 8 days ago

    Karlan , another member of the hateful tr ibe ....who wudda thought....

    TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 8 days ago

    Kinda looking bad for the apoplectic one's heh?

  • slindauer2008
    slindauer2008 9 days ago

    Never Democrat!

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert 9 days ago

    Further proof that liberals are hateful reactionary bigots who are bitter that people no longer take them seriously.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 9 days ago

    You mean like Hunter Biden the son of vice president and at one time powerful Joe Biden that type of a white son is that what you're referring to you wacko professor....

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 9 days ago

    Stupid shrill skank

  • Peter Nesen
    Peter Nesen 9 days ago

    Karlan......... typical, man hating, angry Lesbo

    USA GAL 9 days ago

    My personal opinion: I'm so sick of these evil disgusting know-it-all pukes! I have had a gut full of their telling me what I should do how I should think where I should go and if I should go and if I should think. She's a disgusting radical liberal who doesn't give a blankety blank for anyone but her/themselves and she's not going to tell me how to think. I'm voting for President Trump lock-stock-and-barrel. All of me and mine are going to the polls and VOTING for President Trump come hell or high water - He'll be sure to get our votes. At this point I don't care what crime he commits it's better than " ANY " of what they are. But the thing is he has committed no crime!!! The only crime is what I see the Democrats doing!!! God help and protect our nation from the so-called enlightened. They have about as much light as a corpse in the ground . . . In other words, NONE !!! American Patriots you had better get ready because after they finish off destroying President Trump - I hope you know it will be us they come after next. Actually I personally believe they already are and all the plans are being put into action now and have been for quite some time. If you/we don't stand and fight now there won't be any need to later because WE WILL ” A L L " BE DONE !!! This entire post is my very own personal opinion. I'm going to let it out while I can because the time is coming up on us very rapidly that we won't be allowed to have an opinion and we'll be lucky to even be able to breathe . . And I mean that quite literally. HAVEN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH ??? AREN'T YOU SICK OF THIS ROTTEN STINK' IN FILTHY HELL THAT WE'RE LIVING IN ??? IF YOU/ WE DON'T DO SOMETHING NOW IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE AND YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT !!!!! Does America have a clue what's in the works for all of us? Does America not have a clue what these people are doing? I sit in shock as America sits and allows this evil to be perpetrated upon all of us. FROGS IN " BOILING " WATER !!! Like I said, these are all my personal opinion's.

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 8 days ago

      That's just who Jews are... they didn't get kicked out +3000 times from 109 countries over the past few millennia because they don't make the history population despise them

  • Janette Houston
    Janette Houston 9 days ago

    Disgusting harridan she is!

  • Out Rageous
    Out Rageous 9 days ago

    The MSM sure does lead around Democrat voters and tell them what to think.

  • Anti-Federalist 1776

    Another Jew... I can't wait for Tucker to go full Fascist, he will be a fantastic Furhur for us Amerikaners!!!!

    • America🇺🇸First✌🏽❤️
      America🇺🇸First✌🏽❤️ 4 days ago

      You commenting like that makes you sound like a fascist, what-you can’t handle Tucker’s reasonable comments, you must attack him by name calling? Can’t discuss anything factual? Typical.

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 8 days ago

      @kwyjibo huh??? Tucker is as WASP as it gets... I'm 12th generation pre-revolutionary war from both sides of my family & even I don't hold a candle to that level of WASP. Tucker has been ideologically a Fascist for the past couple years... but he is shockingly even better at being crypto about it than even the Jews who have been the undisputed masters for millienia at that. The Jew is in the thumbnail... like almost all of Tucker's segments, he focuses on the evil of Jews without ever mentioning that the they are Jews & dares them to call him "Anti-Semitic." It's just like Jim Henson did when he created the Skesis characters from Dark Crystal... it's so awful that even Jews can't be seen defending against the attacks.

    • kwyjibo
      kwyjibo 8 days ago

      Tucker is a jew? all that self-hate makes so much more sense in this light.

  • Black Bird Hollow
    Black Bird Hollow 9 days ago

    Those who can, do....those who can't, teach.

