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Amazing Graphs - Numberphile
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Infinite Series - Numberphile
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1010011010 - Numberphile
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Squaring Primes - Numberphile
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  • Atharva Dhumal
    Atharva Dhumal 4 minutes ago

    "When you get to know that thia video also has 301 views"

  • Jonathan Robinson
    Jonathan Robinson 6 minutes ago

    Can you make a Flexagon with all combinations possible other than the obvious sheet of paper? If so, is there a pattern to the numbers of flexagon in which it is possible?

  • Russ Suvetar
    Russ Suvetar 7 minutes ago

    Sorry if I'm being thick, but at the @05:00 minute mark, what are you visualising with those dots and lines inside the circle boundary?

  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 11 minutes ago

    How do you like twice?

  • TheJociman
    TheJociman 17 minutes ago

    weird flexagon but okay

  • אריאל פוקסמן

    I still did not understand why he took july and may out

  • Micah Pillsbury
    Micah Pillsbury 34 minutes ago

    I love how excited he gets

  • Lucaz Frechen
    Lucaz Frechen 41 minute ago

    Weird flex, but ok

  • ChanCeNecK
    ChanCeNecK 56 minutes ago

    This is probably the most excited I have ever been after the most boringest premise!

  • Cyberced
    Cyberced 56 minutes ago

    Please turn that into a poster <3

  • Goran Lompar
    Goran Lompar 58 minutes ago

    Everythings is build on 3.

  • Simulacrum Dei
    Simulacrum Dei Hour ago

    *It Doesn't Move*

  • gacha kathleen
    gacha kathleen Hour ago

    And now its on 301 views ;-;

  • Carlos Montes
    Carlos Montes Hour ago

    I would have done screwed up this whole relationship trying to make my move.

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag Hour ago

    5:07 Of course it's a coincidence. Mathematicians know no vanity.

  • Jedqwerty
    Jedqwerty Hour ago

    3 years ago: *anything* Every modern day: *N I C E*

  • Baumus77
    Baumus77 Hour ago


  • Kaneki Gaming
    Kaneki Gaming 2 hours ago

    Yang kesini gara gara meme siapa hayo Like👍

  • Su_real
    Su_real 2 hours ago

    I wonder how much views does this video has

  • ProBroPalz Gaming
    ProBroPalz Gaming 2 hours ago

    30 legal moves for the first move is wrong. There are 2*8 moves for pawns and 2*2 moves for Knights. No other pieces can start the game. So there are 400 variable lines for 1. ... ...

  • jetjet268
    jetjet268 2 hours ago

    *Aww sh*t, here we go again* years after Vihart videos

  • amilo5
    amilo5 2 hours ago

    zero devided by zero: I am the ditto of all numbers. I can be whatever you want me to be.

  • Rust Bucket
    Rust Bucket 2 hours ago

    Nice squares? Please our roads follow the terrain of the land!

  • alphabroly28
    alphabroly28 3 hours ago

    ahhh this is the problem when measuring by volume and not by mass haha - Chemist/ Chemical Engineer

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 3 hours ago

    The thing about Zeno's Paradox is, it is not a paradox. It is an example of, "If your logical reasoning contradicts reality, your logical reasoning is flawed." No matter if your reasoning seems perfect, no matter if you don't know how your reasoning is flawed, it is, in fact, flawed. When working out a problem with logic, you must make certain assumptions, such as, "There are an infinite number of 'half ways' between any two points." Zeno's Paradox assumes that space can be divided into smaller and smaller chunks forever. In fact, it is built on this assumption. If that assumption is wrong, if space is grainy, like so many other aspects of reality, then the paradox will be resolved. Even if those grains are tiny.

  • raptor eagles
    raptor eagles 3 hours ago

    In Indian number system, every group needs only one word to define magnitude of that group. It don't need things like '... hundred thousands' etc. Those words don't have any pattern in them though.

  • Jp_Ofc12345b r
    Jp_Ofc12345b r 3 hours ago

    Quem é portugues??? who speaks Portuguese

  • Paulo Khayat
    Paulo Khayat 3 hours ago

    Wierd flexagon, but okay

  • Saiful Press
    Saiful Press 3 hours ago

    Siapa indo

  • Kev Alan
    Kev Alan 3 hours ago


  • Shawnaldo75
    Shawnaldo75 3 hours ago

    That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I thought "Numberphile" would show people how to find the center of the circle (cake) and make the 120 degree cuts needed.

