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Logo Design with Mark Winn
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  • Kuma's Tata
    Kuma's Tata 5 hours ago

    I'm a 2nd year garments student and we will be doing like this soon. But , I suck in sewing 😭 my grades were low

  • _Jazmyn _
    _Jazmyn _ Day ago

    What you do in autocad related to FD? Well i am reading designing btw. So

  • Jaime Blanco
    Jaime Blanco Day ago

    Hi peeps

  • Ryan Luken
    Ryan Luken Day ago


  • Galibus U
    Galibus U 2 days ago

    It’s all fun till u graduated then u ll be like:o

  • Lucky Snacc Creations

    Spins n dips r a package deal baby, not a whole element. It’s cool tho lmao

  • Art And Design
    Art And Design 6 days ago

    if some one want to be fashion designer ,should be have some creative mind ....and love to drawing .

  • Adrian Daniels
    Adrian Daniels 6 days ago

    1:35 made me feel sick in the stomach. Like my chest got tight from looking at it. Nightmare fuel.

  • Gustavo Lopes
    Gustavo Lopes 7 days ago

    This video sucks, and so is your mom

  • Koco Sassa
    Koco Sassa 10 days ago

    Please talk about chromatic value!

  • WI9LL
    WI9LL 11 days ago

    Awesome video. I'm a big fan of Jessica's work.

  • gacha basicc
    gacha basicc 12 days ago

    Oh wow she choose our country and the city I live in

  • sups702
    sups702 12 days ago

    get it bag or baggy...……..

  • sups702
    sups702 12 days ago

    hgtv + mov + bet + mtv..kool sHIT……….

  • Life of Catherine
    Life of Catherine 13 days ago

    what the frig man.

  • Life of Catherine
    Life of Catherine 13 days ago

    i miss him.

  • Life of Catherine
    Life of Catherine 13 days ago

    what. where did he go?

  • Doge dog
    Doge dog 14 days ago

    Thanks this helped alot!

  • Melike Bulut
    Melike Bulut 14 days ago

    I wish i can be a desinger

  • Zein Elesawey
    Zein Elesawey 16 days ago


    ALTAB HUSAIN 16 days ago

    This video is too much.i'm fashion student.

  • Isabelle Beresford
    Isabelle Beresford 16 days ago

    can i be a fashion designer without an art alevel?

  • Marleen Seckendorf
    Marleen Seckendorf 17 days ago

    Wish you hadn’t included nudity for my students’ sake. Not able to show to k-12 students.

  • Sasha Zand
    Sasha Zand 17 days ago


  • SnazzyFeet SnazzyFeet

    Is it just me who thought they were talking to Supervisor Jane Kim? 😅

  • Men Del
    Men Del 20 days ago

    Hmm... this artist is very interesting. I just like her.

  • Men Del
    Men Del 20 days ago

    Can someone tell who makes this painting 4:20?

  • John Burzynski
    John Burzynski 20 days ago

    may i ask for the list of artists mentioned in this video

    • Jachu
      Jachu 12 days ago

      its at the end of the video

  • Ngọc Anh Nguyễn

    As a fashion design student, I’d like to answer, stop worrying about drawing skill y’all, you need to have TONS OF *TOLERANCE* and *PATIENT* like seriously

  • Edgyputo.mp4
    Edgyputo.mp4 21 day ago

    Is that the sawcon art

  • Nayeli D
    Nayeli D 22 days ago

    This is really really cool, it should have way more views!

  • Marwa Boome
    Marwa Boome 23 days ago

    My only dream is to become a fashion designer 😍

  • Cheese Mage
    Cheese Mage 24 days ago

    Anyone else tasting metal after watching that intro?

  • Muhammad Ajaib
    Muhammad Ajaib 26 days ago

    Sir sent wattsapp number please reply i interested fesion designing

  • Butterfly Lullaby
    Butterfly Lullaby 28 days ago

    Hi guys, my daughter is a big fan of yours and watches your videos a lot. I would like to get artists to collaborate to save our trees and stop pesticides. Would you be interested? Overseas they are making Japanese Knotweed paper: butterflylullaby.blogspot.com/2019/07/japanese-knotweed-paper-saving-trees.html Imagine the trees we could save. Here in the UK Tax Payers money is wasted on toxic pesticides to rid this plant. When we should be using it to create jobs. This plant is very useful. I even use it to cure Asthma.

