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Let's UPGRADE Disney Food!
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15 Disney World Hotel Hacks!
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  • Marilyn Dargis
    Marilyn Dargis 2 minutes ago

    Ditto in tongs toast so good M

  • Waffle Cookies
    Waffle Cookies 32 minutes ago

    Omg, flight of passage, I went, it was amazing! I don’t really have much fear for simulations, so for the people who are getting scared if they plan to go on it, DONT! The wait will be worth it, and for a 11 year old like me, you might be thinking I was scared, at first I was, but when you get on the ride, your gonna love it so much

  • Wavepool
    Wavepool Hour ago

    I was least excited for Animal Kingdom last time I went, but it ended up being my favorite day overall. Hollywood Studios on the other hand was a bit underwhelming.

  • Lisa Ziff
    Lisa Ziff Hour ago

    well.......YOR NOT IN THE HOTEL ROOM ALL DAY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Ziff
    Lisa Ziff Hour ago


  • Wavepool
    Wavepool Hour ago

    I’m only familiar with Disney World but my general rule is go big or don’t go at all. I don’t mean max out your credit cards, but if you try to do Disney cheap try not to be disappointed when it doesn’t feel too great. This applies in a few ways... Food: the “cheap” food at the parks is still very expensive, but as you go into the high tier places you end up spending more typical prices relative to the quality. Admittedly this works best for couples. Avoid the snacks and junk food and go for the nice breakfasts and dinners. Resorts: Sure you’re mostly here for the parks, but the nicer resorts do a better job of keeping up the magic outside of the parks. After a long day the extra quality and ambiance can really go a long way, plus all of the service and activity perks. There’s a lot to consider based on which park you like best, but for me the big three around Magic Kingdom are hard to beat (Floridian, Polynesian, and Contemporary). Their close proximity to MK and the integration of the monorails and ferry boats makes these three resorts feel like you’re still in the park in a way. Time: Trying to cram too much into too little time can quickly sully the experience. I highly recommend at least 4 full day/nights total if you’re going to bother at all, and really 5-8 sounds better if you want to feel like you saw it all. If that sounds expensive then wait and save up more. Magic Kingdom and Epcot in particular can easily be two day experiences. And of course there’s a lot of other stuff to do other than the parks. Final note: If you want a good few of the fireworks at MK, you’ll need to stake out your spot well ahead of time, 2 hours at least (a good reason to spend two days in MK, so you plan ahead to get one good fireworks show) The trick is to claim a spot so you’re standing just behind one of the little fenced off gardens. This way no one can push directly in front of you and your view is relatively protected. As the crowd begins to gather people will fill into all the available space and be told to stand up if they’re sitting on the ground.

  • Lisa Ziff
    Lisa Ziff Hour ago

    Grand Floridian is my favorite. it's Florida people expect to be walking outside. IT'S THE BEST PART PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • Caff OMHW
    Caff OMHW 2 hours ago

    shoplifting? is that the best you can do. Will murder be listed next?

  • maddy.peluso
    maddy.peluso 2 hours ago

    lmao coming from a chicagoian i laughed at the way she pronounced portillos

  • da yeeeter
    da yeeeter 2 hours ago


  • torri508
    torri508 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know where the turkey legs are during the party

  • Christa Rusher
    Christa Rusher 3 hours ago

    My husband and I did Pirates and Pals Fireworks viewing- just us- a couple of years ago and had a blast! We were very happy with the treats as well.

  • Tim Southwick
    Tim Southwick 4 hours ago

    If you're afraid of falling, but don't mind being high up otherwise, the list can be a little different. I found the start and end of Soarin' to be a bit too much, because you can go up/down (front row) or forward/back (back row) really fast - I'm guessing about 20 feet in about 10 seconds. The middle row turned out to be most comfortable for me for that part, and the rest of the ride is very gentle, so it's still worth it. Flight of Passage is even better at this, because while the main part of the ride is marginally more intense, there's no great swoops or drops, and you start and end very close to where you are for the majority of the ride. Tower of Terror I can only ride once per trip if I'm talked into it. I don't mind most of the roller coasters at Disney, but keep in mind Expedition Everest holds you at the top overlooking Disney World for a few seconds, and sends you backwards for a few seconds. This can be a bit much - if you can handle the gentler backwards drop of the Frozen ride mixed with the steeper hills and faster speeds of a roller coaster, imagine the two mixed together for an idea of what Expedition Everest is like.

