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  • Derrek Motionless
    Derrek Motionless 5 hours ago

    That was lit man ooof man let watch this shit again man

  • Mike Russell
    Mike Russell 12 hours ago

    The original mayhem is better

  • LaosJFK-XIIISaturnsSisJanus

    4 days straight for me and no sleep ya hedge!

  • Sandra Cox
    Sandra Cox 13 hours ago

    Why don't you and a bunch of other RU-cliprs create your own video Sharing platform, one that accepts all speech (conservative, and liberal alike with as little censorship as possible) I'd bail off RU-clip in a heartbeat if there were other options.

  • Tyler Wyatt
    Tyler Wyatt 13 hours ago

    Miss you brother!!

  • Stéph C
    Stéph C 17 hours ago

    The singer, Tom Barber, is now the singer of Chelsea Grin ;-)

  • Tony Granbäck
    Tony Granbäck 19 hours ago

    Swedish metal at it's best, also listen to swedish Humanity's Last Breath, the darkest metal you'll ever hear

  • Dvalin
    Dvalin 22 hours ago

    Hehehe, dude you are sick!!

  • Izaak Laframboise

    Yo react to shadow of intent song: Barron and breathless macrocosm its insanly heavy as hellllllll do it its sick..........p.s it will make you move your fuckin heads

  • StrangMuZ6
    StrangMuZ6 Day ago

    Female version of marilyn I always say.

  • ZFG HitnQuit
    ZFG HitnQuit Day ago

    Fuck! This band is so fuckin good. See em live, absolutely amazing!

  • CJP
    CJP Day ago

    The Silver Scream, the album this song on, is generally... perfect, in my opinion. Almost every song flows extremely well and has sick breakdowns and screams and clean vocals too.

  • Filipe Abreu
    Filipe Abreu Day ago

    i went to a vitalism's show here in sao paulo, and man, i'll tell you, they are one of the best bands in the world today, absolutelly

  • Timothy Kelly
    Timothy Kelly Day ago

    React to thoughts and prayers by motionless in white the blegh in that song is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Timothy Kelly
    Timothy Kelly Day ago

    Please react to wishing wells by Parkway drive

  • BM97
    BM97 2 days ago

    RU-clip deadass made me unsubscribe to most of the channels, wtf

  • daniel kenworthy
    daniel kenworthy 2 days ago

    Please react to hostage live at warped tour it’s fucking incredible

  • daniel kenworthy
    daniel kenworthy 2 days ago

    Remember seeing them play this song in front of only 50 people when they first released this album and it was mental

  • Prototype Kev
    Prototype Kev 2 days ago

    This band has changed my life

  • Ytse Jam
    Ytse Jam 2 days ago

    チート級のスリーピース✌️ BABYMETALにもこういう ガチな楽曲がもっと欲しい。

  • Prajwal Timsina
    Prajwal Timsina 3 days ago

    Please react to badlands by ghost atlas

  • MGawna
    MGawna 3 days ago

    Nothing beats melodeath to me, best genre there is

  • Jiboia Jinn
    Jiboia Jinn 4 days ago

    Fookin genius mon lol 🤟

  • Master Shredder
    Master Shredder 4 days ago

    There's tempo and then there's Abasi Tempo. Everytime I feel uninspired to play I just take a listen Mr Abasi, one of my favorite guitarists out there, alongside Sithu Aye, Jake Howsam, Stephen Taranto, Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel and many more.

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams 4 days ago

    My brother broke his collarbone in 2 places last year mountain biking and as he was in shock on the ride to the ER he requested this song to be played in the car. That’s how metal this song is. ☠️🤘🏻

    QUALITY BREASTS 4 days ago

    React semen wizards

    QUALITY BREASTS 4 days ago

    please review Skitz NPCs

  • Colonel Sanders
    Colonel Sanders 4 days ago

    Brojob-fuck yourself please lol new release, you gotta!

  • Andrew McDuffie
    Andrew McDuffie 4 days ago

    The solo for sleeper is better in my opinion

  • Des ჻ 。
    Des ჻ 。 5 days ago

    i always come back to this ur reaction is amazing

  • Cody Boisen
    Cody Boisen 5 days ago

    Kill music, cringe lyrics

  • killthefcc r
    killthefcc r 5 days ago

    I hate to say it but is truant dead?