  • Jeryl Duno
    Jeryl Duno 29 days ago

    Informative video. Thanks for these ideas. More power!

  • njimape lesly
    njimape lesly 29 days ago

    Amazing work

  • Melina Giannotti
    Melina Giannotti Month ago

    Anyone from moboserrie??

  • sabah fashion
    sabah fashion Month ago

    You are amazing I want became a famous fashion designer in the future it's my dreams but I need a help and a chance for to skill my experience in this domain coz I love it

  • Jessy S
    Jessy S Month ago

    Profound words that preceded its time. Go, Favianna!

  • K KnightSoldier
    K KnightSoldier Month ago

    Anybody from Pico's class? If so plz comment me

    • iii
      iii Month ago

      K KnightSoldier k

  • Nähwichtel Nähen

    aha wanna be a fashion designer.... and after his so called months of planning... this is what he produced? mhm ok

  • Teespring Exclusive T-shirt Fashion House

    really so nice t.ly/RmlYb

  • Elliot Anderson
    Elliot Anderson Month ago


  • Raudhatul Jannah
    Raudhatul Jannah Month ago

    I really want to be a fashion designer. But my mom doesn't allow me to take a fashion design college. (Sorry for my English)

  • Isha drawing Academy

    Beautiful painting👌❤ new subscriber 👍

  • Hellrrr Hellerr
    Hellrrr Hellerr Month ago

    3:23 3:30

  • Bryan Bai
    Bryan Bai Month ago

    What's the BGM of this video???

  • leah hokka
    leah hokka Month ago

    Am actually 19 years old from Kenya and i already have a business plan written down of how am gonna start my fashion business am waiting for capital and am good to go because am blessed with creativity so i just create my own designs and I've already decided on my first collection, i just hope things go well. This video has really inspired me plus your work is awesome.

  • Deeksha Tayal
    Deeksha Tayal Month ago

    Apne A3 sheet use ki h to in sheets me portfolio itne pages ka hona chahiye atleast...

  • Amanda Ibraimovic

    Wooooo, that's very nostalgic to me! I miss fashion school ♥

  • Carina Forssman
    Carina Forssman Month ago

    Ok so I know I'm late but does anyone know what sketchbook she's using??? IT FOLDS SO PERFECTLY I NEED IT 😍😍😍

  • Artist Angelina Ary

    That was really amazing ❤️😊♥️

  • KVLT Guitarist
    KVLT Guitarist Month ago

    So like what’s the definition of color

  • Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis Month ago

    I bet you have missed out on my approach, enjoy. ru-clip.com/video/VlAHu9wfxz4/video.html

  • Junior Alamo Ahumada


  • Junior Alamo Ahumada

    yeah thank you

  • Marcel Rodriguez
    Marcel Rodriguez Month ago

    Ay, drop the song in the description.

  • Leen K.
    Leen K. Month ago

    Wow!! I've watched this video a thousand times now. I've been trying to be as good as she but it just doesn't work. Ps: I've been making videos about fashion lately and would really appreciate it if you checked them out

  • marti nebiu
    marti nebiu Month ago

    When u want 2 be a designer but cnt sew 😑

  • Caitlin Meehan
    Caitlin Meehan Month ago

    I’m really good at drawing but I’ve never really tried making any clothes so I’m slightly scared but I’d love to work for fashion lines like Tommy Hilfiger or Vivian Westwood that would be my dream

  • E GAN
    E GAN Month ago

    Who else read this comment will be a successful Fashion Designer someday😊❤

  • Aleo Salimbene
    Aleo Salimbene Month ago

    love art

  • Osei Devall
    Osei Devall Month ago

    my teacher played this in class. if you see this, hi mr mcnamee

  • Emre Tosun
    Emre Tosun Month ago

    I'm very interested in fashion and I can draw pretty decent however I could never sew the clothes. I'm terrible at it.

  • Aug24th
    Aug24th Month ago

    Is she a he or is he a she?

