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I Got Surgery For My Balding
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  • L.R .M
    L.R .M 51 second ago


  • Marvelous Maddy
    Marvelous Maddy Minute ago

    Yeah! Fancy juice!

  • Trini Fernandez
    Trini Fernandez 2 minutes ago

    11/10 on the editing guys. It was amazing

  • Aoibhín Ní Dhubháin
    Aoibhín Ní Dhubháin 2 minutes ago

    No, Halloween is about protecting yourself while the barrier to the otherworld is at it thinnest

  • BTSlover_ ARMY55
    BTSlover_ ARMY55 2 minutes ago

    Bro wait zach looks some what asian XD with his puffy face

  • Jessica Mappless
    Jessica Mappless 3 minutes ago

    The shaking had me weak! "I should've shaken it longer and harder." - Eugene

  • Mary Elena
    Mary Elena 4 minutes ago

    yeah. y'all need to do an episode with How to Drink!!! have him help you make signature cocktails for each of you

    • Mary Elena
      Mary Elena 3 minutes ago

      or like a SERIES of episodes, ideally

  • alyatk
    alyatk 4 minutes ago

    i watched the first ten seconds so many times. zach's pun and keith's laugh and "disgusting" really sent me

  • v s c o g i r l
    v s c o g i r l 7 minutes ago

    Instead of calling it the tyedye you should call it the try dye

  • Jason
    Jason 8 minutes ago


  • Travis Janousek
    Travis Janousek 10 minutes ago

    4:28 that’s what she said

  • Brianna M
    Brianna M 12 minutes ago

    Hi okay, I don’t really have a ranking for my favorites but this is my list for the signs I hate the most. 1. Cancer 2. Capricorn 3. Pisces 4. Scorpio. I’m a Gemini too sooo yeah.

  • Gen Rivera
    Gen Rivera 12 minutes ago

    when zach spilled out his tea, i lost it

  • YouTube Lover
    YouTube Lover 13 minutes ago

    You say Taurus are dump I have a+ in all subjects that’s why I’m first and I’m the popular girl and fashionista that’s my nickname so shut up!!! 👇🏻like if they offended your sign

  • AustinNotSoPC
    AustinNotSoPC 13 minutes ago

    these guys are so depressing to watch.

  • SAloverElena
    SAloverElena 14 minutes ago

    It might be just me, but the bartender guy reminds me of Tyler Oakley 😂

  • Muhsin Ahmed
    Muhsin Ahmed 15 minutes ago

    I am a Virgo

  • Saishruti Mutneja
    Saishruti Mutneja 15 minutes ago

    This is probably the most I’ve laughed in ANY try guys video. 😂

  • Meg Kilander
    Meg Kilander 15 minutes ago

    Keith Habersmurder had me laughing the whole video I swear

  • Patrick Feng
    Patrick Feng 16 minutes ago

    I don't doubt Ned's a pyromaniac now seeing those last shots

  • Voxi Vox
    Voxi Vox 17 minutes ago


  • Nerdy Idol
    Nerdy Idol 20 minutes ago

    8:45 egg puns for days

  • Chesty La Rue
    Chesty La Rue 23 minutes ago

    That bartender was the love child of Ned and Keith.

  • Sidespart etc
    Sidespart etc 23 minutes ago

    I love how proud Keith is of Ned and Eugene when they bring the puns 😂

  • PrincessHanBan07 da beast

    Eugene will win havent watched it but love you Eugene go gettem girl

  • Raheel Ahmed
    Raheel Ahmed 24 minutes ago

    Is he from Brooklyn 99

  • j w
    j w 25 minutes ago

    this is the first video i've ever thumbs down. i hate this false pretense that guys have to sacrifice their boops and bops for their girlfriends. a GOOD partner would never make someone gt rid of any belongings that are reflections of themselves to better the way a room looks. sure, i love interior design and all that. but this looks like a hotel room. no personality at all. zach has one of the biggest personalities and there's no reflection of that. poor dude.

  • Maidie Solis
    Maidie Solis 27 minutes ago

    I don't even drink, but I love this video.

  • James Patton
    James Patton 27 minutes ago

    $6 jokes 🤣

  • mirrormimi
    mirrormimi 29 minutes ago

    Generally Zack is my spirit animal/patronus, but Ned at 18:46 is me.

