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  • KK Kapur
    KK Kapur 7 minutes ago

    the touch bar might be oled but the whole goddammn screen of the xps is oled so ha apple

  • KK Kapur
    KK Kapur 11 minutes ago

    You are wrong, build quality is the same but the carbon fiber on the xps looks plasticy. Good quality but looks cheap

  • Claudius Boasman
    Claudius Boasman 13 minutes ago

    Now this is what I call "Pro". But I would still get a snapdragon S10 which is a better phone imo. No headphone jack and heart-rate monitor are major omissions from the Note 10. That's not a plus. They should have called it the Note 10 minus : )

  • tommy lee
    tommy lee 23 minutes ago

    i have ipad pro and S6. ipad pro is nice to do work but hard to carry since twice as heavy than s6. 120hz nice to play game. s6 is oled so its better watching youtube hold tab with one hand. if your gamer go with ipad. if your youtuber go with light Oled s6

  • Swaino
    Swaino 29 minutes ago

    I must be unlucky. My brand new MBP with i9 processor is being returned. Had it tested today and it was found to be experiencing severe thermal throttling, even when not using Final Cut Pro. I ran a like for like test with my current 2012 MBP (rendering and exporting a 4K video) and the 2019 MBP was 22% slower. Paying a big premium for a product that is simply prevented from performing as it should, is totally unacceptable.

  • Putonghua
    Putonghua 37 minutes ago

    Mine arrived today 😊. It better not start slowing down after just a few months like Samsung phones (which is why I jumped to Huawei for phone) though 😒

  • Danny1585
    Danny1585 38 minutes ago

    11 is more pro without any questions ! I am using the note10+ as well and don’t think its very pro.

  • Sami Bari
    Sami Bari 40 minutes ago

    The thing is android apps aren't well supported for tablets and the iPad are guaranteed support for years to come

  • Joe Kubeshesky
    Joe Kubeshesky 49 minutes ago

    The 11 pro max has 3969 mah

  • Dana Obaid
    Dana Obaid 58 minutes ago

    The Walmart version of the iPad Pro

  • smooth smooth
    smooth smooth 58 minutes ago

    iPad pro is not all good, can't customize anything unlike tab s6. I have an ipad pro and is ok , but I rather use my s10+ . People make it sound like apple is the only tablet to buy, is not. Be smart and purchase what you think it works for you, don't over spend on a device that realistically is not that good.

    • Putonghua
      Putonghua 39 minutes ago

      And it doesn't have a "real" files management system.

  • Marcin
    Marcin 59 minutes ago

    Great job 👊🏻 so now maybe “which one is better for watching movies”? RU-clip, hbo, Netflix etc?

  • Sara Mahfud
    Sara Mahfud Hour ago

    tbh im still perfectly happy with my iphone 8plus

  • Greebo
    Greebo Hour ago

    I just upgraded from IPhone 7plus to IPhone 11

  • Fresco L
    Fresco L Hour ago

    I wonder how many periods this guy used to write on his essays

  • Jose Di Maio
    Jose Di Maio Hour ago

    Gotta be one of the least biased reviews I've ever seen thumbs up for that

  • AngryvsHappy
    AngryvsHappy Hour ago

    Iphone 11 pro is the best. In my opinion. And i think samsung phones look ugly except the colour

  • pino de vogel
    pino de vogel Hour ago

    i use my tablet more then my phone at home. i dont get the hate against tablets. they are by far supreme for some couch surfing then any smartphone due to a bigger screen and no gps drain. if i turn of my screen and put it away with sync off and pick it up 2 days later it only dropped 1 or 2% on battery. try that with your smartphone.

  • Marcin
    Marcin Hour ago

    Nice video. I really like your job Max. Sub 👊🏻

  • RdVortex
    RdVortex Hour ago

    A: 4, B: 13, C: 3 for me.

  • Warlock
    Warlock Hour ago

    Ipad pro is a unique product and the best tablet on the market for everybody but it can't replace all the functionality of a good laptop but it's fun to use and maybe for the majority of people that just use the pc only to consume media is more than enough . It can be decent also in some professional area too ... But you can't develop apps , doing 3d animation , 3d modelling , vector graphic , you miss tons of hardware support and compatibility, you have limited audio/video recording apps and so on . I think it should not try to be a desktop replacement it's nice as it is . They can add more powerful apps maybe but that's it . it's just better to do a mobile version of mac at this point if they really want to make a laptop replacement but a lot of people will not buy macbook air , macbook and so on if they will do . Already Ipad OS is kinda unexpected and they developed it only to compete a little more in the professional/businesses market too . Other than that if you are an illustrator , you play or you do some kind of media production you will love it .

