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  • Fuck UGoogle
    Fuck UGoogle Day ago

    BTW.. How's the government IT contract working out for ya Brian? XD XD

  • Fuck UGoogle
    Fuck UGoogle Day ago

    Wow.... lmfao.... you fruit loops just keep trying to find things to keep up this government PsyOp that has been disproved..... Thumbs down dweebs.

  • Leah Monday
    Leah Monday 7 days ago

    Soft and Dry in my timeline! (Not Dri) lm

  • Apocalypto
    Apocalypto 7 days ago

    Hey Brian why did u delete all your old videos?


    Thanks for sharing that PANERA video. Pan-Era ... How did I not see that?! Now I see "PANGEA" in a new light.

  • Chassie Nyx
    Chassie Nyx 8 days ago

    Wow! A lot to take in. Too many MEs popping up at once. Plus, I just found out DJ Khalid is Alive. He died during a concert when a storm blew the roof onto the stage. No more!

    • reader24
      reader24 7 days ago

      He never died at least for me.i used to follow him on snap.

  • Fuck UGoogle
    Fuck UGoogle 9 days ago

    Yeah, he is trying to go the way of EYA.... LMAO... bunch of nutters.

  • Eli
    Eli 12 days ago

    What happened to all your videos??

  • Running Fox
    Running Fox 13 days ago

    Your channel says you only have three videos total. I don't know if you're changing systems, changing computers or if I'm somehow blocked from seeing your material lately??? It's all VERY strange n yours the only Channel doing this to me.

  • Mark Donnelly
    Mark Donnelly 14 days ago

    John Wick 1-after his mustang is stolen he goes to the Russian chop shop but it's different and he doesn't get the mustang back

  • ufoguyspaceman
    ufoguyspaceman 17 days ago

    A painting titled Entanglement from 2016 by an Artisitc Prodigy explains the Mandela Effect. Listen to her as she describes it. A gift from God. Her name is Akiane Kramarik.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 18 days ago

    The Bible has been changed every time it's been translated even the King James version took out Gods name and replaced it with Lord man has manipulated the translation of the Bible there are accurate translations of the Bible out there God has protected his word on true worship keep free from false idols God said to not idolize them but you worship Him in spirit

  • Twinkles The Kitten
    Twinkles The Kitten 18 days ago

    I personally think God gave Satan permission to change the Bible, similarly to how he gave Satan permission to mess with Job. God himself wouldn’t change it as he isn’t the author of confusion

  • Nicholas Orsini
    Nicholas Orsini 19 days ago

    I’ve been saved since 1977 and have been reading the KJV since that time. TY knows his Bible very well but to think God changed His own written Word for a higher purpose is insane. The enemy has the power to change words that are written on paper! God is not the author of confusion and that’s what this ME is causing . ME changes make us Christians look crazy. I do believe that people see changes in Gods word that really aren’t changes . Thanks for the program Brian

  • Rocco Donato
    Rocco Donato 19 days ago

    Ty don't know what he is talking about. Thanks for the show as always Brian.