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  • Pixie Dust2000
    Pixie Dust2000 6 hours ago

    The problem I have with our discount store is that things are always a year out of date and stale. We are constantly checking the dates before we buy. I don't mind things a month or two past the "sell by" date, but a year is a little bitter on my taste buds. Lol. Btw, I subbed.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 2 hours ago

      Thanks! There are lots of out of date things at the discount store. For this reason, I just take a moment and check every date, and only purchase those things that meet my standards. I can find great deals this way.

  • Susan L. McGee
    Susan L. McGee 13 hours ago

    Oh my goodness. Brianna is so cute!!! Love her product display modeling in this video!!! Love you guys.

  • Susan L. McGee
    Susan L. McGee 14 hours ago

    We don't have a discount grocery store in my city and I eat organic. I'm single and I spend about $80 every two weeks. Any suggestions?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 2 hours ago

      Sure. No matter what stores you have available or your dietary choices, you should still only buy and stock up on what is at the lowest price and build your menu plans around those items. If you do it consistently for a few months (and meal plan carefully), you can save tons! Don't give up on the discount store, though. Most cities have one nearby, just hidden ;)

  • Debbie Place
    Debbie Place 15 hours ago

    I started high school in 79...

  • Debbie Neff
    Debbie Neff 15 hours ago

    i only have youtube please share pictures who this weekend.

  • Tina Hardman
    Tina Hardman 15 hours ago

    Casseroles. Beans squash rice etc I been doing it CARROT DOGS R GREAT too

  • Debbie Neff
    Debbie Neff 15 hours ago

    sorry i missed this, i live 15-20 mins. away

  • Debbie Neff
    Debbie Neff 15 hours ago

    so sad I watched this too late, I live just down the road from Front Royal Va. Saw not a darn thing about this anywhere in my area or heard. Hope you loved own small town. Welcome to the Shenandoah Valley. Belated

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 2 hours ago

      I loved being there! It was so much fun! Come hang out with us next year!

  • Danielle Huddleston
    Danielle Huddleston 16 hours ago

    Wow! Those are some great deals!

  • Robin Morano
    Robin Morano 17 hours ago

    have rick back

  • Robin Morano
    Robin Morano 17 hours ago

    pop one grape

  • Gail Davis
    Gail Davis 18 hours ago

    I'm sorry your on such a tight budget. That's hard to do.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 2 hours ago

      Oh no! Don't be sorry. We choose to live frugally no matter what. We eat well, and we save! It's great!

  • Wendy Way
    Wendy Way Day ago

    You need to add a fusible interfacing .

  • Kelly Goodwin
    Kelly Goodwin 2 days ago

    Enjoy your trip!!

  • Lili Mounce
    Lili Mounce 2 days ago

    info on freezing eggs - I freeze eggs routinely, then thaw and use them in baking, making omelets/quiches, and scrambling. Stabilize the yolks for freezing with the addition of salt or sugar (amounts are in the link). I buy eggs in 15 dozen cases when the price per dozen in the case is my best price. Frozen eggs keep for several months at 0 degrees F.

  • Jackie Howard
    Jackie Howard 2 days ago

    I need those onion rings in my life

  • sa li
    sa li 2 days ago

    Take a crock pot.

  • Paloma M.
    Paloma M. 2 days ago

    What do you consider to be homesteader?

    • Paloma M.
      Paloma M. 2 hours ago

      @The Fundamental Home I thank you for your response. I love your channel and I get lots of ideas from you. My only problem is that I am only one person and I can't buy in bulk in the quantities that interest me.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 2 hours ago

      Everyone has their own definition. I haven't formed mine, but I love the community!

  • Rebecca Stanley
    Rebecca Stanley 3 days ago

    No doubt! I love my Funyuns ❤️

  • DollyJohanne
    DollyJohanne 3 days ago

    Thanks for sharing 💕 Hope you have great and safe trip and a great conference too! This is so my thing these days. I am single, 34 years old, and live okay with my benefits from the government but on the lowest level, but I had to plan. At the end of next month (November) I will have a total hip replacement, and even though I have been on crutches for about 28 months I do all my shopping my self with my backpack on the bus. I know that getting others to help me shop groceries after the operation are a blessing, and my church family will help, (no family around me), but with a limited budget I use the time now, 1 week after I got the date for the operation to stuck up on deals, from laundry soap to oats and snack food. I am vegan and we have a store that have 30% off vegan frozen meat substitute this week, so before I got shopping I iced off the freezer, cleaned and got organized and checked what I needed. Last week another store had some deals, so I bought some vegan soy pudding and some other shelf foods. Everything that I can stock up on with a good price, so I will have the extra money to buy some convenient food and a little more pricey food (I shop the deals, but I can not expect that from people that are blessing me with buying food for me). I will be home about 1,5 week after the surgery, normally you are home after 3 days, but since I have trouble with infections and some other things I will be there longer. We have free healthcare here in Norway, so I will pay nothing for the surgery and the stay in the hospital, so at least that is cover. Okay I am babbling, but I know you understand Amanda, both the budget thing and health challenges, but I am glad that we have God and He is with us 🙏🏼💕 Blessings form Johanne, Norway

  • Melinda Banning
    Melinda Banning 3 days ago

    Have fun! I don’t do Instagram so I will wait for a video.

