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  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo 51 second ago

    Really? Alexis Fawx?

  • clevelandcbi
    clevelandcbi Minute ago

    We don't need to you show that. Just NEVER lower the thermostat for Devin and Britt.

  • Zachariah Black
    Zachariah Black 6 minutes ago


  • iCIui Most Hated
    iCIui Most Hated 6 minutes ago

    I mean who cares he is a grown man hell I watch porn at least he ain’t gay

    STEVEN EVENS 7 minutes ago

    *_C'mon now smh. What are we doing? Even if this was true why would the fumble run with this story. Instantly lost respect for this outlet._*

  • Jeff T
    Jeff T 8 minutes ago


  • Don Dabingo
    Don Dabingo 8 minutes ago

    Me: Sees this video Also Me: Immediately searches “Alexis Fawx BBC” on Xvideos.

  • Faze Merchant
    Faze Merchant 9 minutes ago

    They probably asked Saquon which hand was his magic one before the game

  • Fightobserver 1903
    Fightobserver 1903 10 minutes ago

    He's a young man.. Repeat young man. C'mon is this news Worthy!!

  • brell 2-1-5
    brell 2-1-5 11 minutes ago

    sooo what? he's a fucking grown ass man, y'all be making the dumbest stories out of nothing, smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ idc who reported it originally

  • lil g
    lil g 11 minutes ago

    Why yall worry about another's man porn ? Lol

  • Ferny Farata
    Ferny Farata 12 minutes ago

    No one: Saquon: Breathing Fumble news: Saquon Barkley caught drinking a glass of water (smh)

  • Raymond Tabu
    Raymond Tabu 12 minutes ago


  • javier magana
    javier magana 13 minutes ago

    Not a big deal. Its a free country

  • Dayle Harper
    Dayle Harper 14 minutes ago

    Who really cares.. He can do what he wants

  • Cesar Ocampo Barraza
    Cesar Ocampo Barraza 14 minutes ago

    My boy ck2k i sub to you.

    MARK MARK 14 minutes ago

    Y’all leave the man alone 😂😂😂 we are all guilty

  • King Nate
    King Nate 15 minutes ago

    My Guy 💪🏿

  • Ferny Farata
    Ferny Farata 15 minutes ago

    I was hoping brit johnson was gonna do this news

  • Coaster Cane
    Coaster Cane 15 minutes ago

    He human..we all watch booty

  • Armando Calderon
    Armando Calderon 15 minutes ago

    Poor guy. Let him wank it in peace 🙄😒

  • Neno_ 23
    Neno_ 23 16 minutes ago

    Thats not a big deal the man seen something he like so he liked it yall make shit seem so bad when a person becomes famous🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Bleeding Green Nation
    Bleeding Green Nation 16 minutes ago

    Ah so what!! Take this video down!!

    PROJECT CADMUS 16 minutes ago

    WOW!!! A guy who likes #Porn!!! What-A-Story.....This has to be the FIRST GUY IN HUMAN HISTORY who likes to watch #Porn. There are so-many USELESS videos on RU-clip!!!

  • Ronney Augustine
    Ronney Augustine 16 minutes ago

    This shouldn't be anybody's business besides his if we're being honest.

  • Jonathan Njieptchi
    Jonathan Njieptchi 17 minutes ago

    That messed up

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 17 minutes ago

    He’s a man... so what!!🙄

  • Anthony Rollison
    Anthony Rollison 18 minutes ago

    I mean ok

  • Rodney Falls
    Rodney Falls 18 minutes ago

    Let SAQUON live mannnn

  • Samier King
    Samier King 18 minutes ago

    😕 watch the vid don't 👍 the vid 😂😂😂

  • DiamondSamurai
    DiamondSamurai 18 minutes ago

    Why do y’all even have to put this out there

  • Jonathan Huff
    Jonathan Huff 18 minutes ago

    God damn. People are nosy asf, just leave the man alone

  • Monas311
    Monas311 18 minutes ago

    Man let that man watch porn in peace

  • Daniel Cung
    Daniel Cung 18 minutes ago

    Mane let the man do his thing

    • Swag Does
      Swag Does 5 minutes ago

      Why another man, happy about talking about another man's p0rn?! 😂😂😂 He looked juiced when he said it on video 2 🤦💀😂

