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  • OIM3D
    OIM3D 2 days ago

    Мужик популярней у нас, чем за бугром. Красава Магнус!

  • Павел Кондратов


  • Uncle Dagon
    Uncle Dagon 5 days ago

    Nice!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Oliphant9
    Oliphant9 5 days ago


  • TheTrueLordOmega
    TheTrueLordOmega 5 days ago

    really cool!

  • Cheappy V
    Cheappy V 19 days ago

    Thanks you.

  • M.L. R.S.
    M.L. R.S. 19 days ago

    Интересная интерпретация)

  • zigaudrey
    zigaudrey 24 days ago

    You nailed the 90' feel! Well done, Calvin!

  • Vulpes Inculta
    Vulpes Inculta Month ago

    Разрази меня гром, но как же это было круто, аж слезы наворачиваются от воспоминаний!

  • Damian Howard
    Damian Howard Month ago

    Easily the best remake/remaster of this track, on RU-clip and I don’t say that lightly. Some remaster’s go over the top and try to do too much and it just sounds off, but this is spot on👌🏼 Great job, dude! 🎸👏🏼 * Edit * You ought to rename this to “Page 1-1: Night of the Mutants” as that’s its official title.

  • SaveTheWorldRadio
    SaveTheWorldRadio 2 months ago


  • Edward Sanchez
    Edward Sanchez 3 months ago

    if only I knew how to make clone hero charts

  • pkleaf
    pkleaf 3 months ago

    This right here is how I got addicted to drawing, videogames, and rock music all in one fell swoop.

  • David Pumpkin
    David Pumpkin 4 months ago

    I can still hear my low health bar warning.

  • Elias Nicolas Miranda
    Elias Nicolas Miranda 4 months ago

    sounds so 90s which fits the game

  • seba
    seba 4 months ago

    Good job!

  • seba
    seba 4 months ago

    In general all this bso is rock/metal

  • Oskars Dzenis
    Oskars Dzenis 4 months ago

    Hey @CalvinMagnus check this out dude! ;)

  • Muhd. Iskandar
    Muhd. Iskandar 6 months ago

    OH, YEAHHHHHH 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • AnonimATA
    AnonimATA 6 months ago

    So amazing to this day!!

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 6 months ago

    ouuuh yeah . muy bien!!

  • RJN0607
    RJN0607 6 months ago

    Any chance you can do the rest of the soundtrack?

  • Master Piece
    Master Piece 6 months ago

    Good quality sound thank you.

  • Plissken 333
    Plissken 333 6 months ago

    Goddamn, killed it on these man. Fantastic really...

  • Ivan Komizerko
    Ivan Komizerko 7 months ago

    Oh YEAH!

  • Дмитрий Савушкин

    Soooo epic

  • Neubert Borges
    Neubert Borges 8 months ago

    Margus, you performance are perfect

  • Neubert Borges
    Neubert Borges 8 months ago

    Its Amazing song.

  • Lolodachi Reviews
    Lolodachi Reviews 8 months ago

    An awesome level 1 theme for an awesome (yet quite hard) game!

  • Dave R.D
    Dave R.D 8 months ago

    oh god this is fantastic, good job btw

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  • kavkblnx
    kavkblnx 9 months ago

    U should get more subs

  • TalenGio
    TalenGio 9 months ago

    I'm so late to this, but its better late than never.....this is GODLY!

  • Leonardo Torres
    Leonardo Torres 10 months ago

    Epic 😵😵😵😵✌⚡

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 11 months ago

    realy enjoyd. liked

  • Flutteran Master
    Flutteran Master 11 months ago


  • Артем Пашков

    О, 777 лайков, хорошее число, даже лайк ставить не буду чтоб не испортить)))

  • R.T.R.S The Memel0rd


  • R.T.R.S The Memel0rd


  • Digiflower5
    Digiflower5 Year ago

    Awesome :D

  • zakedavis
    zakedavis Year ago

    could this be the intro for a band show? i hope it does, im gonna use it, if you dont mind :)

  • Pat Russell
    Pat Russell Year ago

    Dude these covers are so sick, I am rockin so hard to these things. You should repeat them a few times and make the track longer!

  • Dr. Richtofen101

    This cover made me have chills like no tomorrow.

  • Android DevKit
    Android DevKit Year ago

    2018 👍😎

  • TheDark Hood
    TheDark Hood Year ago

    Who else thought of Lady Libertys head on the ground?

  • OIM3D
    OIM3D Year ago

    GODNOTA Calvin! Well done, that was awesome!

  • Dr. Badtimes
    Dr. Badtimes Year ago

    Gonna let her drown?

  • Oo-De-Lally
    Oo-De-Lally Year ago

    God I love this games OST.

  • leo and sonic 900

    Comic zone games It's awesome

  • Lucas Amore
    Lucas Amore Year ago

    remake ps4

  • Lucas Amore
    Lucas Amore Year ago

    uuu so waited for someone to this covbers oo mi god from argentina so drunk the heavy metal comic fuxing zone

  • Mr NunNuns
    Mr NunNuns Year ago

    Still waiting for a remake/sequel

  • 뚤깍
    뚤깍 Year ago

    so epic..

  • CrocBrow
    CrocBrow Year ago

    The art in the thumbnail makes him look a bit too young...

  • Luigi4Speed
    Luigi4Speed Year ago

    Sounds like Eric Jhonson. Really nice.

  • T E O P A G A M
    T E O P A G A M Year ago

    Отличная игра!👍 Сегодня выложил историю моего знакомства с этой замечательной игрой.

  • лимонадный Джо

    See ya!!!

