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thanks. i. hate. it.
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Baby Yoda is RUINED
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NO NO NO r/YiffInHell
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Anti Vaxxers Said What?!
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The Final Karen.
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  • But_y u_mean?
    But_y u_mean? 16 seconds ago

    *Haha* I'm in danger.

  • Matt St. Marie
    Matt St. Marie Minute ago

    14:09 is more of a slur on republicans. (Trumps way with women)

  • Katie Book
    Katie Book 2 minutes ago

    i’m so glad i found your channel today, i’ve binged about an hour of your mlm video’s so far!!

  • Minor League Gaming
    Minor League Gaming 2 minutes ago

    Nord is no longer ok. They were bought out by a company that has specifically logged and shared data.

  • Angel Young
    Angel Young 3 minutes ago

    Love your videos. I noticed a few of my friends on Facebook that are apart of MLM's that I think you should look into. One is called Paparazzi and the other one is called ColorStreet. Herbalife is a trash fire that unfortunately my one friend is so deep into it that I no longer associate with her.

  • Pretty Chicky
    Pretty Chicky 5 minutes ago

    As a make up artist. Mascara can last 2 months tops. You can strech it out longer if you use disposable wands to apply your mascara.... and tip, if it gets clumpy you can add contact liquid😁

  • majikhu
    majikhu 7 minutes ago

    for a sec I thought the mlm in the title meant “men loving men” oops

  • ProfessionalFlasher
    ProfessionalFlasher 9 minutes ago

    I know this has nothing to do with the video, but my friend got a hair cut the other day.

  • Matt St. Marie
    Matt St. Marie 11 minutes ago

    5:00 those are partials.

  • Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson 12 minutes ago

    I just wish lularoe would stop

  • TheDemolitionMuniciple
    TheDemolitionMuniciple 12 minutes ago

    4:41 Don't do Majira like that...

  • Matt St. Marie
    Matt St. Marie 14 minutes ago

    3:28 see male wolf biology in ----- area. (Safest way to say it)

  • chu chu
    chu chu 15 minutes ago

    *God left the chat* Edit: 8:27 cute btw

  • India M
    India M 17 minutes ago

    Wtf? That was an apology?

  • Jaded Optimist
    Jaded Optimist 20 minutes ago

    Rule 34... wouldn’t that apply to your avatar?

  • Noelle Gates
    Noelle Gates 21 minute ago

    I feel like the one from 12:59 was from a Kennie JD video.

  • Jaded Optimist
    Jaded Optimist 21 minute ago

    Some anime like to portray girls that are obviously underage and just say they are 18+. That’s why it’s so hard to tell age in anime.

  • TheDemolitionMuniciple
    TheDemolitionMuniciple 23 minutes ago

    6:55 We cannot deny its existence in the fandom, but must bring to light that all fandoms have people like that in them. It's just that society decided to latch onto us, going against our minority as if it was the same for each person. I am a furry. I am bisexual, not gay. I do not partake in orgies. I gag at the sight of scat pron and resent the diaper fetishes. I will not wear fursuit in public (worried it'd be damaged) and do not force anything I enjoy onto those around me. We are a fandom that gives rise to profitable jobs in a wreck of an economy and gives people ways to cope with hate. We would laugh at this stuff, if not for it being the reason we are put into such a negative light. TLDR: every group has bad people, furries get too much hate

  • Victoria Dann
    Victoria Dann 26 minutes ago

    One time I was looking into how to make deer leggings so I could be a Styter or whatever it's called at renfest and at 15, this is how I stumbled upon furry shit, and I was absolutely scarred. Ever since I have been waging war.

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter 32 minutes ago

    2:05 no no no add legs

  • Morgan Thompson
    Morgan Thompson 33 minutes ago


  • Mika Houdefauvel
    Mika Houdefauvel 34 minutes ago

    Why not r/garfieldminusgarfield it’s hilarious

  • I have a small pp
    I have a small pp 40 minutes ago

    I reunited the Soviet Union and everyone clapped 😎

  • TheDemolitionMuniciple
    TheDemolitionMuniciple 41 minute ago


  • Tom Herrison
    Tom Herrison 45 minutes ago

    me: ( *see's weird furry shit* ) Me: HANS GET THE PANZERSHRECK.