  • Rami Josef
    Rami Josef 2 hours ago

    Are you kidding me... What about the screen glare!? The screen is a mirror dude!

  • pnudabrewer
    pnudabrewer 2 hours ago

    No full office = no laptop replacement. When will you get it?

  • irisyuvse
    irisyuvse 2 hours ago

    6:15 как быстро выкинуть галакси таб в помойку. Можно не благодарить

  • Among the shadows
    Among the shadows 2 hours ago

    We care about frame rates; not graphics man.... Wish you could've been a bit more better at these decisions

  • Márk Rékai
    Márk Rékai 2 hours ago

    Thanks for the honest video👌😍

  • Peter Murage
    Peter Murage 2 hours ago

    Wait for the Huawei Mate 30 pro. It will make those two look like entry-level budget phones

  • Strike Impulse
    Strike Impulse 2 hours ago

    I am.

  • ALLAH IS ONE!!!!!
    ALLAH IS ONE!!!!! 2 hours ago

    I bought Powerbeats pro

  • jim harvey
    jim harvey 2 hours ago

    Honestly though. The tab s4 is still amazing

  • Santiago Ortega
    Santiago Ortega 2 hours ago

    Ipad pro all the way

    EHAB REAAD 2 hours ago

    Tap s6

  • Reginae Francis
    Reginae Francis 2 hours ago

    I had the iPhone 6s for almost 4 years until my parents got me Xr (in the wrong color ) I originally wanted to wait another year because I know a better iPhone was gonna come out and I was right. Now I have to wait another 4 years until my next upgrade.☹️☹️

  • Claudius Boasman
    Claudius Boasman 2 hours ago

    The killer app for me that's keeping the Tab SE and Tab S6 from being the perfect tablet / laptop replacement is the lack of a PS4 remote play app.

  • Gausts
    Gausts 2 hours ago

    Don't call a SoC a processor.

  • XFX Trader
    XFX Trader 2 hours ago

    Apple is the best. People complain just because they cannot afford. Apple devices beat the competition generation after generation

  • GamerNerd0115
    GamerNerd0115 2 hours ago

    Someone gimme an opinion! So I'm stuck deciding whether I should get this, or a small laptop for productivity. I'm drawn to this because I like the interface of dex since it has microsoft office for work, but then again a windows laptop also has the capability to do some light gaming when I'm away from my main pc. But then again, when I am away from home I usually play my Switch. I'm so indecisive. Sry, first world problems.

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech Hour ago

      You can do light gaming on the Tab S6 as well :) Got a video coming up later today on laptop replaceability vs iPad Pro

  • XX ShaW
    XX ShaW 2 hours ago

    i differentiated all the photoes well.

  • M faraday
    M faraday 2 hours ago

    Apple users will dislike it (loosers)

  • Meer Wan
    Meer Wan 2 hours ago

    I might buy iphone 11 since now im still using iphone SE.

  • Dwight Edwards
    Dwight Edwards 2 hours ago

    I wish Samsung was android cause google lazy

  • RbgPro4
    RbgPro4 2 hours ago

    Im Getting The Galaxy Tab S6 because ipad pro has cheap meterial and bends very easy

  • mich977f
    mich977f 2 hours ago

    Imagine the hysterical outburst if they had the 11 Pro and not the Note 10 Plus. And furthermore if he said the iPhone were better

  • GadgetFreakism
    GadgetFreakism 3 hours ago

    64GB Ipad pro ? Paid more thn Tab S6 got the ipad update to Ipad OS download 2~3 games 5 applications? Congratz , you're officially out of storage .

  • Oscar Restrepo
    Oscar Restrepo 3 hours ago

    Upgrading from the X since I have the upgrade program 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • ashwanth ashwanth
    ashwanth ashwanth 3 hours ago

    Note 10 is not best camera

  • Maveric073
    Maveric073 3 hours ago

    I have the iPhone XS Max. And I see no need to upgrade. The 2020 iPhone I might lol

    RA ZEEN 3 hours ago


  • alex haddad
    alex haddad 3 hours ago

    Note 10 plus is the best phone in the world

  • T
    T 3 hours ago

    Many techs youtubers claims the Note can actually justify the 1000$ price tag but not the iphone, well its true now.

  • T
    T 3 hours ago

    I knew the Note 10 would win, still the new Iphone is coming with major updates for the camera. lets see how will that compare to the Note 10. N yes even the Pixel 4 is also coming with triple camera.

