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Ibera Bicycle Basket
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  • Linda lee
    Linda lee 16 days ago

    Have you ever used BYPA Adjustable Bottle Cage?I have been using it for 2 years,it very nice ,I got it from Amazon,the link here: www.amazon.com/BYPA-Adjustable-Cycling-Bicycle-Mountain/dp/B07GH2RXVG/ref=zg_bs_3403511_59?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=1XRNNB5KXFWVSPJTEQE7

  • LaQuiQui07
    LaQuiQui07 19 days ago

    Can u use this stand for stationary exercise in the house. It's too hot to ride outside???

  • Allbbrz
    Allbbrz 2 months ago

    what's the distance between the clips ? I have different rack, still Ibera (RA5) and I want that size bag ... Or better what is the rack distance between front and rear tubes ?

  • Giacomo Cannoletta
    Giacomo Cannoletta 2 months ago

    Is it ok for an asymmetric carbon frame? Thanks

  • Shyam Sing
    Shyam Sing 8 months ago


  • ashlesh khandar3
    ashlesh khandar3 9 months ago

    What is the price of this set

  • Rockstar Yousuf
    Rockstar Yousuf 11 months ago

    Thanks bro

  • Madhavi G
    Madhavi G 11 months ago

    My dad is buying a new paurse car I want something to make for it

  • Terri Allen
    Terri Allen Year ago

    HOw the hell does it work? No instructions. No sound on the video. All I have managed to do is deflate my tire.

    • Chris Froyd
      Chris Froyd 8 months ago

      ru-clip.com/video/8AM0Zf49aVU/video.html this helped me, the guy uses the same pump

  • Nik j
    Nik j Year ago

    Please help me

  • Nik j
    Nik j Year ago

    Back light not working

  • GEO-mania
    GEO-mania Year ago

    Just charged my brand new backlight for about 20 mins and when i press the button it does not light up. Anyone has any ideas?

    • Jake Dodd
      Jake Dodd 10 months ago

      I had the same problem

  • Adriane Gay
    Adriane Gay Year ago

    I forgot my pin number, how do I reset?

  • TheModdedBullet7

    what is the inside diameter? I just bought a used BMX bike and the grips need to be replaced.

  • Mimi C
    Mimi C Year ago

    What if when your setting it the pin slips and it wont unlock

  • Rihan Hussain
    Rihan Hussain Year ago

    What is price


    Mere papa ka monthly payment 10,000,00


    Kitane kabhi ho me kahridkunga

  • Varun kc Top
    Varun kc Top Year ago

    nice video bhai

  • Alonso Martii
    Alonso Martii Year ago

    Las quiero. Lastima que ya compré de Schwinn. ):

  • Паша ХЗ
    Паша ХЗ Year ago


  • Craig Craig
    Craig Craig Year ago

    Should of shown the bicycle with the lights outside in the dark, so we'd have a better idea what cars see

  • suresh narasappa


  • You Tube
    You Tube Year ago

    From #NEPAL

  • You Tube
    You Tube Year ago

    New subscriber

  • LucioKonig
    LucioKonig Year ago

    Your cookies it´s a trash

  • Rishi Sharma
    Rishi Sharma Year ago

    Price kya hai

    • Bijendra Kumar
      Bijendra Kumar Year ago

      Rishi Sharma

    • Punjabi Lehar
      Punjabi Lehar Year ago

      Aiski price 400 hai

    • Karpagam Raja
      Karpagam Raja Year ago

      Where is this light sold

    • Glady Griffin
      Glady Griffin Year ago

      I can't believe it's just for best price bit.ly/2m0kp95 Check this now!! ru-clip.com/video/Z4-NGlpfynI/video.html

    • Sherri Bishop
      Sherri Bishop Year ago

      Great! Right now it's here bit.ly/2m0kp95 Pretty cool! :D ru-clip.com/video/Z4-NGlpfynI/video.html

  • duratoke
    duratoke Year ago

    Be way cooler if they had a strap to shoulder carry. But other than that ehh, I heard the workmanship isn't all that great but well designed. Like alot of things these days. Oh for the days of yore. At $50 I will shop awhile but these are pretty cool, maybe need a good going over. To shore up areas of weakness, ie end of zipper's runner came undone and zipper flies off! Buying the rack there are two similar one is 6" wide and the other is 8". If looking at racks good point to take into account! I almost ordered the 6" version, for my obviously 8" bike. Bad mess that of been.

