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  • Soulfly Sepultura
    Soulfly Sepultura 4 minutes ago

    Qué bien suena el hardcore en español joderrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Luca Boi
    Luca Boi 6 minutes ago


  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch 6 minutes ago

    This is wicked 🤘

  • Christopher Ball
    Christopher Ball 9 minutes ago

    I'm really diggin the new elements they are adding to the new stuff like this.

  • scarlethband
    scarlethband 15 minutes ago

    New music video from gorgeous "Scarleth"! Check it out:

  • scarlethband
    scarlethband 15 minutes ago

    New music video from gorgeous "Scarleth"! Check it out:

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil
    Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil 19 minutes ago

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil

  • Owl B Me
    Owl B Me 28 minutes ago


  • Sushi
    Sushi 29 minutes ago

    I love metal 🖤

  • Yasu RW Yoshii
    Yasu RW Yoshii 30 minutes ago

    As a son of an unrepentent Samurai, we don't need this. But this does feel damn good. lol.

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil
    Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil 30 minutes ago

  • iAmGio ™
    iAmGio ™ 35 minutes ago

    What tuning they're using? Drop C?? Or B?

    SAMUEL SPOONER 50 minutes ago

    I feel the reason not a lot of people know what this is about is they have multiple flags that isn’t even the countries flags

    METAL EXPOSER 54 minutes ago

    Nightwish Wacken 13 is definitely in top 20 legendary concerts of metal.

    DEAD NABEG 54 minutes ago

    peace! is! not!

  • Sabine Forisch
    Sabine Forisch 56 minutes ago


  • Jared Sena
    Jared Sena 59 minutes ago

    Hardcore is a subgenre of metal?? So cliché

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Hour ago

    Russian Edition

  • John L
    John L Hour ago


  • metal 80s
    metal 80s Hour ago

    O chato é que vc não vê animação no pessoal

  • Jmpsthrufyre * 665 years ago

    I don't use the word feels often, But when I do it's because of songs like this.

  • Brian Perdue
    Brian Perdue Hour ago

    They just keep getting better and better

  • Sacred Root
    Sacred Root Hour ago


  • Axel Hopfinger
    Axel Hopfinger Hour ago

    This right here is a once in a lifetime legendary performance! Except for Floor, she could pull this off just as well again and again, because she's just that good! Talent, power and control in perfect harmony!

  • Gerald Iwan
    Gerald Iwan Hour ago

    Lyrics rule but the music is so boring.

  • Renato Miceli
    Renato Miceli Hour ago

    Guys.. Do you have noticed that he is actually playing over the original track from the album? Pay attention: there are a lot of "physical" things that he does that are not actually in the audio, compared to the video, and other stuff that he missed but you can still hear them. 5:12, look at his legs, he missed the beat and starts the kick pattern a few seconds later, but you can perfectly hear the sound of the kicks. 5:39, he hits the crashes, but they are muted. The thrut is that he is playing over the original album track, not over a drumless track or playing through it. And then the audio of the "drum cover" was removed. That's a playback, not a drum play through.

  • VegetasVegetables

    this song makes me want to leave a comment on youtube when I should be working

    DEAD NABEG Hour ago

    guitar: human bass: human drums: human vocals: dog

  • marcel mentink
    marcel mentink Hour ago


  • Andersi
    Andersi 2 hours ago

    He is Simson, the Angel of the Lord. Cut his hair, and the power is lost.

  • Павел Белов

    Это восхитительна 🤘🤘🤘✨✨😁😁🤤🤤

  • Jesse cruz
    Jesse cruz 2 hours ago

    Such a great band im glad my uncle recommended them

  • Edison Quisigüiña
    Edison Quisigüiña 2 hours ago

    Great song guys, Greetings from Ecuador :)

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch 2 hours ago

    These guys just get better and better

  • Dominique Faraut
    Dominique Faraut 2 hours ago

    1944 .......And In WARSAW , They Had To Fight Alone ........Russians Promised To Help Them And They Never Came .....Shame On You , STALINE !