  • SirJames I Gamerfuzion

    I hate strollers so much

  • justin martinek
    justin martinek 4 hours ago

    Why do they keep pushing the Muppets out??!!!?!?!?! Its so sad that they arent appreciated anymore. So love the Muppets!

  • cwesley2005
    cwesley2005 5 hours ago

    Uber and Lyft Best way to get to and from Hollywood studios and animal kingdom. For the cost of two pretzels and a water you can get an uber. Do it.

  • cwesley2005
    cwesley2005 5 hours ago

    AJ you are the best, thank you so much for your tips. Definitely helped to avoid snags on our first family trip there!

  • cwesley2005
    cwesley2005 5 hours ago

    Just got back from Disney and definitely agree with all of these, especially the stroller! Get a stroller pre-ordered to your hotel if on site (i think we used ‘kingdom strollers’). We could not have managed our 4 year old without it. It was covered, it reclined, it held our gear, came with a complimentary soft cooler which had about 4 water bottles. Amazing! Also, Dolphin delivery service. You can order groceries to be delivered to your room on day 1. Get a case or two of water, some pringles, grapes, almonds, milk, gatorade, etc so you have snacks for your room and water for the park. It’s exhausting but amazing at Disney! Parents all have the same look on their face by the end of the day. Everyone was incredibly nice because we were all in the same state of mind. Was not a relaxing vacation but the kids loved it. Hope to go again soon! By the way, Animal Kingdom best park hands down.

  • Mrs. Bennett
    Mrs. Bennett 6 hours ago

    We arrived on the Saturday the accident happened and left on Sunday the 13th. I had been excited to try the gondolas but of course was not able to... however, we did see some people being rescued from the gondolas from a bus we were riding back to our resort on.

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    I just saw a stroller wagon at Hollywood Studios last weekend. Wonder how that got thru.

  • tarawrr20
    tarawrr20 6 hours ago

    They should have shadows of Disney Villains pacing in the Disney Jail!

  • Carolyn Gaul
    Carolyn Gaul 6 hours ago

    Hey AJ........it’s pronounced Por-till-os, not a Spanish teeyo

    • Carolyn Gaul
      Carolyn Gaul 6 hours ago

      But live for these videos girl thanks!

  • WD Carousel of Podcast

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Tower of Terror.

  • A Williams
    A Williams 8 hours ago

    Don't be an idiot. There you go.

  • Issy Addams
    Issy Addams 8 hours ago

    Even with this weird audio your voice sounds so beautiful!

  • tyler gholson
    tyler gholson 8 hours ago

    theres nothing like a portillo's big beef and cheeses fries would recommend to people who dont live near one

  • JPB
    JPB 9 hours ago

    My personal favorite is polynesian. I have a big reunion there every 6 years and it is awesome!

  • Luis Ribeiro
    Luis Ribeiro 9 hours ago

    what is snack credit?

  • Steven Hamburg
    Steven Hamburg 9 hours ago

    I thought new soarin was rough for me. Definitely feel they added more height inducing effects than the original. Flight of passage was ok because your feet are on a platform attached to your vehicle. Agreed with others that climb on Everest should be on the list.

  • elricfreak13
    elricfreak13 10 hours ago

    We just checked for discounts and called and had our room adjusted and saved $1700!!!! That is a HUGE difference and this refund paid for our flights and signature dining!

  • S. EA.
    S. EA. 10 hours ago

    Not going to lie, OKW was nice, but the handicap accessible rooms aren’t exactly accessible friendly. My friend who is in a wheelchair had a hard time in there. And when we needed assistance one of the “cast members” blew her off. So that was kind of a let down. It’s fine otherwise, but if you need an accessible room, OKW isn’t it.

  • Josh Stevenson
    Josh Stevenson 10 hours ago

    I'm going in 2019. Def not going in 2020

  • Pat Rinker
    Pat Rinker 10 hours ago

    Question about mobile order and magic bands. I’m trying to find out: when you do mobile order, does it get charged right to the credit card you have linked, or do you pay with your magic band when you pick up your food and it gets charged to your room? I’m bringing gift cards for my food, and if it gets charged to my room, I can pay with the gift cards. If it goes right on my credit card, I won’t be able to use my gifts cards for any mobile ordered food. Just trying to be prepared.

  • Everett Young
    Everett Young 10 hours ago

    Pfff it’s Florida expect bad weather

  • Howard Wiggins
    Howard Wiggins 10 hours ago

    7:47 The furniture that you're showing there is not exactly 1990's. I remember that style when I was a child back in the 1960's. Of course, it's hard to tell with nautical theming because it tends to be classic.