  • OPG Zappy
    OPG Zappy Year ago

    I can’t get the thing where you put the battery in for the first light to open

    • iberabicycle
      iberabicycle Year ago

      It should be a 90* twist to the left and said light should open

  • Eye on art
    Eye on art 2 years ago

    will this work on a Sondors ebike?

  • Observing Rogue
    Observing Rogue 2 years ago

    It would be great if you showed these in use, at night.

    • Moises Beals
      Moises Beals Year ago

      Oh boyy, I found it here bit.ly/2m0kp95 We like good prices :) ru-clip.com/video/Z4-NGlpfynI/video.html

  • Jodie
    Jodie 2 years ago

    Can you cut the cable with scissor?

  • Mr. Funtastic
    Mr. Funtastic 2 years ago

    Is it waterproof?

  • Garrett Williamson
    Garrett Williamson 2 years ago

    song ?

  • efstathios efstathiou

    Exelent video good info thanks

  • SwirYT
    SwirYT 2 years ago


  • 大西恭平
    大西恭平 2 years ago


  • mighty pika
    mighty pika 2 years ago


  • Skandha Madhu
    Skandha Madhu 2 years ago

    it was very useful,helped in fix the lights

  • Derek Wildash
    Derek Wildash 3 years ago

    "There you go". All the info you need.

  • hdayejr
    hdayejr 3 years ago

    can't get the front light open

  • rushtimemachine
    rushtimemachine 3 years ago

    gonna buy one of these

  • Writers Black
    Writers Black 3 years ago

    Thank you, I have just bought the three items after seeing your clip. Many thanks from the UK.

  • ImpactWench
    ImpactWench 4 years ago

    THANK YOU! To the point, informative, not too long. Came here from the Amazon product page, wondering "how easy it is to just plop a bike into it, pick it back up, plop it back in?" Answered in 50 seconds (could have been 40 without the intro ;-) )

  • u laby
    u laby 6 years ago

    What is the size of the stand when it's folded??

  • iberabicycle
    iberabicycle 6 years ago

    You can try BikePakmart, they ship internationally. You can also make Best Offers on Ebay for this item or contact the sellers about international shipping costs.

  • hoah
    hoah 6 years ago

    Any ideas where I can get one in the UK? There's nothing like this here..

  • Microchip243
    Microchip243 6 years ago

    Thanks, that helps a lot. The following video sold me on the BA1 PakRak bag. I can see inside and realized that the thickness of the bag wasn't as much so the dimensions really seem to indicate the internal dimensions that can be held within it. On RU-clip: Ibera PakRak Commuter Bike Bag in for Review - Electric Bike Report

  • iberabicycle
    iberabicycle 6 years ago

    yes, no sound yet. we are working on it!

  • chi ansern
    chi ansern 6 years ago


  • iberabicycle
    iberabicycle 6 years ago

    Specs available at BikePakmart It looks like you would have plenty of room with the bag featured in the video. The battery dimensions will work also work with the mini commuter bag BA6 Hope this helps.

  • iberabicycle
    iberabicycle 6 years ago

    The dimensions for the bag are 15"x 8.7"x 11.4" The capacity is 17L (1035ci).

  • Microchip243
    Microchip243 6 years ago

    I wish the video would have described the inside compartment dimensions, as well as show what the inside looks like. I can't tell if my e-bike battery with dimensions of 11.25"x6.25"x4.25" would fit in there. If it would, than that would be the perfect battery bag solution for me.