  • Lady Wytch
    Lady Wytch 3 days ago

    You can freeze eggs. Scramble them up, 1 tablespoon equals one egg. Or crack them into muffin tins and poke a hole in the yolk. Or, my favorite, is to throw in a smidge of cheese, bake them in the muffin tins and then you have quick breakfasts and snacks.

  • Donna Terry
    Donna Terry 3 days ago

    When I take trips I find that I take entirely too many snacks and some I never open.

  • Shelley Jones
    Shelley Jones 3 days ago

    Always pack snacks for road we went on a day trip loaded up! So much savings

  • The House of Plaidfuzz

    Ooh, those are the good avocados too! Will you be near a Trader Joe’s? I always stock up on nutritional yeast etc when I am near one lol.

  • Stephanie.D
    Stephanie.D 3 days ago

    Your discount store is awesome wish mine was like that

  • Plus Size In Canada

    It’s our thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! 🇨🇦 Hope you guys are having a great time on your trip! 💕

  • Julie Wallace
    Julie Wallace 3 days ago

    This probably to late. We stop at a farm stand like we eat always carrots cherry tomatoes apples oranges grapes celery sliced bell peppers. Pack peanut butter & jam a must..When farm markets are open. I always look ahead at grocery stores through Google to find sales adds when traveling. We if we eat out ONLY LUNCH OR MOST OFFER DISCOUNTS IF YOU EAT BETWEEN 2-4PM. We always stay at a place that has Continental breakfast WE NEVER STAY WITHOUT ONE... We eat yogurt & fruit daily.. SAFE TRAVELS & GOD BLESS

    • arthrodea
      arthrodea 3 days ago

      I also always try to stay at a hotel with breakfast included! But because I normally don't eat breakfast, I get a plate of breakfast food from the hotel, take it up to my room, and save it for lunch or dinner! Sometimes hotels will have a "happy hour" where they offer free chips and salsa or hummus and pita chips. That will just about cover dinner for me!

  • Gabriela Aguilo-Seara

    I know this was a while ago, but if you ever end up with so many eggs again, I would highly recommend making a spanish tortilla. All it requires is eggs, potato, and onion. You slice the potatoes and onion very thinly, saute them with some oil and salt, and then scramble the eggs and pour them over. Cook on low (covered) until the eggs are mostly cooked through, flip it onto a plate, and slide it back into the pan to cook the other side. It's great with salt and pepper, mayo, ketchup, hot sauce, or just by itself!

  • Perrydise life!
    Perrydise life! 3 days ago

    I love the discount store to get snacks when I'm traveling. They are very inexpensive and high quality. Thank you!

    • Plus Size In Canada
      Plus Size In Canada 3 days ago

      Perrydise life! Totally agree! Great tip! I’m going to use this 🤗

  • amanda harland
    amanda harland 3 days ago

    I'm using the plant butter right now. Dairy free child. And myself. The rest of them cant tell.

  • Victoria Galvin
    Victoria Galvin 3 days ago

    I pay 3.50 for those Protein One bars *sob* - great deal! Be safe and have fun!

  • Donna Terry
    Donna Terry 3 days ago

    Enjoy be safe.

  • Lisa Brooks
    Lisa Brooks 3 days ago

    Have a great time! You should look for a sharp shopper and go on a trip and film!

  • Phoenix Bennett
    Phoenix Bennett 3 days ago

    That is very close to DC yikes. I live in Virginia but deep into the mountains.

  • tater mater
    tater mater 3 days ago

    🙏 for a safe fun trip!!

  • Gloria Peel
    Gloria Peel 3 days ago

    Have a wonderful time!

  • cynthiacombest5
    cynthiacombest5 3 days ago

    You did a great job. Oh yum!

  • Centsible Living With Money Mom

    I really like how you plan everything You and Rick are going to have a wonderful time. I am so excited for you both.