  • Joan Garcia
    Joan Garcia 30 minutes ago

    Me before watching: Eugene's gonna excel at this. Keith: He actually WAS a bartender.

  • Anis LAKHDAR
    Anis LAKHDAR 31 minute ago

    Ain't Zach's fault that he's out there making juice🍸

  • Joy Stewart
    Joy Stewart 33 minutes ago


  • Tanisha Finlayson
    Tanisha Finlayson 35 minutes ago

    I'm from Jamaica: love variety of rum there. Congrats to Ned!!!

  • trololol lol
    trololol lol 39 minutes ago

    i have zero problem w gay people but this is just obnoxious and took me out of the video. yall are doing WAY too much. smh.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 41 minute ago

    I see why they call them "Try guys"

  • Introvertintensified
    Introvertintensified 42 minutes ago

    What the fuck is this pig doing here

  • Knicklicht
    Knicklicht 44 minutes ago

    I thought that was Bobby Berk from Queer Eye in the thumbnail

  • Akuma Warcat
    Akuma Warcat 44 minutes ago

    eugenes summup was just on point! xD love it!

  • Michelle Garnhart
    Michelle Garnhart 46 minutes ago

    Zach is a mood😄. I hate olives as much as he does.

  • h-ii-b-a
    h-ii-b-a 46 minutes ago

    I really appreciate the mocktails being included Cuz dammit. I've done 4 years of uni and literally it took the vegan uprising for there to be more then just coke and lemonade available for me at bars There's like 1 option of non alcoholic cider 😭 but I'll take it! Haha!

  • Izzy Montgomery
    Izzy Montgomery 46 minutes ago

    I didn’t skip any of the ads on this video because they need the money to take a break.

  • kirk wiggs
    kirk wiggs 49 minutes ago


  • WaffleNova
    WaffleNova 51 minute ago

    i like chickfila and the popeyes sandwich , i like the chickfila experience better , more sauces and they are not shiesty, and the best costomer service. i would go to popeyes agaim but most likely on a sunday

  • Andre
    Andre 54 minutes ago

    It's so hard to make alcohol boring and pretentious

  • ryismazin
    ryismazin 55 minutes ago

    Now we need a Ned facing his fears and going to the chiropractor video 😂

  • katisclean
    katisclean 56 minutes ago

    My heart has exploded in happiness and sadness

  • dulce sandilla
    dulce sandilla 56 minutes ago

    i always wondered why i thought death was funny

  • PrairieRockz
    PrairieRockz 56 minutes ago

    Yes, I love the way Keith says my name <3

  • Chelsea French
    Chelsea French 57 minutes ago

    Just reliving the SATs is making me sad

  • Zai M.
    Zai M. 57 minutes ago

    I was attacked by a dog when I was 9. This video inspired me to get a dog to help get over my fear. Thank you Ned

  • katisclean
    katisclean 57 minutes ago

    :( I'm proud and sad because he looks so hurt

  • Danielle Rollins
    Danielle Rollins 58 minutes ago

    Ned got first!! He isnt always 3rd anymore!!

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 59 minutes ago

    You fuckers gave it a whirl.

  • Deaky the dancing Queen

    Ned’s shoes said “HEeHee”

  • Liam Robinson
    Liam Robinson Hour ago

    angry cancer... (not really but kinda butthurt)

  • LaraDorren1
    LaraDorren1 Hour ago

    If someone ever make real-life Futurama movie they should hire Ned as Fry :D Even hairstyle match ;)

  • Aly Polackin
    Aly Polackin Hour ago

    I just got a Wendy’s ad.......

  • Moonbain
    Moonbain Hour ago

    This is too wholesome

  • Jenna Wells
    Jenna Wells Hour ago

    Zak is a vcso girl

  • Brandon Rulloda
    Brandon Rulloda Hour ago

    Dude of course there’s an open bottle of Fernet Branca

  • F Lebron
    F Lebron Hour ago

    So soy boys. has Eugene pofda boy attitude made you slob on his knob like corn on the cob

  • stainless steel pan

    Hahaha Jade was pretty funny matched with Zach. And Zach saying “Yeah, from Trolls” so disappointedly was hilarious.

