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  • EBobby Sing
    EBobby Sing 4 hours ago

    That's because Iraq is the 51st state of the USA.

  • J L
    J L 4 hours ago


  • gameofman
    gameofman 4 hours ago

    Only Shia do this. The Sunni Muslims do not. Guess what, Shia is Iran.

  • Claudia Trumpsta
    Claudia Trumpsta 4 hours ago

    The allies have to liberate Europe again from left fascism!!

  • Batuhan Batuhan
    Batuhan Batuhan 4 hours ago

    They're Shia. Iranian stuff. Actually mostly ancient Indian stuff but they don't know. Westerners really didn't do themselves a favor by ending the Turk reign. Turks kept these people within Iran's borders for centuries. Now they're down in Syria and even in Yemen increasing influence all over middle east. Everything comes with a price. The oil money your grans enjoyed and the first world priviledges handed down to you. This is how they got it by ending Ottoman rule dividing middle east into 1000 pieces and releasing everyone Ottomans kept under control.

  • Dastickupkids
    Dastickupkids 4 hours ago

    ONE SURE WAY OF SPREADING HIV... Just Splash blood on everyone.. Crazy....

  • Working Titles
    Working Titles 4 hours ago

    it's weird because i'm seeing people in the comment speaking about Islam and prophet Muhammad. Well if u didn't read the title, it clearly says "Shia Muslims". That got nothing to do with Islam and prophet Muhammad.

  • MisterDoctorE
    MisterDoctorE 4 hours ago

    They don't have much respect for their god, act like god is just another ancient tribal leader... (which all gods are)

  • Benaiah Ahmadinejad
    Benaiah Ahmadinejad 4 hours ago

    That’s some nice equipment, much nicer than the rusty Russian garbage you see around Damascus. Russia is just there for the oil anyway.

  • Carin Hall
    Carin Hall 4 hours ago

    Hugs not slugs

  • Knot Gordo
    Knot Gordo 4 hours ago

    Thank God Indian are getting sick of this "peaceful" religion.

  • Seaumas Morrison
    Seaumas Morrison 4 hours ago

    Did it fall down Oh wait of course it didn't

  • Stefanie Smith
    Stefanie Smith 4 hours ago

    We need HUGS, not pharmaceutical drugs !!!!!

  • ecfjluv
    ecfjluv 4 hours ago

    Legend has it that they are still looking for weapons of mass destruction to this day.

  • Zzyzx
    Zzyzx 4 hours ago

    I'm just here for the *"Jet Fuel"* comments. 🙂

  • LuftWaffe ME 109bf
    LuftWaffe ME 109bf 4 hours ago

    you should show the one where syrian troops escort them to the doors just like how they do to a bad customer in a restaurent or bar .

  • O. Smith
    O. Smith 4 hours ago

    The can only be peaceful only when their is no u.s troops present Only a complete withdrawal of the u.s troops can bring peace Turkey their biggest allies realize that their presence bring them pain so Turkey attack their positions thus the withdrawal take place

  • Human Being
    Human Being 4 hours ago

    Omg! How stupid can one get?!

  • rrrandommman
    rrrandommman 4 hours ago

    Why do Muslims cut their heads... because it feels better when they stop! XD

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl 4 hours ago

    NORMAL Muslim behavior... and this fanatical madness is slowly invading the West. Yesss! And Jews, gays and feminist-sexist control-freak women will be targeted for elimination.

  • Pamela Morgan
    Pamela Morgan 4 hours ago

    What MSM not yelling, This is Trumps fault!

  • Simo RLC
    Simo RLC 4 hours ago

    Roba da matti

  • tom Shannon
    tom Shannon 4 hours ago

    They must hate themselves and this life. So sad and destructive. They should never harm themselves but respect themselves. So sad!🙏☮️🕊

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 4 hours ago

    OMA -> Control yours, Thourn Whaul. Yes, ma'

  • NowisEvollovetion
    NowisEvollovetion 4 hours ago

    Such actions could only ever be associated with the ignorance known as belief.

  • F'd News
    F'd News 4 hours ago

    There goes ISIS

  • Raymond
    Raymond 4 hours ago

    i am starting to get suspicious that a lot of third world nations army isn't created to fight other nations, lol.

  • Anita Sumpter
    Anita Sumpter 4 hours ago

    pure hate for the president on cnn

  • kurtz theman
    kurtz theman 4 hours ago

    feel free to carry out this ritual as many times as necessary

  • Black American
    Black American 4 hours ago

    They'll leave one middle eastern country for another one. I don't even think Hollywood can brainstorm that.

  • The Mat Taos
    The Mat Taos 4 hours ago

    Same with ISIS! Is it a coincidence? Not at all!

