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The Death of Tumblr
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  • Patrick Star021
    Patrick Star021 3 hours ago

    She's on pornhub & has ugly fake boobs

  • jay oakes
    jay oakes 3 hours ago


  • Phatman420
    Phatman420 3 hours ago


  • Mac Matheson
    Mac Matheson 3 hours ago

    Well he was already on a retarded track when he presented the flat Earth model as a lazy Susan. Even when the theory was a lot bigger over a millenia ago, they had a diagram that looked much closer to the shape of a lemon squeezer. This really shows how much our society is regressing mentally... The fact you can type in "flat Earth diagram from 1800" into Google and see something that makes logical sense as to why the theory had legs at all... But no... Our retarded modern society is latching onto the word "flat", then when they hear from an intellectual that the flat Earth theory actually does make sense, you have idiots actually believing and thinking both the earth and the original theory were about a pancake earth. Obviously it's fake, but the conspiracy is extremely fun to entertain once you get passed the retard version of it, as it does make a ton of sense, and without modern aviation, mapping, and math, it would be an actual possiblity when being judged from our perspectives.

  • randomness 22
    randomness 22 3 hours ago

    indiana police are so ghetto. everyone in our police force got fired and we had all our calls transferred to a city 10 minutes away

  • Jerkhov
    Jerkhov 3 hours ago

    (half-naked woman lying on bed, legs splayed open) Charlie: "I don't get how anyone could jerk off to this."

  • perry allbright
    perry allbright 3 hours ago

    "If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in Him."

  • TellmeNinetails
    TellmeNinetails 3 hours ago

    RU-clip is nervous because a bunch of youtubers are unionising, saying they're techinally employee's under law. The german crossbow laughing youtuber guy posted about it a lot. "Let me show you it's features." It annoys me no one is talking about it though even though they said the only way it can work is if people know about it.

  • TechNote
    TechNote 3 hours ago

    I was just eating some food and this just made me puke it out

  • gator 0
    gator 0 3 hours ago

    You know I was going go to the hub after but I think I’ll pass for this week

  • XxLegenDairyXx 1
    XxLegenDairyXx 1 3 hours ago

    Watching this made me start practicing abstinence

  • Lui Vongola
    Lui Vongola 3 hours ago

    Apparently trisha is celebrating 9/11 by.... fucking her couch and an alien?

  • Oreo
    Oreo 3 hours ago

    She sexually assaulted the alien, billow, sprite, couch, magazine, her hands, the camera, and the even fucking *AIR*

  • Nate S.
    Nate S. 3 hours ago

    Rambo: Period blood

  • Lil' Vampire
    Lil' Vampire 3 hours ago

    I mean, I didn’t want to watch this video, but I guess like, fine I’ll do it

  • Anne B.
    Anne B. 3 hours ago

    She's demonstrating how to give blowjobs, that last clip she was licking that camera like a carpet muncher. I got nauseated watching her video. I can't stand that sound she makes. If she thinks this has shit to do with ASMR than she retarded as f**k. She must not have a man because if she did she wouldn't have time for this kind of bullshit.

  • Malicious Machine
    Malicious Machine 3 hours ago

    Note the artist's choice to upload her masterpiece, her chef-d'oeuvre, her absolutely beautifully crafted harmony of video and audio on no day other than September 11, her striking commentary on 9/11 and the aftermath is incredible and ahead of it time. Truly, she is a goddess walking among us mere men.

  • Moth man
    Moth man 3 hours ago

    She kidnapped that nigga Elvis the alian. We gotta stage a rescue.

  • Cone Head
    Cone Head 3 hours ago

    susan watch charlie. confirm say hi to susan guys

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago

    i have the power of the gamers and the wheebs on my side AAAAAAH

  • just_woodsie
    just_woodsie 3 hours ago

    Its awesome to actually see concerns get noticed. Good going Charlie. That's a move in the right direction. To the future 🍻

  • CrystalChubs
    CrystalChubs 3 hours ago


  • RooRguy27
    RooRguy27 3 hours ago

    Let's b honest how many gamers watch you

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator 3 hours ago

    2:12 wasn't even a sprite cranberry smh

  • JurgoManz
    JurgoManz 3 hours ago

    You still don't have your check back.