  • Michael Montgomery
    Michael Montgomery 3 hours ago


  • Chasman Rose
    Chasman Rose 3 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing! I might have to make some of these!


    Even though I like the content very much, I am usually more interested in finding how they are going to relate the title to the video. I mean, "58 and other confusing numbers" can lead us anywhere. There's no way we can guess that the video might be related to bases and linguistics!

  • pro fortnite
    pro fortnite 3 hours ago

    Views 301 Like 445k RU-clip is drunk again!

  • Hien Duong Van
    Hien Duong Van 3 hours ago

    Parker Circle

  • Miroslav Čižmár
    Miroslav Čižmár 3 hours ago

    In 1/2 minute the light is on and off together in probability. It is like to count a future. You can see it only in probability.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 hours ago

    Its will never be changed Its will be 301 views forever

    PIYUSH YADAV 4 hours ago

    How to make friends 0:02

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 4 hours ago

    Wish you reach, 3.14M subs!!

  • Dragonator
    Dragonator 4 hours ago

    THIS HAS 301 views and my RU-clip crashed when I watched it

  • Rylac Zero
    Rylac Zero 4 hours ago

    Seems kinda obvious. Collatz conjecture is entangled with Goldbach conjecture.

  • Rylac Zero
    Rylac Zero 4 hours ago

    Time is not right or I would tell you more about this story.

  • Αγγελική Κουνελούλη

    A question for James: Can we find the smallest unknown prime, as well as other unknown primes, using this method?

  • Belias Phyre
    Belias Phyre 5 hours ago

    Seven is a six offender! Ha! I'm going to use that.

  • אריאל פוקסמן

    What about isolated tribes?

  • si bocah2
    si bocah2 5 hours ago

    I already watch this video along time ago and yt just recommend it againt

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 5 hours ago

    87k comments 445k likes............still 301 views (as of 21st October 2019)

  • WcaleNieDobryKolega
    WcaleNieDobryKolega 5 hours ago

    The views count is 8.5 milion what the hello guys

  • surfer855
    surfer855 5 hours ago

    Prime numbers or... Grime numbers?

  • Dinh Ngoc Tung
    Dinh Ngoc Tung 5 hours ago

    He must be a native French speaker

  • f96
    f96 5 hours ago

    Bruh, I’ve always make that orthogonallic typeof flexsgon, and it’s really cool.

  • Andrius Kasiliauskas

    Super video!!!!

  • Mr. Enderman
    Mr. Enderman 6 hours ago

    It is still 301!!!!!!!

  • Vojta Maur
    Vojta Maur 6 hours ago

    Wilson's theorem in python: import math p=int(input("Enter the number: ")) x=(math.factorial(p-1)+1)%p if x==0: print("PRIME!") else: print("NOT PIRME...")

    FREENET ASIA 6 hours ago

    301 views? -2019 ;)?

  • PalladianPD
    PalladianPD 6 hours ago

    I once made a dodeca-hexaflexagon. It was super cool but it was a lot of work and slightly complex.

  • patrik zvezda
    patrik zvezda 6 hours ago


  • velorien996
    velorien996 6 hours ago

    you think that's impressive? try 23/33

  • velorien996
    velorien996 6 hours ago

    the answer is 72.6 because i said so

  • Aayush Goyal
    Aayush Goyal 7 hours ago

    Simple harmonic motion and all this other stuff of harmonic motion is thought in class 11 in India

  • ben rogers
    ben rogers 7 hours ago

    He he... 'doodlefile'...

  • Ryan Blais
    Ryan Blais 7 hours ago

    I would think think was a late-night infomercial, winding up to try and take my money... except it’s on Numberphile, lol

  • Ooofer Cucumber
    Ooofer Cucumber 8 hours ago

    Wait it’s still 301 views

  • Quincy Allen
    Quincy Allen 8 hours ago

    I bet it'll be a Parker square birthday lol

  • vantho le
    vantho le 8 hours ago

    I dare the 10 billion view on this vid rn

  • Forrest Travison
    Forrest Travison 8 hours ago

    I am an idiot when it comes to math, and debatabl(e)y the idiocy may be non-specific to any subject, so please forgive my question's ignorance. Does the way we measure, for example that we use base 10 (but I don't mean just this aspect of measurement), have any bearing on why we might have the paradox with irrational numbers? Huge fan of the channel thank you so much. Consider Patreon.

