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An-Ya: Press Interviews
Views 4.3K8 years ago
An-Ya "Hey" Music Video
Views 21K8 years ago
Evgeny Anegin "Love Song"
Views 23K8 years ago


  • Марина Тюмина

    Да ему только рок и петь. Он мне чем то напоминает Джона Бон Джови или Эксела Роуза.

  • Kate Sakharova
    Kate Sakharova Year ago

    Класс, ждем песен таких же)

  • Alejandra Villarroel


  • Irina Mavrina
    Irina Mavrina 2 years ago

    Трой ты супер!вышел на мировую рок сцену

  • ChibiNatalka
    ChibiNatalka 2 years ago

    ну такое

  • владимир дунчев

    АНЕЧКА...у меня нет слова...здес ти самое саваршенство....СПАСИБО...

  • Miss Macabre
    Miss Macabre 2 years ago

    I'm crazy about his voice <3

  • Danielle Curwood
    Danielle Curwood 3 years ago

    I like how everyone saying that people are here just for Heather Morris. I'd never heard of Heather Morris until I started reading these comments. I think I saw this video on a channel called the n.

  • Keelo Channel
    Keelo Channel 3 years ago

    C'est terrible!!!

  • Ferris
    Ferris 4 years ago

    Only has views cause of Heather Morris. If she was main girl this would had done so much better.

  • Jensu19
    Jensu19 5 years ago

    Your awesome keep singing

  • SEMEY Man
    SEMEY Man 5 years ago

    Roma Good

  • D. Cantu
    D. Cantu 5 years ago

    I have no idea who this is. But I like it.

  • annabelle dyson
    annabelle dyson 5 years ago

    why aren't there more views and why didn't i come across this sooner, i love it!!

  • Yuna Bereza
    Yuna Bereza 5 years ago

    класс, очень классно...вокальные данные суперские

  • MafiagirlVamp
    MafiagirlVamp 5 years ago

    Рома бесспорно молодец, один разогрев у Nickelback чего стоит, но никому эта песня Theory Of A Deadman не напоминает?

    • Colin Lonn
      Colin Lonn 3 years ago

      это она и есть, перепетая на свой лад

  • Aisha Abubacar
    Aisha Abubacar 5 years ago

    Happy Birthday Heather Elizabeth Morris

  • Tommy R
    Tommy R 5 years ago

    Чудово !!

  • Валерий
    Валерий 5 years ago

    Здорово! Обращаюсь к Юлии Курбатовой. Мне 11 лет. С 8 я пишу музыку и песни. стихи тоже пишу сама - на английском и русском языках. Я дипломант всероссийского конкурса композиторов-песенников(взрослого) Занимаюсь у Евгения Орлова в КИДСе(Голос) Юлия. куда можно послать свои треки - я знаю, что вы занимаетесь продвижением талантливой Российской молодежи на западный рынок?

  • latenight11
    latenight11 6 years ago

    Nice song......get it heather

  • dona na
    dona na 6 years ago


  • Z13LO
    Z13LO 6 years ago

    Poland was here! :D

  • Anna Fundáková
    Anna Fundáková 6 years ago

    Mika I am so proud to you. I listen your songs from your beginnings (Белые лошади, В плену, Шерше ля фам, Сдавайся мне )....and I wish you all the best in your career.

  • MrDJG666
    MrDJG666 6 years ago

    Песенка уровня конца девяностых которую нужно петь лет в семнадцать, видео - старомодные декорации и режиссёр-Араб.

  • Alexandra Maya
    Alexandra Maya 6 years ago

    the song is great. but video is soo ussr

  • 29Surgeon
    29Surgeon 6 years ago

    Супер! Отличная песня!

  • Iana Pileavschi
    Iana Pileavschi 6 years ago

    da, Roman Arhipov

  • Robert Stram
    Robert Stram 6 years ago


  • 29Surgeon
    29Surgeon 6 years ago

    Классная песня! Отличная работа! Прекрасная Мика! Украина с тобой и мы тебя любим!