  • Vaxter
    Vaxter 18 minutes ago

    By the way there is Red and blue.. Look the shoulders Thanks

  • El mundo de Zoe Perez
    El mundo de Zoe Perez 18 minutes ago

    Ok and 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Swag Does
    Swag Does 19 minutes ago

    Why a whole man, gotta talk avout another man's p0rn?... I would hate his job 💀😂

    • Kream The Dream
      Kream The Dream 3 minutes ago

      Bro...smh the fumble is getting really weird if this is breaking news

  • robert garcia
    robert garcia 19 minutes ago


  • I think I’m cool
    I think I’m cool 19 minutes ago

    Alexis Fawx🤔

  • Fredi Foi
    Fredi Foi 20 minutes ago

    Lol got emmm

  • Benjamin Nazario
    Benjamin Nazario 20 minutes ago


  • Lenny Mitchell
    Lenny Mitchell 20 minutes ago

    Who doesn’t watch porn

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 20 minutes ago

    Cant think of a response after looking at those tig o bitties

  • Brendan Snapp
    Brendan Snapp 20 minutes ago


  • KeydaGOAT 2019
    KeydaGOAT 2019 21 minute ago


  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Jeff 22 minutes ago


  • Lastman3sa
    Lastman3sa 22 minutes ago

    They are grown men. If they want to sign with another brand they should be able to make that decision on their own.

  • Blue
    Blue 42 minutes ago

    poor guy

    LOAD TEAM 49 minutes ago

    She said: "Los Angeles Lakers guardLonzo Ball"

  • N G
    N G Hour ago

    Ayo miss what's ur snap and your age

  • Bruce LeeBron James

    Damn... no cleavage today. ☹

  • Sossboy Dreese
    Sossboy Dreese 2 hours ago

    Anybody else thought dude was Zaytoven at first?🤣

  • honcho james
    honcho james 2 hours ago

    Dude look like Gucci mane

  • Vnerdi
    Vnerdi 2 hours ago

    no one help him

  • Jackie Tags
    Jackie Tags 3 hours ago

    Im here for devyn. Shes hot on her insta photos. Heart

  • Supercoollooking
    Supercoollooking 3 hours ago

    Israel buys a supercar after win, khabib goes swimming in ice cold river!!!

  • Cecelia Helms
    Cecelia Helms 3 hours ago

    Lakerfan4life LAKERNATION 😘 waiting for

  • kral kraliçe
    kral kraliçe 3 hours ago

    fk offf nigga you cant even be like alis poop fking floyd lol !

  • Graffiti IXV
    Graffiti IXV 3 hours ago

    This MF 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 🤣

  • Samuel Israel
    Samuel Israel 4 hours ago

    Como um idiota desse pode querer ser melhor que muhamed Ali...muhamed estava além do box.

  • Steve Arce
    Steve Arce 5 hours ago

    OBJ is Cancer

  • DIO-sama ÛwÛ
    DIO-sama ÛwÛ 5 hours ago

    Good bull

  • Davey Socks *
    Davey Socks * 5 hours ago


  • johny tsunami
    johny tsunami 6 hours ago

    Head coach Darryl Morrey I’m schleeeep cuhhh

  • Daniel Al
    Daniel Al 6 hours ago

    When the rape accusations gonna start?

  • Waheeda Azize
    Waheeda Azize 6 hours ago

    Tony is weirdest dancer ever

    SMT TRIO 6 hours ago

    Y’all know that lonzo and Denice broke up right??

    • SMT TRIO
      SMT TRIO 6 hours ago

      They made it official on a new episode of ballinthefamily

  • Nikhil Grave
    Nikhil Grave 7 hours ago

    *Who else is are after Khabib makes Tony to tapout in 4th round*

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 8 hours ago

    To find joy in a mans death is more then hypocritical, these animal rights people have allowed their distaste for bullfighting to turn themselves into lovers of death, so how better are they then the people who watch and enjoy bull fighting itself? In my opinion its worse because i value human life over the life of bulls, either way you're not right.