    • Anti-Federalist 1776
      Anti-Federalist 1776 9 days ago

      Jews can do subversion... hence why they have destroyed every White Nation since the war for Western Civilization was lost in WWII.

  • Liam Naughton
    Liam Naughton 10 days ago

    It's all rubbish.

  • mike Carr
    mike Carr 10 days ago

    Nothing but Babel,Babel & babel! Here's to all the democraps 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Tren deca anavar dmaa dmha ephedrine Feel happy

    ​the greatest President ever!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Nick Rotellini
    Nick Rotellini 11 days ago

    Horowitz' wife connected to the Clinton foundation. Nothing will come of the report, media hyping it up for ratings, then they will be like 🤷‍♂️

  • Too'`'\/
    Too'`'\/ 11 days ago

    Hold on. What happened to Trump releasing the FISA warrants? And AG barr said Epstein killed himself? Wooo hoo boys and girls, Big league winning! 😂😂😂😂🇮🇱 keep Israel great folks. 👌🏿

  • The Joker
    The Joker 11 days ago

    Lisa needs to turn the Page because the end is near and she's done.

    • The Joker
      The Joker 10 days ago

      @Too'`'\/ for vagina is a RU-clip moderator infested with TDS

    • The Joker
      The Joker 10 days ago

      @Too'`'\/ for Vagina hooked again like a dumb troll fish I love hooking me troll fish here chicky chicky chicky here chicky chicky chicky....

    • Too'`'\/
      Too'`'\/ 10 days ago

      @The Joker It's True what they say about low IQ and Trump supporters.

    • The Joker
      The Joker 10 days ago

      @Too'`'\/ or not to V! So what's the V for Vagina boy? I recommend cranberry juice for that....

    • The Joker
      The Joker 10 days ago

      @Too'`'\/ agina.

  • Lorne Hargis
    Lorne Hargis 11 days ago

    The only thing Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, et al are upset about is the fact they got caught. Typical criminal behavior; there is no remorse until they're caught and exposed. Hopefully they will all soon be in jail alongside James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, and others. Cannot happen soon enough in my opinion

    • henry navarro
      henry navarro 11 days ago

      Got caught cheating on their spouses. Real victims, they are. 2 snakes.

  • Nancy Patrick
    Nancy Patrick 11 days ago

    Lisa Paige is wasting her time trying to garner sympathy. She did herself in, she can't blame Trump. She's whining because Trump calls her out on dirty dealings. Its obviously apparent that she lacks moral character. She did screw around with a married man.

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders 12 days ago


    • henry navarro
      henry navarro 11 days ago

      She does...a tramp stamp, quit cheating on your husband and fucking other women's husbands. Who's gonna hire this snake ho?

  • Johnny Rotten
    Johnny Rotten 12 days ago

    I can see the stretch marks around her mouth from here! That filthy ho!

  • cr500blur
    cr500blur 12 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, pooooooor Lisa....

  • Brutal Honesty
    Brutal Honesty 12 days ago

    She should be Charged with TREASON

  • Ron Weyforth
    Ron Weyforth 12 days ago

    Thank you Lisa Page for reminding “us” of President Trump’s great performance of your text messages. If you had been a professional instead of a hack, you would have had a normal life. Instead, you have the life you have. Publicly apologizing to all the people you have disappointed, to include President Trump, may get back the “normal” life you probably want.

  • Amanda SusAnne
    Amanda SusAnne 12 days ago

    She doesn't have my sympathy, she was complicit in the attempting to overturn the election of my President!

  • sonya Pickett
    sonya Pickett 12 days ago

    Wan , wan, wan! Bitch

  • James Eastridge
    James Eastridge 12 days ago

    Arrest her for CONSPIRACY,,SHES A SNAKE

  • Julia Metcalf
    Julia Metcalf 12 days ago

    Lisa is a slut, an adulterer has no be criminally sleazy only makes her a BIG TIME SLUT

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders 12 days ago


    • Mike Sanders
      Mike Sanders 12 days ago


    • Vincent Barile
      Vincent Barile 12 days ago

      With open legs

    • Mike Sanders
      Mike Sanders 12 days ago


    • Harry Newman
      Harry Newman 12 days ago

      😆 how many people was she boinking in the FBI? Married too. A look into the twisted mind of todays liberal.

