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$2 Street Food In Japan
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  • Peanut1984
    Peanut1984 Minute ago

    * Québécois * Québec Accents matter to us!

  • Umba Leki
    Umba Leki Minute ago

    Everyone making a fuss about this when she was trying to get only the sun signs. Learn to study a birth chart and then judge. However, I think it would have been easier to say the ascendant, what if the person has an unaspected sun? What if they have a venus or moon that is squaring their sun? Human beings are really complex and astrology is complex too, YT channels should stop putting astrology as only the sun sign.

  • tea spilt.
    tea spilt. 2 minutes ago

    ohhh i would really like to be there ima girl and my name is jordyn but everyone thinks it’s spelled with a “a” nobody ever spells it right

  • Liam S
    Liam S 2 minutes ago

    What's the problem with you lot getting the right people from each country to represent thebsnack?

  • Deniz Yilmazer
    Deniz Yilmazer 2 minutes ago

    Everybody who has a big dick has to like this comment

  • Kim Namjoonie
    Kim Namjoonie 2 minutes ago

    The food your eating is making me feel hungry (。╯︵╰。)

  • Nosipho Ngema
    Nosipho Ngema 2 minutes ago

    being rude for no reason is so unattractive fix your life To: The Wendy’s girl

  • Max Wright
    Max Wright 2 minutes ago

    Tell me the one girl dosent look like micheal b Jordan’s sister

  • Sumanna Imani
    Sumanna Imani 3 minutes ago

    Masyn shoulda said “Girl I’m going home.”

  • HealedDragon758
    HealedDragon758 3 minutes ago

    You get a steak from a 5 star restaurant Me: Omg this tastes so good. Wendy’s Girl: Is bad and needs mire flavor, Wendy’s is better than this 5 star restaurant that serves Kobe beef Edit:I spelt “more” wrong

  • Katherine
    Katherine 3 minutes ago

    Funny 😂😂😂

  • Naomi Maulden
    Naomi Maulden 3 minutes ago

    “Has been died in the making of this video” I love her

  • Halez Seale
    Halez Seale 3 minutes ago

    Bad job buzzfeed. Not impressed

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 3 minutes ago

    I want noodles or Pringles right now.

  • L.N A.N
    L.N A.N 4 minutes ago

    I literally had a tummy ache watching this 😂

  • Zephkal
    Zephkal 4 minutes ago

    Smoothie: one dollar Me: Impossible

  • Vegeta SayianMcanon
    Vegeta SayianMcanon 4 minutes ago

    I hate mexican candy Xd

  • Sufyaan J
    Sufyaan J 5 minutes ago

    Dialect coach? Bruv, I could've told you who it was in 5 seconds of each person

  • More Food
    More Food 5 minutes ago

    I'm knee deep in Wendy's comments and can't stop laughing 😂😂

  • FefeNaAmerica Winchester

    I honestly did not recognize any of the character names...

  • Timothy Fursa
    Timothy Fursa 6 minutes ago

    Why are they using the same beat to the intro of pornhub @2:35

  • Beck Noel
    Beck Noel 6 minutes ago

    Average day of art school .... not regular high school.

  • Spencer Curtis
    Spencer Curtis 6 minutes ago

    I love the "chardened"

  • Dragonfly
    Dragonfly 6 minutes ago

    Brent's drawing is great!

  • Se Barba
    Se Barba 6 minutes ago

    This guys are NOT EVEN trying the food brah

  • Chhan Lianghei
    Chhan Lianghei 6 minutes ago

    Nope. Kevin didn't delete his website yet, I searched up "Bad Caricatures" , and I still was his website.

  • Wacky Lps
    Wacky Lps 6 minutes ago


  • Mathew Mcfarlane
    Mathew Mcfarlane 7 minutes ago

    Not only did they pick the worst snacks to represent Canada but they picked the worst 'Canadians' to represent Canada.

  • Khalid Elmallah
    Khalid Elmallah 7 minutes ago

    Jackie Lee I love you ❤

  • Logan Weitzel
    Logan Weitzel 7 minutes ago

    Yo where the London Hacks guy at!?

  • lumpylowell
    lumpylowell 7 minutes ago

    Coffee Crisp is the best candy bar on Earth

  • Nuba Linggi
    Nuba Linggi 7 minutes ago

    Why I am laughing 😂🤣but love it 🌹💗

  • mandeepsekhon
    mandeepsekhon 8 minutes ago

    Even the British girl sounds too American... talk to a proper cockney Londoner

  • Jack AndTheBeanstalk
    Jack AndTheBeanstalk 8 minutes ago

    That was a terrible representation of American schools

  • Marisa Sanchez
    Marisa Sanchez 8 minutes ago

    I love this video so much 😂 now I wanna try all 50 drinks

  • lj21
    lj21 9 minutes ago

    Omg I LOVE Prince! I'd literally go to Carrefour everyday after school and eat a whole pack.