  • LS PVP
    LS PVP 47 minutes ago

    I'm blaming school shootings on vaccine injury head foot LMTO

  • Final Boss Monokuma
    Final Boss Monokuma 47 minutes ago

    If there's mucus in your lungs it could be just the lungs' natural mucus lining that it naturally produces (all if not most organs, even your rectum, has mucus to help catch and expel bacteria/keep your innards from drying out) it could also be Bronchiectalsis which can kill you, if you got it as a child, by your 20s-30s because your airways are being clogged with phlegm. Your ginger ain't helping that. TDLR: Mucus in your organs is normal, but if it's in your airways causing horrible coughs and shit, go to a doctor cause that could be a cold or Bronchiectalsis which is VERY DEADLY! Ginger not helping!

  • Jacob Shepard
    Jacob Shepard 47 minutes ago

    2:24 that’s foxy and now you can search up foxy x chica

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson 48 minutes ago

    When she said "whomst tHE FUCK" i felt that 😔

  • Mythic Apricity
    Mythic Apricity 50 minutes ago

    Anissa is really pretty.

  • Damieknight
    Damieknight 50 minutes ago

    when she be talking trash about furries and i haven't even sean the furry video yet @[]@

  • The nerfed Gamer
    The nerfed Gamer 55 minutes ago

    So who’s gonna tell her what a latex pony is

    • The nerfed Gamer
      The nerfed Gamer 54 minutes ago

      I have no idea what gender this person identifies as I am sorry if I have gotten it wrong

  • captainbaekho
    captainbaekho Hour ago

    so, blair. merch idea: make lularoe-type leggings with that pattern you use in the back of your videos sjjsjsjs

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter Hour ago


  • Devan fortier
    Devan fortier Hour ago

    Noah ... GET . THE . BOAT !!

  • Lt Colonel Beutler

    I think we all can agree that furrys are predominantly sexual. I know I am.

  • Purple Lotus Living by Laura Holt

    Are you talking about Ellis & Associates? If so, that's who did my training as a lifeguard over 20 years ago in Florida. My pool even placed in the top 3 at a lifeguarding competition due to the level of training and the fact that 4 of us were nationally ranked swimmers.

  • Monster Berger
    Monster Berger Hour ago

    As a furry I still want to gauge my eyes out when I see this type of shit.

  • Richter Halvmåne Sokea

    There was a Lula Roe truck at my State marching band competition. It was super weird.

  • Ralix Tanner
    Ralix Tanner Hour ago

    I feel like r/thathappened is a combination of made up stories and true stories of really rare occurrences. Like with the three year old thing, ive met three year olds who have some scary level of intelligence about one particular thing for their age when in comparison to other kids. Typically its either something their parents are pasionate about or something related to a topic they’ve latched onto. However such things are rare and hard to come by.

  • Alex .Wallace
    Alex .Wallace Hour ago

    I am a stale ham sandwich of a human. I like the sound of that. lol

  • Jenny Munday
    Jenny Munday Hour ago

    What an obnoxious man and a crappy apology. "So uh, what happened, is uh, the video got shared to people who aren't nice." AKA they pointed out that I wasn't being nice and it made me feel bad and it's all their fault. Here, I have a token disabled person here to show I like disabled people. Meanwhile I'm thinking he felt *very comfortable* going into his routine so I'm guessing it's a regular "comedy" act around his area. : /

  • NightBird231
    NightBird231 Hour ago

    I legit got an ad for doTERRA on this vid -_-

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller Hour ago

    Omg Blair evoo is extra virgin olive oil

  • Greg Cunningham
    Greg Cunningham Hour ago

    "My gf and her sister." That, my friend, is what you call incest...