  • Vegan Forlife
    Vegan Forlife 4 hours ago


  • American exceptionazism 卐

    Occupants out. Good

  • TheEnchilada Kid
    TheEnchilada Kid 4 hours ago


  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 4 hours ago

    Not one see. You don't ban Thourn Whaul

  • Gotopost tt
    Gotopost tt 4 hours ago

    So weak lols

  • Hex Pool
    Hex Pool 4 hours ago

    Totally badass bro. 🤘

  • Fernando Paredes
    Fernando Paredes 4 hours ago

    Go home, plague

  • Knot Gordo
    Knot Gordo 4 hours ago

    They're not going home as told to the public. They went to Iraq and private contractors moved in to replace them. On top of that, a fresh 1000 troops were sent to Saudi Arabia.

  • Gotopost tt
    Gotopost tt 4 hours ago

    muricans are so proud of their isis "troops" lols

  • canadian patriot
    canadian patriot 4 hours ago

    Finaly!! 👌👍👏good job America.. let them fight their own shitty wars ..

  • Hex Pool
    Hex Pool 4 hours ago

    Nice. our tax dollars right there guys. Fancy trucks Wish i had a car. Or a house. Or even some more clothes .

  • Samim Kalam
    Samim Kalam 4 hours ago

    America is only murdering innocent people on the behalf of Zionist. God save the middle East from this Satan America and Israel

  • bonbonaro bonbonarov

    Understanding is peace .... !

    KNIGHT JUMPS 4 hours ago

    Should we even be in Syria without a declaration of war? Oh' wait New World Order My Bad.

  • James Australian
    James Australian 4 hours ago

    "righto boys were off to mess up another partt of the world"

    • skaindu
      skaindu 4 hours ago

      t -zoomer

    • Aiden Findley
      Aiden Findley 4 hours ago

      James Australian you must be thinking of Islam

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 4 hours ago

    Stay tuned for more illegal wars for oil <<< USA

  • Victoria Francois
    Victoria Francois 4 hours ago

    And then they offer us phone service

  • BLVDKillz
    BLVDKillz 4 hours ago

    How many times y'all gonna let us know RT? lol

  • Gynemancer
    Gynemancer 4 hours ago

    How could Europe survive without with this cultural enrichment?

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 4 hours ago

    GO CATALONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Petet Xul
    Petet Xul 4 hours ago

    *uniformed terrorists of yankladesh get plenty of free safari trips all around oil rich countries I’ve noticed*

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    classic Toyota & same TURDISTAN Proxy led terrorists act again.

  • caitgems1
    caitgems1 4 hours ago

    I hope they all get hepatitis, fkn idiots

  • The Brain
    The Brain 4 hours ago

    The Shia they cut their own heads. The Sunnite they cut the heads of Others.

    • Touqueer Rizvi
      Touqueer Rizvi 4 hours ago

      Better to have few scratches on own head instead of cutting other's head.

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 4 hours ago

    Stay tuned for more illegal wars <<< USA

  • gavin xq
    gavin xq 4 hours ago

    Brown people loves to be tortured.

  • Rajzer 1337
    Rajzer 1337 4 hours ago


    • Gotopost tt
      Gotopost tt 4 hours ago

      @Blanca J. Christ "rajzer" is probably most happy about how america is promoting islam in Europe.

    • Blanca J. Christ
      Blanca J. Christ 4 hours ago

      For what 1337...for destroying the Mideast!

    • American exceptionazism 卐
      American exceptionazism 卐 4 hours ago

      Lol looks like he didnt.Yank ,go home

  • DuckWithDaBomb
    DuckWithDaBomb 4 hours ago

    This is just disgusting that people are against LGBTQ+ people

  • Strip Bear
    Strip Bear 4 hours ago

    seems like there was only like 12 people lol

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 4 hours ago

    kkk, aha!

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    BOMBING IT'S . via RPGS, DRONES BOMBING, TANKS missiles, mine's etc. helicopter etc. or toxic bombing too... domestically too. FUC' hero's & martyrs..

  • Tammy Atkins
    Tammy Atkins 4 hours ago


  • Ichabod
    Ichabod 4 hours ago

    Muslims : ...but I have to cut someone/something with a knife, I have to... 💡! Eureka !

  • s
    s 4 hours ago

    I bet if you asked them they can tell you what gender they are.

  • The Brain
    The Brain 4 hours ago

    The left in the west call Modi a fascist because he want to stop these muslims from hurting themself with the knifes.

    • Touqueer Rizvi
      Touqueer Rizvi 4 hours ago

      Did they called Hitler a fascist for the same reason...??