  • M
    M 10 minutes ago

    Kevin drew Penelope from Reck It Ralph

  • Noelia Lara
    Noelia Lara 11 minutes ago

    That’s the dream American high school

  • Ellen S.
    Ellen S. 11 minutes ago

    I work at Wendy's and we hate people like the Wendy's girl lmao Idk who she thinks she's impressing

  • Hxncho 2k
    Hxncho 2k 11 minutes ago

    I’m watching this before my shift at souubway

  • Cayke Phayce
    Cayke Phayce 11 minutes ago

    🗣🌬Deep seeet

  • Levi Schafer
    Levi Schafer 12 minutes ago

    Their not supportive of LGBTQ because it’s a Christian based restaurant, that’s why their closed on Sundays. Some locations you have to be Christian to work there. Which I like. I hate the Wendy’s employee chic-fil-a is the best

  • Patrick Pedersen
    Patrick Pedersen 12 minutes ago

    are we gonna ignore the pornhub music 2:24

  • Kennedy Lee
    Kennedy Lee 12 minutes ago

    Here in the philippines, takoyari is just $1

  • Melanie vz
    Melanie vz 12 minutes ago

    Subway was my first job and I HATED IT

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  • M_Games101 YT
    M_Games101 YT 14 minutes ago

    The Wendy's girl is soooooooo picky. Either way I HATE WENDYS bc they gave me flipping food poisoning.

  • Phoenix X
    Phoenix X 14 minutes ago

    HER BIG ASS cheated...she tackled that little girl and almost broke her hip. Ants are microstock and 2.5 billion people on Earth consume microstock (protein) on a daily basis

  • Lora Marsden
    Lora Marsden 14 minutes ago

    Kevin continues to be absolutely adorable 😍

  • Johan Fagerström
    Johan Fagerström 14 minutes ago

    Okay... you have very weird traffic laws in USA. Driving when it’s red if u gonna turn right?!?! Really weird... and in sweden it’s ”more illegal” to make a hard break if the light turns red before you get into the innersection than it is to drive through. That was what make me fail my first drivers test cause i stopped to hard at a red light... and that wasn’t that hard either.

  • Tohakum
    Tohakum 15 minutes ago


  • Shalaka Godse
    Shalaka Godse 15 minutes ago

    When she is going to shower at 6:16 and you're rushing to the bus lol

  • Skyline Drones
    Skyline Drones 15 minutes ago

    Aryas gay I know him personally

  • Lynda Stiefvater
    Lynda Stiefvater 15 minutes ago

    Jason and Stephanie win

  • Mad Geo
    Mad Geo 16 minutes ago

    By the way she presents herself (no offense) and the expression on her face, I would guess pessimistic too, and a huge percentage of Americans have divorced parents - easy shot. "Troubled childhood" is just the American name for "childhood." And if a million palm readers read the future the same way, it just means that they attended the class, not that the actual future will have any relation to that. I would like to see her going to some three different palm readers, behaving and presenting herself in distinct manners, to show them the same pair of hands and get quite different readings about the past. That would be funny.

  • cat
    cat 16 minutes ago

    if these buzzfeed employees are excited about $150 i cant even think of what they’re being paid

  • Baekhyun_Is_ My_Daddy
    Baekhyun_Is_ My_Daddy 16 minutes ago

    It's Darcie!!!!!

  • Jayden Acosta
    Jayden Acosta 17 minutes ago

    90's: we're gonna make flying cars Now:create dab

  • Pedro Hack
    Pedro Hack 17 minutes ago

    French vs Quebecois

  • Raj Vivek
    Raj Vivek 18 minutes ago

    majority Indian brides wear Red Sari.

  • F Rahman
    F Rahman 18 minutes ago

    I read she is only 2% wolf because those huskys their parents back then they say it would most likely will be wolf but she is mostly a Siberian husky

  • S a m r a
    S a m r a 18 minutes ago

    I’m 13 and don’t have acne yet. _im scared_

  • Proud Canuck
    Proud Canuck 19 minutes ago

    My first car was literally a stick shift and I still drive stick shift to this day and I'm only 19 lol

  • Jerome Samuels
    Jerome Samuels 19 minutes ago

    1:51 what is that face

  • Dayanna Moreno
    Dayanna Moreno 20 minutes ago

    Sunday was my last day at subway, I worked there for three YEARS and let me tell you... my “horror stories” are waaaay better than these. 😂😂

  • Xx•Gacha Queen•xX
    Xx•Gacha Queen•xX 20 minutes ago

    Gosh she made things to hard for herself like Just ask when there birthday is 🙄

  • Siddig El Fadil
    Siddig El Fadil 20 minutes ago

    When i wear hijab it is something like a warm protecting thing above my head

  • Kaden
    Kaden 20 minutes ago

    this man sits down and pisses

  • Austin Lack
    Austin Lack 20 minutes ago

    When she said her name is Tselane I thought she said my name is salami😂😂😂

  • Mom0f5ive
    Mom0f5ive 21 minute ago

    I liked Nate before it even started. He sits in chairs, I too, sit in chairs. Great strategy lol

    • Mom0f5ive
      Mom0f5ive 19 minutes ago

      Oops never mind haha

  • Ass Ass
    Ass Ass 21 minute ago

    Das fiishh chiicken

  • HashbrownSoda a
    HashbrownSoda a 21 minute ago

    Did she say each class IS AN HOUR AN A HALF LONG???

