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LEGO Head Lamp with Audio
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  • WoodenCreationz
    WoodenCreationz 2 hours ago

    This is sick!!! Love it guys!!!

  • deviousxen
    deviousxen 7 hours ago

    Is there any way to make one like this with a Rasp pi interfaced with the Original DMG soundchip or a non-emulation?

  • rpavlik1
    rpavlik1 13 hours ago

    Love watching that soldering machine...

  • It's Omega
    It's Omega 13 hours ago

    How much?

  • Bruno Arguello
    Bruno Arguello 19 hours ago

    Does it work with bar code reader?

  • Nimai Mahajan
    Nimai Mahajan Day ago

    First of all, just a totally awesome video. I am a total beginner when it comes to Fusion and the number of concepts you covered and your workflow is just perfect at understanding everything. One question: at 17:10, you mention you are going to optimize it for 3D printing, but forget to mention it the rest of the video. I've had issues with the lid locking on to the case using the sizes in the video (using PLA and a MK3S) so I'm going to try to play around with different parameters. Therefore I was just curious at the tips you had, or if you had another video going over these.

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown Day ago

    To all the devs who can't get their Catalyst apps running: lol, get on Colin's level.

  • Sebastian Faluta

    Finaly ! :)

  • Light Grove
    Light Grove Day ago

    Yay, Colin!

  • Waryanto 2403
    Waryanto 2403 Day ago


  • eddy4011
    eddy4011 Day ago

    Good tutorial Ada thanks !!!!only one question how many feeds can I use for free ? thanks in advance .

  • K T
    K T 2 days ago

    Thank you bud, I used this to print my daughter a unicorn horn for her haloween pumpkin👍👍 I made it solid with a tapered course threaded spike ath the bottom to attach to the pumpkin

  • Steve
    Steve 2 days ago

    Adafruit made it on the TV show The Blacklist , I believe for a second time now !? The episode opens and a guy is in a glass box trying to defuse a bomb, if he doesn't he will die. The shot widens and you see Two Adafruit boards connected up on breadboards , with that all connected to the headers of a Raspberry Pi 3b... I tried to screenshot, I was getting crap stream quality and couldn't see all of the connections, the shot was also dark. Cool things tho 🤖

  • Blender Guy
    Blender Guy 2 days ago


  • Blender Guy
    Blender Guy 2 days ago

    I love you!!!!

  • ursamyn0r
    ursamyn0r 3 days ago

    How come your Case "nubs" measure 6mm but your Lid insets measure 2*shell? Where did the 6mm come from? How do those measurements relate to each other?

  • yavalang
    yavalang 3 days ago

    Thank you very much, very useful!

  • Sultan Mehmood
    Sultan Mehmood 3 days ago

    Yeah, that TS mono connector❤️

  • yavalang
    yavalang 3 days ago

    Sooo excellent tutorial, thank you!

  • Chris LeeWoo
    Chris LeeWoo 3 days ago

    Panel mount mono jacks are great for patch cable connections, I think I need a bunch for circuit bending.

  • james
    james 3 days ago

    Jeremy blum is the man. speaks really fast but great mind for programming.

  • Scott Morris Rose
    Scott Morris Rose 4 days ago

    I think of a FET as being controlled by a voltage on the gate pin. Any current you deliver is a leakage current. Hence the name "field effect" - meaning voltage controlled.

  • Billy William
    Billy William 4 days ago

    What is the purpose of this device?

  • Chris LeeWoo
    Chris LeeWoo 4 days ago

    With BOGO, it seems I no longer have any excuse to not get a CPE board! I have an idea of making a digital ocarina with one that I've already sketched out!

  • James Dunham
    James Dunham 4 days ago

    Anybody see the film "The Crawling Eye" or "The Trollenberg Terror"?

  • James Driscoll
    James Driscoll 4 days ago

    Brilliant IR project. I want some of that for - circuit troubleshooting - wild life observation - temperature regulator for pets like turtles - cooking I'll be watching to see how this develops!

  • No no
    No no 4 days ago

    Amy chance of seeing a schematic for the Trust M breakout?

  • Chris Grenier
    Chris Grenier 4 days ago

    My boyfriend at 01:08:10 🥰🥰

  • Kane Smith
    Kane Smith 4 days ago

    1% bamboo 99% pla

  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox 4 days ago

    How can you control the eyes via serial ? Would be great to be able to control what the thing is looking at via serial. Thanks !!!

  • John Obrero
    John Obrero 4 days ago

    Hi! is this sensor can detect an eye blink?

  • Mehmet Onay
    Mehmet Onay 4 days ago

    muse 2 teardown please!

