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Motorcycle Vs DEER
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Motorcycle Passenger DANGER
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My Next New Motorcycle
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Motorcycles ADDICT
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  • ali atwi
    ali atwi 33 minutes ago

    I was one click away from getting driven d axsis, but after this video I'm getting em my baby

  • Chet 1 5H0t
    Chet 1 5H0t 34 minutes ago

    Get the new R6 or get the H2 with the mods definitely excited for the new videos.

  • Cliff's Channel
    Cliff's Channel 36 minutes ago


  • Diggerfdf
    Diggerfdf 50 minutes ago

    Get the 2019.

  • Brent Richardson

    No brainer dude go the 2019, love those carbon wheels, thats special Oooo weeee,

  • MotoSyndicate
    MotoSyndicate Hour ago

    I bet he just walks around recording being quiet lol I bet he's not much like this character in person. isn't that weird? You can speak in front of 100's of 1000's of people on youtube but are a quiet person irl? lol

  • Rick Miller
    Rick Miller Hour ago

    I hope you get a brand new CBR 1000 double R and quit screwing around with these exotic pieces of junk

  • Sandy Hill
    Sandy Hill 2 hours ago

    Thanks Cycle Cruza!

  • Elijah Duncan
    Elijah Duncan 3 hours ago

    Damn man the guy who did your suspension owns the local motocross store near me.

  • Epaminondas Mouhanis

    love my AT and yes I'm old but would not traded for any other bike

  • Krash666
    Krash666 3 hours ago

    You know one thing us Harley riders say ? Nothing cause we don’t spend time riding around talking to our cameras lmao 😂 😂

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 4 hours ago


  • djwordnyc
    djwordnyc 4 hours ago

    Bike # 2...all day! You're getting a better equipped and more valuable bike and the peace of mind of not having to deal with potential transmission issues. Lastly, bike #2 looks waaaaay better!

  • John Meurer
    John Meurer 4 hours ago

    Personally, I would buy the dinged up bike and paint it completely different. I never liked the OEM paint job, need flash like GPZ RED

  • Tomorrow Today
    Tomorrow Today 4 hours ago

    You’ve had a lot of good bikes. Get the 2019!

  • raymundo marte
    raymundo marte 4 hours ago

    2019 no brainer

  • Terrub
    Terrub 4 hours ago

    I am sorry man, but the H2 is not a beast it's an outright monstrosity. If you put Quasimodo on the bike it'd be an improvement. You buy what you want, but I'd still feel the need to tell you this bike has the appearance only a mother could love.

  • Jason
    Jason 5 hours ago

    DAMN! I could never justify spending over 20k on a bike. IF I did I'd go with the 2020 Yamaha R1M. YAMAHA.

  • antman3251
    antman3251 6 hours ago

    Where are you gonna ride an H2??? I just got a lightly used 2017 GSXS 1000. From 0-6k on the tach it’s a normal street bike let’s you putt around town or flow through the twisties w plenty of speed and flow. But dude, from 6.1k up to redline it’s a full on demonic missile!!! License losing warp speed! I can only imagine what a damn H2 would be like. Serious overkill unless you live in Germany or on the Isle of Mann where there’s no speed limits. I would imagine you’ll get frustrated not being able to access the power on that thing the places you ride and how law abiding you now are!

  • Cody Kiehn
    Cody Kiehn 6 hours ago

    Valves are cake on a 701

  • StoutishHippo
    StoutishHippo 6 hours ago

    You should just get the rocket 3, h2 is way too much power for the street you won’t be able to get the full experience of the bike. The rocket 3 is made for the street and it’s a cruiser

  • xXHun-z_khalifaXx
    xXHun-z_khalifaXx 6 hours ago

    Def go for the 2019

  • dominic nix
    dominic nix 6 hours ago

    I would go with the mt-09 get a sick exhaust and have fun with the h2 your not gonna do very many burst pulls without hitting over 100 in second gear

  • Sean McCabe
    Sean McCabe 7 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me how to keep these bottom fairings from melting? I bought a set and it almost burned my bike to the ground.

  • blram saha
    blram saha 7 hours ago

    Be aware of single sided swing arm bikes they tends to have lesser ground stability at higher speeds!!

  • Frozen King
    Frozen King 7 hours ago

    Literally just starting ryding on a 05 cbr600 I'm four days in of teaching myself 😅 u right u gotta go at it like a boss and remember u da controller 💪🏾yah vid gave mih super powers tho 💯reinforce my confidence but ima still wait til my iron man suit come in da mail before I hit da real highway😅

  • Fingloi Delos reyes
    Fingloi Delos reyes 8 hours ago

    you stupid fck... pressing forward on the right on high speed looks like turning left on low speed.. that simple ssob

  • Jdl 77
    Jdl 77 8 hours ago

    Cruza, I'll still watch if you buy the H2, but that bike is UUUGGGGLLLEEEEE, and you were complaining about an MT-10, ugh. It is weird they have all those mods on the 2019 w/only 39 miles. Something is up w/that one...