  • Ron DeViso
    Ron DeViso 12 hours ago

    Unfortunately, one of the social media sites for the cats of Disneyland has incorrect information. The originator of the page has been informed a few times that the names and genders are wrong. When someone presents the correct information, that person gets banned from the Page by the original poster. That must tell you something about the originator of the page.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 12 hours ago

    Those new shiny hats are holographic!

  • S. EA.
    S. EA. 13 hours ago

    Smugglers run made me so sick, but it was awesome. 😂

  • Michael Leighner
    Michael Leighner 13 hours ago

    Where can you find the mike cake again?

  • RAPtor Adventures
    RAPtor Adventures 13 hours ago

    The 1st time I got on Soarin over California I had a full blown panic attack. It was terrible. We were also on the top level so I made myself do it again next time we were at Epcot and requested the lowest level. It was much better because I knew how close to the ground we were. I want to experience flight of passage so badly. How high off the ground does the ride vehicle go? Thanks for this video.

  • Nick Conner
    Nick Conner 13 hours ago

    Didn’t think I’d ever be so excited to watch a video about restrooms. But Disney is able to excite in many ways!

  • Nathaniel Robb
    Nathaniel Robb 14 hours ago

    She mentions 40% off for the Riveria hotel for Disney Visa card holders. I could not find that deal on Disney website or the Disney credit card website. Could some one link it here? I would like to take advantage of that deal.

    • Sarah Jane
      Sarah Jane 9 hours ago

      Hi I believe someone said you have to call to get the discount. Not entirely sure, but someone had answered another person asking the same

  • TigersFan
    TigersFan 14 hours ago

    I haven’t been on Mission space in a long time. I always rode the green side and I remember it went to Mars. Must have changed it

  • Ken Turpin
    Ken Turpin 15 hours ago

    Maybe the steady decline of tickets purchased year after year is the absurd amount of said ticket Duh Disney P.s. hey multi billion dollar Disney Corp How about paying all of the employees that actually work to make your billions A decent wage so they don’t have to worry about should I buy food or should I pay my rent ultimately choosing public assistance ( food stamps , housing allotment , transportation ect ) All the while Bob iger will make 67.7 million dollars for this year sounds fair Mickey is starving and BOB just bought a new jet to use oh maybe sometimes

  • jonny5777
    jonny5777 16 hours ago

    The prices at Disney are insane! I didn't realise there were so many rich people in the world 🌎 I must be part of the new poor 1%

    • gondorbunny
      gondorbunny 4 hours ago

      I'm not rich, and I manage to go. It's all about weighing what you really want to do against what you can leave out. For me, staying on property is not a huge priority, so that saves me a ton of money right there. I also park for free in the Disney Springs lot and use Disney transportation the entire time I'm there, so that's more money saved. You have to play around with scenarios and see what works best for you and your family.

  • Donald Burgardt
    Donald Burgardt 16 hours ago


  • Karideplov
    Karideplov 18 hours ago

    I used to wake up at 6:30am to do mouserecize when I was 6 years old. Loved it!

  • Karideplov
    Karideplov 18 hours ago

    Disney gets rid of paper fast passes. It still sells plastic water bottles. They can negotiate with coca-cola and request that the Dasani water be “bottled” in individual tetra-Brik (similar to coconut water) or alumnimum cans.

  • Kenneth Desmond Mosley

    It’s not a new form. It was in Disneyland when I went there when I was 9

  • Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis

    I wonder how long it would take to do all the ‘special’ things/activities that are offered, free of charge, or maybe ALL the special things even those that cost extra. I mean, if I went every day to WDW and did a 10 hour day... how many days/months -years? Would it take. AJ, please consider doing a video on that. Thanks, love your videos.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S 19 hours ago

    Used to go to WDW every year. Not any more. Going to wait it out until they get rid of some of these useless execs they have. I think many others are doing the same. Sounds like they are starting to clean house a little bit. Much needed. Instead of all the Disney stress, I’ll be enjoying the beach. ;).

  • Vynndorizan Cytadel
    Vynndorizan Cytadel 19 hours ago

    As a person who lives in flip flops, that rule doesn’t apply to me. Also, not everyone can do character dining experiences due to funds or being sold out. I recommend Guests to honestly focus on what they want to do and take plenty of breaks in between. Honestly, take breaks and breathe. The parks cannot be finished in a day or even four days. There will always be something missed. Just make a top 10 for each park and attack those first in whatever order you want. Everything after that will be butter.