  • GunGaregga Honk Honk

    Go home America, you already destroyed enough, including the morality of most of the whole world

  • Super wow الواعظ

    This is not is not Islam practice ..and had nothing to do with Allah neither prophet Mohammad orders !!! So kindly stop distribute miss conceptions to people and stick it to Islam

  • willem hollgleider
    willem hollgleider 4 hours ago

    It's the president the part of Brazil not vote on him

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 4 hours ago

    cowards run just like in Vietnam!

    • Chosen One
      Chosen One 4 hours ago

      @Path Of Honour Lt. Bone Spurs ordered the pull out.

    • Blanca J. Christ
      Blanca J. Christ 4 hours ago

      You can also die for the Kurds. Just head to NES. May Allah be with you!!

    • A PointOnACurve
      A PointOnACurve 4 hours ago

      keeeeeeep watching.... Waaaatch... the ball.... keeeeeeeep....

    • Path Of Honour
      Path Of Honour 4 hours ago

      Just following orders

  • Picturetaker
    Picturetaker 4 hours ago

    Go home.

  • Nazli Malik
    Nazli Malik 4 hours ago

    Thats not a withdrawal

  • Ka be ere Ka
    Ka be ere Ka 4 hours ago

    False flag 00:45

  • tyronebiggums3
    tyronebiggums3 4 hours ago


  • Alan butler
    Alan butler 4 hours ago

    The world is so crazy with all these belief systems religious and non religious. Traditions from an ignorant past, where is this all going to be in a few hundred years when surely technology will advance the human race... All these belief systems (especially religious) cannot coexist with a more secular rational society....lol ffs

  • Litt!e Gamers
    Litt!e Gamers 4 hours ago

    Absolute fucking madness!!!

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl 4 hours ago

    Troops won't do any good unless they're willing to employ extreme, violent force against the rioters and anarchists.

  • lukespread
    lukespread 4 hours ago

    I love to see wisdom.

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    GO TURKEY'S Regime's & army's again.. FUC hero's & martyrs strikes again..

  • Yu Kiu Lau
    Yu Kiu Lau 4 hours ago

    Russell Westbrook and James harden should go to the WNBA so they can get triple-triple and a ring

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    RIP SADDAM'S HUSSEIN'S & son's regime's again.

  • marcus l
    marcus l 4 hours ago

    what the hell is hppening here!!!!! these people are maniacs!

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    fake WMD hoaxes marches on. OPPS Iranian, Turkey's NK/CHINA'S, Venezuela etc or untapped resources & riches etc instead! .

  • Brian Williamstruth
    Brian Williamstruth 4 hours ago

    I dont remember us declaring war. We are entering another city? We need to recall all of our military now. Until we figure out what's really going on. Riots in almost every country. These arent protests these people are becoming aware that all governments are one in the same out to divide and conquer us. The people of the world time to take back what's ours. To our government bring our troops home they are not your personal police force.

  • Banannaface101
    Banannaface101 4 hours ago

    It’s happening

  • Troy Nebelungen452
    Troy Nebelungen452 4 hours ago

    Stahlgerüßtgebäudebrannt!! Never forget WTC7

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    classic Toyota & Suzuki strikes again.. hilarious.

  • Professor Mcgonagall

    Putin has remembered the days when he watched Tom & Jerry ending theme

  • Mark Simmons
    Mark Simmons 4 hours ago

    No weakend steel from the intense heat? No floors pankaking upon each other, ahh no one said the magic words "pull it" or it could be that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.

  • Chris Tuttle
    Chris Tuttle 4 hours ago

    The Towering inferno

  • denise bomar927
    denise bomar927 4 hours ago

    It is just like trying to get a job some places pick and choose over other people . It's not the government. It's the bias people that work for the government... Because I have experienced discrimination all the way around... It's a situation on luck. Fortunately, You will find a worker that wants to do their job properly, accordingly...

  • Pratik Patel
    Pratik Patel 4 hours ago

    Not at all good, better luck next time, head should drop

  • PlayStation/BDS al asqa mosques

    Zionists endless & regrouped led terrorists act again... or encircling Turkey's & Iranian regions again..

  • Carin Hall
    Carin Hall 4 hours ago

    Every invasion needs a quality wheat harvester

  • Professor Mcgonagall

    I feel like he's gona burst laughing

  • Katrina S
    Katrina S 4 hours ago

    Flashbacks to the "good old days" with Pinochet.

  • Greenpoloboy3
    Greenpoloboy3 4 hours ago

    This is why people should not smoke inside buildings.

  • Art Vader
    Art Vader 4 hours ago

    Islam on parade! A religion of war and death!

  • KingFahtah
    KingFahtah 4 hours ago

    I can sympathise with Catalans wanting to assert their own identity but what is the point of fighting for "independence" only to become a smaller EU vassal state? I'm looking at you too Scotland.

  • Pnume Kin
    Pnume Kin 4 hours ago

    They love blood.