  • Geoff Hemsley
    Geoff Hemsley 4 days ago

    Hi All Im not sure if you can help. We have a customer with a store where they may have customers looking for staff members who may be busy. So if a customer could press a button - Announcement given Assistance needed in the Shoe Dept, or another customer presses another button in another area - Accountment given 'Assistance needed in the Menswear Dept.....So your Solution looks like it may do the trick but the GPIU board only gives output for around 3-5v.....We may be looking to run 30-40m cable to these buttons, i think there would be voltage drop or the buttons wouldnt work... Do you have any recommendations which would do the trick

  • EngineerDog
    EngineerDog 5 days ago

    Cool, now make one out of EL WIRE!

  • 優さん
    優さん 5 days ago

    OH MY GODDDD !!!!!!!!

  • Danon A
    Danon A 5 days ago

    Nicely done, I wonder what it would look like in the dark & if you would damage the optical fibers if you wiped it? ( like a regular whip)

  • Nerdite
    Nerdite 5 days ago

    Set the relief Shape to Tear for cardboard it gets rid of the notches.

  • Henrik Hultberg
    Henrik Hultberg 5 days ago

    Cool 👁🎃😱😎👻👽👺👹👀👀🍥🕶🍥👀👀💀👀👀👁👁🎃 DataMek From 🇩🇰 Denmark.👍🖖

  • ZaNe Killingsworth
    ZaNe Killingsworth 5 days ago

    Is the circuit Python going to get updated for the M4 express version? I have tried to use a few of the projects for the old version and I have not been able to get them to work in circuit python.

  • Connor McCarter
    Connor McCarter 5 days ago

    That's cool!

  • Travis Gulley
    Travis Gulley 5 days ago

    If you have a master sword replica with a metal blade you could get the blade to glow by spray painting the blade with rust oleum glow in the dark spray paint

  • Patrick Hicks
    Patrick Hicks 6 days ago

    Current rating for these?

  • id
    id 6 days ago

    saw that on reddit a few days ago, cool video!

  • Aaron Freeland
    Aaron Freeland 6 days ago

    Nice work, great demo!

    LEGOKINGKD 110 6 days ago

    Is the title supposed to say entitled goose, because the video says untitled goose. Either way, great 3d print.

    • Adafruit Industries
      Adafruit Industries 6 days ago

      This was titled by the remix author on thingiverse.

    • David Neumann
      David Neumann 6 days ago

      From the Untitled Goose Game. here:

  • Maker Mill
    Maker Mill 6 days ago

    Rake in the lake

  • James Driscoll
    James Driscoll 6 days ago

    I'm down with that

  • Venkatesh R
    Venkatesh R 6 days ago


  • Seungguk Ahn
    Seungguk Ahn 6 days ago

    Wow! Awesome!

  • Hugo Bracamontes Baltazar


  • Shakeel G
    Shakeel G 6 days ago

    It would be really amazing to have a feather board with IMU on-board. Please make it happen! That would really reduce the size and complexity of motion sensing projects.

  • AE.drums
    AE.drums 6 days ago

    How long does it take from cold start to command prompt ready status? Normally I am a big fan of on-demand compiled code running on a microprocessor; however, this looks nice as a run-time interactive device.

  • DPS
    DPS 6 days ago

    always a pleasure to watch what Adafruit posts.

  • Tweak42
    Tweak42 7 days ago

    Neat! Can the signal strength be analog to blend from one color to the other?

  • marios2liquid
    marios2liquid 7 days ago

    Any chance to give some more love to the NRF52840? And maybe share your views on the new Arduino official core?

    • Adafruit Industries
      Adafruit Industries 7 days ago

      please check out all the NRF52840 projects, posts, and products & there are tons

  • tor_selden
    tor_selden 7 days ago

    Cool! This is something I've wanted to do for many many years! Can the advertisment be "pushed" to any bluetooth device close by?

  • Ita Co
    Ita Co 7 days ago


  • Superior infernape
    Superior infernape 7 days ago

    a prolonged dark in the end scared me

  • M Isa
    M Isa 7 days ago

    Wait where is the comment i posted yesterday?...

  • rpavlik1
    rpavlik1 7 days ago

    Cool stuff! If you felt like making a nano 33 ble-like feather board, with an nrf52840 and a nice IMU (Bosch?) I wouldn't mind a bit 😉

  • Steven Gangstead
    Steven Gangstead 7 days ago

    I call shenanigans on that crystal clear case being 3D printed

  • Bruno Marchena
    Bruno Marchena 7 days ago

    La vaina turbia

  • alfa-psi
    alfa-psi 7 days ago

    Buono il torrone.

