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Prince Harry vs. The Press
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What next for Hong Kong?
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  • Adina McAfee
    Adina McAfee 2 hours ago

    I’m so sorry for your lose .🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Leny 1777
    Leny 1777 2 hours ago

    Hands off Hasakah!

  • microRiZu
    microRiZu 2 hours ago

    This is what the middle east does this is the entire history of middle east this is where it starts and it's how it's going and it's how it's gonna end after these muslims nations kill eachother for land.

  • Maurice Harris
    Maurice Harris 2 hours ago

    #believeallwomen? Anyone who thinks this is a good idea needs to Google Emmet Till. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it's mistakes.

  • shane molloy
    shane molloy 2 hours ago

    Dont bother we said no . Stop asking and go . Stop coming back saying were leaving . Just go tic toc . The UK are not team players

  • Tim Stewart
    Tim Stewart 2 hours ago in the U.S..they get away with whatever the money will afford.

  • Jimmy Arbutus
    Jimmy Arbutus 2 hours ago

    Abandoned by her own government. Disgusting.

  • Anthony Hancock
    Anthony Hancock 2 hours ago


  • Helena E.
    Helena E. 2 hours ago

    It's like chasing down a rat.

  • Phone One
    Phone One 2 hours ago

    Wow this didn't age well trump 2020 KAG

  • margot s
    margot s 3 hours ago

    Diplomatic immunity is nothing new in any country. It's happened the US as well.

  • The One
    The One 3 hours ago

    She's NOT sorry.

  • tyrantable
    tyrantable 3 hours ago

    Behold, the kind of people that make us hated all over the World. Diplomatic Immunity from killing someone in a car wreck? How does that work? She was probably drunk at the time.

  • Nicole Biesenbender
    Nicole Biesenbender 3 hours ago

    The question is whether her generation onwards are willing to pledge for the reduction in the global population (small families) and rampant greed which drives obsessive consumerism. Without demand for ‘things’ the world would not be in this never ending vortex of spend throw spend throw......

  • shane molloy
    shane molloy 3 hours ago

    They are makimg millions from brexit

  • muscle_growsayain
    muscle_growsayain 3 hours ago

    Corbyn 👊🏽

  • Trolley The Troll
    Trolley The Troll 3 hours ago

    It's not a spy base, he wasnt a spy he is a regular usaf officer

  • Trolley The Troll
    Trolley The Troll 3 hours ago

    The duck is on her face? Why do Europeans out metal on their face

  • L pattenaude
    L pattenaude 3 hours ago

    May God have mercy, healing, help, goodness towards the family and friends who are hurting. In Jesus name

  • Pit Th.
    Pit Th. 3 hours ago

  • Rose Monarch
    Rose Monarch 3 hours ago

    Good interview.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 3 hours ago

    Committing manslaughter should not be immunized by mere diplomacy. This should be a simple fact.

  • Ahmed Farooqui
    Ahmed Farooqui 3 hours ago

    No one should be immune from crime, death in particular.

  • Kok Loke Tan
    Kok Loke Tan 3 hours ago

    Swinson is a real hypocrite and an can she is a leader of the lib dems called themselves Democrats when they ignore the result of the referendum before they even implement it

  • Jason McDuffie
    Jason McDuffie 3 hours ago

    Her husband has status so she doesnt feel the legal obligation to answer to her actions. Special place in hell for her, VIP section.

  • Ozymandias
    Ozymandias 3 hours ago

    The UK should charge her with causing death by dangerous driving in her absence. Issue an arrest warrant and start the process of trying to get her back. And when the US refuses then it's time to cancel what has always been a very one sided extradition treaty.

  • Heavenly Eagle
    Heavenly Eagle 3 hours ago

    Well stop driving on the wrong side of the wrong England!

