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iOS 13 KILLED 3D Touch...
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  • Sazrul Sazli
    Sazrul Sazli 3 minutes ago

    Brandon, does it solve the issues regarding with the battery draining issues in 6s?

    BREADED 8 minutes ago

    People don’t realize that Apple purposely throttles your device if you utilize Software Updates....smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • pradeep sagwal
    pradeep sagwal 11 minutes ago

    Bluetooth connectivity with car is resolved in this update.

  • Pumpkin Muffin
    Pumpkin Muffin 11 minutes ago

    Nowadays those who reviews phones or updates they show off too much then showing the main topic. They put their other phones ,laptops, whatever they got in the house . This is too much

  • Teresa Enoc
    Teresa Enoc 15 minutes ago

    Too poor to upgrade 😭

  • Pumpkin Muffin
    Pumpkin Muffin 15 minutes ago

    Is the new emoji customization and new emojis only work on iphone 11? What about other iphones?

    VAIDIK SHUKLA 18 minutes ago

    Do a speed test of iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 11

  • Hayden Maslar
    Hayden Maslar 21 minute ago

    Hey so when I tapped the share button it looks nothing like that I don’t know if it’s copyrighted or I’m doing something so I’m wondering if you can help?

  • Brittanggg
    Brittanggg 35 minutes ago

    I love having the dark appearance on at all times 😈

  • Rai Dior
    Rai Dior 41 minute ago

    What about for iPhone XR

    YOUSEF GEORGE 43 minutes ago

    When I click share it doesn’t give me the ringtone option, just to share on apps or contacts

  • Peter Gomez
    Peter Gomez 46 minutes ago

    You would think that these issues would’ve been taken care of years ago...🙄

  • Ebony Danielle
    Ebony Danielle 51 minute ago


  • rick sanchez
    rick sanchez 52 minutes ago

    You never closed each app after running them so the 11 has more ram and will run faster. This test isn't accurate.

  • Ashok Chauhan
    Ashok Chauhan 54 minutes ago

    Same here... battery is draining pretty faster

  • Pig E
    Pig E 59 minutes ago

    Sure wish they’d fix shortcuts so it will work on the Apple Watch again.

  • Kayla
    Kayla Hour ago

    Wayyyy quicker than what I had to do before. Also, if you can’t find the mp3 of your song there’s tons of RU-clip mp3 converters. You just need a url. 🤗

  • ali x
    ali x Hour ago

    thank God that i still have it on 13.1.2 because many people are saying that the battery drains faster on the iphone 11

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee Hour ago

    I have 13.2

  • Misael Caballero'

    t h i r t e e n p o i n t o n e p o i n t t h r e e

  • Wild Pony
    Wild Pony Hour ago

    13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3, 13.1.3 etc

  • denimso
    denimso Hour ago

    #14 Return it after you’ve done the other 13 things.

  • Daniel Cardenas
    Daniel Cardenas Hour ago

    You guys are poor, why are you all on the SE, still?

  • Brigitte Coffman

    I have iphone 11 Pro Max 512 GB. Rec'd it with current update on 10/18/19: #1 problem - shuts off photo app while editing. #2 Hangs up on callers #3 iMovie issues. (More to come the more I use it, I am sure)

  • Ethan Faranda
    Ethan Faranda Hour ago

    On the IPhone 11 how do you make it so your phone won’t turn off after being touched for a couple of mins. I knew how to do it on my 6s but not on the 11 😂

  • Anonymous_Playz
    Anonymous_Playz Hour ago

    It says the music isnt store locally on the device even tho its downloaded and i own apple music help please

    LJZD WIZ KYAW Hour ago

    My this is make me my battery drain so fast iPhone 6s plus

  • Crazyy Monkey
    Crazyy Monkey Hour ago

    SAY 13.1.3 ONE MORE TIME!!!

  • Parsa Vafaei
    Parsa Vafaei Hour ago

    You know iPhones Bluetooth are on right? when they are white it means disconnected from all devices and you have to go to the settings and turn off Bluetooth ot wifi!