  • Honestly Marie
    Honestly Marie 8 hours ago

    That second one is FUEGO!!! 🔥

  • Jeremy R
    Jeremy R 8 hours ago

    I would go with the 2019 man it's newer, doesn't have any issues and has less miles. I would just go for it it's not that much more and it's pretty much brand new

  • Jeremy R
    Jeremy R 8 hours ago

    Well everyone might have a MT09 but I'm one of the original members of that trend! I got a 14 FZ 09 the original series, I love my bike they might be common but it's for a reason it's because they are awesome and worth owning

  • vikingbags
    vikingbags 8 hours ago

    2019 H2 hands down.

  • Shadow V.
    Shadow V. 9 hours ago

    CC kawi is going to release a new bike soon... watch their latest video... its going to be from the z series so a nake bike and supercharged... so most likely a naked h2 xD

  • Alberto Pansa
    Alberto Pansa 11 hours ago

    get the 2019!

  • I GolfinOz
    I GolfinOz 11 hours ago

    GSA will replace the WR

  • David Halatyn
    David Halatyn 11 hours ago

    I saw an H2 sitting next to a new Z400 the first time I went to a dealership. The contrast in size and power is ridiculous. I didnt even want to sit on the H2.

  • Mainrollman
    Mainrollman 11 hours ago

    Scratch that itch CycleCruza and get the 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2 ARRRR!!!

  • Yuri Ichijou
    Yuri Ichijou 11 hours ago

    Thank you Bro 😊you really motivated me im Getting a Bike that i love some 250cc for beginners 😭thanks bro

  • kanastle one
    kanastle one 11 hours ago

    Cyclecruza man I just got my very first bike thanks for the motivation

  • Victor Calimano
    Victor Calimano 11 hours ago

    Hey @CycleCruza please check out Commonwealth powersports in Colonial Heights Virginia. They have 2 Ninja H2 for sale at the moment . Website says they are brand new.

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 12 hours ago

    He levelled-up from a vintage scooter to a Kawasaki H2?!?!?! What, he couldn't find a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird for his 2nd bike? Pussy ;-)

  • Jack Deth
    Jack Deth 12 hours ago

    the h2 from the dealer seems fair

  • Paul Denne
    Paul Denne 12 hours ago

    Wow, over 300k subscribers now! I think I subbed at 30k...anyway great content as usual CCrz. I think the later model is the one to get. Lamb Chop Rides has one and he now is over the moon with it.

  • John Daltrocanto
    John Daltrocanto 12 hours ago

    Because they are fucking pansies

  • Razor Jimmy
    Razor Jimmy 12 hours ago

    motorcycling gave me a big dick

  • dhany
    dhany 13 hours ago

    Like 8.5 dislike 8.5

    JIM STRAY 13 hours ago

    Im Happy Jim here in florida,I've watched your channel and good job. I'm happy you chose the H2. I would grab the dealer deal.5 grand is five grand.also its newer. Curious about the history of this bike.who mods a bike then parts with it.unless it was an investment .but not on an H2. That bike is awesome.look forward to your decision.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 13 hours ago

    I had a H2 and it’s a great bike-But if you’re not going to go above 150 miles per hour most of the time there are better bikes.The bike is on the heavy side and after awhile the cool factor wears off.I live in south Florida and all of the people i know that had H2s have sold them.Its funny the bike i replaced it with is a2018 TOUNO FACTORY ,And i will be honest it’s a lot more fun 👍🏻

    • James Wilson
      James Wilson 9 hours ago

      CycleCruza I agree with you the one big negative is the-Aprilia dealership they are so unprofessional and there’s only one down here in South Florida,None of us that have these bikes will take it down there and let anybody work on them they are horrible

    • CycleCruza
      CycleCruza 13 hours ago

      I love my Tuono V4 but not Aprilia the company. That 2019 H2 I might get with carbon fiber wheels and full exhaust has the bike weight much lighter, I bet 480 lbs, which is only about 20 lbs heavier than the Tuono. Lamb chops just bought a H2 and loves it.

  • oscar garcia
    oscar garcia 14 hours ago

    My first bike was a 03 hayabusa. Never rode anything before it. No dirt bike or anything. Only prior experience I had on two wheels was bicycles lol.

  • Hashim Rahman
    Hashim Rahman 15 hours ago

    That white R6 looks amazing.

  • NiggBamma
    NiggBamma 15 hours ago

    Mate, 6ft2 // 190cm, thinkibg of getting er6n for my first bike. Think i will fit on it ?