  • Life of AbMp
    Life of AbMp 21 minute ago

    Musical chairs was my fav primary school game 😅, I know it’s not just me

  • G P
    G P 21 minute ago

    Americans are all the people living in the American continent. Just to you know.... stop spreading ignorance

  • nobodycaresTTV
    nobodycaresTTV 21 minute ago

    and the women get 21 cents more to the dollar

  • Mathew Williams
    Mathew Williams 22 minutes ago

    Idk what school y’all have been going to but in mines, girls can wear tank tops just not spaghetti straps, can wear shorts to mid thighs, piercings and makeup are all allowed. But many people break the rules and wear short shorts to where their cheeks are out and short shirts where their boobs pop out (yes. I’ve once walked into school and saw a girls cheeks hang out of her shorts and this other girl’s boob popped out of her shirt because it was short and tight on her)

  • smol and angry
    smol and angry 22 minutes ago

    lmao you WISH american high schools were like that

  • Jerome Samuels
    Jerome Samuels 22 minutes ago

    00:34 *throws phone. On da floor

  • Antony George
    Antony George 22 minutes ago

    They reallyyyyyyy running out of ideas😂

  • Eva Green
    Eva Green 22 minutes ago

    MARSHMALLOWS!? WHAT, is with these food combos?... - Not directed at all Americans 😅

  • Jon Ramas
    Jon Ramas 23 minutes ago

    This series is pretty funny

  • Rachel
    Rachel 23 minutes ago

    I craved mac and cheese in a sandwich with pickles while pregnant. Honestly all pasta is great in a sandwich! I also craved juice! Carrot juice, green juice any juice and beets! I had never liked beets until I was pregnant 😂

  • Stephen Matlock
    Stephen Matlock 24 minutes ago

    I got Vegemite as a gift from a friend who got it Australia, and tried it tentatively on some toast and butter. It was curious, but not bad. Then I tried it again, and I found I liked it better. I have it twice a week now with my toast and butter and coffee or tea (that's the entire meal!), and I actually enjoy it. I'm waiting for my delivery today of a replacement jar because it's just easy to order online in the States. I'm going to get some Marmite and see the difference for myself. But I like that umami taste no matter where I get it from!

  • Demolition YT
    Demolition YT 24 minutes ago

    Anyone else wanna slap the Wendy’s girl cause I do

  • Synexy
    Synexy 24 minutes ago

    Who's here before 10,000 views? 👇 I'm giving away a 100$ apple giftcsed

  • Lucy Stone
    Lucy Stone 24 minutes ago

    Gina was my substitute 😂 💀

  • Jerome Samuels
    Jerome Samuels 24 minutes ago

    00:00 Im not scared 00:05 Ummmm nothing I'm ok 00:20 OMGGGGGGG Pause the vid and scream my lungs out jeez this. Creepy 1 hour later Ok I'm fine let's do this again Me:THIS IS TO CREEPY THE MUSIC IS CREEPY What comes to mind of the sea SPONGE BOB Me:Why not just not sleep tonight cuz I'm gonna have nightmares and watch sponge bob yeah yeah Before I go to sleep Umm maybe never search up thalassophobia Has night mares Goes to mom :I CANT SLEEP

  • Kiing Smiley
    Kiing Smiley 24 minutes ago

    The ad interrupted couldn’t get back into it

  • Peaches and cream
    Peaches and cream 24 minutes ago

    DARCIEEE!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Elizabeth Robidoux
    Elizabeth Robidoux 25 minutes ago

    As a Canadian (Québécoise) i never had or see any of the Canadian products!

  • Rebo punk
    Rebo punk 25 minutes ago

    Canadian maple syrup cookies is literally the best snack in planet earth period no questions asked

  • Tanja Renee
    Tanja Renee 25 minutes ago

    Such cuties. The brother is very attractive.

  • lol xd omg
    lol xd omg 25 minutes ago

    kevin and jackie are hilarious 😊😊

  • Vincent P.
    Vincent P. 26 minutes ago

    Odd1sOut in disguise

  • Keven Nolin
    Keven Nolin 26 minutes ago

    Bin tabarnak c'est quoi ça du Bec cola pis les esti de fake cheetos. Par contre les biscuits feuilles d'érables pis les JO LOUIS ça c'est d'la bomb!

  • Miriah McNuggets
    Miriah McNuggets 26 minutes ago

    Y’all must be underpaying the hell out of these people 💀

    • glmrklls00
      glmrklls00 Minute ago

      it's prob just the thrill of the competition hahah

  • maddie maryanne
    maddie maryanne 26 minutes ago

    just like my comment just because 🤷

  • Corrupted Youth
    Corrupted Youth 26 minutes ago

    R u tired of sad pathetic rappers? I'm their worst nightmare...think I'm lying? U be the judge 😈💯

  • SMS Infamus
    SMS Infamus 26 minutes ago

    Btec version of Mr.Beast

  • icy_juciy _477
    icy_juciy _477 26 minutes ago