  • Ginette Gagné
    Ginette Gagné Hour ago

    I think he said « 13.1.3 » like a hundred times!!! 😅😅

  • Keii S
    Keii S Hour ago

    Just got the purple iPhone 11 and I love it 😭

  • Jessica Hopper
    Jessica Hopper Hour ago

    don't forget the older phones have less battery life also which makes them drain faster!

  • Muammar Moosa
    Muammar Moosa Hour ago

    I’m using the latest update of iOS 13.1.3. From the 1st beta of iOS 13, from my iPhone Xs Max whenever I took a screenshot from anywhere whether it is from Safari or any other app after taking the screenshot while using the cropping tools to crop the screen shots and saved. But after that from the photos the screenshot doesn’t show the cropped screenshot. It was saved just without the cropps i made to it while taking the screenshot. So again I have to use the cropping tools to crop it.

  • Barbara Liles
    Barbara Liles Hour ago

    4hrs ago?? This was uploaded kinda late aren’t u I already have 13.2

  • Mark Blakeley
    Mark Blakeley Hour ago

    Been the worst update since

  • Sammy War
    Sammy War Hour ago

    how long is the update i just got a notification to update it and it has been on the same screen for over an hr idk what to do im on my computer because i cant use my phone and i have the iphone 11 pro max

  • Nadii Vlogs
    Nadii Vlogs 2 hours ago

    Brandon:you probably unboxed your iphone 11 Me:WHAT!! Im on iphone 4g im not lying

  • iFlYsOlO
    iFlYsOlO 2 hours ago

    And no not all Apple Watch notifications are coming in and also the call drops when switching from WIFI to LTE or vice versa! Shit total shit on the iPhone 11 Pro!

  • iFlYsOlO
    iFlYsOlO 2 hours ago

    Battery life was fine and now has gone to complete hell! On airplane mode last night at 100% charge, went to bed and woke up 6 hours later to 87%!! Checked battery usage and NOT A SINGLE USAGE STAT!!! Hate thus iOS!!

  • Tito Gaming
    Tito Gaming 2 hours ago

    This update completely shit on my battery capacity. Went from 99 to 96 real quick

    • Rk Rk
      Rk Rk 3 minutes ago

      Same for me. It goes 94 to 91

  • Matthew EverythingGaming

    Yes the thing about 13.1.3 is it’s a good update but 13.1.3 has a couple of things I don’t like about 13.1.3 but it’s ok because I like 13.1.3 I’m having fun with 13.1.3. I’m not looking forward to 13.1.3 because I’m already on 13.1.3. The other thing I like on 13.1.3 is it shows 13.1.3 thanks for reading this comment about 13.1.3

  • Lauren Ferreira
    Lauren Ferreira 2 hours ago

    My Bluetooth disconnected briefly today as well, so I can say the issue has not been completely solved while driving. But these updates are constant, so I’m optimistic it’ll be fixed soon.

  • EckoFox1
    EckoFox1 2 hours ago

    This update kinda fucked up my battery life, I’m on an iPhone 6S

  • Nergal Rior
    Nergal Rior 2 hours ago

    Fast and Easy, Ill tell you all if it f**ks me over later.

  • Sazzooo
    Sazzooo 2 hours ago

    When are they minimizing the dam* call screen like seriously taking up the whole screen and Siri aswell.

  • Amber Watson
    Amber Watson 2 hours ago

    Just got my iPhone 11 upgraded from an iPhone 6 🙌🏽

  • roadrunner76b
    roadrunner76b 2 hours ago

    Everything is working great on the X. ☑︎ Calls and texts ☑︎ Carplay ☑︎ airpods/Bluetooth ☑︎ battery life ☑︎ signal ☑︎ camera and photos

  • Keino Xqlusiv
    Keino Xqlusiv 2 hours ago

    From I updated to iOS 13.1.3 My keynote is not working

  • Pinkloveylove
    Pinkloveylove 2 hours ago

    where can i get your iphone wallpaper? i love it. thanks

  • Ivan Z
    Ivan Z 2 hours ago

    on my SE, after manual update of apps "pressing All" I refresh just incase if it missed an app, the roating bar continually spins until I close the app and start again. It's been like that since the beginning of iOS 13. Hope Gmail app will have Darkmode soon. Cheers

  • Luis Virtual Band
    Luis Virtual Band 2 hours ago

    1. SLIDE-OVER screen is failing on iOS 13.1.3 when sliding it up to show all the SLIDE-OVER apps added to the main screen. In the beginning it works well, but after using it for a while, all the screens become blurry, instead of just the background screen. In order to fix it, we have to force-restart the iPad. After that, it will work ok for a while, but then, this problem returns again.