  • Pamela Irene
    Pamela Irene Hour ago

    I know a lot about this scam by now, but I just can't get enough of this lularoe nonsense. Thanks for a great video

  • Red elite
    Red elite Hour ago

    I don't see man.....oooooh

  • Sceptical Hyenas

    Forget "not necessarily food-grade", a lot of the oils are genuinely toxic- especially when consumed

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Hour ago

    Why wouldnt you just use the actual seasonings rather than essential oil versions of the seasonings? I really dont understand the logic there.

  • Travis Brister
    Travis Brister Hour ago

    Me cries entenely in cornor

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose Hour ago

    I'm wearing a LuLaRoe shirt I bought from a thrift store for like three bucks and I love it. Its like the style of 4:03 shirt but NOT transparent; it's grey and the sleeves are black with spider web print. It's perfect for Halloween but I wear some Halloween type patterns all year round (like spider webs, bats, my hearse shirt, coffin earrings and my coffin purse, etc) so it was a STEAL. I'm just shook that I really enjoy something from this brand and I got it for dirt cheap! LMFAO!

  • Gianna Cloud
    Gianna Cloud Hour ago

    By the way the fox with the hook was Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's a horror video game I don't get out of somebody's first crush but yeah a horror video game character.

  • Lelind Harris
    Lelind Harris Hour ago

    And zoophilia is just Beastiality * write another thing for the list of what groups I'm going to abolishing the next Reich*

  • Saen Johnson
    Saen Johnson Hour ago

    Leo neckbeard long ass sword

  • Tay marie
    Tay marie Hour ago

    EVOO= extra virgin olive oil

  • Lelind Harris
    Lelind Harris Hour ago

    I pleaged to make some sort of Reich but only to furries and others i find against gods will 4TH REICH BABYYYY

  • Shalyn Spanos
    Shalyn Spanos Hour ago

    People mix up measles and chicken pox way too often

  • Kitty Fury
    Kitty Fury Hour ago

    I got an mlm ad half way through the video *edit* spelling

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter Hour ago

    4:52 why not roll a d20 then add all 3 mods


    Oh god, nobody is pure after R/NoahGetTheBoat

  • Jaidee Sasaki
    Jaidee Sasaki Hour ago

    I digress, You digress, Jayztwocents digresses, everyone digresses.

  • Camber126
    Camber126 Hour ago

    The drowning one. Are we skipping over the i called help 5 minutes ago part?

  • Matt of all Trades

    I know this isn't about the video but kdljzxngovlkedf, xckgevrdfgnkerdfjgnveirkdfgvjkldrfl.

  • Guardian Boreal
    Guardian Boreal 2 hours ago

    Also, side note: If you're gonna hide your money DON'T TELL ANYONE WHERE YOU HID IT! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  • NerdGaming103
    NerdGaming103 2 hours ago


  • Julian
    Julian 2 hours ago

    Yeah, at Walmart, I'm pretty sure a Code Brown is a shooting/armed robbery warning. So... Let's not do that. Let's keep that a That Happened.

  • Darth Gamer71
    Darth Gamer71 2 hours ago

    It appropriate in Japan age of consent is 13!

  • Misha Patent
    Misha Patent 2 hours ago

    you've only scratched the surface, OPEN YOUR FIFTH EYE

  • McBehrer
    McBehrer 2 hours ago

    1:40 Also, I'm an Eagle Scout, and that is 100% the WRONG way to rescue someone. If that had actually happened, they probably would have just drowned themselves instead of actually helping.

  • Kayley Roe
    Kayley Roe 2 hours ago

    my dog once grew wings and bought me a taco with her 9-5 job after i said i wanted tacos.

  • elise
    elise 2 hours ago

    like, it’s okay to like things that some people don’t like! it’s okay to have niche interests and dress differently then other people! however, it’s not okay to believe you are better then everyone else for doing those things, and to put everyone who is “different” to you in one just blatantly wrong stereotype.