  • roddepix anything
    roddepix anything 7 days ago

    amiga 1200

  • Siyan Zhang
    Siyan Zhang 7 days ago

    Awesome! Can't wait! For other Feather boards to be able to use the STEMMA sensor, do you have plan to release a breakout board that converts STEMMA male connector to 2.54 mm pin header?

    • Siyan Zhang
      Siyan Zhang 7 days ago

      @Adafruit Industries I mean a STEMMA socket to pin header. But never mind, this will work too. Thanks.

    • Adafruit Industries
      Adafruit Industries 7 days ago

  • Greg Atlas
    Greg Atlas 7 days ago

    Can you also use them as relays to extend the range of the commands?

  • David Glaude
    David Glaude 7 days ago

    Cool. Could you do a RGB triangle, with 3 of them advertising pure Red, Green and Blue... and then have the fourth one moving inside that triangle?

  • Odd Fellow
    Odd Fellow 8 days ago

    Very cool

  • duncan amos
    duncan amos 8 days ago

    That has some really interesting possibilities...

  • jesus cardona
    jesus cardona 8 days ago

    Wow. Perfect. Thanks.

  • humbughumbughumbug
    humbughumbughumbug 8 days ago

    Wait... You have stm32 feathers??? 🧐🤯

  • Light Grove
    Light Grove 8 days ago

    Nice Kinesis keyboard!

  • Spark Folf
    Spark Folf 8 days ago

    Ive been trying to figure out the software is noobs,or just raspbian needs installed or just the pipboy zip file?

  • Multiply Graphics
    Multiply Graphics 9 days ago

    I’m looking for a way to do this in circuit python. This is a great start.

  • Mr. BOB
    Mr. BOB 9 days ago

    What about 6V and 4.5V batteries

  • Lets get to 1mill without vids J

    So what voltage and current does el wire need and how to make an inverter

  • foxpup
    foxpup 9 days ago

    ..then suddenly Mom comes into your bedroom and then there's some explaining to do.

  • Bonzo Bonzai
    Bonzo Bonzai 9 days ago

    Problem is, if you have a Model 3 Performance, the phone flies out of there when you floor it.

  • John A
    John A 9 days ago

    I know this is 2 years+ old but now on the Microsoft App Store there is PuTTY - SSH and Telnet Client.

  • HunnyBunny Oh Me Oh My

    Mischievous Goose! Cool mask! I love this game on Nintendo Switch.

  • James Driscoll
    James Driscoll 10 days ago


  • Hugo Bracamontes Baltazar


  • Stockade Extreme
    Stockade Extreme 10 days ago


  • Aaron
    Aaron 10 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this is how The Purge started.

  • Rob Loach
    Rob Loach 10 days ago

    This is the content I subscribe for.

  • Danon A
    Danon A 10 days ago

    ROTFL!!!! This hysterical!!

  • Doxie Lain
    Doxie Lain 10 days ago

    I bow to our future geese overlords

  • Geeksmithing
    Geeksmithing 10 days ago

    Couldn't even reference the name of the game properly? :P

  • James Driscoll
    James Driscoll 10 days ago

    Ohwha Tegu Siam! How long until somebody's arrested wearing this? 1 adam 12, take a gander at 4th and Farmington Rd.

  • Marshall Sanderson
    Marshall Sanderson 10 days ago

    What is this!?

  • rpavlik1
    rpavlik1 10 days ago

    Wow, pcb milling... Cool to see it's still being used, I had been told by some that with the low cost of pcb proto orders and fancy smd footprints (bga, etc) it was all but dead. That didn't stop me from wanting to build a pcb mill! 😁

  • Nelly Grand
    Nelly Grand 10 days ago

    i have the same camera with the red, black and yellow camera. How do i directly connect it to power. and is a 3.7 volt battery okay to powe it?

  • Mad Mac 66
    Mad Mac 66 10 days ago

    Yeah about that whole 2 seconds usually takes me way longer than that to melt the solder and make a join. Why? I have a Weber 25w iron. Is it just too weak, for even the most small thin wire

  • Noe Valdez
    Noe Valdez 10 days ago


  • id
    id 11 days ago

    your made in nyc video are getting even better at the time

  • Insert Controller Here

    This was just shared with me. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm into building controllers as well and would totally be down to collab on a project.

  • JohnnyThreeDee
    JohnnyThreeDee 11 days ago

    I am both disturbed... And intrigued. You have my attention.

  • Peter Camilleri
    Peter Camilleri 11 days ago


  • onebeartoe
    onebeartoe 12 days ago

    "I like it alot"

  • Alex Bren
    Alex Bren 12 days ago

    Hey in the guide the PWR pin is set to low. What does this mean?