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron 3 hours ago

    Ha ha is this a joke?...Note 10 is the real pro.

  • Stinky Jockstrap
    Stinky Jockstrap 3 hours ago

    Well-produced video, but given the title, I was really expecting to see some speed/performance comparisons. This video was pretty, but not actually very informative in terms of helping me decide whether to upgrade my iPhone. Peeps, this is the review video you are seeking:

  • Sam Vortex
    Sam Vortex 3 hours ago

    So much for the “upcoming iPhones” HAHAHA

  • Uday Thakur
    Uday Thakur 3 hours ago

    Can someone tell me that android tablet has good video editing and note making apps as i pad or not ?? For both purpose which one should buy ??

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech 3 hours ago

      It features Adobe Rush on the Samsung app store. But it doesn't support Lumafusion. -Vadim

  • Jim Fromearth
    Jim Fromearth 3 hours ago

    Watching on my 5s. 12.4.1 up to date. One of the best phones ever.🥰

  • SAM
    SAM 3 hours ago

    Im going from iphone 8 to 11 ;)

  • MBzBrianDTLA
    MBzBrianDTLA 3 hours ago

    iPhone 8 to 11. Worth it

  • iceon8312
    iceon8312 3 hours ago

    How much ram does the pro max have?

  • NORBAK69
    NORBAK69 3 hours ago

    Useless video,

  • Malik Obama
    Malik Obama 4 hours ago

    So I bought the tab at but the back cover just won't stick man! I spent 170 bucks on it and it keeps popping off! Can I get help?

  • Manomay Gadiyar
    Manomay Gadiyar 4 hours ago

    The ipad photos look much better compared to the 5se

  • shehryar khan
    shehryar khan 4 hours ago

    Note 10 plus 👌

  • Chad Charming
    Chad Charming 4 hours ago

    It’s a beautiful phone, but once I got past the beauty part. I went back to my iPhone, it’s not as fluid as my iPhone

  • John Jiffrin
    John Jiffrin 4 hours ago

    Anyone still using the samsung galaxy tab s 8.4 ?

    • john clarke
      john clarke Minute ago

      Yes using it now. It's still great apart from the lack of memory on board. I prefer this size and I don't know of any other tablet that's worth the upgrade.

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes 4 hours ago

    I will wait for the 12 my 8+ holds up just fine

  • FernTree Gaming
    FernTree Gaming 4 hours ago

    I’ve got another year to go with my 6s

  • lilax leoli
    lilax leoli 4 hours ago

    Haven't gotten my iPad pro yet. Gonna be soon tho :) I think an iPad pro is sorta like a replacement and middle ground of a phone and computer Ik a phone is like a necessity but I'm saying you could manage with a much cheaper model. An iPad is very portable and many stuff you do on a phone is better on an iPad like playing games, watching, all those stuff to waste your time on when you're at home. At the same time, it's a bigger screen and easier typing even without the keyboard, note taking is decent, working on projects. With keyboard it's perfect as a laptop as long as there's nothing too complex. But the iPad is also a separate entity. It's got a big touchscreen and may even rival some drawing tablets the same price. As long as there's nothing too specific or major, the iPad has 3 worlds within.

  • Stefan Swanepoel
    Stefan Swanepoel 4 hours ago

    Quick No0b question. Will 6Gb be good enough for drawing using artFlow? Or will having 8Gb be better? Basically, is it better to have more ram when using it for drawing? Or only when one wants to play games?

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech 3 hours ago

      you can buy the 2018 iPad Pro for $674: The Pencil is separate for $130.

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech 3 hours ago

      The 2017 or 2018 iPad Pro with 120hz ProMotion technology make the Apple Pencil have much less input lag than the S-Pen. Watch this slow-mo comparison:

    • Stefan Swanepoel
      Stefan Swanepoel 4 hours ago

      @Max Tech I changed buying options to 256 model. Thanks for the advice. I mainly use artFlow, I have never liked the latency with the pen to input lag. Hope this will help

    • Stefan Swanepoel
      Stefan Swanepoel 4 hours ago

      @Max Tech thanks. I appreciate it!

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech 4 hours ago

      RAM will probably help more for drawing apps than for games.

  • Serg Men
    Serg Men 4 hours ago

    Nice review!

  • Asset Kusherbayev
    Asset Kusherbayev 4 hours ago

    Can you give a link to the wallpaper

    • Asset Kusherbayev
      Asset Kusherbayev 4 hours ago

      @Max Tech thanks

    • Max Tech
      Max Tech 4 hours ago

  • Sherato
    Sherato 4 hours ago

    Note 10 plus forever

  • J
    J 4 hours ago

    Long story short, Android is horrendously bad as a tablet OS!