  • Luna Byrd
    Luna Byrd 2 hours ago

    Recently found out that a family I'm friends with never vaccinated their kids(4 of them). They're all in their 20's now and I'm genuinely surprised at how healthy they all are. I know one of them got vaccinated a year ago because he had a kid. I found out because my friend is married into the family and just got pregnant and was telling me how her husband has to get vaccinated before they give birth.

  • Kelissa
    Kelissa 2 hours ago

    I am a bespoke tailor and I am giving the side eye here lol

  • Darth Gamer71
    Darth Gamer71 2 hours ago

    I like how every reddit RU-clipr is doing vids on r/NoahGetTheBoat

  • Inkpact 19221991
    Inkpact 19221991 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Antivaxxers profiles: "Let me speak to the manager" cut Disgusted tone in anything 3 young children (not vaxxed) Big Chevy family van Screams during soccer games Would yell at the McDonald's employee just doing their job for 10 dollar an hour

  • Makayla unger
    Makayla unger 2 hours ago

    legit got an ad for an mlm about selling for mlms before this vid. Talk about ironic lol

  • Squiggly Line
    Squiggly Line 2 hours ago


  • Sophia Jones
    Sophia Jones 2 hours ago

    Me:Jesus Christ pls take a break from this cursed stuff! Like dogs or puppies! Furries: ( O w O ) Me: Not u 3:<

  • Novhiinixa
    Novhiinixa 2 hours ago

    At 2:46 I was dying

  • Alex Salmi
    Alex Salmi 2 hours ago

    If you think about it, Monat is right. It removes dead hair. Hair is made of dead cells, so when you go bald from using their products, you got rid of all that dead hair

  • Inkpact 19221991
    Inkpact 19221991 2 hours ago

    I had seared steak with shrimp and after listening to the one with someone eating shit, I fucking threw up my whole dinner at that point

  • Xzaimem
    Xzaimem 2 hours ago


  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 2 hours ago

    "Aren't countries safe anymore" OH NO, WE GOT COUNTRYHUMANS djdnsh

  • Lapis Septo Flufftail

    I was NOT prepared for the physical demonstration of your character actually putting toothpaste upon her armpit That was so damn funny to me

  • meowëkø •_•
    meowëkø •_• 2 hours ago

    Oh shiiittt I just realized that I have Mary Kay makeup... :OO

  • robloxian chill
    robloxian chill 2 hours ago

    so is better a godzilla costume?

  • Captain Edawg
    Captain Edawg 2 hours ago

    6:51 sorry to break it to you but that's vore.

  • April Rants
    April Rants 2 hours ago

    I’d take that for a dollar

  • Chillsss boi
    Chillsss boi 2 hours ago

    4:30 it’s a pure- bread

  • Cadon Strain
    Cadon Strain 2 hours ago

    2:49 Blair has officially made me laugh for real. She speaks the truth.

  • Danish Wistara
    Danish Wistara 2 hours ago

    It's called hentai, and it's art Except the ones with the fat smelly dude, we never talk about that

  • MarshMelloSmore 2
    MarshMelloSmore 2 2 hours ago

    Guess you could say.... NUN of this is true HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH- what is my life

  • Etern7al
    Etern7al 3 hours ago

    Not telekinesis 😭

  • Captain Edawg
    Captain Edawg 3 hours ago


  • Mr dragon
    Mr dragon 3 hours ago

    2:00 so you haven’t lost your innocence

  • Luna Is Love
    Luna Is Love 3 hours ago

    10:36 I thought it was the frogs being turned gay? I'm confused... Plus, flamingos are already pink... what did you expect?

  • Moses the weirdo Lee

    What's so wrong with being a sheep, they're heckin adorable.🐑

  • Midway54 5
    Midway54 5 3 hours ago

    Watching this while eating is a sport

  • i n s o m n i a c .
    i n s o m n i a c . 3 hours ago

    when no one seems to know that the second image was an anime called Beastars... damn that anime slaps doe and I ain't even a furry

  • Sincrad
    Sincrad 3 hours ago

    Oh boy, you haven't even gotten into the cursed stuff in this subreddit. For example, the pony cum jar.