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago


  • Ferndawg x
    Ferndawg x 3 hours ago

    He didny even slap him tho. That look more like a karate chop to the chin.

  • Alice Aspen
    Alice Aspen 3 hours ago

    Isn't this satire?

  • KSD_waves
    KSD_waves 3 hours ago

    What if there is more events like Area 51

  • Trashy
    Trashy 3 hours ago

    Imagine someone coming in your room while making this video

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago


  • strangemanjosh life
    strangemanjosh life 3 hours ago

    I'm the Yakima I speak for the trees lmao 🤣

  • Kipo
    Kipo 3 hours ago

    Thighs of a goddess but mind and lips of a mistake

  • Zach Adsit
    Zach Adsit 3 hours ago

    I actually can't finish this it's disgusting

  • Seiko G.
    Seiko G. 3 hours ago

    Ya this is awful, what in the hell, holy shit. What's the link?

  • Gavin Johnson
    Gavin Johnson 3 hours ago

    My friend just saw Trisha in Cleveland ohio

  • Vexcenot
    Vexcenot 3 hours ago

    Well there goes the check mark again

  • Sillyman
    Sillyman 3 hours ago

    Wait...I thought we reversed the decision on youtube heroes...

  • Alice P
    Alice P 3 hours ago

    Oooh Trisha why...........

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago


  • Enzo Sena
    Enzo Sena 3 hours ago

    u r god

  • Bonnie Austin
    Bonnie Austin 3 hours ago

    Is this a real workout video? Who is she?

  • Spodis
    Spodis 3 hours ago

    0:00 I’m just baffled...

  • Filthy Bum
    Filthy Bum 3 hours ago

    Alien nigga wishes he were back at Area 51

  • G Mail
    G Mail 3 hours ago dude check this one out it's hilarious

  • suns_out_buns_out
    suns_out_buns_out 3 hours ago

    thas a tiddy

  • Cerdmasterjgcc
    Cerdmasterjgcc 3 hours ago

    Did u not see her 100 layers of cum challenge

  • James
    James 3 hours ago

    isn't this the chick with the crosseyed tits

  • Monkey is Gay
    Monkey is Gay 3 hours ago

    Bro she sucking that bottle that has been dropped, touched and who knows what. I need some milk

  • mynameisnot devion
    mynameisnot devion 3 hours ago

    Charlie, your room looks really fucky on Windows 10 night mode...

  • Pancake Man
    Pancake Man 3 hours ago

    Two dump trucks crashing into a whoopie cushion factory

  • V I L L A N E L L E
    V I L L A N E L L E 3 hours ago

    Since I'm on of the few females listening....shouldn't I be praised and bow down to, um also where is my guest podcast??? Idk love you guys❤

  • smellyjerk
    smellyjerk 3 hours ago

    Shes loopy af but I'd still knock her down, just being real...

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago

    mOrE lIkE cInCo dE mAyOnNaIsE AM I RIGHT JACK

  • UnderTheMask
    UnderTheMask 3 hours ago

    Video starts: **cringes and pukes** Critical gets on the camera: **BONER TIME**

  • Brad Ev
    Brad Ev 3 hours ago

    if you want to watch porn, just watch porn

  • Meraki
    Meraki 3 hours ago

    Did anyone realize that they forget the 21st night of September?

  • Edvīns Rākins
    Edvīns Rākins 3 hours ago

    Why hasn't Wendy's come to the Europe already.

  • Michael Glover
    Michael Glover 3 hours ago

    She sounds like me battling to eat a jar of peanut butter. The peanut butter always wins.

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago


  • Stu Beet
    Stu Beet 3 hours ago

    > 2:26 >For 13 years >RU-clip could literally drone strike an orphanage in Nebraska >Reducing the whole facility to ash, rubble,and corpses >And they wouldn't apologize for it >They would wait it out and hope people wouldn't give a shit over time Well, it's Nebraska, nobody gives a shit about Nebraskans, literally the dumbest state in the country, Omaha is a fuckin metropolitan failure.

  • BickTingle
    BickTingle 3 hours ago


  • TheJediSonic
    TheJediSonic 3 hours ago

    Give us the TF2 Update... and put Heavy in Smash already!