  • AntATK
    AntATK 5 hours ago

    If you have a home button upgrade, if not you don't really need to upgrade tbh

  • Dj Damjano
    Dj Damjano 5 hours ago

    I use a macbook pro late 2015 and the DeX app works perfect everytime I connect my note 10. I can't wait for Samsung to update the app with screen mirroring. So far I can open all apps and use them on my DeX for mac app.

  • 마리yan
    마리yan 5 hours ago

    thanks for the info. im planning to buy it but changed my mind after watching this. will just buy air 3 i guess.

    GABYSON25 5 hours ago

    iphone work at best for ever good phone

  • Keith West
    Keith West 5 hours ago

    The iPad today would not exist if Apple did not change their mind on pen support and multitasking, now they are claiming top spot from stolen ideas from Android devices.

    • DeathShadow123
      DeathShadow123 3 hours ago

      Keith West who does a thing better survives

  • Rashad, the Stranger

    Of course the XR's more affordable.

  • CchyDee
    CchyDee 5 hours ago

    Yuck!!! Android 😂

  • John Bamber
    John Bamber 5 hours ago

    Dynamic AMOLED on the Tab S6. Super AMOLED on the Tab S5e.

  • Joe Law
    Joe Law 5 hours ago

    Using my iPhone SE. The 11 is too big for one-handed use so I might skip it. Or get an iPhone 8 instead.

  • ballistichydrant
    ballistichydrant 5 hours ago

    More detailed review with Lightroom please. Detailed.

  • BobaFeet1138
    BobaFeet1138 5 hours ago

    To all the former iPhone users that had the Apple Watch, was it difficult to make the move since it won't work on any Android phone? I'm really considering going to Note 10+ or the OnePlus 7 Pro.

  • 07Bombsquad
    07Bombsquad 5 hours ago

    Pre ordered the 11, upgrading from my 6+.

  • Ronald Tan Kai Hong
    Ronald Tan Kai Hong 5 hours ago

    I been using Galaxy Tab S5e for more than a month now and it's worth it for me! Even though i don't play much games and i only do more on working. Very fast and no need to upgrade to a better Tablet! This tablet will be the best tablet for me!

  • kimberly bachman
    kimberly bachman 5 hours ago

    I just ordered it 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t have a iPad in general though. So it was worth it to me, for the extra screen size and smart connector. I also work at Walmart where I ordered from so I got a discount off of it. It made more sense to me then getting the 6th gen. Though I was super tempted to get the iPad Air!

  • Tab_arts
    Tab_arts 5 hours ago

    I like the 11 but the colors are so dull

  • Mr
    Mr 5 hours ago

    One thing I think all these reviews should take into account is re-sale value. It's a major factor in my decisions now, because I like to swap my phones quite regular. iPhone has far better re-sale value, here in the uk.

  • Steven Peacock
    Steven Peacock 5 hours ago

    He's just an isheep ! Look the iPhone is dead millions are switching over to android phones !

  • Steven Peacock
    Steven Peacock 5 hours ago

    Best video on smartphone ?? Last time I looked the iturd didn't have anywhere near the stabilisation that the S10 and note 10 has !! I'll post links here if people need proof !!

  • BTS JinMin Army
    BTS JinMin Army 5 hours ago

    Gonna stick with my XS 256gb One, it’s a good phone. Two, don’t have that much money to upgrade. 😅

  • jesse aparicio
    jesse aparicio 6 hours ago

    Waiting for the 11 plus

  • DarkPa1adin
    DarkPa1adin 6 hours ago

    For once Apple owned Samsung in display!

  • Karma 59995
    Karma 59995 6 hours ago

    All androids are way better than apple from hardware perspective but androids are let down by their os and apps which is the most important feature of any device..! I will be happily move away from apple if apps and os is supported for long term like in ios..!

  • bambang saputro
    bambang saputro 6 hours ago

    damm..... has been buy yoga 530 and samsung tab s5e with keyboard last months .... hufffffffttt

  • Angular
    Angular 6 hours ago

    What about with the Apple Watch?

  • Chris the Car guy
    Chris the Car guy 6 hours ago

    There is just no optimized apps, that’s why I prefer iPad.

  • izoyt
    izoyt 6 hours ago

    if you like bang for the buck.. no, i like to throw money away , so i went with apple..

  • Avishek 8848
    Avishek 8848 6 hours ago

    Why are you even comparing them man