  • Kytia L'amour
    Kytia L'amour 6 years ago

    So catchy. I could dance to this all day!

  • Khrisstian Uribe
    Khrisstian Uribe 6 years ago

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Oleg Glushko
    Oleg Glushko 6 years ago

    the most beautiful Ukrainian singer!!! Міка ми тебе дуже любимо!!!

  • Mahmedd Aba
    Mahmedd Aba 6 years ago

    это чувак с Челси?

  • Tanya Magda
    Tanya Magda 6 years ago

    molodec Roman!

  • Emma Tempest
    Emma Tempest 6 years ago

    Amazing !

  • Emma Tempest
    Emma Tempest 6 years ago

    EPIC !!!

  • Julia H
    Julia H 6 years ago

    I Think I destroyed the replay Button... No but I just cant describe the feelings when I'l listen to this song. Its to perfect! Who need Justin Bieber? (no hate). The World need Mika Newton! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Dennis Wolf
    Dennis Wolf 6 years ago

    SO G-Rated

  • Ольга Дубина

    ай круто как! зажгли! ))))) ps какой классный микрофон с камерой

  • EV reacts
    EV reacts 6 years ago

    I love it, new star

  • Theonel Gigg
    Theonel Gigg 6 years ago

    I'm totally obsessed with Mika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danyandtomify
    danyandtomify 6 years ago

    She is lovely! Welcome to America, Mika! We're glad to have you here : )

  • Phạm Ngọc Thạch

    una de las canciones mas hermosas de Mika Newton

  • hope luu
    hope luu 6 years ago

    Me encanta Mika this song is my fav

  • xia valen
    xia valen 6 years ago

    Es mi cancion favorita Te Amo Mika!!!

  • MyDrpeter
    MyDrpeter 6 years ago

    love this songggggggg

  • das fook
    das fook 6 years ago

    Mika is like a Barbie doll:)) WHY AM I NOT LIKE HER? -.-'

  • Ai Phin
    Ai Phin 6 years ago

    la mia canzone preferita!!

  • Goss Fed
    Goss Fed 6 years ago

    Beautiful girl, wonderful music :)

  • Luca Toni
    Luca Toni 6 years ago


  • mrminhable
    mrminhable 6 years ago

    Holy shit it’s really catchy.

    CHICA MARAVILLA 6 years ago

    i love you heather

  • Phạm Ngọc Thạch

    Omg i love this song its the best shes done yet

  • WI Top City Hotels
    WI Top City Hotels 6 years ago

    Our Ukrainian Beauty <3

  • madamhung
    madamhung 6 years ago

    Mika, sua voz e otima sem comparaçao seu futuro e longe eu amo muito sua voz parabens por esse talento que vc tem !!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfeita

  • dididaly12332
    dididaly12332 6 years ago

    este hino é maravilhoso.

  • TheHellomoney12
    TheHellomoney12 6 years ago

    essa música é muito linda

  • MyDrpeter
    MyDrpeter 6 years ago

    Finally, a pop star who can actually sing!! Yo, yo!

  • mrminhable
    mrminhable 6 years ago

    Jest genialna! Uwielbiam ją za głos, styl i wszystko inne!!!

  • cris Nando
    cris Nando 6 years ago

    I want to meet Mika so so bad, like you have no idea! She’s the most wonderful singer and person ever!

  • messipro100
    messipro100 6 years ago

    love the video and the message here

  • hellopro123
    hellopro123 6 years ago

    Очень нравится!! Молодец! Удачи!

  • van Loi
    van Loi 6 years ago


  • MrVippro12ify
    MrVippro12ify 6 years ago

    The best!!!! Ukraine should be prouGo Mika

  • weight lose
    weight lose 6 years ago

    The video is simple and funny. I’ve been following Mika’s music career since I saw her at the Grammys last year!!! She’s GORGEOUS! Good stuff Mika. Your work with Randy really shows!