  • Cup
    Cup 6 days ago

    "That fonkey shit man"

  • Kai Walther
    Kai Walther 6 days ago

    Please make a reaction from slaughter to prevail the new song agony

  • Coach Roach
    Coach Roach 6 days ago

    Bro this reaction got me so FUCKIN hyped. I had NUTstalgia

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye 6 days ago

    Beautiful Music and countless beautiful joyous young ladies....What A Combination//:)

  • Sins7_envy
    Sins7_envy 7 days ago

    hope you come back soon man I we all miss you and we all wish your doing ok you help me a lot through your videos im just waiting for the day with a notification for a new vid move your fucking heads

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown 7 days ago

    Move your fuckin heads🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Tom S. Gao
    Tom S. Gao 7 days ago

    metal drinking game: take a shot everytym this song hits a 0 palm mute

  • Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    Got a hat and two shirts of them.

  • Michael Dean
    Michael Dean 7 days ago

    I'm coming back to this video of you reacting to this song. Been subscribed for a long time... I think my favorite part of watching your videos is when you causally/nonchalantly tell me to move my fucking head.

  • ipsurvivor
    ipsurvivor 7 days ago

    This is better than Knebworth... Much more “electricity”... The British crowd was much more sedate... The crowd does matter....

  • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    I was late to the Bomba too. A coworker kept mentioning them. Saying how good they are and incredible live too. I regret not listening to Bernie on that one. Thanks Burno McGurno.

  • BECK et
    BECK et 8 days ago

    gotta love fusion metal

  • Chris Tey
    Chris Tey 8 days ago

    What happened to truant man:( he doesn't make vids anymore

  • Gabriel Nunes
    Gabriel Nunes 8 days ago

    What's the name of the tecnic ? 04:19

  • thematt142
    thematt142 8 days ago

    Keep ur head up buddy!

  • therealmbassy
    therealmbassy 8 days ago

    hey man, come back and react to more of this! infected rain is cool and your voice/accent calms my nerves so you should come back for those reasons at least :)

  • Energy Gaming
    Energy Gaming 8 days ago

    Should we just call Arch enemy a supergroup now since Jeff loomis is in the band great song

  • Jet From Holland
    Jet From Holland 9 days ago

    Very, very moving. Thank you.

  • saiyanprince989
    saiyanprince989 9 days ago

    This gets better everytime I hear it.

  • Desolate One 666
    Desolate One 666 9 days ago

    Happy birthday! Love your reactions!!

  • Jeff Babyak
    Jeff Babyak 9 days ago

    They should have been as big as the Deftones .. such a amazing band

  • Kyle Whitstine
    Kyle Whitstine 9 days ago

    Take it away motherfookers😂😂

    LUKE VAANANEN 10 days ago

    They sound the exact same live! Singing and all!

  • Adriane Cantil
    Adriane Cantil 10 days ago

    This music cured me from depression :)

  • NoLifeTilLeather 13
    NoLifeTilLeather 13 10 days ago

    Fucking love this reaction and how much your into it!

  • repressedmemories
    repressedmemories 10 days ago

    I miss Casey and truant 😢😢😢😢

  • Gordon Beck
    Gordon Beck 10 days ago

    Dude we miss you

  • angryktulhu
    angryktulhu 11 days ago

    What language does he speak lol

  • ikhsan ramadhani
    ikhsan ramadhani 11 days ago

    Nile best death metal

  • Robert Hultquist
    Robert Hultquist 11 days ago

    Miss ya dude

  • Jackson Elder
    Jackson Elder 11 days ago

    every metalheads dream girl

  • Terry Yawkee
    Terry Yawkee 11 days ago

    You are amazing. I used to upload and have over 100k channel views, got too conscience when people posted reloads of me headbanging to different music to make fun of me and stopped lol. You are amazing and I find dope ass shit from your channel! You make my day at work soooooo much better, <3 <3 <3

  • Jackson Elder
    Jackson Elder 11 days ago

    "oh nice, melodic death metal?" NOPEEE

  • Les Pol
    Les Pol 11 days ago

    U understand how good is this song... I like it ahhahahaha

  • Juan Ricardo Barrón González

    yoare mi idol

  • Aaron Rose
    Aaron Rose 11 days ago

    Fuck dude!! Cough that nasty shit out!!