  • Opal The cringe kingqueen

    Holy i have a phobia for needels i wud newer survive this XD

  • Mallory Mueller
    Mallory Mueller Hour ago

    You should make a try guys dog collar

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja Hour ago

    These just aren't good anymore for me

  • Ms. Qrys
    Ms. Qrys Hour ago

    Recreate bagel boss guy

  • Ms. Qrys
    Ms. Qrys Hour ago

    Keith's shade on plugging other channels in the YTU💯😆😆👍

  • Alec Owen
    Alec Owen Hour ago

    first time here honest question are these dudes gay

  • Caitlin Henry
    Caitlin Henry Hour ago

    This entire video is so wholesome

  • Keninja_Greninja Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Imagine if he gets a husband and adopts. Then he'd do this full time

  • #Humanity First
    #Humanity First Hour ago

    Why am i listening to this crap

  • Emily Geeslin Reasoner

    I LOVE the shaking scenes!! SO perfect! XD

  • baby girl
    baby girl Hour ago

    Lmao I laughed so hard. They never make me laugh but this video did 😂

  • lab lab
    lab lab Hour ago

    Eugene just stop having so much of sex appeal

  • Rian B
    Rian B Hour ago

    We filmed this a month ago. Translation: we don’t want anything to do with JC. :)))

  • Down with the fluff

    DADDY!? W-why where you at the store for 8 years?

  • Stephen Gleason
    Stephen Gleason Hour ago

    Eugene does not have his mascara on.

  • Zeedan Playz
    Zeedan Playz Hour ago

    Adam Saleh!!!!

  • Lavi Draws
    Lavi Draws Hour ago

    am i the only one that thinks zach looks better bald...?

  • Guillermo Cardenas

    wtf is this

  • Bᴇʟ
    Bᴇʟ Hour ago

    Me, a Sagittarius: " HOLY MOLLY, WHY SO LOW? I'M A GOOD SIGN! " *Eugene ranks Sagittarius second* Me: " I KNEW IT, BIOTCH " Lova yaaa' Eugeneee <3

  • Roger Taylor
    Roger Taylor Hour ago

    Ned: **grinds on floor** 30 y/o moms: **SCREAMING IN TURNED ON**

  • Madison Sears
    Madison Sears Hour ago

    The boys were great but like those queens though. They were fantastic.

  • Edith Soto
    Edith Soto Hour ago

    Eggcellent video !!!!

  • FishsaysBlubb
    FishsaysBlubb Hour ago

    Ariel and Ned are the cutest couple in the world.

  • Millan
    Millan Hour ago

    Still hard to believe Ned was a chemist that also went to harvard just to end up doing youtube videos and I feel like he has stepped into Eugenes territory when it comes to clothes. And the fact that Zach made dick jokes was unexpected because it feel more like something that Eugene would do

  • Yura Graterol
    Yura Graterol Hour ago

    Why are they screaming? This is very satisfying!

  • Evelyn MB
    Evelyn MB Hour ago

    Eugene is like ''i DO could rock these babys''

  • alyssa toboyek
    alyssa toboyek Hour ago

    why does ned look like one of the children from sound of music😂💛

  • Cookie_Fox 44
    Cookie_Fox 44 Hour ago

    6:48 Zach: I can do this but- (One second later) *Burns himself*

  • Zombie GPA
    Zombie GPA Hour ago

    This video is basically the try guys being sugar high kids for 15 minutes

  • katie baker
    katie baker Hour ago

    is it just me or ever since they have been on tour their videos have been off, i think they need a break

  • Batman796
    Batman796 Hour ago


  • Team_dFuZe_Clips

    Keith eats everything from Sonic?

  • Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams Hour ago

    Can we just take a second to appreciate the experts pineapple tie clip!?!?!

  • eli selasnog
    eli selasnog Hour ago


  • Uro
    Uro Hour ago

    Top 2! Yay!!!

  • Deborah Fauvor
    Deborah Fauvor Hour ago

    I'm surprised that it digested enough for them to finish.

    JUST PEACHY Hour ago

    Wait can we talk about how pretty Zach's eyes looked in the thumbnail and stuff