  • QuietQueen Project
    QuietQueen Project 3 days ago

    I don't know if you still have any eggs left or not but you can boil a bunch of them then pickles some make some egg salad put some away in the refrigerator for a snack

  • Michelle Donnelly C.N.C.

    Crustless quiche is always an inexpensive meal. You have spices, vegetables in freezer, cheese to shred ...can make a large pan of quiche or make in muffin pans or quick breakfast with fried potatoes. Hard boiled eggs...I make deviled eggs and then make deviled egg potatoe salad with even more hard boiled eggs.

  • Michelle Donnelly C.N.C.

    I dilute my laundry soap for many years now. I can get 3 jugs or more of laundry soap from 1. You really don't need much to get clothes clean. You can add baking soda and white vinegar to whites instead of bleach as well. Easy way to save money.

  • Alyssa Traxler
    Alyssa Traxler 4 days ago

    I wish we had Chick-fil-a up at camp!!Also, never heard of Roy Rogers, it sounds good!!

  • Marny Griffin
    Marny Griffin 4 days ago

    What is the name of the discount grocery did you go to? Thank you for posting this video forward to watching more.

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home Day ago

      Marny Griffin It’s a local, privately owned store. You can find one near you if you google salvage or thrift grocery store.

  • Meagan Perez
    Meagan Perez 4 days ago

    Puffy Oven Pancake (Aka German pancake or Dutch Baby). Eggs, flour and butter. Eat plain or top with whatever you want. I like it with salsa, but you could do baked apple or apple sauce for a sweet finish.

  • karen lyle
    karen lyle 4 days ago

    Just found your channel by freedom homestead 😀. Great video 😀

  • O Red Sn0w O
    O Red Sn0w O 4 days ago

    Wow your groceries are so cheap. I wish they were cheap like that in our town. We only have two grocery stores and they are expensive. We're from Canada.

  • Brenda Margaret
    Brenda Margaret 5 days ago

    Quiche....eggs, onion, cheese, scallions....pie crust. If no pie crust, it's a fritata!! Also hard boiled eggs topping a bowl of ramen noodles with or without a few slices of chicken or beef and some vegies. You are great and inspirational and a darling leader of the pack!! 💕❤

  • Texas Outlook
    Texas Outlook 5 days ago

    I got married (21y/o) in 1979! So talk about feeling old! The first time I felt old was when a young man called me ma'am! New sub! Blessings ~Sidney

  • Sandra Castillo
    Sandra Castillo 5 days ago

    If Ricky's traveling to Madison it's only gonna be a few flakes, might get more up north where his camp is. Don't worry. 😁 it's early for snow and when it really snows they clear the roads pretty quickly. I don't have a chickfila here in my town in southern Wisconsin, I have to travel 40 min to madison for one. Have a fun safe trip to your HOA! 😃

  • Tricia Smith
    Tricia Smith 5 days ago

    If you coat the eggs in mineral oil (just rub it all over the shells) you can store them in a cabinet for up to 9 months. They need to be 100% clean and dry at room temp or the mineral oil won’t stick to the shells. I’ve heard that it’s only for fresh laid eggs and I’ve also heard others do it with store bought eggs. So do at your own risk, LoL! Here’s a link to one lady’s video on oiling eggs.

  • Anastasia Yakymchuk

    Hey you should make breakfast bites with those eggs, look it up there are lots of recipients that’s cheep, and u can cos tomorrow to what u like- then freeze them wrapped in parchment paper and just microwave when ur ready to eat

  • Centsible Living With Money Mom

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. I am now craving Funions. ( sp)

  • kathorstad
    kathorstad 5 days ago

    I love to hear you argue. I’ve been married 36 years. We were born in 1960. Life has indeed changed

  • ThisGrl Here
    ThisGrl Here 5 days ago

    Wow cool!!!!!!!

  • sweezs
    sweezs 5 days ago

    please consider doing couponing it help my family a great deal, just a suggestion

  • Little Squirrel
    Little Squirrel 5 days ago

    I have had spaghetti once a week for at least 45 years. No lie. And hot dog buns as feel I bread. My mom used to always use the leftover hot dog buns for our garlic bread. I now buy hot dog buns specifically to make into garlic bread just to keep the tradition going. We don't really eat hot dogs so we would not have hot dog buns laying around but I do love them for a little individual garlic breads. We don't need a ton of meat but I do make my own spaghetti sauce and I've use positively loads of vegetables from my garden. In the winter I love to take lots of my dehydrated tomatoes and rehydrate them and kind of make a fresh sauce with spinach roasted garlic and these tomatoes, it is positively delicious! Throwing a splash of white wine and shaving of Parmesan and it's like you're eating at a very fancy restaurant, truthfully it is absolutely wonderful. Just because you eat frugally doesn't mean it's not delicious doesn't mean it's not high quality. I have picky eaters and it's actually just easier for me to cook at home and just by doing that it's more frugal than eating out. But the best part about being Frugal is that when it's time to splurge I've got a boatload of money to do it! So when we go away on vacation we have a lot of money to spend to do other things because it wasn't wasted on all the mundane dinners out because I was too lazy to actually prepare a meal for my family, then I get the added bonus of actually getting to have somebody cook for me! I always enjoy your videos thank you for taking the time to post.