  • Vibhav Patel
    Vibhav Patel 12 days ago

    6:32 When are being filled with testosterone just by listening to the song

  • Ryan Oswald
    Ryan Oswald 12 days ago

    Where’d you go????

  • Gerald Castro
    Gerald Castro 12 days ago

    Best track from August Burns Red is Thirty and seven

  • Mathieu D'Anjou
    Mathieu D'Anjou 12 days ago

    2:56 Phil Sneaking Mode

  • NoLuckScape
    NoLuckScape 12 days ago


  • J James
    J James 12 days ago

    1) Consume 2) Sonder/Dusk to day 3) Remedy/Casualty

  • Déverson Machado
    Déverson Machado 12 days ago

    Please Reaction Reckoning Hour Brazil Fucking Band, Open Show of As I Lay Dying band In Country the sound is Amazing!

  • Luv Lee
    Luv Lee 13 days ago

    The riff of this song is a best of opeth tool and mastodon 🤘

  • Luv Lee
    Luv Lee 13 days ago

    Tatjana is like the old Goddesses like Artemis or Juno or Nike

  • Aaron Rose
    Aaron Rose 13 days ago

    That first song what the fuck is this disgusting shit, That is sick asf.

  • Tommy O
    Tommy O 13 days ago

    That whole album is a masterpiece

  • bjhellstream
    bjhellstream 13 days ago

    That staccato break in the middle is really on fire! Best band I have discovered 8n the last years. They and Jinjer. Love these reactions and the good music they make me discover!

  • random guy
    random guy 13 days ago

    I get headaches when i see corpsegrinder banging it

    BOSS HOGG 14 days ago

    I recall listening to WKBW broadcasting from Buffalo, NY when the announced that Lynyrd Skynyrd's plane had crashed right after it happened. A real tragedy. Some much talent lost and so very young.

  • Damian Paterno
    Damian Paterno 14 days ago

    Death grip out of these tracks but id love to see you listen to war path by fit for a king as well

  • женя титарев

    Любимая группа детства Женя 29 лет)))

  • cheetofingers77
    cheetofingers77 14 days ago

    Lol put this on when Liverpool are playing shit😂 I felt that dude YNWA

  • Cygnosic
    Cygnosic 14 days ago

    Yo TRUANT! This band just drop a new single 2 weeks ago!! You HAVE to listen to this song!! Faster, vocals more harsh its a peace of art!! song NENSHA!!!!

  • Josh Towe
    Josh Towe 15 days ago

    I know this isnt relevant but i seriously want you to check out "Nensha" by Orbit Culture 🤔🤣 please and thank you

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon 15 days ago

    Phil is the real fucking deal. That guttural at 3:20 almost made me wretch. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Remmy 315
    Remmy 315 15 days ago

    You could tell Phil put everything he had into this one for Mitch.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 15 days ago

    I lost it watching that MAGICAL drummer!.

  • Tidemann Xperience
    Tidemann Xperience 15 days ago

    Amazing Leprous!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🔥🇳🇴

  • James Buzzelli
    James Buzzelli 15 days ago

    Do some more varials :))

  • Barney Doel
    Barney Doel 16 days ago

    Please react to the videos from their latest album starting with The American Nightmare, and people will tell you what comes next in the comments if you do do it. All the songs are based on Horror movies and they sort of wrote their own mini story through the music videos of 5 songs off the album

  • FlashNumba3
    FlashNumba3 16 days ago

    Is that a Jinjer shirt?

  • Wr3tch3d
    Wr3tch3d 16 days ago

    what the fuck is that? --- haha my man.. its called a hurdy gurdy.. welcome to the world of one of the greatest acts on the planet

  • Stanly Villatoro
    Stanly Villatoro 16 days ago

    Do nensha


    God I love this track. So brutal.

  • Alex Hlynskyy
    Alex Hlynskyy 17 days ago

    stop smoking vape,

  • phazerboy
    phazerboy 17 days ago

    If no one else has said it, the 'wind up thing' is called a hurrty gurty. It has a wheel that acts like the bow of a violin when turned against the strings. Had to look it up myself mate. Cheers.

  • Dylan Andrews
    Dylan Andrews 17 days ago

    Thousand below - Vein