  • Fraser Reddick
    Fraser Reddick 19 hours ago

    Not sure if you have mentioned it anywhere, but for the 2020 dining plan, Hollywood Brown Derby is now 1 table service credit for lunch - but ONLY on the deluxe dining plan. I don't know if they have done anything like this before, but it seems like an interesting solution to signature restaurants that are a bit too quiet at lunchtime, without opening it up to everyone on the dining plan. Wonder if we will see more restaurants doing this?

  • Karen Silva
    Karen Silva 19 hours ago

    I did one of these at knotts

  • Kyle Siemers
    Kyle Siemers 21 hour ago

    What the heck is a porteeyohs? Portillos, man. Come on.

  • quote i
    quote i 21 hour ago

    For the love of god disney! Your beginning to get to damm political

  • Second Star to the Right

    skyliner latest and greatest biggest failure and soon to be abandoned what a huge waste

  • jellybeankisser
    jellybeankisser 21 hour ago

    All the parks (in Disney world and land) need to stop closing attractions and just keep adding. We KNOW they have the space and money!!! Also Bibbity Boppity boutique for kids/people of ALL ages!!!!

  • Diz is Us
    Diz is Us 21 hour ago

    So here's the thing folks....if you haven't picked up on it yet in the comments we Chicagoans are pretty passionate about Portillo's. Everything from the hot dogs, the beef, and (my personal faves) the burger and cheese fries (best plastic cheese EVER!!!!!) And OmG that chocolate CAKE!!! We're also passionate about how the name is pronounced with the LL's because 1) that's how Dick Portillo (the founder) pronounces his own name and 2) this isn't just a "fast food place" to us - it's a local Chicago institution that we take great pride in. It's just incorrect to pronounce it any other way. Not a big deal to make that mistake, but yes...we will correct you. And now you know the rest of the story.

  • Rene Morales
    Rene Morales 21 hour ago

    They are basically saying go to Universal you’ll have more fun.

  • MollDoll29
    MollDoll29 22 hours ago

    lol I totally understand you’re not from Chicago 😆, however you do pronounce the “LL” ‘s in Portillos 😊. No worries, love ya AJ!!! ❤️🙌

  • Mangzorz
    Mangzorz 23 hours ago

    I'm always going to miss Illuminations... It was amazing and had such a beautiful message.

  • 11jesmith
    11jesmith 23 hours ago

    I never had a problem with California Screamin’ at DCA until they seated me in the first car. Never doing that again! 😱

  • Ethan Carlos
    Ethan Carlos 23 hours ago

    Welcome to the richest comment section!

  • Erin Glynn
    Erin Glynn 23 hours ago

    I'm from the suburbs of Chicago and Portillo's is a family favorite! Really the only fast food we like. I hope the out of state restaurants are consistent quality! Although we'll stick to treats we can't get at home on our trip!

  • Soul Slayer
    Soul Slayer 23 hours ago

    I've never gone to Disney land/world. Good to learn things for the future

  • Great Pestilence
    Great Pestilence 23 hours ago

    Kill em with kindness honestly, when I went there every cast member I interacted with was just so kind and helpful

  • Carmen Fashoda

    We go every year in May or June. Never been there for Christmas and we'll be there November 10th through the 16th. What should I be expecting?

  • Amber M
    Amber M Day ago

    Just booked for July 2020 with my 3 kiddos. Can’t wait!

  • DDog52
    DDog52 Day ago

    Por-TEE-yo’s? Wrong. It’s a hard L sound. Do better research. Makes me wonder what else in this video you are bullshitting and totally wrong about.

    • Icy
      Icy 12 hours ago


    • Paige S
      Paige S 17 hours ago

      DDog52 wooow ... bad day? No need to take it out on someone’s comment section.

  • Rallye Road
    Rallye Road Day ago

    The best thing we learned on our last trip that doesn’t seem to be mentioned much on these videos is to ORDER IN!! When you are back at the hotel, go on the app and order your lunch / dinner there if you don’t want to spend all of the money they charge in the parks. The menu is basic American fare so it’s good for picky eaters but the price is so worth it for the amount of food you get and it tastes good! It takes about a half hour / 45 min. to get the food to your hotel room; I believe it’s made off-site so they have to get it to your resort.

  • Kristen Redman

    I’m just here for moral support. As a Texan, I would have pronounced Portillo the same way AJ did. Lighten up, people.