  • Donna Gomez
    Donna Gomez 5 days ago

    You can also make a great chip, cracker or veggie dip by mixing chipotle in blender with sour cream and mild cheddar cheese dip.

  • Donna Gomez
    Donna Gomez 5 days ago

    Tinga can be made with chipotle. Boil chicken, beef, or lamb. Shred. Fry onions until transparent, add tomatoes and cook. Add chicken, 1 cup broth, chicken bouillon, 1-4 chipotle chili's, minced garlic. Bring to a boil then lower heat and simmer till liquid evaporates. Eat on tostadas (Mexican flat hard tortilla shells) with sour cream, crumbled queso fresco, and oregano. If leftovers, warm with scrambled eggs for burritos.

    • luvofcooki3s
      luvofcooki3s Day ago

      Donna Gomez Yes! Super cheap and yummy, if you’re on a budget.

  • Brittany L
    Brittany L 5 days ago

    You can make vinaigrette with the chipotle peppers. Google Chipotle vinaigrette copycat recipe.

  • crystalyn rodrigues

    Love how you said it's a good time to learn. Yes so true.

  • madalene rhyand
    madalene rhyand 6 days ago

    You can freeze eggs. Restaurants use frozen eggs for a lot of their recipes. I think you add a small amount of vinegar to the whipped whites and yolks and freeze..

  • Pahola Aparicio
    Pahola Aparicio 6 days ago

    For the eggs... Eggs fritatta, potato egg scramble, green beens and eggs,

  • Nikki Jackson
    Nikki Jackson 6 days ago

    I spend $200 a month for one person.

  • Satara Brown
    Satara Brown 6 days ago

    Great chili recipe with chilies in adobe sauce

  • Veggie Every Day
    Veggie Every Day 6 days ago

    You got a ton!! Awesome haul.

  • Cheryl Parker
    Cheryl Parker 7 days ago

    When I have extra eggs I freeze them in muffin tins. Then keep hem in zip lock bags. It's a great way to keep on hand without having to use at one time. Good job!

  • amanda harland
    amanda harland 7 days ago

    Im using the Lavash bread tonight for chicken and bean tacos, maybe a lighter alternative to white tortillas and ground beef

  • amanda harland
    amanda harland 7 days ago

    Aww rick =) that was sweet.

  • amanda harland
    amanda harland 7 days ago

    i need to come through and binge "like" ive missed a bit

  • Cathy Decarles
    Cathy Decarles 7 days ago

    God bless you dear for all you do for your family

  • Cathy Decarles
    Cathy Decarles 7 days ago

    Your did discount store is great

  • zendoll1
    zendoll1 7 days ago

    Make chicken and noodles. flour and eggs for noodles. Buy a chuck roast, usually on sale. makes beef stew. Make baking powder biscuits.

  • nicole griffen
    nicole griffen 7 days ago

    Thanks for making this video. I have been on a super tight budget as well

  • Susan houlston
    Susan houlston 7 days ago

    Well said👏👏👏👏

  • The Simple Sober Life

    Great video Amanda!!! Love all of the tips and advice you are sharing!!

  • Melissa Vazquez
    Melissa Vazquez 7 days ago

    We have a neighborhood thrift store just a two minute walk down the alley.They give you a 13gallon trash bag as soon as you walk in.Fill it up with anything clothes,shoes,belts,coats and jackets.Curtains,blankets. .whatever for $5.00,everyday.I got a Gucci bag there.I love it because we have nine children, money is tight.No way I could have ever gotten that kind of bag at full price.

  • Deborah Ratliff
    Deborah Ratliff 8 days ago

    I saw your Morning Star breakfast strips.I love those! Growing up, my four grandchildren are those as "fakin' bakin' " and love it! Btw these grandkids are grown and rearing my six great-grandchildren! As Sonny and Cher said.....and the best goes on!

  • Mary
    Mary 8 days ago

    I didn't realize that chicken deal for .50 a pound was an ongoing thing, how great for you! That and all the good deals at DSG is why you can do what you do. Sigh. We have nothing like that up here in WA state.