  • nguyen tony
    nguyen tony 6 years ago

    Her music just makes me happy ; )

  • cris Nando
    cris Nando 6 years ago

    She is so beautiful and, I gotta admit, the girl can flat out sing. The only female artist I admire.

  • hellopro123
    hellopro123 6 years ago

    I liked Mika BEFORE she became mainstream. So haha to all of you!

  • Klmas lottie
    Klmas lottie 6 years ago

    She is truly a rare find! Talent comes first!!!!

  • raven pryde
    raven pryde 6 years ago

    j'adore ♥

  • Max 621
    Max 621 6 years ago


  • verywellist
    verywellist 6 years ago

    Thumbs up if you’ve watched this more than once! Comment if you’ve watched this more than ten times!!!

  • xem giai tri
    xem giai tri 6 years ago

    Today I woke up with a smile. Thanks Mika! Perfect song to listen to early in the morning :)

  • kas progrez
    kas progrez 6 years ago

    Good job Mika:) NEVER GIVE UP!!

  • raven pryde
    raven pryde 6 years ago

    Just keep going Mika! Be yourself. You have the voice of an angel. Remember that all your fans are with you ! :)

  • danyandtomify
    danyandtomify 6 years ago

    Her voice is spectacular. Love it.

  • Klmas lottie
    Klmas lottie 6 years ago

    I’m in luv with this song :3 I kept singing it all day. First song I’m glad is stuck in my head :D

  • van Loi
    van Loi 6 years ago

    Que de talent de simplicité d'émotion : cette femme est tout simplement le reflet de sa voix : MAGNIFIQUE !

  • nguyen tony
    nguyen tony 6 years ago

    smooth but hard at the same time

  • weight lose
    weight lose 6 years ago

    Mika é simplesmente MARAVILHOSA em qualquer idioma. Estou mais uma vez encantada com sua apresentação impecável e emocionante!! O BRASIL TE AMA Mika Newton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrVippro12ify
    MrVippro12ify 6 years ago

    Mika Newton une de la plus belle voix que j'ai déjà écouté.

  • cr7012302
    cr7012302 6 years ago

    me gusta las canciones de Mika Newton!!!!

  • crymysau
    crymysau 6 years ago

    HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • hellopro123
    hellopro123 6 years ago

    Pure beauty!

  • messipro100
    messipro100 6 years ago

    J'adore cet chanson!

  • yakore ya
    yakore ya 6 years ago

    Mika, if you’re reading this I want you to know I’m your #1 fan!!!!!!

  • Review Kindle
    Review Kindle 6 years ago

    glad to see there’s one young star out there who can actually sing :)

  • Larysa Kulchytska
    Larysa Kulchytska 6 years ago

    Great job! Witaju!,,,,,,

  • jaeeproductions
    jaeeproductions 6 years ago

    Nice work

  • Джули Фокс
    Джули Фокс 6 years ago


  • анка день
    анка день 6 years ago


  • katerina petavraki
    katerina petavraki 6 years ago

    If you aren't here for Heather Morris you're all CRAY CRAY!

  • mightwenotbehappy
    mightwenotbehappy 6 years ago

    all the people are here for Heather, no one here for the song but if you are yo need to get your hearing tested

  • Mateja Mošenkov
    Mateja Mošenkov 6 years ago

    Amazing voice. I want more......

  • garik mil
    garik mil 6 years ago


  • Олька Квитко

    Роом,что за штука в которую ты поешь в самом начале? микрофон вроде рядом стоит?:)))

  • j
    j 6 years ago

    2:09 omg what would you call that move, the jellyfish? DO THA JELLYFISH, GURL

  • BodyGuard4Niki
    BodyGuard4Niki 6 years ago

    lololollol majority of the comments are only for HeMo XD lolol HeMo short of Heather Morris who is also known for playing the character Brittany on Glee.

  • megnay rivers
    megnay rivers 6 years ago

    Ufff HeMo...I'm straight I'm straight I'm straight xD!