  • Yasu RW Yoshii
    Yasu RW Yoshii 2 hours ago

    And Saigo won without bloodshed, Japan avoided a devastating civil war even when the Brits thought we would, to soften us up. Ave Saigo. Brought about rapid modernization without sacrificing the country. Ave Saigo, the Saint of Japan, Saint of our Modernization. Saint of Samurai and lost causes.

  • Hilversumborn
    Hilversumborn 3 hours ago

    Robert the Bruce has to be one of the most badass names ever.

  • Invader Zim
    Invader Zim 3 hours ago

    I like devil you know better than light the torch

  • slava gaidamak
    slava gaidamak 3 hours ago

    ))))) гооооод супер класс мне очень охуительно понравился

    DUSTIN BROWN 3 hours ago

    Very timely. ☠☠🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

  • Muhammad Alif Faisal

    Love from MALAYSIA 🇲🇾🤘🌹

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia 3 hours ago

    These fk head comes when trump takes office..He obviously trying to make money off trump back...🤔🤔🤔 I never heard him during 8 years Obama was in office...Trump resurrected his you dude..

  • Music Nation
    Music Nation 3 hours ago

    Carnifex start to killing me inside.. now they're one of my favourite band..

  • 11
    11 3 hours ago

    lotta ugly girls. they wasted their dollars

  • CHaZoNfirE
    CHaZoNfirE 3 hours ago

    I remember first seeing this guys in 2012.... At the jamboree in Toledo Ohio I've been listening to there music everyday ever since🤘🤘

  • Hartt Gordonn
    Hartt Gordonn 3 hours ago

    жесть не верю (почти поверил)

  • Zadion Apocalaya
    Zadion Apocalaya 4 hours ago

    They sounded so good playing this live. I gotta see them again.

  • Fatima Bomfim
    Fatima Bomfim 4 hours ago

    Respect fromGuarani nacion and Kaiapós nacion

  • E_Wayne
    E_Wayne 4 hours ago

    Same people from the “512” video?! This is epic as always

  • Kurtis Buckle
    Kurtis Buckle 5 hours ago

    Today's generation can't appreciate this music, their all listening to that mumble rap carp, THIS IS REAL FUCKING MUSIC MOTHERFUKERRRRRR

  • Emkay G
    Emkay G 5 hours ago

    I'm 49 and this kind of sound is older than me.....

  • Kayla Halder
    Kayla Halder 5 hours ago

    Welp, I guess it's time to get addicted to Dwarf Fortress again.

  • Oceanbleed
    Oceanbleed 5 hours ago

    Dude had some sick screams.

  • ани meшnik
    ани meшnik 5 hours ago

    Го залайкаем чтоб американцы подумали что русские что-то крутое написали

  • Be The Man
    Be The Man 5 hours ago

    There are no words I’ve found to describe how heavy this song is to me.

  • Xylan
    Xylan 5 hours ago

    Angelina Jelly

  • Gorefeast
    Gorefeast 5 hours ago


  • camaro
    camaro 5 hours ago

    Ive always liked them i just wished the bassist didnt sing.

  • Harta Pramana
    Harta Pramana 5 hours ago

    666k(ill) watching

  • Max Haarbosch
    Max Haarbosch 6 hours ago

    and they say that standard tuning can't be heavy...

  • Natural86
    Natural86 6 hours ago

    <3 never gets old

  • AreYouDrunkSon
    AreYouDrunkSon 6 hours ago

    GIDIM drops same day as Modern Warfare, lets go!

  • Баги,обзоры,взлом

    Почему тут всякие америкобляли пишут только про россию?У меня дед казах погиб в войне Why is there all sorts of amerokblyad only write about Russia? My grandfather died a Kazakh in the war. . .