  • MikeKatz45
    MikeKatz45 8 hours ago

    I fell in love :0

  • Maria Celestin Vigila S

    lol Bolt didnt even wear a watch on his run to argue

  • MaxStar McDonald
    MaxStar McDonald 9 hours ago

    100% thought this was Eppes from Numb3rs for like 5 seconds

  • Archeaic Meumees
    Archeaic Meumees 9 hours ago

    *T H R E E*

  • Akshat Bhutra
    Akshat Bhutra 10 hours ago

    binary numbers are really useful

  • moyee 64
    moyee 64 10 hours ago

    Guy: blue Pen: green

  • Henry Willems
    Henry Willems 10 hours ago

    2^5^0,4-0,6-(0,3^9/7)^0,8^0,1 is equal to 3.14159265359 - approximately π

  • dissya1
    dissya1 10 hours ago

    dont know how i did end here but i am in love now:P

  • Spinlop
    Spinlop 11 hours ago

    matt parker flexing on vihart

  • Darshee
    Darshee 11 hours ago

    These are the views that the video would really have. | | V

  • Aaron Franke
    Aaron Franke 11 hours ago

    6:55 Facebokk?

  • EMCB - Tutorials
    EMCB - Tutorials 11 hours ago


  • BrandonHeilBHB
    BrandonHeilBHB 11 hours ago

    "theres loads of patterns for primes! Yeah it doesn't work for 2 or 3 but those aren't really primes" I guess they're parker primes then yeah?

  • Josh Martinez
    Josh Martinez 11 hours ago

    7:30 base three😆

  • TheG
    TheG 11 hours ago

    I’m curious as to what the various Numberphiles think of Doctor Who’s Block Transfer Computations, the mathematics that create reality, first appearing in 1980’s Logopolis.

  • Thiccy Cheeser
    Thiccy Cheeser 12 hours ago

    Weird flex, but ok

  • Ali Qazilbash
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  • Zachary Radke
    Zachary Radke 12 hours ago

    I have a wonderful proof for this but unfortunately it will not fit in the RU-clip comment section

  • Nathan Young
    Nathan Young 12 hours ago

    What happened to your mouse, man?

  • Emma
    Emma 12 hours ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the person who made all these flexagons for this video

  • Nametag
    Nametag 12 hours ago

    According to the Klingon/English Dictionary, Klingons actually used base-3 math for counting, and only came up with base 10 numbers thanks to contact with the Federation.

  • Rhapsody The Blue
    Rhapsody The Blue 12 hours ago

    Doesn’t the time series explain it? It takes two seconds. Or does this show the universe is quantized?

  • Aakash
    Aakash 13 hours ago

    This is Given By Great Indian Mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan

  • The Zodiac Killer
    The Zodiac Killer 13 hours ago

    Dodecahedron is my new favorite word

  • Lalo Trejo
    Lalo Trejo 13 hours ago

    Why is this video at 310 views

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    There goes Parker making squares again!

  • Endermage77
    Endermage77 13 hours ago

    The best way to get a computer to generate a random sequence is to run an abritrary seed through a series of self-referential and compounding calculations that are so convoluted that not even the bloke who wrote the blasted thing understands how the input gets to the output

  • Charles Knippenberg
    Charles Knippenberg 13 hours ago

    How about paid high school teaching fellowships?

  • Henphos
    Henphos 14 hours ago

    I turned 11 on 11/11/11

  • Charles Kile
    Charles Kile 14 hours ago

    So what is so special? Lol

  • Mark Jimenez
    Mark Jimenez 14 hours ago

    I wonder how excited hes gonna be once he reaches 3.14 million subs

  • Rhapsody The Blue
    Rhapsody The Blue 14 hours ago

    You hit an LED with a fast square wave to make it light up at 1/2 illumination.

  • Legobananaman95 Yt
    Legobananaman95 Yt 14 hours ago

    Can’t u just do (x= area of square \|x= side of a square) \|(\|x/pi) the square root of the square root of x divided by pi so that u get what u get and square it then multiply by pi and u get the area of the square