  • Andrew OHare
    Andrew OHare 3 hours ago

    Ngl I completely agree with her

  • George Vangordon jr
    George Vangordon jr 3 hours ago

    Diplomatic immunity is BULL.. nobody should have diplomatic immunity.. running back home is a cowardous act.. as an American I hate this. I hope she does the right thing and that it doesn’t have to turn into a court battle

  • sensualeye
    sensualeye 3 hours ago

    I’m American, why did she have it in the first place?

  • Yiqing Wen
    Yiqing Wen 3 hours ago

    If she has any ounce of decency, she should say sorry and voluntarily return to U.K. to assist the investigation.

  • David Hawley
    David Hawley 3 hours ago

    This man makes me chuckle so much. Bless him. He wants to enrich all of our cities to resemble Londonistan. With open borders. Then sit back and laugh.

  • Ajaz Ahmed
    Ajaz Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Turkey is part of NATO whenever NATO fights against its enemy Turkey fight with them today Turkey is fighting against its enemy NATO criticizing Turkey's stance against its enemy. SORRY NATO THIS NO MORE WEST FIRST, THIS TIME TURKEY FIRST. TURKEY ZINDABAD

  • 6502-Coder
    6502-Coder 3 hours ago

    Ready to be voted out of existence

  • E Lowe
    E Lowe 3 hours ago

    They're coming for Lloyd Christmas next.

  • Grahame Brushett
    Grahame Brushett 3 hours ago

    couldn't run a bath # how stupid this prat sounds

  • Kenneth MacKenzie
    Kenneth MacKenzie 3 hours ago

    This is NOT new. This is how these things have worked FOR DECADES

  • colin stephenson
    colin stephenson 3 hours ago

    I certainly don’t blame jacob for refusing to answer questions that will make him look like a dickhead !

  • B Rael
    B Rael 3 hours ago

    And I thought Us Americans were scandalous. My goodness.

  • BumpitiZed Records
    BumpitiZed Records 3 hours ago

    Oh my god imagine that instantaneous joy you’d get from bashing her head in with a Supreme™️ brick.

    SEA BREEZE 3 hours ago

    good luck and stay strong japan.

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me 3 hours ago

    Great for all the Lawyers

  • Eduardo Magallon
    Eduardo Magallon 3 hours ago

    I don't get it. There was a car accident, sadly someone lost their life. Accidents happen all the time though.? Why do they want to prosecute her? Was she intoxicated?

  • tom io
    tom io 3 hours ago

    Wow, I didn’t realise that a huge company, that has financial incentives to continue our current consumption of our planet, would in fact push forward information which keeps them in a place which is optimal for them as a company :o shock horror!

  • RTD
    RTD 3 hours ago

    Amal Clooney is using her platform but she is DOING SOMETHING..not just flipping her hair and checking her camera angle before reciting something to get attention. I am one of those abused women. They don't represent me or speak for me. They haven't helped me. I have helped me

  • manuel jorge Duarte
    manuel jorge Duarte 3 hours ago

    I VETO little england bye bye

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me 3 hours ago

    Lots of money for lawyers no dout,,now black is white and can be proved by them these days

  • Socialist Cancer, Islamic Ebola

    This is the beginning of the huge satanic alliance of the Gog and Magog army that is Prophesized about in the Bible. Eventually, Russia will lead the turks, iranians, etc, against Israel.

  • Waya525
    Waya525 3 hours ago

    Extradite this woman to the UK NOW!

  • Nilly Sigger
    Nilly Sigger 3 hours ago

    did anyone tell her how easy it was to get guns in the US, call me lol

  • peyotext
    peyotext 3 hours ago

    what an evil woman

  • peyotext
    peyotext 3 hours ago

    what an evil woman

  • Jai Bee
    Jai Bee 3 hours ago

    Aloha snackbar.

  • sevenhornets
    sevenhornets 3 hours ago

    She wasn't driving. Facts always win. The driver is the criminal here.