  • Deborah Wolff
    Deborah Wolff Month ago

    Very interesting demonstration! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  • TS
    TS Month ago

    I always Wanted to be Fashion designer or artist/painter but I'm stuck in Commerce doing bachelors in business administration which sucks Bec i can Learn but I'm having 0% interest 😔😔😔 I wish I was living in USA 😞😞

  • Abraham Ruiz
    Abraham Ruiz Month ago

    awesome video

  • Abraham Ruiz
    Abraham Ruiz Month ago


  • Lucas Holden
    Lucas Holden 2 months ago

    Holy shiz this is some quality music. The music of the gods. What was that, Zeus? Oh, you're right, this isn't the music of the gods, this is beyond. Into the realm of... infinity. I have no life

  • Jake DUNN
    Jake DUNN 2 months ago


  • Jake DUNN
    Jake DUNN 2 months ago

    Hey tyler

  • •Pag asa•
    •Pag asa• 2 months ago

    Now, km stuck between fine arts, law school, or fashion designing.

  • SweetOnion
    SweetOnion 2 months ago

    I was really inspired, in my school we do a fashion show every year from a design class and i know what to make now :)

  • xolinaxo hdgd
    xolinaxo hdgd 2 months ago

    wow! you´re so talented!!!

  • Maria Guerrero
    Maria Guerrero 2 months ago

    Incredible video, not only the video but very informative and the music is amazing.

  • 张素雪
    张素雪 2 months ago


  • 张素雪
    张素雪 2 months ago

    its homework...

  • Amber Steele
    Amber Steele 2 months ago

    Why so close to Laban's Elements, but not quite the same terms? Body * Space * Time * Effort (Energy) ?

  • Emma Yuan
    Emma Yuan 2 months ago

    I hate the intro

  • Laurie Cawthorn
    Laurie Cawthorn 2 months ago

    truely an artist, respect to you!

  • Islamabad Hair Transplant

    Very nice i m ur fan

  • iCan Mind Official
    iCan Mind Official 2 months ago

    @KQED Art School... you have great art lessons. well explained

  • Ba ba
    Ba ba 2 months ago

    I look like a fish outta H2O, so am need someone to teach me how to properly do this shit god damit.

  • Table Salt
    Table Salt 2 months ago

    Intro effectively gave me a seizure. Good job, guys.

  • Maria Chavarria
    Maria Chavarria 2 months ago

    I wish my school had these competitions

  • chaiana Arcos
    chaiana Arcos 2 months ago

    I want to be a designer soon but I can't draw :<

  • Charles Hancock Creations


  • Salota Sokimi
    Salota Sokimi 2 months ago

    This was actually really inspirational. And for those who say they don’t know how to draw, I want y’all to know that even though your drawings may not be as good as others, it’s really the message that matters. At least that what I tell myself and so with that I’m able to manipulate it and turn it into motivation. So really, the ideas behind it are the things that matter within drawing and fashion as a whole👌🏾

  • chris riddles
    chris riddles 2 months ago

    You are a brilliant communicator, thanks for all the information really helpful.

  • Chloe Zhao
    Chloe Zhao 2 months ago

    just when I was thinking she'd choose somewhere like Paris or new york for inspiration...she chose a totally different place and it ended up amazing too.

  • Jackson Julius
    Jackson Julius 2 months ago

    this video is awsome just kidding its homework

    • Jack Lant
      Jack Lant 24 days ago

      You probably should've done your homework on punctuation.

    • Leo Coogan
      Leo Coogan Month ago

      I still like it

  • Jake Easton
    Jake Easton 2 months ago

    yo same

  • Willy Cruz
    Willy Cruz 2 months ago

    Me interesa saber cómo estampas tu blusa

  • Sahithi Murahari
    Sahithi Murahari 2 months ago

    What qualifications we needed to become a fashion designer , now I am studying MPC 1st year after that what I should to become a fashion designer , please anyone tell me know

  • luv jongin
    luv jongin 2 months ago

    The desstruction of a city is inspiring!? Ppl from Kathmandu would be in... flattered to hear that that's the reason why he picked their city😶

  • Jamie Babon
    Jamie Babon 2 months ago

    Just wondering if I could have a chance to wear your masterpiece 😅

  • Princila Budaprithi
    Princila Budaprithi 2 months ago


  • karah lou
    karah lou 2 months ago

    i stuck a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass now that is art