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 15 hours ago

    H2 ? Big Big Big mistake. I vote for Triumph Triple or Yamaha Triple. You remember how excited you were about the Ducati Cruiser and later cried like a baby ? I am following.

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine 7 hours ago

      CycleCruza , I love you like my brother. What are you looking for in the H2 ? Speed ? Excitement ? You can get these feelings on triples too with less cost. BMW 1000 RR ? BMW 1250 GS ? Rocket 3 ?

    • CycleCruza
      CycleCruza 13 hours ago

      I did not cry, I loved that bike and had actually considered buying Ducati XDiavel one in white. That is the sickest cruiser I ever rode. I just whined about the part prices but the H2 parts prices are just as high.

  • w0fka88
    w0fka88 15 hours ago

    Ducati Panigale v4

  • Michael McMillin
    Michael McMillin 16 hours ago

    Get a moped

  • Bob the Hat King
    Bob the Hat King 16 hours ago

    Get the Triumph

  • Alvine D. Karugu
    Alvine D. Karugu 16 hours ago


  • xorbe2
    xorbe2 16 hours ago

    Jesus, scooter to H2.

    • CycleCruza
      CycleCruza 13 hours ago

      ...and back to a scooter, he's buying two more vintage Vespa scooters when he sells the H2.

  • yes sir
    yes sir 17 hours ago

    H2 is dumb. I would get a busa first .

  • Dave Bailey
    Dave Bailey 17 hours ago

    More money then sense on the mods. But I have to ask, why a H2? U have one of the best super naked's on the market, H2 will probably be worse for the street.

  • John Tillman
    John Tillman 17 hours ago

    Triumph Rocket 3. Just get it. You'll get a lot closer to the potential use that the Rocket has than you ever will the Kawi. That is unless you're itching for tickets? On the street, torque monsters are where it's at bruh.

    • CycleCruza
      CycleCruza 17 hours ago

      The h2 is a torque monster, over 100 lb-ft torque and supercharger to spool up mid-way thru the revs.

  • Bam Bambam
    Bam Bambam 17 hours ago


  • Ibra Careca
    Ibra Careca 18 hours ago

    Get the H2, definitely suit you

  • Alex Mopson
    Alex Mopson 18 hours ago

    cbr 600....double R. cum!!!!!!

  • Brian Mccann
    Brian Mccann 18 hours ago

    Get a Honda Ruckus. 😆 Mod it out. Get it to 70mph. You'll love it.

  • Freddy C Luffy
    Freddy C Luffy 18 hours ago

    Go the safe rout dealer

  • blue falcon
    blue falcon 18 hours ago

    I was the first to suggest the mt09

  • Nabil Karsheh
    Nabil Karsheh 19 hours ago

    It can happen that somebody orders the bike pays the first part and then retreats because of any ranfom reason so the bike stays at the dealership. 36 miles are maybe for testing the wheels etc...

  • Nabil Karsheh
    Nabil Karsheh 19 hours ago

    You missed the kawasaki ninja1000 (z1000sx). Very comfortable, 111nm torque, 142hp, great for crusing and also some power rage, however not so light as a sportsbike, it is 230kg

  • thunder m21
    thunder m21 19 hours ago

    2019 h2

  • The Ike
    The Ike 19 hours ago

    Selling an H2 to buy more vintage scooters, is like selling a Lambo for some vintage Beatles

  • Daniel Beller
    Daniel Beller 19 hours ago

    Some people have money to waste my man....they thought they were gonna get laid and it scared the jesus out of them.

  • Willy Reynolds
    Willy Reynolds 19 hours ago

    Cycle Cruza, that was a fat bob not an fxdr. You should think about one, they are amazing with the 114

  • ik04
    ik04 19 hours ago

    Keep in mind an H2 will wear you out. It is not a cushy, comfortable bike. Think of it as a monster racing bike with a license plate. Fun for short blasts, but tiring in the long run...

  • Anthony Nixon
    Anthony Nixon 19 hours ago

    I would get the 2nd one. Just see how the deal go!!

  • Robert Ornelas
    Robert Ornelas 19 hours ago

    Yamaha Vmax man.,..

  • Dylan Morrison
    Dylan Morrison 19 hours ago

    You truly only live once, don't waste it on trying to look cool.

  • Manuel Rosas
    Manuel Rosas 19 hours ago

    Kawasaki z900

  • Hank Sterling
    Hank Sterling 19 hours ago

    Oh no! Not the WR! Say it ain’t so! Ah! Ténéré 700 comes to US next year!

  • Dylan Morrison
    Dylan Morrison 20 hours ago

    Thank you for getting this info. out there.