  • James Edward
    James Edward 8 hours ago

    This chick making fun of the people who are making fun of Lebron squatting when she’s the one that has so much of a life, her job is literally to stalk and follow other people’s lives.

  • juice323 blue
    juice323 blue 9 hours ago

    I believe you Brittany Johnson

  • juice323 blue
    juice323 blue 9 hours ago

    Brittany Johnson looking good like always

  • NoName 1234
    NoName 1234 10 hours ago

    Id fumble my hands in her shirt

  • Pro HunterGamer101
    Pro HunterGamer101 10 hours ago

    You really just put a hot girl so people can sub to your channel bruuuuuuuhhhh naaah dont do that

  • bacon burger on your mom's booty

    Liangelo should give the NFL a shot. Even Shannon Sharpe knows Gelo have a tight end body.

  • Seventh Mist
    Seventh Mist 11 hours ago

    There's some white doves loose, on the baseball field. Who ya gonna call? *BIG UNIT!* I ain't 'fraid of no birds...

  • Jesse Romo
    Jesse Romo 11 hours ago

    Never trust a stripper

  • White guys with backpacks and small dicks

    Chiefs play in Missouri! Also god isn’t real

    GLORY IN THE 3RD 11 hours ago

    LORD be with his family. Very sad.

  • La Noonk
    La Noonk 11 hours ago

    Whoever bullied him csn grid me right now

  • Michelle Vargas
    Michelle Vargas 12 hours ago

    Not a lakers sucks.

  • David Arista
    David Arista 12 hours ago

    69 when you get uot

  • Chase's Face
    Chase's Face 13 hours ago

    they don't allow players to give the football away dumbass

  • Chase's Face
    Chase's Face 13 hours ago


  • Take Notes
    Take Notes 13 hours ago

    Who cares about the topic yo titties lookin fire 🔥🔥

  • Who Who
    Who Who 13 hours ago

    Who else thought LaMelo was doin a high kick😂😂 2:27

  • Chase's Face
    Chase's Face 14 hours ago

    someone tell cams to stop playing football please. I'm pretty sure they destroying him for the way he dresses. anyone who dresses like that should get sacked

  • Jae Frrr
    Jae Frrr 14 hours ago

    In my mention after he gets injured 💀

  • T Money
    T Money 14 hours ago

    Shoulda stayed with us

  • Andrew Portillo
    Andrew Portillo 14 hours ago

    Y’all make a video about him changing his shot each week and he never actually does smh

  • Chico Skimoni
    Chico Skimoni 14 hours ago

    Its one thing to not take a stand on human rights (which he's supposed to be an advocate for) and another to diss someone who is making a stand for the same principles you fought for. Also, dont blame the media for asking the questions when he's the one who provided the stupid answers. No one spoke for lebron but lebron and no one forced him to mouth off... He spoke his own diva version of the truth and he got nailed.

  • rrboss33
    rrboss33 14 hours ago

    Let them out let them out britt we cant see nothing I'm not watching this video

  • jole' Mays
    jole' Mays 14 hours ago

    Levon bell: why did i have to go to the jets

  • Christopher Rains
    Christopher Rains 14 hours ago

    Lonzo is his son so in that sense I feel bad for him. However as a professional basketball player this is probably for the best.

  • vloas
    vloas 14 hours ago

    shit now we waitint on KD to get his shxt fixed

  • R'shawn Santiago
    R'shawn Santiago 15 hours ago

    I thought women wanted to be treated as equals and judged by their body of work? However, it seems every chance a woman gets she's showcasing her assets to benefit her career? I'm confused 😕

  • Nothing .,.
    Nothing .,. 15 hours ago

    I went through the bullying and I am done with perfection.

  • NovasDad
    NovasDad 15 hours ago

    Nice lol I don't believe either But Britt them racks sitting up

  • Emmanuel James
    Emmanuel James 16 hours ago

    Actually he made 70 legit points but 22 were cherry picked!!!

  • Hasan Dutton
    Hasan Dutton 16 hours ago

    Those jerseys are sick