  • Veronica Berry
    Veronica Berry 3 hours ago

    To anyone who is having trouble achieving all the steps, but it only vibrates or stays silent when you try to set it as your ringtone: Be sure to drag the bar you edit all the way back to the begging of the track. Make sure it’s on the edge (near the side bar on the left). You should have sound after re-saving it. 👌🏽

  • Devika M
    Devika M 3 hours ago

    Hi Brandon, I can't upgrade my ipad (ipad pro 9.7) from iOS 12.4.1 to ipadOS 13.1.2. it stuck in UPDATE REQUESTED for days. I try so many ways but it ain't change at all. I even reset the setting but still the same. my storage is empty and the charger is plug in.. can you help me fix this??

  • Marin Leh
    Marin Leh 3 hours ago

    Also my battery is not overheating as much in this version iPhone 6s Plus

  • Salim Ahmad
    Salim Ahmad 3 hours ago

    Im facing glitch on my iPhone 6s after updating iOS 13.1.3 and also now i am not able to use 3D Touch on my iPhone Since i had updated to iOS 13......So is there any Solution to resolve those problems 🤔

  • Allan Freeman
    Allan Freeman 3 hours ago

    Bluetooth still drops in my Ram 2500.

  • Eito零式
    Eito零式 3 hours ago

    I'm on iPhone xr. Battery was better on ios 13.1.2. can't go back. Didn't do a backup

  • mr khan
    mr khan 3 hours ago

    Watching this on my iphone4s

  • Anna Clayton
    Anna Clayton 3 hours ago

    Thank u VM for the update! 😉

  • Nawaz Ayube
    Nawaz Ayube 3 hours ago

    Thankyou bro

  • Nawaz Ayube
    Nawaz Ayube 3 hours ago

    Guys when he says to share to ringtone n u don’t see share just scroll down

  • i madness Bros
    i madness Bros 3 hours ago

    Is the overheating issue fixed for the Iphone 11?

  • Hood Genius
    Hood Genius 3 hours ago

    I get people think getting updates a lot is a good thing but there bug fixes 🤔 not new features like split screen or pic in pic videos. So basically if the software was good in the first place we wouldn't need bug fixes/updates every week. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Anonym Ghost
    Anonym Ghost 3 hours ago

    Updated to 13.2 b2

  • HALWG51
    HALWG51 3 hours ago

    I am still having issues with Bluetooth disconnecting from my vehicle.

  • Jason Bird
    Jason Bird 3 hours ago

    LTE issues! This bloody update shows that I have a connection, but nothing loads at all!

  • Entertainment OfTheDay

    I love the new beta! iOS 13.2 lol.

  • VermiLiam X5
    VermiLiam X5 4 hours ago

    I can’t download GarageBand on my iPhone anymore....

  • T J
    T J 4 hours ago

    13.1.3 yes fixes going on

  • Lebensmüde
    Lebensmüde 4 hours ago

    yall i need help. should i buy iphone 11 or iphpnd xr cuz damn my ass has samsung.

  • Akos B
    Akos B 4 hours ago

    Anyway giveaway please?

  • Hernan Hernandez
    Hernan Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Why not the 8 plus?