  • Matt Borel
    Matt Borel 6 hours ago

    The Asian drummer looks like he's enjoying himself.

  • Matt Borel
    Matt Borel 6 hours ago

    Why does the vocal style sound really goofy? People actually like this?

  • Flapawangatang
    Flapawangatang 6 hours ago

    This song makes me want to wash a spoon dip side up

  • Alastair Jack
    Alastair Jack 7 hours ago

    All I have to do is listen to Dimmu Borgir to feel happy!

  • Angel Dimitrov
    Angel Dimitrov 7 hours ago

    Wow Rune, great jjob my friend! 🎶🥁🤘

  • Miguel-kun Wolf Brლ

    2:21-2:43 this part is like f- zero x songs.... but played by humans

  • Kaye Gillanders
    Kaye Gillanders 7 hours ago

    Awesome. Saw these guys last night and they fuckin rocked xx

  • Chatom Longcha
    Chatom Longcha 7 hours ago

    Lucas Mann is the only one putting Melody in ROS tbh, props to the guitarist

  • Dániel András
    Dániel András 7 hours ago

    What a song?! What a singer??!! Mega-asskick!

  • Lukas Werder
    Lukas Werder 7 hours ago

    Its Like a hymn Like we are the Others of delain is

  • Metal- Brotherhood
    Metal- Brotherhood 7 hours ago

    So This what a progressive black holes sounds like !?

  • Stephen Pasquale
    Stephen Pasquale 7 hours ago

    are aversions crown still going?

  • Arnold De Ace
    Arnold De Ace 8 hours ago

    Where is the multiple "like" button?

  • Tadil Akbar Razak
    Tadil Akbar Razak 8 hours ago

    Respect and greetings from Indonesia

  • Serial
    Serial 8 hours ago

    1st part of Cellar Darling in Paris : Awesome ! It's a band to see in live ! \m/

  • g0phuckyourself
    g0phuckyourself 8 hours ago

    Opeth gay as fuck now

  • Helvetica Winter
    Helvetica Winter 8 hours ago

    Oh yes enslaved beauty in one single video can't Wait for the new album 😍🔥😎😃

  • Daniel Scott Kennedy

    This is straight up ripped from Foo Fighters The Pretender. Just LISTEN to the melody and the notes. It is so close it could even be the same song.

  • Ryan Stark
    Ryan Stark 8 hours ago

    I hope these guys never stop making music

  • Murder Burger
    Murder Burger 8 hours ago

    This makes my ears wet

  • ZybeZ
    ZybeZ 8 hours ago

    This is a more "hardened" version of Thy Art Is Murder?

  • Jasun Karner
    Jasun Karner 9 hours ago

    This is one of the most metal things I've ever seen. Holy fuck does this song rock 🤘🤘🤘

  • Bruce Riddell
    Bruce Riddell 9 hours ago

    The more these days I listen to Michael the less I listen to Scorpions..............Scorpions are a brand, Michael is art

  • Praise Dio
    Praise Dio 9 hours ago

    Ripper Owens singing his heart out.

  • Valentin Montoya
    Valentin Montoya 9 hours ago

    Kreator fan here

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 9 hours ago

    "Aguante el metal y latinoamerica"

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 9 hours ago


  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 9 hours ago


  • Danny vino
    Danny vino 9 hours ago

    The person came to me and told me you tried to hard with your stupid shit ... Praise correctly

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 10 hours ago


  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 10 hours ago

    "Aguante el metal"

  • Charles Anthony
    Charles Anthony 10 hours ago

    Why did you make Enthroned Darkness Triumphant private???

  • juanjo fabiano
    juanjo fabiano 10 hours ago


  • TehJews
    TehJews 10 hours ago

    I think this might be the most boring video on the internet.

  • nelson correia
    nelson correia 10 hours ago

    A big message and deeply emotional in this amazing song !!

  • free forever
    free forever 10 hours ago

    Some great power metal.