  • M. Red
    M. Red Day ago

    Chicagoan here for the portillos comments

  • Jane Mitchell
    Jane Mitchell Day ago

    When I was a child, you could ride carriages, an omnibus, the fire truck, and some horse-drawn rides up and down Main Street.

  • Marilyn Dargis

    Ohana was excellent Crystal palace Boring food blah M

  • Frannn C
    Frannn C Day ago

    Some one gets molested on the Disney Cruise and people get hurt or scared on the skyliner so Disney raises prices..... hmmm even if it was before the fact.... why Disney why

  • King Toaster Strudel

    So 1:47 you can’t bring Pot in? Guess I’m not going. Lol

  • Juandiegoff
    Juandiegoff Day ago

    excited for Portillo’s!

  • ahrenbej
    ahrenbej Day ago

    OMG yes, the freaking people who just stop in the middle of the damn walkway. GRRRRR

  • Bryant Anderson

    The Skyliner is a Deathtrap☠☠

  • Reginald Robinson

    Kinda thinking about skipping my trip not spending all that money to see ropes off areas and a bunch of construction and on top of that they are adding all these new rides and resorts

  • Ellie Wnek
    Ellie Wnek Day ago

    Where can I find more info on the food price increases?

  • Dawn Higgins
    Dawn Higgins Day ago

    Wow a fun news update as always! Love them!

  • C Dav
    C Dav Day ago

    where can u get the mike w cake

  • Dee McGee
    Dee McGee Day ago

    Has the gondola accident deterred any of you from wanting to ride the Skyliner?

  • Marievil Rodriguez- Keever

    I'm really hoping Disneyland does NOT go to the wristbands. It was not as "magical" at DisneyWorld to be stuck to my phone and it's not fair that only ppl staying in the hotels are the only ones who benefit from a 60 day advance reservation on attractions. Makes it suck for locals or ppl trying to save money by staying off Disney property. Please let the paper pass stay so that it can be fair for everyone visiting.

  • PJ Riddell
    PJ Riddell Day ago

    25:02 What is that! :O

  • James Crome
    James Crome Day ago

    Screw disney

  • S. EA.
    S. EA. Day ago

    Definitely getting the dining plan next time we go! I booked the trip myself (bad idea) but we were only there for 2 days

  • boylanroden
    boylanroden Day ago

    Oh , AJ! Sorry, but it's pronounced "Poor-Till-oh's" Promise. And don't skip the cake...

  • Candyce Monroe

    So with Molly and want the 90's Mickey Mouse Club Jean jacket. 😍

  • Proud2b Me!
    Proud2b Me! Day ago

    I went to Disneyland by myself one time because my husband didn’t want to go. So he watched the baby at my mom and dad’s house and I went to Disneyland all day from morning until they closed! One child even asked me if I was alone and when I told him yes, he asked his mom if he could ride with me! Of course she said no, but it is a great memory for me! Love Disneyland. Looking forward to going to Disney World for only the second time since 1973!

  • YellowGirlMC
    YellowGirlMC Day ago

    Last year at Disney World we were going to the Frozen Sing Along at Hollywood Studios and the cast members told us to find these snowgies and we got V.I.P seating at the show and got to get a picture with Olaf and the snowgies we got to name them to We got certificates. It was a surprise. It was really cool being a V.I.P. They may have picked us since my sister had on a Olaf Mickey ear hat.

  • kat
    kat Day ago

    AJ, we’re at DW and we tried the Num Num cookie at Hollywood Studios and we got a key lime pie on a stick at the same place. We didn’t think the Num Num was very good. But the key lime pie on a stick........... two thumbs up 👍👍 delicious 😋

  • Julie Lawson
    Julie Lawson Day ago

    Kids free dining is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Come on Disney get your shit together!! And... a whole $30 gift card wow! I can buy ONE PAIR of ears with that 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • G Carter
    G Carter Day ago

    Not surprised they’re having a hard time booking the riviera. It’s priced much too high. This and the new dvc resale discounts... I’m worried Disney is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs

  • Tamera Shields

    We're still going in Dec next year

  • King Jeremy
    King Jeremy Day ago

    Got to love the flying sperm kites

  • JPB
    JPB Day ago

    Boma was so much better until they removed a lot of the good meat and now they just have turkey and steak.

  • culbreths
    culbreths Day ago

    Por-till-ohs. We're Chicagoans. We don't have fancy accents. Lol