  • Lizzie wedding
    Lizzie wedding 8 days ago

    You need to try the air fryer so good

  • ANNA Clover
    ANNA Clover 8 days ago

    Here is the reciepe for pineapple chicken I use. Its the easiest and tastiest. :) Pantry musts in my house are cornstarch and real sesame seed oil from an asian market. Many asian markets are budget friendly but I just only go once a month!

  • Melissa Vazquez
    Melissa Vazquez 8 days ago

    I love how you use everything, we have a family of 11,$300 a month for groceries. So nothing gets wasted here.God bless

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 8 days ago

      Melissa Vazquez Yes! You are not wasting food, you are wasting money! Which really means you are wasting your life! I want every moment to count

  • Mudder Farms Homestead

    We will be going to HOA also!! I switched hotels because the one we were going to stay at in Winchester didn’t have breakfast, coffee pot or microwave.. so I switched us to La Quinta! See you there!

  • Jeannie Mages
    Jeannie Mages 8 days ago

    The eggs are great for zip lock bags omelets, everyone can make their own. Use leftovers as ingredients. [olives, leftover chicken, mushrooms....etc...] Eggs can also be frozen.

  • Christina j
    Christina j 8 days ago

    your hair looks nice

  • Randi
    Randi 9 days ago

    If the hotel has a coffee pot in room you can use the hot water for instant oatmeal and cup soup. Small coolers are great so you can bring sandwich stuff. If you want to heat something, a little parchment over the Iron makes a quick clean warming surface. Not a good cooking surface though. Crock pots are great, you can do a lot with those! Overnight oats and such, or whole meals you buy or pack in a cooler. Just remember dish soap and a rag to clean it!

  • Janis Scobee
    Janis Scobee 9 days ago

    You may already know this but Oreos are not vegan. They're cross-contacted with milk. Just FYI.

    • Ehealey121
      Ehealey121 5 days ago

      You could say most US grown veggies and fruits are not vegan as well due to run off and fertilizer....

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 8 days ago

      Janis Scobee I suppose I should clarify that they are made with vegan ingredients.

  • amanda harland
    amanda harland 9 days ago

    bagels and cream cheese for travel! violife makes a delicious non dairy one. with varieties of fruits

  • Erin Dixon
    Erin Dixon 9 days ago

    Make vegan waffles and vegan muffins for breakfast. You could have the no meat sausage with either one. All of these things travel well and heat up nicely in a microwave. I did this for a trip recently and they held up with no problem.

  • Megan Lopez
    Megan Lopez 9 days ago

    Woahhhh where did you get that big bag of olives? I need that in my life!

  • Centsible Living With Money Mom

    My friend loves to put tofu in her shakes. Have you done this?

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 8 days ago

      Centsible Living With Money Mom Yes. Silken tofu makes creamy smoothies and adds protein

  • Leigh Walters
    Leigh Walters 9 days ago

    You look so pretty! 😊

  • jean selsvik
    jean selsvik 9 days ago

    That discount store you have is amazing! Wish we had one of those here! I can’t eat that, but my husband and son could. All my food is so expensive! (have to be very low carb and NO processed sugar and low fruit/veggie sugars due to a liver condition) You got a lot of great stuff!

  • jean selsvik
    jean selsvik 9 days ago

    Hey, you do you! People have to do what’s best for them as far as food is concerned. I’m sure y’all do well. I hope everyone in your family has enough to eat 😊

  • Anna
    Anna 9 days ago

    Sitting here watching and realized that I am wearing the same shirt...

  • Riqochet Rose Tarot

    Great meal ideas!

  • Michelle Channell
    Michelle Channell 9 days ago

    Do you have a recipe for the sausage, cabbage, and onions?

    • Michelle Channell
      Michelle Channell 9 days ago

      Thank you that sounds very good. ☺

    • The Fundamental Home
      The Fundamental Home 9 days ago

      Michelle Channell Basically, I just fry sliced onions and shredded cabbage with sausage and I serve it over Mashed Potatoes. It tastes amazing!

  • Erin Jimenez - StorybookErin Blog

    Oatmeal in a coffee maker 😁 boil the water in the coffee maker _ then mix in a bowl 😂

  • Debbie Schepers
    Debbie Schepers 9 days ago

    Boy groceries are expensive. In 1970 I fed me n my husband for 7-25$ a week. The 25 would be buying his Pepsi's for the month. He liked his Pepsi's. We didn't do without anything. Mercy Me!!!

  • G Hoffman
    G Hoffman 9 days ago

    Look for a Tastycake outlet near you. I get Dave's Killer Bread for $2/loaf and freeze it in between trips.