  • Global Opvarmning
    Global Opvarmning 4 hours ago

    hvad str board bruger du? overvejer selv at købe et

  • Marcello Ventilii
    Marcello Ventilii 4 hours ago

    2:23 you are stupid no way

  • ItzShuumi
    ItzShuumi 4 hours ago

    real battery test: snapchat or tiktok

  • Andre G
    Andre G 4 hours ago

    Great review as always.. I’m still unable to “save to home screen” how do I fix that? Cheers

  • Scooter kid TTV GOD
    Scooter kid TTV GOD 4 hours ago

    This really helped me to do it for my self

  • RED Olay
    RED Olay 4 hours ago

    After watching Brandon’s videos on the iPhone 11 I went and bought one it is really good 👌🏽

  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 4 hours ago

    Thank you for another solid video. BTW, your all black watch is killer! 👍

  • Sebastian Torfason
    Sebastian Torfason 4 hours ago

    Hey @Brandon can you help me I can’t find the update

  • The Tarantula Guru
    The Tarantula Guru 4 hours ago

    You get dislikes on your video because you say “its the big one” don’t Sound like an idiot and you won’t get dislikes. iOS 13 was the big one period.

  • Dgc7108
    Dgc7108 4 hours ago


  • Sheila Wynn
    Sheila Wynn 4 hours ago

    Vibration still doesn’t work 😩

  • Danny Little
    Danny Little 4 hours ago

    Why is he singing his comments?

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Will there be an update to fix the SMS errors? Or is it just me having trouble sending SMS's?

    • Syn
      Syn 4 hours ago

      Rodrigo Gonzalez I’ve had that issue since iOS 12.4.1

  • Y e s - N o
    Y e s - N o 4 hours ago

    XR ( known as 10pro )is the best! I have it!

  • Kenneth Sadowsky
    Kenneth Sadowsky 4 hours ago

    My ATT iPhone 11 Pro drops phone calls. All other features work appropriately, but the phone is not working well at all.

  • Leroy Strawberry
    Leroy Strawberry 4 hours ago

    I’ve never had a Bluetooth issue with my car until I updated to 13.1.3 lol.

      BREADED 6 minutes ago

      Update your car

    • David Mitchell
      David Mitchell 3 hours ago

      Leroy Strawberry ... my car has had these issues since iOS 13

  • it's MelloCraft
    it's MelloCraft 4 hours ago

    What if you have the ps3 controller,will it work?

  • Vince John
    Vince John 4 hours ago

    Im getting random wifi disconnection issues. And tor the first time my powerbeats pro disconnects from the bt .

  • Rick Osborne
    Rick Osborne 4 hours ago

    I had major Bluetooth issues in my car but that seems to have been fixed now. Appreciate your updates

  • Mxrs
    Mxrs 4 hours ago

    You’re late bro

  • Joshthefirst66
    Joshthefirst66 4 hours ago

    How is it on the iPhone 6s?

  • Sharif Talukder
    Sharif Talukder 4 hours ago

    Airpods not conneting automaticly iOS 13.1.3 :( need to connect manuel

  • Kaffy MC
    Kaffy MC 4 hours ago

    Who else made their ringtone riseee n shine? No? Only me? Ok..

  • ROBSAB055
    ROBSAB055 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Not even Apple: This guy: IOS 13.1.3

  • alydzan
    alydzan 5 hours ago

    Guys how is the performance with iPhone X compared to iOS 12.x? I really wonder if there is any lag or stutter?

  • Alexandre Schilling
    Alexandre Schilling 5 hours ago

    ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3 ios 13.1.2 ios 13.1.3

  • Abhay Sikka
    Abhay Sikka 5 hours ago

    Does anyone else have an issue where alarms on your iPhone doesn’t push over to the Apple Watch when it’s locked or in nightstand mode? I’ve been having this issue for awhile and Apple support collected some logs to see if they can resolve it, doesn’t seem to be fixed in the update.

  • phenoluria
    phenoluria 5 hours ago

    TBH for a 1k phone you shouldn’t have this many software issues. I’ve had iPhones for 10yr and only this year (iPhone 11 pro) have I had soooo many cellular issues. They clearly aren’t doing enough testing and need to refine the software so much more before release. Spending 1k on a phone , this is embarrassing

    • Kenny Durandisse
      Kenny Durandisse 4 hours ago

      phenoluria they’ve been having cellular issues ever since the iPhone X tbh