  • Emily Depetrillo
    Emily Depetrillo 3 hours ago


  • Timothy Reed
    Timothy Reed 3 hours ago

    That made my day

  • All The Reasons Why
    All The Reasons Why 3 hours ago

    This Is Why Women Get Paid Less Than Men


    Wait have you guys seen her topless it’s so fucked

  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth B. 3 hours ago

    She’s like a legendary troll dude

  • Isuzu Slider
    Isuzu Slider 3 hours ago

    The alien from filthy franks video was not even this scared whilst being grinded on by a stripper with a hairy bush and tampon string hanging out.

  • phl
    phl 3 hours ago

    it's because they remembered the 21st night of september

  • Tbone Scriv
    Tbone Scriv 3 hours ago

    I bet the people that come over and are like why the fuck your couch wet fam

  • Celeste Felicia
    Celeste Felicia 3 hours ago

    The alien regretting leaving area 51

  • Mahdi MK
    Mahdi MK 3 hours ago

    Title: The worst asmr Description: This is the greatest asmr of all time Ok

  • Pale
    Pale 3 hours ago

    What in gods name

  • Alaina Belding
    Alaina Belding 3 hours ago


  • Ayyy Hello
    Ayyy Hello 3 hours ago

    That alien definitely did not press the LoveSync button for consent

  • yungxrow
    yungxrow 3 hours ago

    "it looks like a hostage on Jeffery Epstein's private jet."

  • Elliot Salem
    Elliot Salem 3 hours ago

    Amen brother

  • Sardonical
    Sardonical 3 hours ago

    Why did I ever decide to watch this? Kill me now

  • BickTingle
    BickTingle 3 hours ago

    Make no mistake, they are still scheming to appeal to hollywood and tv personalities

  • Ian The Albino
    Ian The Albino 3 hours ago

    Ok let's admit it, people watch this bitch to beat their meat, not to soothe their souls. There, we got that out of the way, now I can watch the video.

  • Princess Bunny Cly
    Princess Bunny Cly 3 hours ago

    Either they can listen to the people or suffer the consequences

  • ZRobbie D
    ZRobbie D 3 hours ago

    That was quick

  • Pancake Man
    Pancake Man 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who feels bad for the couch

  • James Byron
    James Byron 3 hours ago

    Now they will go to shit for the next year and no one will bat an eye

  • Alexzis Edwards
    Alexzis Edwards 3 hours ago

    This video looks like it stinks in there

  • Gamma
    Gamma 3 hours ago

    FUCK! I thought that was an attractive chick in the thumbnail, not this bitch.

  • shadowflower93
    shadowflower93 3 hours ago

    Her lip fillers are so gross. Like, they just look like two massive hematomas on her face 😓

  • EmemonD
    EmemonD 3 hours ago

    I already know it's Already Trisha Paytas Be Ready to be Critizise in Twitter, Charlie

  • Alduin the World Eater

    Wow this alien had a girl on top of him from filthy franks video now this


    They should get rid of the swiping go next vid thing

  • AlmightySauce242
    AlmightySauce242 3 hours ago

    luv u bro 🤘

  • Logan Hawkins
    Logan Hawkins 3 hours ago

    Yeah they hit a wide target zone for blanket coverage. They couldn't just ice ALL the conservative and Republican groups with out massive backlash (ignorable but still) so they killed off some of the bystanders to make it (not) obvious

  • Bumble Chives
    Bumble Chives 3 hours ago

    "I'd rather watch 2g1c with a beheading video playing in the background" Been there, done that.

  • Leo Merigliano
    Leo Merigliano 3 hours ago

    Day 15 of asking Charlie to finally review AOT S3 part 2!

  • DKHendler
    DKHendler 3 hours ago

    They cancelled the RU-clip hero’s program

  • Lukks.
    Lukks. 3 hours ago

    Good thing I look up to mia khalifa

  • koalaman 7007
    koalaman 7007 3 hours ago

    I’m speechless

  • MustyManureMan
    MustyManureMan 3 hours ago

    This video is the perfect length for eating two hot pockets and drinking one small can of sprite. Fantastic job.

  • Nodak
    Nodak 3 hours ago

    I saw Rambo Last Blood opening night, and they put me in the largest theater but there was only 7 other people watching the movie with me