    • sonya Pickett
      sonya Pickett 12 days ago

      Bull shit ! She a worm! She knows she’s going to jail!

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders 12 days ago


  • The Joker
    The Joker 12 days ago

    What a joke Lisa page she should go have another threesome with Stroke and McCabe slut that she is and a criminal.

  • Esmeralda Real
    Esmeralda Real 12 days ago

    Typical play book. I guess they didn’t expect a fight back so they didn’t have any new moves! Before the repubs would just lay down, NO LONGER.

  • William Schutter
    William Schutter 12 days ago

    What's not to love?!

  • Cris LeRose
    Cris LeRose 14 days ago

    Ed just got schooled... Surprised Fox allowed comments. They usually block them. They're worse than the libtard MSM...

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert 14 days ago

    Why does Fox keep bringing these media knuckleheads over from the other networks?

  • Conspiracy Theorista

    What a PUTZ Ed is...

    • 19 phift4
      19 phift4 14 days ago

      He's trying to replace Chris Wallace as super putz

  • Mary Schmitz
    Mary Schmitz 14 days ago

    My bubble gum got stuck in my hair! How should I get it out? Peanut butter message; Ice; Cut it out. Dilemma!! MLS 🍀✝️

  • GW H
    GW H 14 days ago

    Dem “witnesses” never “witnessed” a fucking thing. One thing Ed will never be accused of and that’s having a “thought”. All this smear campaign against Trump is just another Dem slow roll to the next election. Just like 2018.

  • 19 phift4
    19 phift4 14 days ago

    I'm glad Ed interviews these conservatives maybe Fox and Ed will learn something

    • Conspiracy Theorista
      Conspiracy Theorista 14 days ago

      You would think... yet Ed keeps spouting the CNN talking points guest after guest....

  • Luba Patitucci
    Luba Patitucci 14 days ago

    Democrats/Communist are now "Mind Reader"!? Time for the Funny Farms for the Democrats/Communist Party!

  • Short Gus
    Short Gus 14 days ago

    IPOT sent me

  • devin fraser
    devin fraser 15 days ago


  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    In old days no one will even feed this fat pig, listening to her is far fetched.

  • Marty Mayne
    Marty Mayne 17 days ago

    The only thing Maryland's got going for it right now is Larry Hogan in the Baltimore Ravens

  • James Eastridge
    James Eastridge 17 days ago

    Cartels and associate,,,,,Burn there homes, and there places of business, vacation resorts,there families ,everywhere they leave a footprint,,,burn it down. Pres Trump,sir

  • Dallas Beus
    Dallas Beus 17 days ago

    López Obrador “refused to go into detail on the potential terrorist designation, saying he would rather “send a hug to Americans” on Thanksgiving eve.” --- Do you think the Americans killed and raped by illegal immigrants and Mexican drugs want your hug Obrador?

  • Dallas Beus
    Dallas Beus 17 days ago

    It's about freakin time. Thank you President Trump!

  • Anonymous suomynonA
    Anonymous suomynonA 17 days ago

    Most are almost as stupid as Obama, though not quite. Especially the ww2 vets.

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 17 days ago

    His sexual harrassment issues are well-known in the media.

  • henry navarro
    henry navarro 18 days ago

    She could fill up her cabinet with hollywood, oprah, ellen, maybe kathy griffen.

  • Liam Naughton
    Liam Naughton 18 days ago

    Obama did nothing in eight years only double the debt.

  • Sherry Bralick-Baughman

    Bloomberg will use his money relentlessly in pursuit of destroying anyone he has an issue with. He has no plans to "rebuild America", not now, not ever. Couldn't care less.

  • cnniz fakenewz
    cnniz fakenewz 18 days ago

    Oh hell no..

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 18 days ago

    No. Hell NO.

  • mperies
    mperies 18 days ago

    Trump might have been President earlier in 2008 if he had run against McCain, Romney and Obama in 2008 and 2012.