  • lachlan priday
    lachlan priday 3 hours ago

    Look I'm not a spiteful man... But I would love to blast set the world alight to this girl just to watch her squirm

  • Picasso Baby
    Picasso Baby 3 hours ago

    Send her back, that's fucked up

  • RTD
    RTD 3 hours ago

    Amen Carole...wish most of them would shut it. They are as vulgar and insincere as MM. Its just PR and $$$ for them. Jealous..I have to listen to these dimwits whose major concern is their make up and body image and lots of wind between their ears

  • Byron Richlin
    Byron Richlin 3 hours ago

    Isn't Harry Dunn from Dumb & Dumber?

  • palndan
    palndan 3 hours ago

    Her only crime was leaving the accident site. It was an accident, remember she was on the wrong side and he ran into her and he was also speeding. She should do pay the price for leaving the scene that’s all. She is not a murderer. Calm down people, it’s called an accident for a reason.

  • QuackyDuck
    QuackyDuck 3 hours ago

    Unfortunately, as much as I feel for the Dunn family, waving diplomatic immunity is bigger than most people think. It sets an extremely dangerous precident and could end up hurting American diplomats in the future. First thing, it's the wife of a diplomat waving immunity for a manslaughter charge, next it's a diplomat being forced to wave immunity for insulting a dictator or defending themselves. Diplomatic immunity protects diplomats from unjust laws across the globe, and even with countries that don't have that problem, waving it is just unacceptable

  • SteelCity1981
    SteelCity1981 3 hours ago

    She hit a person driving the wrong way and fled the country. She basically did a hit and run. She needs to be brought back to the UK and face her crime. This shouldn't even be up for debate in the courts.

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 3 hours ago


  • Q Co
    Q Co 3 hours ago


  • Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage 3 hours ago

    Corbyn has so little faith in this country that he thinks we cant legislate workers rights without the EU???? Neville Chamberlain 2.0

  • ruth bellamy
    ruth bellamy 3 hours ago

    Sell NI out at your own peril ......

  • T. Dickinson
    T. Dickinson 3 hours ago

    Want to help kurds putting hell on Trump Senate and Congress daily.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 3 hours ago

    What's her ethnicity ? Cowardly spineless?

  • Daddying
    Daddying 3 hours ago

    What the hell is on her face, looks disgusting

  • Octopus butler
    Octopus butler 3 hours ago

    And also what’s her mental illness because she’s either on crack or is retarded

  • Tony Jarvis
    Tony Jarvis 3 hours ago

    No deal will be better than Corbyn as PM!!

  • tom io
    tom io 3 hours ago

    I mean which is more effective at driving austerity? A few people in London (when compared to the rest of the country) being held up and their jobs being a little more hard for less than a month. Or, policies put in place to cut social services Nationwide, and the continuation of a failed trickle down economics which have allowed many thousands to continue to live or even move into poverty? Jesus Christ

  • Timo Kielevainen
    Timo Kielevainen 3 hours ago

    Alpha male their Leader has PINK HAT on LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Jim R
    Jim R 3 hours ago

    As an American, I wish I could detain this monster and deliver her for trial.

  • apun hicr7
    apun hicr7 3 hours ago

    They separated from our religion :they separated us from our priority.

  • Alan Papert
    Alan Papert 3 hours ago

    Useless in every sense of the word....she is part of the new political class like Ardern in NZ who know it all

  • Octopus butler
    Octopus butler 3 hours ago

    I hope she knows she can go to school and acting like she can’t go back to school instead here she is complaining about how can’t 🖕🏻

  • dgarrard100
    dgarrard100 3 hours ago

    I say we give the Dunns diplomatic immunity and Sacoolas's address.

  • Crusaders United
    Crusaders United 3 hours ago

    This is such BS, I'm sorry but I do believe in climate change, but I don't believe that we have caused it, their is no real data that proves humans have caused climate change. Data does show that over the millions of years of Earth it goes through cycles that's what the ice age is.