  • Alpstar85
    Alpstar85 20 hours ago

    Just get the Superduke 1290r and be done with it lol

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis 20 hours ago

    I love my GSX-R 600 but that new R6 is sexy

  • Tiaan Pretorius
    Tiaan Pretorius 20 hours ago

    Go with deal 2

  • Brandon Hoffman
    Brandon Hoffman 20 hours ago

    You should look into the jet turbine sport bike

  • Sarem
    Sarem 20 hours ago

    Get both than weld them together to make there 1st H2 car lol

  • VicJackpotRider
    VicJackpotRider 20 hours ago

    I think you owe it too yourself to check out a 2019 Ninja 1000abs sport touring bike? With emphasis on sport! You can get hard pannier bags for it and pack them for a little trip! They’re decently fast at 140 hp and 82ft lbs of torque! I think you would surprised? I’m getting one in a few weeks myself.

  • Enkountor
    Enkountor 20 hours ago

    H2. Meh.

  • Epic Poop
    Epic Poop 20 hours ago

    TBH i would'nt break a bank on the (almost) brand new 2019. I'd just get the 2016. Definitely, the 2019 one would hold it's value better, but you'd be spending way to much (probably 10k more then the 2016 one, which you can use to get another bike!) Something to think about I guess?

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell 21 hour ago

    Trellis frame rules!

  • Larry Massa
    Larry Massa 21 hour ago

    Between the 2 you’ve narrowed down....go with the H2!!! That’s all we’ve heard you talk about. We all know, including yourself, you want the H2. The Triumph is a behemoth. You like to do short/quick blasts, The H2 is for you. Just be careful Cruza!!!

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell 21 hour ago

    Lots of new low mileage bikes/cars. You can finance everything now and people fall into that trap financing more than they can handle. They have that max amount in their mind that they can afford a month. That is probably too optimistic. Then the bike is $28,000 but they forget the taxes, etc. Then there is a few more dollars for apparel, stage 4 kit, prepaid maintenance, and extended warranty all financed. Do not place that added stuff on the financing part. Why would you pre pay maintenance or pre pay extended warranty. Pay for maintenance as you go. You can buy an extended warranty as your original warranty comes do. Again, why prepay all this stuff. If you sell the bike in a year you will lose that extended warranty money. The manufacturer will be hounding you the whole time with extended warranties. Cash is king. If you decide to finance, place a large down payment.. if you can not buy a bike in 2-3 years you can afford it. Remember all vehicles are depreciating assets. They are not investments. The stock market is an investment. The stock market is America.

  • twalk
    twalk 21 hour ago

    Definitely get the 2019!!

  • D 3p
    D 3p 21 hour ago

    Get the new zx-6r. It will be more relevant than an h2. It is going to be a popular model, so your modification reviews will reach more people. So many vloggers have h2s, all seen before.

  • Opp Hotrods
    Opp Hotrods 21 hour ago

    2019 Duhh

  • Rye bread
    Rye bread 21 hour ago

    I own a 2019 Kawasaki z1000 and I honestly love it! If you want a naked bike I think you should give one a test ride and let me know what you think of it yourself 😄

  • EnviedKing
    EnviedKing 21 hour ago

    I've never heard of the 2016 H2 or any year having transmission problems and I own a 2016 that I race. Not sure where you getting your info but you listening to people who dont own the bike probably. Also there are plenty of H2's brand new across the country. They are not special order and you can usually find them sitting on showroom floors for months after release. Just check Cycletrader right now and its multiple on there. Good luck in your search

    • EnviedKing
      EnviedKing 10 hours ago

      @CycleCruza You're going off a video from a dude who wont say what was done to the bike? Again you got bad info. There was no recall on the H2's transmission. It does not share the same Tranny as the zx10s. There is not a single person on the H2 forum or in the FB group that race these bikes that have had a transmission break. This dude obviously did something because his warranty claim was denied after Kawi sent a tech out to look at it. I still think you should get the 2019 just for the upgraded electronics but don't be spreading false information because you watched one video.

    • CycleCruza
      CycleCruza 21 hour ago

  • archie wilson
    archie wilson 21 hour ago

    Those H2's are sooooo sick. Oh my GAWWWD!

  • Purnell Hoytt
    Purnell Hoytt 21 hour ago

    Go with the 2019

  • Ball Daily
    Ball Daily 21 hour ago

    No debt ? Shit, I wish I could afford to own my house free and clear lol

  • Gofr5
    Gofr5 21 hour ago

    I voted for the Rocket 3. =( That said, I would go for the bike from the dealer from the options given...….GET THE ROCKET 3!!!!

  • Plantbased Dad
    Plantbased Dad 21 hour ago

    I think you should check out a newer model cbr 1000RR. I got my 2015 because of u and it kinda made me sad to see you sell yours. Mine looks exactly like yours with the red fairings. I hope you stay with the honda family man!