  • Luigi4Speed
    Luigi4Speed Year ago

    Really nice. I will show your work to my friends.

  • Попугай жрущий озверин

    Do you know that your covers have not left my playlist for several years?) Great record dude! Bravo! I hope you'll ever make rock covers on the soundtrack from the game Boogerman. That kind of different thing but theres good music too to rewiev it another way. Also I would like to know how exactly you made these covers what equipment and software did you use? Write down plz, I would be interested to know it. Cause it seems to me this sounds great like true studio recording mb exept drums) Greetings from Russia you can see a lot of people love Comix Zone here) I dont know why) mb it was a good fair game for its time.

  • Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Damn dude, u should do 'curse of the dead ships - part 1'. I'd literally pay to have that on my iPod.

  • Sargento Ives
    Sargento Ives Year ago

    miss you

  • Андрей Кузьмичёв

    Wow, nice track. I love your music, glad you keep uploading. Sorry for my bad english

  • Spadetothebrain
    Spadetothebrain Year ago

    Who did the thumbnail art? Looks awesome

    • Spadetothebrain
      Spadetothebrain Year ago

      Thanks man

    • CalvinMagnus
      CalvinMagnus Year ago

      My dear good friend, digital artist and UI/UX designer, Andrii Shafetov. You can check his awesome work at

  • Captain Doomsday

    Maybe 20% of the remixes I see on RU-clip are good, and boy, is this one good.

  • fco Raol
    fco Raol Year ago

    que recuerdos!

  • Dr. Frank N Furter

    One of those songs that would randomly sneak into my brain every now and again for the past 23 years.

  • Arm Core
    Arm Core Year ago

    Comix Zone Episode 3, Page 2-2 OST

  • Arm Core
    Arm Core Year ago

    Comix Zone Episode 3, Page 2-2 OST ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!))))) из России))

  • Darrin Gardner
    Darrin Gardner Year ago

    this song made me love this game

  • Romchikthelemon
    Romchikthelemon Year ago

    Это не кавер, это реализация первоначального замысла \m/ Божественно!

  • Skankerman Studios

    This sounds like Bad Religion. Lol

  • Romchikthelemon
    Romchikthelemon Year ago

    11 Мортусам не понравилось это видео.

  • dope smokin pope

    Wish these remixes were on spotify.

  • Apollos Hangula
    Apollos Hangula Year ago

    Thank you for the nostalgia :)

  • Luis Labraña
    Luis Labraña 2 years ago

    This made my day !! such a good song, such a good game !!

  • thesxex
    thesxex 2 years ago

    for the curious, this is what it sounded like before it was modified for the game:

  • Gromber
    Gromber 2 years ago

    this is my favorite song!

  • Gromber
    Gromber 2 years ago

    where is my remake!!! still love it xD

  • Jacob Svetlik
    Jacob Svetlik 2 years ago

    This is my life soundtrack

  • Xem Raider
    Xem Raider 2 years ago

    best comix zone covers man! thx alot!

    • Xem Raider
      Xem Raider 2 years ago

      cool! i think many would love to hear a "dune" cover with your sound. imho dune lacks some good covers on youtube ;)

    • CalvinMagnus
      CalvinMagnus 2 years ago

      Thanks, friend :) I will try and make more when I get the time!

  • Austin Gilbert
    Austin Gilbert 2 years ago

    Thanks for this man. It's perfect.

  • bitch princess
    bitch princess 2 years ago

    It really does the song justice, you did a lovely job.

  • Leo Lima
    Leo Lima 2 years ago

    I Wonder who left am Dislike

  • Soundtrackize
    Soundtrackize 2 years ago

    See ya !

  • yamael lowell
    yamael lowell 2 years ago


  • Tytan Gaming
    Tytan Gaming 2 years ago

    Dude, this is sick, can I use it for the end of my videos? you will be credited of course.

  • Star Strudel
    Star Strudel 2 years ago

    fucking amazing, good job man. spent many an hour struggling through this game as a kid and the music was the best part of it all.

  • Garra
    Garra 2 years ago

    Well Done, Turner!

    • Green Hat
      Green Hat 9 months ago

      @CalvinMagnus I want the Comix Zone movie! Scott Adkins may play Sketch Turner. This could be awesome. And original music, of course!

    • CalvinMagnus
      CalvinMagnus 2 years ago

      Ohh yeaaah!

  • Beerus
    Beerus 2 years ago

    " POWER BLAST! " *Instakills everything on screen*

  • Darkus Relling
    Darkus Relling 2 years ago

    Well done, Tur-- uh... Calvin!

  • Matthaios Ghanim
    Matthaios Ghanim 2 years ago

    Please do all them all.

  • teh Smile
    teh Smile 2 years ago


  • godalberto meireles
    godalberto meireles 2 years ago

    I spent most time of my youth playing this game.... Awesome songs, Awesome graphics and an amazing, and magical experience! Big shout to everyone who did the same, and some times...still do.

  • Arthur Cavalcante
    Arthur Cavalcante 2 years ago

    Oh man, this is simply awesome!!!

  • renamed_again
    renamed_again 2 years ago

    Жесть, лучше каверов чем эти на комикс зону не слышал ... респект бро ت

  • Shawn Calley
    Shawn Calley 3 years ago

    I miss grunge : )

  • crazybongo5
    crazybongo5 3 years ago


  • crazybongo5
    crazybongo5 3 years ago


  • tilibro
    tilibro 3 years ago

    do you plan to remake the full soundtrack? as that would be pretty awesome.

  • DJ Warwing
    DJ Warwing 3 years ago

    Edge from WWE as Sketch? .... ehh, not a bad choice, honestly.