  • Saila Sobriquet
    Saila Sobriquet 3 hours ago

    I'm from the US. Sacoolas needs to be held accountable in a UK court of law. If she is exonerated, then at least she will have faced the court. If she is found guilty in some way, then she can appeal and go from there, just like anyone else. This privileged running away, diplomatic immunity bullshit just isn't right. But if she is forced to go back to the UK, and the US is worried about what she knows and her security clearance, she'll just be found dead somewhere, with a suicide note saying how sorry she was.

  • manny dos santos
    manny dos santos 4 hours ago

    I would rather trust a viper than I would trust him. Don't let him anywhere near No. 10!

  • Chocolate Mandingo
    Chocolate Mandingo 4 hours ago

    Where is your presiDUNCE on this? He can open his shhh-hole about everyone and everything else, why not this?

  • Mantralightofangels
    Mantralightofangels 4 hours ago

    She should be held liable no matter where she was. This is a life lost and a family that’s suffering. This is worse than a hit and run.

  • Donna B
    Donna B 4 hours ago

    Diplomatic immunity should not exist. If a foreigner commits a crime in another country, they should be held accountable.

  • Horizon Film
    Horizon Film 4 hours ago

    he have a election and lose LOL . yes half the country voted brexit ,. english people . wonder how many stay voters are migrants

  • Craig Allen
    Craig Allen 4 hours ago

    Amazing how people think he's got the working class in mind

    • Jacob Schmidt
      Jacob Schmidt 3 hours ago

      well nigel farage seems to be the only one to care about the working class over there. the socialists and remainers are middle class "twats"

  • Jason
    Jason 4 hours ago

    the safeguards are there for exactly this kind of thing

  • Susan Kay
    Susan Kay 4 hours ago

    What a travesty! That would NEVER happen in the US!!

  • methehappyone
    methehappyone 4 hours ago

    A Hit & Run Resulting In A Death Is A Felony In America And Even If We Put That Aside,, At The Very Least She Is A Cold,, No Moral Poor Excuse For A Human...But It Shouldn't Surprise Any Of Us With A President Who Has Made It Ok,, Normal,, Cool,, To Be Immoral,, Hateful,, Racist,, Degrade Women,,Etc.,,Etc.,Etc..NONE OF THOSE THINGS MAKE AMERICA GREAT...NOT THE AMERICA/AMERICANS I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN AND LOVED.

  • Sheila Burrell
    Sheila Burrell 4 hours ago

    We don't remind a man he's a man because of our bodies. We are reminding men that want to be a woman that we we're born this way. We are Wemon because we were born that way.

  • tom io
    tom io 4 hours ago

    They are doing just as every other group have done in the past, and there have always been people like these people who have always resisted change simply because it is comfortable for them to stay there

  • FeralSpirit
    FeralSpirit 4 hours ago

    so sad, and such cowardice. Smh....Hard to say how one might react, but I'm pretty sure I would be overcome with remorse and begging forgiveness before I would think of self preservation and fleeing instead of owning up to my part in such a tragedy.

  • Sheila Burrell
    Sheila Burrell 4 hours ago

    I am a woman. I'm female. A male is a male 2 genders period Read your bikes people and put on your armor of Christ because the crazies are out

  • Nate Baird
    Nate Baird 4 hours ago

    Does everyone in the UK have some type of non standard

  • American Me
    American Me 4 hours ago

    Extradite her. The U.S. would demand it if the tables were turned.

  • willbur 420
    willbur 420 4 hours ago

    That was the whole point

  • SayQuent
    SayQuent 4 hours ago

    I like to Plastic

  • Mike Jennings
    Mike Jennings 4 hours ago

    Diplomatic immunity has long been a problem here in the US. It's time to end this problem.

  • Ryuk Lannister
    Ryuk Lannister 4 hours ago

    It’s hilarious because imagine two people arguing with that same accent? It’ll sound like two raccoons fighting over the last burger bun

  • Captain Smartass
    Captain Smartass 4 hours ago

    Greta Thunberg is a shield for the left. her parent have robbed her childhood. climate change is a myth

  • SpicySativa
    SpicySativa 4 hours ago

    How about an actual solution? Lmao